A relaxing massage for the kitten!

A relaxing massage for the kitten!As everyone already knows, Marco is an expert in giving massages as he did very skillfully to Sammy:"A relaxing massage!" [Page 2] by nelson88

And one day in the physical education class, Marco noticed that Yure was somewhat sad and went to him and asked him what was wrong!
Yure only said that he was sad because of a personal situation and that was when Marco decided to offer him something that he was sure  that the kitten would love!

So Marco took Yure to his office to give him a good “butt massage” for a long while!
Something that put the kitten very happy with lots of “cat purrs”!

Be happy, little flea bag!^^

The happy relaxing cat belongs to Reizinho

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Someone sure seems to be in a very happy relaxing state right now :)

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A little bit more, pumpkin?

A little bit more, pumpkin?After a fun day for Skyy, The Boss decided it was the perfect moment for a diaper change,a good bath and a  nap too!
And the best! A good bottle full of milk!

But it seems that the little one after finishing it … he wanted a little bit more!

The cute baby otter Skyy belongs to SkyyRayner

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Looks like someone is going to wake up whit a very wet diaper in the morning from all this milk :) But his diaper sure seems to be thick enough to handle the task :)

If he now get another bottle of milk.

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The whining kitten!

The whining kitten!Mia wanted a dessert before lunch, but The Boss had previously told her no!
The boss was taking care of the little kitten girl for a whole day!

But Mia didn’t want to give up and wanted the dessert immediately!
And she started a whining to try to get it!

The Boss very patiently carried her in his arms, took her to the sofa, sat down, laid her on his lap, lowered her pants and panties and  … she was punishment with a good spanking!

Next time be  patient, little Mia!^^

Mia beongs by NewbornRay

Draw and above text by nelson88


Poor Mia but maybe next time she decide to be a little more patient even if it is pretty hard for a cub to be that. But if she manage that she can avoid some more spanking bye the boss.

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No undies?

No undies?“Oh no!It can be!Where are my undies?”
shouted Lupus!

It seems that Lupus’s babysitter was washing clothes, and among them was one of her favorites … undies with star designs!
And he decided that he would not wear any other undie until the one who was washing was dry!

The blushing little wolf belongs to masterlupus

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Poor Lupus looks like he is force to walk around half naked and wait for his favorite undies to be all clean and dry.

Looks like he is going to be force to stand there blushing for a wile now :(

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The cute little archer!


The cute little archer!Little Ikkey loves archery!
And I’m sure that with and without his diaper on, he look too cute!^^

The bare bottom fox belongs to Ikkey

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Giggle wounder if he have notes that he dont wear the diaper any more ;)

But i bet he is going to notes it soon when he is finish focus on trying to hit the mark whit his arrow.

Should be a little cute to see how he react to that. Maybe he scream for mommy.

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But It’s so Beautiful Page 2

But It's so Beautiful Page 2After the punishment,Sam decided to  comfort his beloved companion, hugging and kissing his sore and red rear end  … something that Dan liked very much!^^

For lavilovi

Linearts by Victor/colors by nelson88


Awww it sure seems that bunny love the heat from this cat butt after his spanking. This sure is one special love moment here :)

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But It’s so Beautiful Page 1

But It's so Beautiful Page 1Dan was not supposed to do this in the middle of a wind and rain:But It's so Beautiful! by lavilovi

And Sam was absolutely mad at him!

And because of his disobedience, Dan was punished with a good hand  bare bottom spanking!^^

For lavilovi

Linearts by Victor/colors by nelson88


Yes this cat sure have been very naughty :( It is not so clever to run out in the middle of a storm.

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Red Card and a Red Butt

 Red Card and a Red Butt

Cheryl was very busy cleaning the house, but Caiden decided to play with his soccer ball since it was World Cup time, and guess where? … in the living room!

Cheryl warned him: “Do not play here! Go outside!”
Caiden:”But Mama, it’s raining outside!”
Cheryl:”Well, wait until the rain ends and then you will go outside to play, but here you will not do it!”

But it seems that for Caiden his mother’s warning words came in one ear and came out in the other, and he chose to play inside the house anyways!

When suddenly a “CRASH” has been heard!

Cheryl:”Caiden!I warned you! That’s a red card…and red bottom!

Characters and text belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by


Awww poor Caiden this sure is one more spanking and red butt to ad to his collection. He sure have trouble to behave right.

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