Big Piddle Lynx

Big Piddle LynxThe cat belongs to ?

Draw by tehcutepyro


Poor cat :( But we can easy see way you still needs your diaper :) This Lynx sure have a long way to go before he manage to be the master over his bladder.

Good thing the diaper can be there on the way and help whit his accidents :) Even if it can be blushing moments sometimes.

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Tv snuggles

Tv snuggles
It was a quiet evening as Draven was watching tv, Allan quietly waddled up to his mommy and tugged on her pajama pants and smiled. Draven looked down seeing her kitten as she picked him up setting him on her lap,her paw placed on his padded butt to check if he needed a change,but he was fine. Allan happily sucked his paci as he snuggled up to me and watched as the tv quietly played as they snuggled sharing a sweet tender moment between mother and son.

Art by BabyPandora

Allan diapersunki

Draven Flare629

Above text by Flare629


Looks like this two have some nice and fun TV time together :)

And yes it sure is kind of nice to sit in front of the TV and have some cozy cuddling time :)

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Aha!, what are you doing?

The furry belongs to lilythelynx

Draw and above text by ConejoBlanco


Awww looks like someone is trying to sneak herself some cookie in the kitchen. But it sure seems like she got caught :(

So what is going to happen now? Is the going to receive a spanking?

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Mid change

Mid change

Well here we are, seeing Allan in the position he is a couple of times a day :3 Laying on the changing table and gets changed by his Daddy. He always is a quiet cub and would never struggle but his Daddy still wanna gets sure and secures him with a belt around his chest, if something happens.

Allan and above text belongs to diapersunki

Draw by Roger


Always good to be little extra sure whit sleepy cub to use some belt around his chest so he dont accidentally fall down on the floor.

No parents want that to happen whit there cubs.

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Quick check

Quick checkDaddy makes some random checks from time to time and this is how it looks sometimes :3

Allan and text belongs to diapersunki

Draw by PaddedUlf


Looks like it is time for someone to head over to to the changing table to get a new clean diaper :)

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Bye Bye Corporal, Hello Babbler

Bye Bye Corporal, Hello Babbler Poor babystar seems to have been captured by someone who would rather have her babbling and drooling from her maw rather than shouting orders at others. It seems though that some time has passed as the mental reconditioning seems to be hitting it’s final stages. She doesn’t have much time. Or maybe, it’s already too late.

Lynx belongs to babystar

Draw and text by Kit_Kiama


Poor babystar it sure seems like it is already to late to do anything or reverse here current mental stage :(

What is going to happen whit here now? Someone sure is going to be needed to take care of her now when she dont can do it herself.

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Passed out

Passed outThe cute sleeping lynx belongs to diapersunki

Draw by Natsu-cat


Awww it sure seems like this babyfur is kind of super sleepy now. Special when she have fall asleep like this whit here cute diaper butt up in the air. I sure hope that she have some nice dreams now.

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Losing the Bet

Losing the Bet

This Linx was bragging about his bladder capacity, and going on about how he could hold it in for ages.
A few curious people wanted to test this, and made a bet with him that he couldn’t avoid peeing for a day.
Without thinking, the Linx accepted, and found them getting him a bunch of water bottles to drink.
It was quite a bit, ending up being around two liters before they said he had enough. Almost immediately, he felt a strain, and one of the people pulled out a large diaper and pulled it over his tail without asking.
“Due to the nature of this bet, I think a safety net is necessary. Don’t you think so?”
The linx didn’t object, but being diapered in public was humiliating him, and he just hoped that was as far as it went.
“Y-yeah! I don’t mind! This thing’s gonna be bone dry, and that’ll be my pr-proof…why would I…say….no?”

As the day went on, the water started to take its way down, and make itself known. The lynx was able to handle it just fine at first, but as the hours went on, it became almost impossible to hold. The people around him were palling around with him, making him laugh and ruffling his fur to try and make him lose control. By midnight, he was holding his belly and hunched over, shivering, but he had managed to hold it.

“T-there! See! I proved it!”
“Well..” the group looked at each other, “It’s only been six hours. We said a day, as in same time tomorrow.”
The Linx’s eyes widened in horror at the words.
“We’ll walk you home, c’mon.”
They grabbed his paw and got him to walk with him, but every step made the urge worse, until a few feet away from his seat, he wasn’t thinking and let out a drop. That drop turned into a stream, and that into a flood.

Everyone saw, and they all had proof, and now that the bet was won, the winners let the Linx know what his end of the bargain was.
He was stuck in that diaper until they told him he could take it off, and they didn’t plan on letting him squirm his way out of it for at least a day or so.

Draw and everything by tehcutepyro


Poor Linx this sure was a impossible bet for him to win. Poor thing now he needs to waddling around whit that big soggy squishy diaper for some time. It sure was a good thing that the diaper manage to handle the big flood of urine that he release into it.

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