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A fitting punishment

A fitting punishmentWell, looks like someone decided they needed to teach Argi a lesson. Now the coon is trapped in a diaper pail, getting slowly buried under loads of soggy padding, unable to escape and his cries muffled. How will he get out of this one?

Racoon and text by Not_original77

Draw by tato


Trapped inside a diaper pail cannot be something good. Think to be force to be inside whit all the messy and wet diapers. Most be horribly to be force to smell all that.

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The Real Spring Cleaning – DPRTube

All the forgotten taco bell and girl scout cookies that didn’t come out in the first push :x careful with the sound, loud messies!

Text and video posted by Hudsonbab3

This diaper look weary well use and i can agree it is allot of loud messy sounds on this video.

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Wittle Stinky/Soggy Puppy Sleeping

Wittle Stinky/Soggy Puppy SleepingCanid: Kyosaki_Raven

Draw by: TakOttah


It is good to be padded when you sleep. Then you can sleep all comfy all to the night and your diaper can handle the accidents that you have.

And it looks like Kyosaki_Raven diaper have end up pretty messy right now. Maybe thats way he have a smile on his face now.

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Squishy messy – DPRTube

I woke up soaked and with a rumbly tummy. So I just relaxed and let it happen. ^^  See? I’mma good boy! Using his diapers as intended.

Video and text by CrinkleCat

Yes i know how it can be to have a rumble tummy that dos sent feel good. Then it can be good to be in diapers so you can let go immediately so you tummy docent hurts more.

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Laxatives is a powerful thing

Laxative is powerful things Source:

Yes laxatives is some powerful stuff and you have no chance to hold it back when it have starting to kick in. So you are going to messy the diaper either you like it or not you dont have a choice.

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Tinkertail*Tugtug* Um, I had an accident >///>

Fox and text: Swiftfoxfire

Draw by: takottah


Awww it look like this little baby fox have end up whit a messy accident in his diaper. He maybe can cover the view of his messy diaper but he could newer cover the stinky smell from the messy diaper. I bet his parents is going to find out weary soon that there little baby fox needs a diaper change.

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