Dragon’s captive princess 53 : good girls don’t touch

Dragon's captive princess 53 : good girls don't touch So, for training to be clearer and progress shown, tables and calendars are perfect. So here is one for some little (25 years old) puppy to help see how good he is going and learn about a lot of things because his (kidnapper) daddy wants him to be a perfect little princess. It seems all this training is affecting me quite a bit, especially after so many days with little stimulation… and the milking…. when Lubu does it, Snow and I are tied up and a milking machine get us off without orgasming… it is so humiliating, like we are cow… He learned this from Patches, who do this with his own princess, the calf Dominus.

Draw and everything by Loupylupine ???


Looks like the training is going good for daddy’s new princes. But it sure seems like it still away to go before he get use to all this humiliation stuff. I bet his new special daddy dont like that.

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Nap time

Nap timeEven big kittens need their daily nap time, but it looks like Mira has to sleep with a present in her pamp.

The messy furry belongs to zerchves

Draw by WishBerri


Awww looks like someone ended up whit a messy stinky diaper during dream time :( But good that the diaper is there to handle even that sort of accident :)

Someone sure going to be surprise when she wake up and find out where that special smell comes from.

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Bun Ludis

Bun LudisDraw and everything by ludisluteo


Aww poor bunny this thick and poofy diaper sure going to force him toddling/waddling.

I bet its going to be even more waddling when he have ended up using his diaper a couple of times. Its sure going to make it even harder to walk.

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Aftercare. The process after a session where the dom helps ease the sub back out of fantasy, both to ensure they stay mentally healthy, and to lessen the drop felt after intense sessions.

Said process generally involves a drink of water, maybe some chocolate or a blanket, but most commonly, a lot of cuddling, with the dom ensuring to let their sub have as much freedom as possible, and letting them know they’re loved in reality.
And obviously, pure bliss for an attention sponge like Pierce.
So much so, that he’d rather be stuck in a diaper then let the comfort stop for even a moment.

That being said, the moment Jackie left the room to get him a drink, he immediately started trying to get the diaper off.

Draw and everything by tehcutepyro


Looks like someone getting a little use to be back wearing diapers again. Even if he wont to be a bad boy and take off the diaper when he is alone. But the mittens sure make that sort of a task hard and i bet Sylveon have some secret tricks up here sleeve to make sure that the diaper stays on :)

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Time for Nursery

Time for NurseryThe poor fox belongs to robotic321

Draw by Pidgopidgey


Awww looks like this robot nursery thought something was missing on this fox and it seems like it was right :)

But the poor fox dont seems to be so happy to be forced back to wearing diapers again :( And this sure seems to be a pretty thick diaper the robot decide for him to wear.

This sure going to take a wile for him to get use to.

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Commission featuring ansfordthewolf getting to go for a walk in a full sissy-pup getup. Complete with a big, thick, girly diaper!

The blushing dog belongs to ansfordthewolf

Draw and above text by tehcutepyro


Looks like someone is being force to go on a very sissy walk here :(

He sure going to get allot of blushing comment on his outfit and his thick diaper :( I only hope he dont end up being force to use it. That should be a even more blushing moment then :(

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Can’t Hold It

Can't Hold ItA commission for Zakyr of himself seemingly being forced into using a diaper by some mysterious off-screen person.

Order by Zakyr

Draw and above text by tehcutepyro


Awww poor Lizard looks like someone strange person is forcing him to put his diaper to some good use :( Even if it not was to late i dont think he is going to be allow to get to the potty anyway. Special when this mysterious person have force him to wear a diaper.

Its no need to allow your subject to be using the big boy potty then ;)

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Spooky care

Spooky care

The dog belongs to Analternateguy234

Draw by Pidgopidgey


Aww poor dog looks like his spooky caretaker is forcing him to waddling around whit that kind of heavy diaper between his legs :(

It sure seems like he have manage to use his diaper pretty well and it sure seems to be some good time for a diaper change now.

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