Got milk?

Got milk?

Furrys in this drawing belongs to NoxVulpes and two-shoes

Draw by BabyStar


Looks like someone get some nice breastfeeding here :) It sure seems like he have a good time in this girls lap :)

Wounder if he thinking something special now?

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A bit of mess – part 2

A bit of mess - part 2 so Trebors girlfriend two-shoes is not particularly happy with him waking up to a soiled bed so shes taking precautions whether he likes it or not.

Furrys in this draw two-shoes and NoxVulpes

Draw and above text by BabyStar


Yes i think we all can agree whit Trebors girlfriend that a diaper sure is the best thing in this case to help avoid that he wakes up whit another set of messy and soggy underwear. It sure it allot more work that needs to be done then to get everything clean and dry again. The only thing the needs to do the next morning if he have another accident in his sleep is to change the diaper instead of everything else :)

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A bit of mess – part 1

A bit of mess - part 1Looks like Trebor has woken up in a bit of a mess, thats really not a fun way to wake up.

Order by NoxVulpes

Draw and text by BabyStar


Yes it sure seems like someone have ended up in a very blushing situation here :( this sure is not something that you want to wake up whit :( I can sure understand way he is so terrify.

How and way did this happen? That i am sure he is thinking about now. Do you don’t think so to?

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Shrinking to size ( DIAPERS)

Shrinking to size ( DIAPERS)

The sounds of laughter, children playing and crying echoed through the DayCare as TreBor threaded his way through its halls, every child that passed him caused the white stallion to tense up, every little tot diapered and waddling brought a blush to the stallions face as even with all the noise being made around him to TreBor the loudest sound was the thick plastic crinkle of the diaper in his own pants. Two-shoes who volunteered at this facilities on Mondays had insisted he wear her birthday gift to him and come over and help with the children Now every step rubbed the thick pillowed garment against his slightly spread thighs and elicited a nervous glance about.

TreBor could swear every child new what he was wearing, every-time a little ones eyes landed on him his cheeks flushed with embarrassment, surly they could hear the crinkle too and connect it to the supposed adult in their midst. surly the waddle in his step gave away that under the adult facade he was dressed in undergarments most of the kids had outgrown years ago.” There you are ” a hand on his shoulder had TreBor jumping glancing over he visible relaxed at the Grey tabby as she teasingly beamed at him. ” Glad you could make it to help, did you? ” her hand reached down and he turned a beet red as she patted his bottom confirming he was diapered. ” please dont oh” his hands flew to his face covering his burning cheeks as she teased.

“Don’t what? diaper check you, I’m just making sure my little one isn’t in need of a change, come on I’ve got the kids laid down for their nap in my class so we have a little time” taking his hands Two-shoes dragged the stallion stumbling into a side room and flicked on the lights, the nursery play room was scattered with toys cloths and bottles clearly in need of cleaning after a play hour. ” The kids wrecked the room and i was wondering if my little man could help me clean it up?” beaming she sauntered over tail flicking. ” yeah of course i can ” TreBor began responding a question in his voice as he began to bend to pick up a toy. A smiling Two-shoes simply grinned griped his pants and with a tug pulled them down to his knees leaving the brown waist of his clean white diaper bulging on him on full display in the empty room “Great but i don’t want you getting your outfit dirty well you play little one so lets get those big cloths off.” Gasping TreBor stood still flushing and wriggling as she stripped him down to just the diaper leaving him looking more like an adult toddler then a helper a growing stiffness in his pants as the teasing and vulnerability of the possibility of a whole group of people just coming in and seeing him in such a childish position thrilled his kinkier side.

“Now go on run along and play with the other kids, I’m sure they’l love you even if a few might tease you about the diaper. ” TreBors blush spread through out his fur and he shook his head” God, no please don’t make me go out their with the kids like this, its not decent and its embarrassing and ohhh naughty his cock rubbed teh clean front of his diaper ellisiting some moans as he covered his face ing shame. moving up beside him Two-shoes gently rubbed against him causing the diaper to crinkle and press against his nether,” awwww is baby to shy to see the others? If baby want to stay and help mama and be a shy mamas boy he going to have to show mommy what a little baby he is,” gently TreBor felt Two-shoes hands rest on his crinkling bottom and rub cupping his ass signaling what he would need to do. “only rely little tiny babies cant handle other kids, and those kind of babies cant handle their diapers ether they just make huge messes and get carried around changed and feed by their mommies cause their to young to do anything else.” the rubbing grew in aggression and TreBor bent forward lifting his diapered bottom a little into the rubs as two-shoes cooed. “Is that the kind of baby i have? One to young for anything? he’d better show me if that’s the case.”

TreBor blushed he knew what she was teasing at knew what she was telling him to do a growing bulge in the front of his pampers shamming him because it told her that he was enjoying this treatment, closing his eyes and covering his face TreBor bent over crouching as Two-shoes stepped back instinctively his tail hiked up and he began to bear down feeling the mess in his gut shift towards his diaper a few loud trumpet like farts heralded wetter more heavy sounds warm toots until finally he felt the first of many warm messy lumps pushing out against the pristine white of the diaper. slowly pushing his asshole wide with grunts and moans a settling warmth began to collect against his rump his pampers staining a darker brown again and again with each push heavier deeper shade of lumpy brown flooded his diaper as they hung lower off his ass and he messed himself.

As he was emptying his bowls into the diaper TreBor began to feel a light touch all over him it seemed to come with each push as if the air about him was moving skin prickling with a growing feeling lighter then the warmth growing in his baby pants. Uncovering his face TreBor found himself looking up into the face of his girl grinning ear to ear down at him even as he dropped another foot finding himself at less then even toddler levels of height head only coming to his girls shins ” awwwww are you my tiny wittle baby now”

“WHAT IN THE WORLD!” TreBor cried out almost stumbling back wards as he lost even more size shrinking further till even the toys about him looked huge ” IM SHRINKING!” staring up at two-shoes as she cooed down at her now reduced boyfriend.” Oh I forgot to tell you, these are special diapers , as long as you fill them you will lose height to, i just didn’t expect my big boy to make such a huge stinky mess , to bad now your more like a play toy then a fellow toddler to all my little ones” reaching down TreBor found himself cupped in her large hands warm mess pushed against his tale hole as a single large finger gently prodded and teased the full brown lump in his britches. letting out a little moan as the finger gently rubbed his full diapers against his nethers TreBor rode in shock and pleasure as she carried him over to the changing table laying him out on it his messy diaper and bulging front on full display. a knock on the door sounded. ” come in” two-shoes stated as the tiny horse gasped and squirmed his eyes begging her not to, opening kids poured in her classes nap time over gathering around the changing table as the murmures began

” Your babies so tiny miss shoes. ” awwe hes so cute” stinky baby what a big mess, we dont make messes in our pants” the coo and attention was just to much for the embarrassed colt who simply covered his face with his hands as his diaper was removed cold air on his nether as “mommy” Two-shoes cleaned and changed him into a normal diaper telling the kids that he was a special kind of baby and hinting that maybe they could play with him and take care of him if they were good and gentle finished and freshly diapered clean for the moment TreBor found himself placed in two-shoes shirt pocket his head peaking out of the top round diaper rump bumping against her chest with each step as she made her way back to take care of the little ones, the rest of the day would be nothing but diaper changes messes and being treated as a doll by all the little ones and a growing part of TreBor shammed as it was loved the treatment, maybe he’d volunteer more often.

Horse and above text by NoxVulpes

Draw by Dari-dario


Awww looks like someone getting use to his new life as a doll. Wounder how long this going to last?

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Didn’t need one at the time

Didn't need one at the time

Little TreBor stared longingly across the changing table at the pack of diapers, why wouldn’t mother let him have them, one diaper just wasn’t enough of a cushy seat in his mind. two or three enough to were his knees couldn’t knock together now that was a diaper. If he wasn’t waddling like his baby cousin, little rump wagging with each trot he just new he wasn’t doing diapers right. ” what you doing their kiddo?” Walking up behind him mother eyed the package ” trying to get more diapers trebor? do you need a change? ” the colt felt the back band of his diaper pulled out and checked before mother chuckled. ” silly colt you don’t need one right now,” her paws giving his diaper a gentle pat she stood back up and he let out a little eep, A blush out of the colt as he flushed wriggling with little crinkles. Longingly he glanced back up to the package then prepared to turn to mother for a hug, play or a meal which ever she was in the mood for , when his stomach gave a gurgling rumble and he felt something shift in his tummy. ” Oh..OH!”

Mommies arched an eye brow at the little one making noise “what is it? ” Trebor felt his tail raise as he flushed deeply as he messed himself right in front of his mother. Diaper filling with warm messes as his tail raised higher the back end of his Hoovies diapers filling with his poopy causing it to slowly bulge out and sag browning against the pure white plastic shell as he filled it with a stinkies. Trebors face flushed as his front began to warm the smell of the mess mixing with the scent of fresh urine as his mother quickly caught on to what was happening rolling her eyes with a sigh. At least this wasn’t a super fresh diaper he was filling. Behind him in full view of her gaze his messy diaper sagged bulging out with his mess as the front began to turn a pale warm yellow hissing as he wet his diaper casing it to grow soggy and warm against his furr. The weighty mess settling in to his diaper did nothing to help the moment of silence as he stared up apolitically at mommy.

“Well you didn’t need one.” mother rolled up her sleeves as her little held his hands behind his back tail settling down atop the large messy brown back of the diaper squishing. “lets get you changed. may be we should start you on some potty training your messes are getting a little big for these” she said picking him up and settling him on her hip with a squish the messy diaper pressing against his bottom as she held up a fresh new white diaper, potty training though was the furthest thing from trebors mind as he haply sate on mommies hip, if he got this kinda treatment from his messy diapers well, he planned on doing them allot more.

Horse and text belongs to NoxVulpes

Draw by ConejoBlanco


Giggle looks like TreBor bladder and bowel did dent agree whit his mother ;) But he sure needs a new clean diaper now :)

It sure is a good thing that he is wearing diapers :)


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Doesn’t like Change

Doesn't like Change

TreBor settled in on the floor, blocks laid out to form a castle for his army men. Grinning haply the sounds of his mother laboring in the kitchen, dishes and spoons clanking as she mixed up a cake for the church meeting that night assured the little colt that she was near by and dissuaded any fears. Leaning over with a crinkle the white diaper wrapped and pinned around his bottom giving him a cushy seat to plant on the floor, the little one finished with his placement of the toys and stood up.

” RAR!” stomping his hooves haply he kicked out at the toys and blocks destroying the order he had put together.Enjoying the tumbling blocks and “killed” army men the little one failed to take notice of his need to go feeling his tail lifting in the mist of his play focused on his fun he disregarded his bodies warning even as he wet his diaper. finishing off the last building with a grunt the colt smiled haply before he noticed his diaper sagging, he hadn’t had a accident per-say, the little one never did he knew when he needed to go but a blush coated his cheeks as he wiggled diaper swinging wet and messy on his hips. mommy wouldn’t be pleased. She normally liked to have him use the plastic potty seat but the colt didn’t like that whats the point of wearing diapers if you go like a grown up.

Plopping down on his rear he flushed mess squishing warmly beneath him as he set to re staking the blocks a sniffing from the door though caused him to jump and look behind him as two-shoes approached him” somebody looks likes hes having fun, are you my little one ” kneeling she gave his hair a ruffle causing him to smile then he felt the back of his diaper pulled out the smell of his fresh load and the knowledge that mommy knew causing him to redden as he looked back over his shoulder at her “Awww honey Again that’s the second time this week I’m beginning to think you don’t want to get out of diapers ” chuckling the gray cat lifted her little man up with a squelch setting him on her hip as they headed for the changing table knowing that her little one liked the baby treatment even if it embarrassed him.

Horse and text belongs to NoxVulpes

Draw by Dari-dario


Giggle looks like someone needs to make up his mind if he wont to be a big or a little boy. Little boy get there diaper check from time to time so the mothers can find out if the diaper needs to be changed or not. Nothing to be blushing about. Its a part of being a toddle ;)

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Ooops moment

Ooops momentIt seems thehumangenomeproject may have seen a little more of twoshoes than she would have liked.

Characters in this drawing belongs to thehumangenomeproject and NoxVulpes

Draw and text by BabyStar


Poor thehumangenomeproject it sure is pretty embarrassing to be standing in the middle of the street whit your diaper fully exposed. When a strong wind decide to lift your skirt and expose your padded underwear for everyone to see.

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Muddy bottom, Warming front

Muddy bottom, Warming front

The little colt walked into the kitchen a blush on his muzzle as he felt his freshly messed diaper sagging against his bottom white crinkle’s having turned to a muddy brown squelch as it bumped against his bottom spreading his own mess about his now stinky discolored diaper. “Mama!,” the little one whimpers out feeling the growing fullness of his little bladder but that was the least of his worries right now he was in trouble, he just knew it.

“What is it?” The Gray Tabby washing the dishes at the kitchen sink asked over her shoulder not looking up from the sink as she scrubbed some plates, the little colt could tell she was in a good mood her tail gently raised the tip twitching from time to time and he was about to ruin all that, suddenly he saw her tail freeze her muzzle lifting and wrinkling as she took a couple quick sniffs.The little one shrunk back his messy diaper pressed against the cabnitt as he tried not to cry a spurt of warmth and his front began to turn a off yellow as he soaked the diaper mommy could smell his messy diaper she was going to be so mad.

” baby did you make..?” turning Two-shoes questioning look turned to one of motherly affection as she saw her little colt break into tears. ” Im sowry moma sowry, I was naughty and i used my diaper.” blubbering on the little colt just stood their runny faced as tears rolled down his cheeks sure he was going to be spanked and scolded. ” and now im stwinky” he chocked sobbed out head hanging down, mama simply padded over kneeling down she picked up her little one in her paws* my my my dry thouse tears my little man its okay shh * gently cooing she settled his full diaper bum on her arm as she headed up towards the nursery. “Baby colts make stinkies all the time its okay momma dosnt mind * her over hand gently patted the diapers back the little colts sobs slow and finally stop. ” de do? but mommy dosnt like stinkies?”

Gently Two-shoes lets the little one down on to the changing mat. ” Mommy doesn’t mind what babies do isn’t their faults,” winking down at the little colt as she undoes his diapers , the little guy covering his face whole muzzle turning red as his messy bottom is lifted mama wiping him down and rolling up the diaper slipping a new one under before powdering him up and taping it closed.” there all done now mommy expects her little one to not use the potty if hes going to be a little one,” she smiles reaching out to tickle the little ones tummy.” so if you have to go just go.”Sniffing but beaming the little one is helped of the table glad mommy was okay with him.

The wet and messy diaper horse and text by NoxVulpes

Draw by Tropicana


Aww looks like someone have trouble to understand that he needs to wear diapers and they are there to help him if he ends up whit a accident. And it sure seems like it was good it was there now when he ended up whit both a messy and wet accident. Good thing mommy dont was angry about his accident that he thought she should be.

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