Royal Diaper Duty

Royal Diaper DutySir Hiss doubles as a caretaker for Prince John. Unfortunately that entails having to check and change the royal diaper.

Both characters are from Disney’s Robin Hood.

Draw and above text by Xepher777


Poor Sir Hiss looks like he have a very soggy messy heavy diaper to deal whit here. Poor thing but Prince John sure seems to know how to put his diaper to some very good use ;)

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Waving Lion – lxcub

Looks like we have a happy waving Lion cub here :)

I sure wounder what fun thing this cute little cub is up to today :)

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Failure to Fix

Failure to FixPoor lioness had been stuck in a drooly stupor for months. The hyena thought she could help with a bit of hypnosis. One backfired hypnosis session later her colleagues discovered two pairs of pampers in dire need of a change…

Furrys belongs to gibsonscratch and TheAnon

Draw by catmonkshiro


The hypnosis sure seems to have backfired pretty bad here.

Someone sure seems to have allot of cleaning to do here and change and cleanup this two big cubs.

This sure going to take a wile to get them back into clean and dry diapers again.


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Fuzzy baby – ohnokttn

Awww looks like someone dont wont to wear here clean diaper here :( She sure seems to have one special look on here face.

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Babyfur Comic: Pierced

PiercedPierce being blackmailed into doing a diapered photoshoot.

Draw and everything by tehcutepyro


Aww poor Pierce he sure not seems to be so proud to be able to be able to wet his thick diaper whiteout any type of problem at all :(

But it sure things it was good it was on now when someone decided to look the bathroom. He sure have one big blushing face now.

Someone sure needs to change him before that diaper start to leak.

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Nala doing poop

Nala doing poopOrder by ?

Draw by furrychrome


Poor Nala it sure seems like she have some problem to make some good use of here diaper. But it seems like having the paws on the rocks help pushing out the messy stuff into the waiting diaper the slowly is expending from the messy load.

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Kiburi Baby drink

Kiburi Baby drinkalways best to read the labels before consuming…

The poor Lion Kiburi-Lion

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Aww that poor Lion bet he regretted now that he did dent redan the label before consuming that drink. The good thing is that he at lest is wearing a diaper already. The bad thing is that he going to be depending on diapers for a week now.

Poor blushing lion. He sure is cute when he treys to be a big boy and dont putt his diaper to some good use.

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freespirittwo Facial expressions

freespirittwo Facial expressionsThe babyfur belongs to freespirittwo

Draw by Diapered-buns


Awww poor thing it seems like freespirittwo did dent like that she needed to put here diaper to some good use here. Or maybe that messy but feels kind of uncomfortable for here. And i can sure understand that special if she ended up releasing a pretty big load into the diaper. But the good is that she seems to have found something other interesting. That put the focus away from here messy diaper butt :)

I sure wounder what have caught her attention?

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