Kitty Hypnosis

Kitty HypnosisOrder by ?

Draw by chuckybb

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32132151/

Awww looks like someone almost made it to the big girl toilet. It sure is a good thing that the diaper is there to handle here accident :) Its what its made for to handle any way so way not use it ;)

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Cookiesthey must be very delicious those cookies so that he does not realize that his diaper is already dirty :P

Order and above text by furrychrome

Draw by fullmetal53

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31319553/

Giggle now it seems like he have made some more space in his tummy :)

Its nothing to worry about here the diaper can handle it and you are busy eating some nice cookies :)

But what is your mom going to say about this?


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THINGS WONT CHANGEOrder by ashurah

Draw by LilChu

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30865698/

Poor boy looks like someone still have some trouble accepting things that is related to diaper change :(

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All ready for bedtime – ludisluteo

All ready for bedtime - ludisluteo

Draw and everything by

Aww looks like someone is going to be force to be spending a very long time in this diaper :( At least it seems to be pretty thick one and when it is finely time for a diaper change i bet that diaper is going to be pretty stinky and well used one. And i am not surprised that they decide to deliver the news when his harness is lock. So it is nothing that he can do about it now.

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Order by kanrodstavoyan

Draw by StrawberryNeko

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29087932/

Giggle looks like someone decided to have a little Peek-A-Boo and the same time showing off that cute and thick diaper butt :)

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Read much?

Read much?
Dad reading that book a little too intently. Hope it’s telling him not to spank me.

Characters and text belongs to Island

Draw by marinaneira

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27968409/

Poor Island but you sure have been a very bad boy now when you have break all this thing. And you sure needs to understand that your dad is very angry about this.

I sure wounder what the book is telling him to do in this type of situation. But he sure seems to be pretty ready to give you one big massive spanking.

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Ick, I hate being sick. At least dad knows how to take care of me.

Characters and text belongs to Island

Draw by marinaneira

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27968336/

Awww poor thing it sure is not so match fun to end up whit a cold and fever. Good thing you seems to have a good daddy that knows how to take good care of you :)

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Your New Life

Your New Life I was a very very bad kitty. So it was decided Id be a kitten again!

But my new mommy had another way of raising me in mind. No more silly and naughty boy things. Id become a proper pretty sissy girl instead!

Text and leopard belongs to Sadey_Mayfire

Draw by wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26693366/

Poor Sadey_Mayfire looks like he is forced into allot of change in his life now when his mother have decide to start over and treat him like a girl instead.

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