The helper Mr. Raccoon – JaykeDaPup

Yes i am sure that Mr. Raccoon is going to help your pants to be all dry and clean during your work day. But i bet that Mr. Raccoon is going to be pretty soggy and heavy when you are finish whit all the work :) I sure wounder how the diaper is going to look when you are finish?

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ABDL Twink Boy Desperately Wet`s His Diaper

Looks like this diaper boy finely come around and using his diaper after all this playing around whit it :)

But i can sure understand it is kind of fun to play around and pet your diaper even when it is dry :)

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Allot of diapers – barkyaanarki

Wow someone sure have made sure that he is not going to run out of diapers anytime soon. I wounder how match money this diaper mountain is worth?

someone sure seems to have decide to be wearing diapers a very long time.

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crinkle squish – floofderg

Looks like someone want to show how fun it is to be playing around whit a squishy diaper :) It sure is a nice feeling to play around whit the squishy diaper between your legs :)

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Upside down crinkles (2 boosters!) – yggiToryM

Looks like someone sure decided to have a fun little playtime whit his super thick LittlePawz diaper :) This thick diaper sure going to keep him all dry and nice for a very long time :)

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Wen´s new little pawz

Wen´s new little pawz

The cute bunny belongs to Wen

Draw by ConejoBlanco


Giggle looks like this bunny finely have found a diaper that she really love to wear :)

I only hope that this diaper is up for the task to handle here accidents :)

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Busted!honestly I dunno what all the fuss is about. He’s just wearing it for convenience.

Husky belongs to huskers

Draw and above text by airwolf1987


Yes it sure is pretty convenience to be wearing a good diaper during your computer game hours :)

It sure is good to be sitting there focus on your game and the same time release your bladder content into the waiting diaper.

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All nice and dry – lowstar

Yes is always nice to be back into a clean and dry diaper special if the old one was soggy and sagging from the heavy load. That sure means that you have use it pretty well and should be changed before it start leaking.

lowstar sure have posted some great and good photos here :)

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