Voodoo Check

Voodoo Check
it seems someone found a pretty cute blue skunky plushie around, and decided to play with it, taking care of it as a baby, dressing him in a diaper.

It would be normal, if a real blue skunk didn’t had his undies poofed into a real diaper at the exact moment it happened.

He tryied to get some shorts over, as he couldn’t take off the diaper, but now the plushie owner wanted to check his diaper pulling his shorts down, and yeah, this is actually happening to the big skunk.

The blue skunk and above text belongs to gus-the-hedgehog

Draw by Tato


Yes this voodoo magic sure have put this blue skunk in some very blushing situation. I only hope that he is alone now when the surprise diaper check happen.

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Over layering

Over layeringThe poor babyfur belongs to LuciusAris

Draw by NazzNikoNanuke


Something seems to have happen whit the magic around here? Suddenly something weird have happen here whit this babyfur :(

Poor thing this massive diaper sure going to force his legs apart allot:( He sure not going to be able to walk and maybe not even crawl whit this massive diaper that he is now force to be wearing.

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In diapers again

In diapers againo no, but a mysterious magic caused that the clothes were enlarged and everyone will saw the diapers that these 2 bunnies already had.

Order by Vix?

Draw and above text by furrychrome


Awww poor bunnies looks like the magic have made so that everyone knows that they like to wear diapers.

Magic sure can cause some blushing and embarrassing moments allot of times :(

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Ben’s Magical Backfire

Ben's Magical BackfireBen and Gwen, finding themselves in an embarrassing situation thanks to Ben’s trying something he probably shouldn’t have and now it’s up to Gwen to see if they can get out.

Characters belong to Man Of Action

Draw and everything by liljdude


Giggle poor Ben it seems like he starting to think that he is on his way to end up whit a nasty diaper rash. Maybe that’s is the right way for him to finely learn how to do magic the right way?

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A magical night

A magical night

The furry belongs to Danni_the_snow_fox

Draw by Charry


Awww poor thing this furry sure have ended up in one special place here.

And maybe this numbing spell is working but one thing for sure he sure needs to have his diaper changed. It look kind of soggy and well used right now.

Maybe he is going to do that after he have check if the numbing spell is working or not. Who knows :(

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Diaperfur Comic: Magic Bottle

Magic Bottle

Order by lulshi

Draw by lmndrp


Looks like someone have to looking forward to be changing more diapers. Maybe they should have been playing a different game or dont use a magic bottle. But it sure is to late to be doing anything about this situation now :(

Looks like they need to get use to there new life here?

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Blue Magic, more like Brown!

Blue Magic, more like Brown!After “Mastering” the new Blue Mage class, Nanaja Dragonferret leader of the Malboro’s Breath Free Company, decided to teach one of his guildmates a secret bit of Blue Magic. Taking Karmen out to a field to practice, Nanaja went to cast “Bad Breath”, instead another smelly attack was unleashed. Karmen, being the perfect student learned this “Enemy Skill”. Soon enough, the new secret technique of the Malboro’s Breath Free Company was born. “Blort! Action Acquired”

My loyal fast learning subordinate Vinal211 is a great friend, and silly little Lucario/Luxray Hybrid. His pampers never really stay dry and clean for long.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Vinal211 and Jayferret

Above text by Jayferret

Draw by Catmonkshiro


this two really seems to be fighting some kind of special magic here :)

I only hope they know some sort of diaper changing stuff to. Because it seems like both of them is in need of a new and clean diaper pretty soon.

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Learning magical spells

Learning magical spellsDraw and everything by ConejoBlanco


I sure wounder what type of spell this bunny trying to be good on? Maybe it is some sort of diaper spell off some kind?

But this sure make for a cute drawing.

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