I had an accident *blush* >w<

The poor babyfur and text by LilPichu

Draw by


Awww poor thing look like you have ended up whit a tummy ache. Maybe thats way you ended up poppy your diaper. But it sure was a good thing it was there :)

I bet your mommy or daddy is going to make it all better soon :)

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Nursery Playtime

Nursery PlaytimePlaying together with my bro Ricky in our nursery. Blocks are lots of fun to play with!

Draw by SugarMable

Snow leopard and text by LilPichu

Pichu Pichuboy


Awww looks like this two cubs have a nice playtime in the nursery together whit the blocks. I hope they going to have a awesome playtime for a long time this day.

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Feeling better already?

Feeling better already?
Feeling better already?

A sequel to this pic:

Pichuboy is doing a funny dance which is making Lilpichu laugh as he is eating his soup. Also inside a tree house :3




Draw by: pichu90


I can understand that pichuboy is happy that his friend lilpichu feels all good right now. It is not so match fun when some one you know have broken there legs and needs to be all still and rest so the leg can heal and get all healthy again. Soon the can play together again and maybe go on some adventure. I can only hope that he take it easy so he dont broke a leg or something else again.

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