Baby Cinna

Baby CinnaSo have a baby picture of my cinnadog Colby. He seems embarrassed for some reason.

Draw and everything by Mizan


Yes i sure wounder what she is embarrassed about. Maybe it is over the thick diaper that she is wearing.

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YummyDog and draw by Mizan


daww this is one super cute dog and she look so cute when she is drinking from here baby bottle whit some nice and tasty milk inside.

This is some very cute work :)

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I gotta go potty…oh no..oh no.. I dun wanna go now!! I can’t hold it in I gunna……ooopsie…

First of the sketch commish =3 for Abdl86, I think? Anyway I noticed this little guy has a history of bedwetting and accidents so, here he’s having one again.. he just didn’t wanna go in his comfy poofy diaper and wanted to hold it in.. unfortunately, he not got a strong enough bladder yet.. xP

lil foxy © Abdl86
Art and story by mizan.

Drawing is not mad by me.

I hope that Mizan dont mind that i copy the text from the post the see maid. It was so nice and awesome story.

And i love that face look that i have in this image it is so nice and cute and yes cubs dont have strong bladders that is the reason for the diaper.

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