Wat did I do this time?

Wat did I do this time? I was framed I tell ya!

Order by FireKit

Draw and above text by BabyStar


Awww poor Star looks like she have bean naughty or someone really want to spank here butt :(

I hope she not going to get to match of a spanking here.

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Kila punish the sheep

Kila punish the sheepWicki thought he could get some of the freshly made cookies without waiting and before dinner. He wasn’t as sneaky as he thought… or did I warned the grand dane? Who knows ? Who care ?! Someone’s bottom is turning red and it’s not mine, and once his mommy get home, they’ll be a second round of spankings for the wooly butt. Wicki has swore revenge, but what revenge can a little baby sheep threaten a big daddy dog with ?

Art by Nelson and Victor, based on Kila’s idea.

Comes from Loupy


Yes someones poor butt sure going to be very very toasted :( It sure most be very painful :( and i bet the second bare bottom spanking is going to be feeling even more painful then the first one :(

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Whenever a toddler hands you a “phone”, you answer it damn it-I mean dang it.

Caiden and Kyle decided to play “telephone” with the classic tin-can-and-a-sting. Kyle rigged it up, gave one end to his little brother, and ran around the corner and down the hall. The two cubs giggled as they sent silly messages back and forward to each other. Those messages progressively got naughtier and naughtier as time went on to the point Kyle was using swear words.

As this was happening, Caiden remembered how his older brother ratted him out when he was sneaking a few cookies. As a result Caiden was given a few swats on his rear and lost dessert privileges for a couple days. The youngest cub was not soon to forget his troubles as he found the perfect opportunity to get back at his brother.

While Kyle was spewing expletives through his end, Caiden caught his mother’s eye with a sweet look on his face and waving the can in his paw, beckoning her to come over and take a turn. His mother accepted (I mean, how could you not?) took the can, and placed it up to her ear. Much to Caiden’s amusement, he saw his mother go from happy to very upset as she heard the naughty words coming from the other end.

Their mother had chided Kyle before about his mouth, but she never heard him spew anything like that before. Cheryl moved her way down the line with her toddler in tow to find a very surprised Kyle at the other end.

The rest of the afternoon did not fair well for Kyle as he was promptly taken to the bathroom to have his mouth washed out with soap. After, he was sent to his room where his mother shortly followed him and paddled his bare hiney red. All the while Caiden had a big smirk on his face as he enjoys a little schadenfreude.

Furrys and above text belongs to tugscarebear

Draw by marinaneira


Someone sure is pretty naughty right now and i sure his butt is going to remember this spanking for a wile.

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Grandma’s Limit

Grandma's Limit

Even grandmothers have their limits. Caiden’s grandmother loves to spoil her grandkids, but when her youngest grandkid decides to throw a tantrum at a restaurant, run off from her in a busy parking lot, and constantly say potty words in the car after she asked him multiple times to stop, something had to be done.

“Caiden sweety, Grandma didn’t like the way you behaved at the store and lunch today, so when we get home we’re going to take an early nap and start over this afternoon.” said Grandma kindly as she was driving home from lunch at the fast food restaurant.

“No! I dun wanna take a nap!” yelled Caiden from his carseat as he threw his stuffed animal ‘Mooser’ on the ground.

“I know Caiden, but you’ll feel better after.” replied Grandma as she pulled into the driveway.

“No nap! No nap! No nap! You stinky doody head!” chanted Caiden as his grandmother started to unbuckle his carseat seatbelt.

“*Gasp* Such naughty language Caiden. You don’t speak to grown ups or anyone like that understand?” lectured Grandma as she lifted Caiden out of the car and placed him on the ground, “Now it’s naptime so run inside.”

“No! *Psstttppp!*” yelled Caiden as he stuck his tongue out and ran to the front porch.

Grandma was starting to lose her patience, but calmed down, grabbed Mooser and the diaper bag, and followed Caiden to the front porch where she found him playing with a toy car.

“Caiden. Grandma is not happy with how you are not listen-” started Grandma before she was cut off.

“Go away!” interrupted Caiden as he continued playing.

“Caiden Smith! I know that I let you get away with some things, but I will not tolerate direct disobedience or disrespect. It’s not nice and you wouldn’t do that to your parents or any other grown up.” Lectured Grandma sternly, “Now I’m going to count to three and if you’re not inside that house, I’m afraid that I’m going to have go give you a spanking. 1…..”

“*VROOM!* *VROOM!*” went Caiden really loud as to drown out his grandmother.

“….2….” continued Grandma

“No way ‘tinky wady!” spouted Caiden as he folded his arms and shook his head.

“….2 and a half….” counted Grandma with a stern glare.

“Hmp!” went Caiden as he turned his back to her.

“*Sigh* 3. OK Caiden, I gave you a lot of chances to make the right decision so now you’re getting a spanking.” said Grandma somberly as she placed the diaper bag on the ground, picked up her grandson, sat on the porch bench, and sat him on her lap.

“Wait wait wait gwandma! I go take a nap!” said Caiden with an instant change of tune as he covered his diapered butt with his paws.

“Yes you will….after your spanking.” replied Grandma as she pulled Caiden’s paddle out of his diaper bag, “Do you know why Grandma has to spank you?”

“Y-you dooonnn’tttt, I go nap now…” whined Caiden as he started to tear up.

“I do though sweety. Was it good or naughty when you threw a temper tantrum at the restaurant when I told you it was time to stop playing on the playground and eat your food?” asked Grandma.

“N-naughty…” answered Caiden.

“How about when you let go of my hand in the parking lot? Was that a very safe or obedient thing to do?” continued Grandma

“…It wasnt.” replied Caiden

“Mh hm, and the naughty words you were saying and calling me?” asked Grandma.

“…bad…” sniffled Caiden.

“Right. Those were all naughty things to do. That doesn’t make you a bad cub, it just means that you made bad choices.” explained Grandma, “Even after all of those things, we still did fun things today. Since you were a little naughty today, what did I tell you to do when we got home?”

“…um…take a nap.” replied Caiden.

“That’s right, and did you listen to Grandma?” asked the elderly wolf.

“N-no.” said Caiden.

“…and what did Grandma say would happen if you didn’t listen?” continued Grandma.

“‘pankin’.” whispered the naughty toddler.

“That’s right Caiden. I’m sorry this has to happen, but you were warned many times and you need to learn that there are consequences for the things that you do.” said Grandma as she laid her grandson over her lap.

“No! Gwandma pwease! I’ll be a good boy. No ‘pankies!” pleaded Caiden as his diaper was untaped and pulled back.

“You’re getting four swats for acting up today. One for every year you’ve been alive plus one for good measure. This hurts me more than it hurts you little man.” said Grandma as she grabbed the paddle and rose it up.


“OWIE!” yelped Caiden as the paddle made contact with his unprotected hiney.

“When your caretaker tells you to do something, you don’t argue, call them names, or throw a temper tantrum.” lectured Grandma as she wound up for the next swat.


“AH! Owie Grandma! No more!” yelled Caiden as he shifted around in her lap.

“Running off into the street or parking lot without a grownup is a VERY unsafe thing to do and you could have gotten VERY hurt.” Continued Grandma as the next swat landed.


“OWIE! I wun do it again! I sowwy!” cried Caiden as he gripped the railing on the side of the porch and started to tear up.

“You have one more swat and it’s all over Caiden. You’re doing very good.” encoragued Grandma as she rasied the paddle a final time and spanked Caiden firmly.


“WWAAAHhhhh…” wailed Caiden as the last swat made contact with his red butt.

“There there, all done Caiden. No more spankies.” comforted Grandma as she sat Caiden in her lap and cuddled him.

Caiden cried for a few minutes while his grandmother rocked and soothed him. She retaped his diaper and carried him inside.

“I sowwy for bein naughty Gwandma…” sniffled Caiden as his grandmother laid him on the couch.

“It’s ok sweety, I forgive you. Go ahaead and get some rest and we’ll start fresh after your nap.” whispered Grandma as she placed a blanket over Caiden, handed him Mooser, and kissed him on the forehead.

Caiden smiled and almost instantly fell asleep. After a long nap, Caiden and his grandmother had no problems the rest of the day.


The furry and above text belongs to tugscarebear

Art by Lavilovi


Awww poor Caiden looks like he changed his mind about the nap a little bit to late. His poor butt always seems to end up whit a couple of spanking :(

He sure seems to be one naughty cub that think he can say whatever he wants.

Looks like it was all better after that nice nap on grandmother couch :)

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Time-OutIt looks like Sam wasn’t behaving at lunch and got a good spanking from his mommy when they got home. Hope he learned his lesson.

Sam and above text by tugscarebear

Draw by PupTaire


Yes i bet his mother did dent like that one bit. Wounder what kind of bad behaving he was up to during lunch time?

But it sure seems like she have no problem to give this red pands butt some more spanking if he continues to misbehave. Then it sure going to be one red bottom for a long time and maybe the pain going to be more severe then. I bet that is something that he want to avoid now.

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Stumped at Bruce’s House

Stumped at Bruce's HouseCaiden went over to his friend Bruce’s house for a playdate. Things were fine throughout most of the day until it was naptime. Caiden had no intention of going down for a nap and started misbehaving in hopes that Bruce’s parents would let him have his way. Bruce’s lumberjack dad wasn’t about to be bossed around by a naughty toddler, so he took Caiden to the stump out back, placed him over his knee, and spanked Caiden’s bare hiney red.

Order and above text by tugscarebear

Draw by LittleBearArnold


Yes this sure was a very bad move by Caiden :( I bet he is going to be ready for that naptime when Bruce’s lumberjack dad is finish whit his poor bottom. I bet it`s going to be very difficult to get some nice sleep after this massive punishment and i bet that his butt is going to hurt allot.

I bet that Caiden not going to be fuzzy and naughty cub any time soon when Bruce’s lumberjack dad is around.

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The whining kitten!

The whining kitten!Mia wanted a dessert before lunch, but The Boss had previously told her no!
The boss was taking care of the little kitten girl for a whole day!

But Mia didn’t want to give up and wanted the dessert immediately!
And she started a whining to try to get it!

The Boss very patiently carried her in his arms, took her to the sofa, sat down, laid her on his lap, lowered her pants and panties and  … she was punishment with a good spanking!

Next time be  patient, little Mia!^^

Mia beongs by NewbornRay

Draw and above text by nelson88


Poor Mia but maybe next time she decide to be a little more patient even if it is pretty hard for a cub to be that. But if she manage that she can avoid some more spanking bye the boss.

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Puppy Pamper Playtime

Puppy Pamper PlaytimeRussel is sometimes naughty, and gets into the diaper pail to bumps them around the place like one of his toys.

A art reward on Patreon

Draw and above text by ChocolateKitsune


It looks like this puppy wants to play whit a different kind of toy here. But playing around whit your old diaper maybe not the best thing and i bet your mother and father dont like that.

But at lest this time he did dent pike a messy one.

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