I love doing this with you!

I love doing this with you!Draw and everything by Skelbely


Looks like this two diaperfur decided to have some nice diaper masturbation together. I think they soon is going to release there sticky cum into there waiting diapers.

Now they dont need to clean up when they are finish whit this :)

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Masturbating into wet diaper – tim_nullo

Masturbating into wet diaper powered by XTube

I had that diaper on for over 12 hours and masturbated into it in the morning. You can guess what I did after that ;)

Video and text belongs to tim_nullo

Yes we can sure see what you did in your diaper after you was finish whit your masturbation :) I sure your wet and cum filled diaper could handle that thing to :)

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Aconteceu de verdade, embora não comigo

Aconteceu de verdade, embora não comigoI once caught my brother at it.
He indeed had porn in two tabs.
And in a third tab.

Draw and everything by Yure16


Poor cat looks like he have been caught in the act now.

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Rub squish crinkle!

rub squish crinkle!hehehes naughty lone time

Draw and everything by Charry


Aww look like someone decide to have some special little diaper play in his wet and soggy diaper. He sure seems to be pretty relax right now during his special diaper play time.

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Relieving some tension

Relieving some tensionDraw and everything by emeritus_terciel


Looks like this diaper boy style= is up for some special diaper masturbation style= time in the bathroom. Rely seems like he is having a wonderful time trying to masturbating in that thick and poofy diaper :)

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The heck do you think you’re doing?

The heck do you think you're doing?Dog emeritus_terciel

Draw by benihimeshido


Looks like the diaper girl find out what sort of thing the diaper boy was up to whit his thick diaper.

Looks like she wont to join him in this special diaper moment.

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Peekin in and d-d-diaper yaoi

peekin inself explanatory, but i like the diaper detail on this one. :3

Dog and text by emeritus_terciel

Draw by benihimeshido


Looks like someone would like to know what its happen inside that room :)

d-d-diaper yaoiDog emeritus_terciel

Draw by benihimeshido


Looks like the diaper girl have found a diaper boy that have some special masturbation time in his thick diaper.

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