Sleepy Changes

Sleepy Changes
Utterly soaked and in dire need of a new diaper… Ah never mind, nap first, change later ^^

The sleeping Raccoon and above text belongs to Mark-the-raccoon

Draw by Kratox


Awww poor Raccoon looks like someone needs some help when it comes to diaper change. I only hope that he dont end up using his soggy squishy diaper to match during his nap time now because i dont think it can handle match more. But if its end leaking maybe that teach him a lesson to change his diaper before nap time.

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Kiba made a big stinky

Kiba made a big stinkyA gift for KibaSWolf from Mark-the-raccoon

Draw by ShingekiSkunk


Awww poor wolf but to me it looks like he did more then a little potty in his thick diaper. Look how wet and squishy the diaper seems to be between his legs. It sure looks like it is time to change this wolfs diaper before it start leaking. And i bet it going to feel kind of nice to be back into some clean dry diapers again.

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Enjoying our diapers

Enjoying our diapersonikiba and Mark-the-Raccoon really enjoying there diapers.

Cubs onikiba and Mark-the-Raccoon

Draw by Blankie


Yes it sure seems like this two cubs really enjoying them self in there wet diapers :)

And i can sure understand how they are feeling. It sure is cozy and special wearing a wet diaper and squeeze it.

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Mageplex Badge from Poofy Shark

Mageplex Badge from Poofy SharkLook at Kiba having so much fun with his toy rocket ship,in poofy diaper he got on I think he set for a little while.

Order by Mark-the-Raccoon for onikiba.

Text by onikiba

Draw by Poofy-shark


Yes it sure looks like Kiba is having a fun time when he is playing whit his rocket ship :)

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