Stinky and she loves it!

Stinky and she loves it!because i felt like it and shes just too cute to not tease :p

The blushing messy lion leftlion

Draw and text by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25927950/

Poor lion it sure seems like she have made a big messy accident in here diaper. Good thing the diaper manage to handle it :)

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A change of heart

A change of heartLeon was always going to land himself in trouble saying what he can and can’t do; Telling daddy “He can’t go out like this” was a mistake, after all it’s daddies choice what he can and can’t do. In true Halloween spirit daddy weaved his magic through the young adults body, shrinking him too the size of a little cub and with the potty control of a new born.

Another spell cast later and young Leon is now more than ready to show the next-door neighbors his costume, with little eager chants of “Lets go!” However it looks like the magic might of worked a little too well… Someone needs a change before trick or treating.

Leon and text by Leftlion

Draw by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25321073/

Poor Leon looks like he has to wait a little bit longer before he can go trick or treat. His diaper sure looks to be pretty well used.

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Moovieee night!

Moovieee night!I’m stinky in this picture well not stinky but very apparent mush butt.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to leftlion and Charry.

Draw and text by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/23425716/

Awww looks like this little babyfur is messing his diaper during his sleep :)

Good thing the diaper is there to handle his messy load :)

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Public punishment(18/1/17)

Public punishment(18/1/17)Order by leftlion

Draw by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22327861/

awww looks like someone have setup a public potty but it seems like the diaper have start to leak pretty bad now. Wounder how many people have use this public potty?

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squirms and moans

squirms and moansCharry babbled cutely into her daddies shirt, too embarrassed by her new room to speak her big girl words. Her new nursery had everything she had dreamt of. A large lockable crib, changing table, a wardrobe full of her cute sissy dresses. With a gentle pat to her bottom from daddy she shuffled into her nursery with a little whimper. Her eyes exicitedly darted from object to object and her little heart fluttered as she laid her eyes on the rocking horse in the corner. “Puppy like her new room?” Her daddy chuckled with a loving smile as he took her hand and got her changed out of her big girl clothes. Minutes later charry was all suitably dressed up to play in her nursery. That meant a sissy dress far too short to hide her extra thick diapers along with booties and mittens “To keep a little puppy out of trouble.” Charry wouldn’t be causing any trouble in here, all the furniture had little restraints, her crib, her changing table and her horse all had little straps too keep her paws from where they shouldn’t be. “Ready to play on your pony baby girl?” Daddy asked as charry was helped up onto the saddle. Charry might of answered if she hadn’t of been helplessly sucking away on her pacifer gag at this point. So she settled to answering with a blushy nod. She had already spied the little electric box on the rocking horses hind legs, She knew what was going to happen when she was tied on properly; But she didn’t stop daddy from tying her in securely to settle her humiliating fate. Daddy grinned and kneeled down turning on the little electric box and the saddle began to vibrate gently under her padded bottom. “See you in an hour princess.” He chuckled as he kissed his little girl on the cheek and shut the nursery door. Charry let out a little moan as she settled in for the long ride, which would feel all that much longer by the twitching of her chastity cage…

Story by leftlion

Draw and everything else by Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22061942/

Yes it sure seems like Charry is going to be sitting on this rocked horse for some time now.

Aww look how match he is blushing. His face have all turn red of embarrassment :)

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trippled forfeit!

trippled forfeit!It had been decided only a handful of days before, Leon had certainly gained Charry’s interest in the little game he had devised! Charry began to read the rules carefully. 7pm use the potty and diaper up, and then the potty would be off limits for both him and his adversary Leon. They’d both drink at the same time and the same amount to be fair. They’d have a quiz of and the loser of that would drink more water and the first to wet them would have a forfeit.
They were both excited and teased each other that they were the bigger baby. But time would tell. At 7pm they eagerly got diapered and on the instruction of Harpo their quizmaster and overseer for the duration of the challenge they obediently drunk a litre of water.
The lion and the puppy burped from drinking the water down to fast and both felt full of water.
Harpo calmed them down and began a little quiz giving a variety of brilliant questions to test them, Leon lead early on before Charry came back with a his knowledge of Hans Christian Andersen! At the half hour mark Harpo made Leon and Charry drink another litre of water and carried on quizzing the two battling warriors as they tried to gain the edge so they wouldn’t have to drink more water. At 8pm Harpo ordered they drink another litre and both Leon and Charry started to feel a little pressure to go..
Another half an hour of quizzing and Charry came back to win by a single point! Leon drank 750ml and Charry drunk 500ml as they struggled to hold the floodgates. They taunted each other still believing they could win, until Charry proved he was the biggest baby and wet himself meaning he would have the forfeit. Leon just made it to the big boy toilet and giggled as he told Charry to triple diaper himself and not change till the morning! But that wasn’t the end of his forfeit he’d have to watch a Disney film of Leon’s choice and have a babies bedtime of 7pm when Leon asked him too. Although Charry being the little naughty sissy we all know he is decided to stay up!

it was a looong and squirmy night to say the least hehe i ended up being somewhat of a leaky puppy some poor plushys needed alittle bit of a wash hehe

Story by leftlion

Draw and some of the text by Charry

Leaking babyfur Charry

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20372405/

awww it looks like the diaper could not keep up whit all this wetting any more and decided to start to leak big time. Poor baby i dont think daddy is going to like this when i hear about this game and that diaper have start to leak from all the extra water they have consume during this game.

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