Leaking diaper

Diaperfur Comic: Max Capacity Comic pg 11 Bonus

Diaperfur Comic: Max Capacity Comic pg 11 BonusThis Comic is order by GibsonScratch and draw by Tropicana

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32051065/

Someone sure is happy right now and seems to enjoy his time wearing his very well used diaper. I am kind of surprised that the diaper dont have start to leak more. It sure seems to be well over its limits of what it can handle.

But then it sure is kind of nice and special to wear to feel all the squishy between your legs :)

This sure seems to be one happy furry boy right now :)

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Scentus’s New Career

Scentus's New CareerHer mind utterly broken by extended training from the therapist, Scentus has been completely transformed from a working adult into a putrid pet skunkgirl. Now instead of answering calls she is content to simply fill diapers and stink up public parks.

Order and above text by Scentus

Draw by catmonkshiro

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32014974/

Yes someone sure seems to be very good when it comes to the new job the therapist have fix for here. She sure is one stinky skunk in this public park special whit that kind of very messy diaper.

Looks like someone have one very stinky diaper to change here. It sure going to take a couple of minutes to change this diaper.

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Diaperfur Comic: Max Capacity Comic pg 10

Diaperfur Comic: Max Capacity Comic pg 10This Comic is order by GibsonScratch and draw by Tropicana

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31927910/

Wow it sure seems like someone exploded inside his diaper whit that last massive orgasm. He sure going to have one amazing dream now after all this special play. But have he dont forget something? Yes changing that massive well used diaper ;) Someone sure going to wake up whit one bad diaper rash after sleeping whit this kind of heavy used diaper.

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NaptimeBeing a cub is hard work…

The arctic fox and above text belongs to tfbaxxter

Draw by Fetimation

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1909061

Awww poor thing looks like someone have ended up whit a very heavy diaper during his nap time :( So heavy and well used so the diaper start to leak :(

Looks like someone have more then a diaper change to handle when he wakes up from his nap.

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Kenny Part 16

This story is written by Les Lea

“Simon. Simon. SIMON.” I felt a slight touch on my arm. “Are you OK?”

I looked at Kenny wondering why he wasn’t naked. Then I looked down at myself and wondered why I wasn’t in the quilted pink onesie. Why were we still dressed?

I felt a strange chill run down my spine as I realised it was when Kenny had said that he thought I looked really good in the rubber pants at the lake and wondered if I liked them as well… I had become transfixed.

I was gazing at the framed photographs and that particular image of us at the lake, looking both innocent and well-padded, had caught my imagination and I hadn’t realised how intently I’d been staring at it. Somehow, in just a few seconds, I’d drifted off into my own fantasy and had created…

“I thought you’d gone quiet.” Kenny interrupted my thoughts and had that all-knowing smile. He picked up the frame. “You really like that photo don’t you? It’s my favourite as well. I think we look fantastic together. Mummy always says she thought we were the cutest people up at the lake.”

I was still slightly confused by what had just happened. How could I go to such a real place… that wasn’t real? I just didn’t understand what my head was doing… had I seen the future?

“Do you have a pink onesie?” I asked.

“Of course… don’t you remember… you’ve worn it.”

“No… I mean a new one…” I was getting a bit worried about myself, “made from the same material that auntie made our quilted diapers from?”

“That sounds fantastic… but… erm… no. Why do you ask?”

I then explained what I’d just experienced and he was spellbound by my little story. His eyes lit up when I described him fitting me with disposables and rubber pants. When I told him about the shiny onesie he sucked in a deep breath through his teeth in appreciation of such a piece of clothing… and of course he wanted one.

When I’d finished he asked if I’d had other such ‘daydreams’ and I began to tell him about my crying when Adam was in distress, but rather guiltily, changed the name to his. I still worried that he’d be jealous if someone else was in my dreams. I told him how I’d wet the bed and how auntie had calmed me down with a thick diaper and rubber pants… and the ‘daydream/nightmare’ had disappeared once I was surrounded by that comforting hug.

Kenny took his cue and immediately gave me a reassuring squeeze.


His mother knocked on the door and quietly asked if we needed any help? “No thanks mummy… we can do it ourselves.” He said as he looked straight into my eyes.

“OK then, good night boys.” We chorused a return good night. “Don’t stay up too long and I’ll check on you when I go to bed.”

Now I was even more confused… hadn’t that already happened? I was about to say something to Kenny when he began to get undressed. As he did so he turned to me just before he shrugged down his shorts.

“Mmmm, shall we play your game?” I looked at him wondering what he meant. “I dress you for bed and you dress me.” He went to his closet and opened it up and told me to use whatever I liked.

The problem I have with Kenny is… I like him in anything. That first time I saw him on my first day of school when he was wearing his uniform, he looked so… fantastic. In fact, in his uniform, in his soccer kit, in his swimming trunks, in a thick diaper and thick rubber pants, it made absolutely no difference… it was Kenny and he always looked good. However, a sudden thought crossed my mind: Why had I worn the pink quilted onesie in my ‘fantasy’ when it was supposed to be Kenny’s, and, I wondered, why had I been crying when it was supposed to be Adam?

His shorts fell to the floor and he stepped out of them, folded them up and placed them on a shelf in his closet. Now he was just in his briefs and I just wanted to tell him to stay as he was but I knew he liked to get padded for bed. When he’d stayed over at my place he loved the onesies but then I remembered, it was auntie who had encouraged us what to wear. We liked them but it wasn’t our choice, this time I wanted him to know how I liked to see him.

He pulled off his briefs and, as I anticipated, put them in the laundry basket. I unfolded the plastic changing mat and set it out next to his bed and told him to lie out. I grabbed the baby lotion and powder and set to work moisturizing as much of him as I thought I could get away with. He giggled throughout the process and encouraged me to shake more and more baby powder all over him. The dust cloud was impressive and he smelled like a little baby – we both loved it. I then went to the closet and just grabbed four items – a disposable diaper, two thick absorbing pads and a pair of pink pop-sided plastic pants. This was how I imagined Kenny was at his best; thickly padded and with shiny plastic protection covering everything. Once I’d prepared that area I went and found a little pale blue t-shirt in his draw and pulled it over his head, fed his arms through and tugged it down so it just reached the top of his diaper… he looked so sweet.

I’m sure he was expecting more but, as I ran my hands constantly over the tight glass-smooth material, enjoying the bulk and the childish, excited, delighted look on his face, in my mind at least, this was how my best friend should be dressed when he went to bed.

“Perfect,” I smiled at him and caressed the front of his straining plastic pants “just perfect.”


He lay there and let me stroke him, neither of us in a rush to alter what was happening. As my fingers traced around the bulging mound and slid over the shiny material I saw a contented smile appear on Kenny’s face as he closed his eyes whilst enjoying the moment.

In the months that I’d known him he’d introduced me to a completely new way of appreciating my own life. He may be only ten years-old but he knew in absolute certainty what he liked. He’d initiated a love in me that, until I met him and discovered his diapers, I didn’t have any clue about. It was that feel of the plastic that had hit me first. When, up on the playing fields and he’d shown me his ‘protection’… I loved the soft silky texture and couldn’t get enough of just touching it. The fact that it hid a diaper was a bonus and it intrigued me… Kenny intrigued me.

He must have spotted something in me as well otherwise why would we have become friends… best friends? He told me once that none of his other pals, over the years he’d had to wear diapers to school, had ever wanted to wear them as well. To identify with his problem, to understand it, to try and make him feel better about it… but I had. Even without being asked I’d just done it and for that, Kenny said, he was eternally grateful; this was strange because it was I who felt eternally grateful to him for being my friend.

I lay down next to him but carried on stroking his slippery mound as I whispered a ‘Thank you’ in his ear. He opened his eyes and gazed into my own and we huddled up close together. We could have stayed like that forever, neither of us would have minded, but Kenny remembered that his mum would soon be coming in the check on us, so we’d better be in bed by then.


He rolled on top of me and again gave me a very gentle kiss on the lips before he grabbed my shorts and playfully pulled them down. My pull-ups were dragged off in the same movement and he mischievously flicked my little penis before he grabbed the nearby lotion. He squirted it all over and began to frantically rub it in. There was loads of the nicely smelling stuff so he used both his hands to try and get it to soak in by massaging it everywhere. This action was tickling me and his fingers were going all over my body in a desperate attempted to spread the lotion thinly enough for it to moisturize everything.

There was just too much of it to use on just my chest so, he scooped up as much as he could and got me to turn onto my front so he could rub it into my back, my legs and my bum until, at last, the stuff had soaked in enough for the next part of the procedure. He was very thorough, making sure it was all well absorbed and his hands smoothing the lotion on my bottom felt really very nice. Once he was satisfied (and I’d got over my squealing and giggling as his fingers delved everywhere) he went to the closet and grabbed the same items as I had retrieved, except I was going to be in a blue pair of pop-sided plastic pants. He fitted the absorbent pads inside the disposable and taped me in. Then he slipped the plastic pants under my bum, pulled the sides together and popped them shut. I was now as tightly fitted as he was. Of course he went and got a pink t-shirt for me to wear and made sure I looked like him.

Once we were both ready he said. “I really like it when we wear the same.” He looked at me with those beautiful eyes. “We are like one person – I am you and you are me. I’m so happy when we’re together” His eyes went a bit misty as he added. “It hurts when we’re apart.”

With Kenny looking at you it’s difficult to think of anything else but I think I did know what he meant. He ran his hand over my glossy mound and suggested we get in to bed before his mum came.


We lay facing each other in the dark. I couldn’t really make out his features but of course, my mind was happy to fill in the blank space; his blond hair, his long eyelashes, his huge eyes and constant smile, I didn’t need any light to see all that. We chatted a bit to begin with but eventually the silences between our exchanges were getting longer. I was even enjoying those gaps and had already pictured Kenny with his thumb in his mouth, dozing and looking angelic. My hand had never stopped stroking his thick protection from the moment we climbed into bed together and it was while I was enjoying this sensation I fell to sleep.

We were lying on our backs in his garden looking at the sky and pointing out the shapes the clouds were making. I had my head resting on his soft padded diaper and I was just telling him about what I thought was a cat chasing a mouse when we were joined by two others. Both were only wearing cloth diapers pinned at the front with a huge pin; one was blue the other one had pink. I didn’t recognise them as they both were kids our age but babies. The looked and acted like babies, each had a pacifier in their mouths so didn’t say anything but Kenny knew them.

“Hello mummy and daddy… have you come to play with us?”

This was stupid. How could they be his mummy and daddy but they waved to him and settled down on the ground next to us. His ‘mummy’ had her head on my diaper, his ‘daddy’ had his head on hers and Kenny now had his head resting on his ‘father’s’. We were all searching the clouds for ‘images’ but there were no words just excited pointing, gurgling, cooing and sucking on the pacifiers, which we now all had.

A strange dark shadow passed between the clouds and the sun and suddenly we all got a bit scared. The shadow got nearer and we panicked as we tried to run for shelter… except we could only crawl. The diapered bottoms of Kenny’s ‘mummy and daddy’ led the way, followed by Kenny, whose huge plastic bottom had me close behind. However, I turned to see what the shadow was and when I turned back the others had reached safety and I was alone, in the garden, and something was swooping down. I kicked out and screamed as an enormous pterodactyl screeched past me. I tried to fend it off but my arms were somehow trapped and all I could do was cry as it came in for the kill – its huge mouth wide open, row upon row of sharp teeth and slime oozing from its jaw.


“Simon. Simon. SIMON.” I felt the huge bird’s beak bite into my shoulder…

“Wake up Simon…” I felt the pressure again only this time I heard words… I was saved… I was…

“C’mon Simon… you’re having a nightmare…” and I could feel the rocking of a hand on my shoulder gently stirring me from my deep sleep.

I was lying on my stomach and somehow I’d managed to trap my hands under me. I could still hear that I was whimpering but that soft shaking of my shoulder was quickly returning me from the jaws of, whatever it was, and awake.

“Are you OK?” The look of concern on both Kenny’s and his mummy’s face told me I’d been making quite a bit of a disturbance. I was still feeling a bit groggy when Mrs Morrison came and sat on the bed next to me and stroked my brow.

“Well young man, you appear to have had a terrible nightmare.” I noticed that Kenny was looking really worried standing next to her in his thick plastic armour.

My whimpering had stopped and I felt silly as she continued to stroke my brow. “Sorry Mrs Morrison…”

“It’s OK Simon don’t worry… you’re safe now.”

“I was trying to save you from being attacked.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Me?”

“Well not just you. Kenny and Mr Morrison… except… erm…” I wasn’t sure if I should tell her about us all being babies. “Erm… it was a huge dinosaur… with big teeth and… and… it was attacking us.”

I was still a bit panicky. My body was soaked with sweat, my pounding heart had just about begun to slow down and I suddenly wondered if I’d done worse in my diaper.


It was as if Mrs Morrison had noticed my eyes casting a quick look to my diaper and had divined the same possibility. Without asking she said that she’d just check to make sure there was no further ‘damage’ and popped the studs on my plastic pants. She didn’t seem in the least bit phased by the bulkiness of it all but her exploring fingers down the front found that there had been other consequences to my nightmare.

She took charge and as Kenny looked on she had me stripped wiped, powdered and back in clean disposables in a matter of seconds. She fitted the blue plastic pants back into place and changed my soaked t-shirt for another.

“OK boys, back to bed.” Kenny slid in next to me.

“Sorry Kenny.” I whispered.

“It’s OK… I’ve never actually been kicked out of my own bed before,” and he gave me that wonderful, conspirator smile of his. “I’m sure I would have been eaten alive if you’d not kicked me to safety.” We both were hugging and giggling now.


I told him about the nightmare and about the appearance of his mummy and daddy as babies – he was fascinated by this idea. I explained that they never spoke a word just gurgled and pointed but that we understood everything that was being ‘said’. I explained that it was he who called them ‘mummy and daddy’ so that was the only way I knew who they were because, in reality, they didn’t look like any kids I actually knew.

We discussed this and many other questions my nightmare (and past dreams) might mean, or not. We didn’t get very far as we were both quite tired and soon we dropped off to sleep. This time Kenny was hugging me tightly and our plastic pants were crammed up close to each other… it felt nice and safe.

Thankfully, there were no more dramas during the night and we both woke up dry. It would appear that Kenny was going through one of his arid patches, while I was getting worse, though I didn’t want to say anything.


Before breakfast we went to the bathroom to get washed and ready for the day. Kenny went first and when I returned he was already dressed in his dinosaur onesie. He roared as I walked in and I pretended to be scared. For a couple of minutes he was growling and stomping around his room as if he was a T-Rex trying to catch me. My towel fell down and he scooped it up and pretended to eat it while I was left naked and cowering behind his bed.

My nakedness didn’t last too long as I noticed that he’d spread out a couple of pull-ups on the bed, which I realised were for me. I grabbed them and slipped them on as he slowly clawed his way towards the trembling figure who was squealing for some hero to come and save him/me.

More confident now I was padded I rushed to the closet where he’d hung up my onesie. As the lumbering dinosaur slowly advanced, I quickly slipped into my white outfit, zipped it up and, remembering a comment that Kenny had made in the past, told the dreaded T-Rex that he’d now have to deal with ‘Monster Easter Bunny’… the most awesome and scary bunny in the world.

This stopped him in his tracks and he burst into fits of giggles as I tried to make my white bunny onesie look fearsome… it didn’t work and pretty soon we were both rolling around on his bed laughing our heads off.


For the rest of the day this is how we were dressed. Mrs Morrison had said that we could play in the summer house if we wanted or in the basement or we could help her as she was going to spend the morning baking. I always liked helping my mum bake and, when I saw Kenny’s eyes light up at the prospect, I knew we were going to get some delicious, freshly-made cookies later in the day.

Mrs Morrison wanted a photograph of us together in our onesies – the dinosaur and the bunny, she thought we looked a strange but ‘magical’ (her words) couple as we set about mixing the various ingredients. We also started to come up with names for our product; Dinocookies, Bunnibiscuits, Monstermunchers etc. but we soon tired of that game as we gave our full attention to making a range of crumbly delights.

Once they were baking in the oven Kenny had an idea that we should create our own story based on a dinosaur and a rabbit. We’d already acted out part of the tale in his bedroom so I was given the job of writing it, while he would add the drawings.

This engrossed us more than we thought and we only stopped our creative process when his mummy arrived with a fresh batch of newly baked cookies and glasses of milk. This fuelled our imagination and soon we were having the two beasts stopping in the middle of their battle for a cookie break before resuming what appeared to be… world destruction.


The weather had been cold and cloudy with the promise of rain so we’d been happy to play indoors. Once we’d finished the story, and the milk and cookies, we went down to the basement to play some games there. I looked at Mr Morrison’s gym equipment and thought how much I’d like to have seen him doing a workout. Kenny had said that he used it occasionally and I immediately imagined him and his daddy powering away and sweating from the effort. I was amazed at how easily the image came into my mind except, and this was getting to be a theme, both were only wearing pull-ups to work out in. I’d seen Kenny in them on many occasions but didn’t understand why I would think of his father in such an item. Still, in my head at least, he looked fantastic as the two of them continued with their training program.

I needed to pee and although I was wearing a couple of pairs of pull-ups I didn’t really want to use them. I asked Kenny if I could use the bathroom in the corner and he seemed disappointed I didn’t want to use my double protection. I felt guilty but told him that I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day being wet. He suddenly had an idea.

“I’ll change you.” He smiled that terrific smile as if he’d solved a huge problem. “In fact,” I could see he had a further idea, “why don’t we do it together. Why not wet at the same time.”

He was overjoyed at the thought and, as he put his arm around my shoulders he whispered some naughty encouragement in my ear. Despite my reservations Kenny could get me to do anything and pretty soon I closed my eyes, as if in denial, but found myself letting go… he did the same.

I seemed to be peeing for ages and suddenly realised that the pull-ups were not absorbent enough to cope with the amount I had to get rid of. When I opened my eyes again I saw a yellow stain appearing on the front of my white onesie (so much for the fearsome Monster Bunny) and I felt ashamed. I also felt stupid and childish but Kenny, who didn’t appear to show any tell-tale signs on his onesie, smiled and said that he’d soon sort me out.

He rushed to his room and returned with a pile of stuff. First he suggested I strip and lie out on the floor. Thankfully the basement was quite warm so being naked wasn’t a trial. However, he decided he should help me remove everything and seemed to take a great deal of time and trouble unzipping me from the onesie. Once that was off he turned his attention to my soaked and sagging pull-ups and slowly inched them down my legs. Soon I was naked. He wiped me down with a towel and, once I was dry, sprinkled the stuff all over me. He was taking his time but appeared to be very thorough rubbing it in, making sure that no area was left without a coating of the sweet smelling powder.

His mummy suddenly appeared at the top of the basement stairs and shouted down. “What are you boys up to?”

I froze.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 15

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Kenny Part 8

This story is written by Les Lea

When Jake arrived home he took one look at me and asked if I was now a baby. I laughed because I’d seen my reflection in the mirror and had to agree, with the puffed out diaper, rubber pants and a t-shirt that hardly covered anything, that is precisely what I looked like. However, I immediately wrestled him to the ground and as we play-fought I asked him if a baby could pin him down like I was doing, or tickle him until he squealed. I remembered the last time Kenny and I had tickled him, he’d wet himself and I was in two minds whether to try and make that happen again, just so I could tease him. My mind raced to the consequences… of seeing mum wondering what was happening to her sons. Her remedy, I imagined, would be to immediately offer my little wet brother some kind of safeguard so, as I would be in my thick diaper, perhaps he would look cute in those racing car, slightly padded, pull-ups.

However, he was still in his school uniform, so that would mean extra washing for mum and more importantly, I’m not that type of brother. We do get angry at one and other but usually it will last a few minutes and then we’re back to normal. Still, with us rolling around the floor, he got to grips with my rubber pants and thick diaper. I suppose like any inquisitive kid he was just checking things out and he was giggling the whole time. In the end I let him win. Sitting on my padded mound and declaring himself victor just had me laughing as much as he was… and… I love my brother and wouldn’t want to harm or embarrass him just to make me feel better.

Any possible embarrassing moment soon passed. Mum explained that I’d just caught some bug and this was all a precaution. Whether Jake was convinced, having seen all the new powders and diapers stacked in the room, he never said, but things settled down when I asked him to tell me about his sleepover. It seems that he’d had a pretty cool weekend himself staying at Armi Patel’s place with four other boys from his grade. They’d camped out, in the Patel’s back garden, and Mr Patel had a telescope, which he’d used to explain about the stars and planets, and had shown them Saturn… close-up. So, at this particular sleepover, his rocket covered PJs had proved very popular and all the boys decided they wanted some. Jake was very pleased with himself for starting a trend.


Mum calling me to get up and get ready for school roused me from the best night’s sleep I’d had for a few days. I was still in my thick defence and cautiously examined myself for any further accidents. I was dry… hoorah… I was dry and not messy. Mum came in and saw the relief on my face.

She smiled. “Come on, get up, we don’t want you missing another day of school.”

I was eager to prove I was still dry and almost insisted that she check my diaper herself, which, after much provoking, she did and told me I was a “Good boy… now get washed and then decide what you’ll wear today.”

A dry night had improved my confidence a little, and I thought that as I would be awake, the chances of me accidentally wetting while at school would be minimal. However, Kenny had said he was back in almost permanent disposables for the foreseeable future (he’d had a couple of bad messy nights himself) so I thought I’d compliment his bulging padding with something of my own. I pulled on two pull-ups and put my plastic pants on over them, the rubber ones being too thick to wear with my shorts, so he wouldn’t be alone in diapers at school.


When mum was transferred to her new job, part of the deal was that Jake and I would be sent to the top school in the area. She’d read the prospectus and liked what Oakland offered, even if they were a bit more strict about school dress, social manners and general teaching, she wanted the best for her boys. I never gave much thought to just how bad my other school was until, with smaller classes, and a much more rigid way of learning, I suddenly found myself quite good at subjects that had never interested me before. I’m sure part of that, or more probably, the reason for that, was Kenny. His friendship, enthusiasm, even temper and keenness to learn, had rubbed off on me and I was desperate to prove myself worthy of being a friend to my blond angel.

It wasn’t like we spent the entire time together. We had a few different classes and he spent plenty of time with his sporting mates at break or after school. I had a few other friends but none in the league of Kenny and certainly none I would share any intimacies as I did with him. With his parents in such busy and demanding jobs, and the fact that he was a very popular boy, there were times when I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked in his company. When at last we were able to come together, he was always happy; the hug, smiles, compliments and enthusiastic conversations that followed always made me feel relieved… and special.

He already knew about my ‘messy’ problem because his mother had told him and we’d spoken on the telephone about it. I think he, like his mummy had done, was trying not make a big deal about it and when he saw that I’d taken precautions with the double pull-ups, he laughed at my inventiveness and hugged me in appreciation. He must have realised that it was done for him as much as I’d done it for myself and if I could make Kenny smile… well… it made my day.


Over the next few days mum was working very hard at the bank and then coming home to work at the computer on some other important project. She always made time for me and Jake but we could both tell that she was looking exhausted and, for the first time in a long while, a bit worried. She announced that Auntie Rose was coming to stay for a week as she had to go off to a conference in the capital and then on to some meetings at the bank’s head office, so would be away for a two or three nights.

I didn’t want to cause mum any further concerns so took to diapering myself on a night just to be on the safe side. As it was, I only wet a little one night but managed to recognise what was happening, wake up and get to the bathroom in time to finish the job… so to speak. The thick diaper I’d been wearing had served its purpose and nothing else got wet. However, I was grateful it had been there to soak up my pee when I couldn’t help myself and the experience convinced me that I slept a lot easier if I was wearing some form of protection.


We hadn’t seen Auntie Rose since we moved west. In fact, we hadn’t seen any of our friends from back home although we had spoken occasionally on the phone or sent e-mails. Dad was still living there but had more or less cut us from his life now he had another family to look after. I was quite sad about this, and I’d get upset sometimes thinking about how it could have been when I watched Kenny and his daddy playing together. Up at the lake I was getting a bit down at seeing all those families where the kids had a mum and a dad… that was until I saw Buddy getting spanked by his stepdad… then I was suddenly glad I only had a loving mother to think about.

When Jake and I arrived home from school on Friday Auntie Rose had already arrived, she was sat at the kitchen table with mum and they were in deep conversation. That didn’t stop us throwing ourselves at her in an enthusiastic greeting and bombarding her with questions and hugs. She told us how smart we both looked in our uniforms, how much we’d grown and I was eager to point out my ‘A’ rated story still stuck to the fridge. She told me that mum had already told her how proud she was of my achievements and that she suspected I had a future in writing books as a living. She always was a very positive force was Aunty Rose and we always liked to be around her, she had some great ideas for fun and games.

Before we dragged her off to show her our rooms and toys… and we both knew that she would have brought us gifts, although we were too polite to ask for them, I noticed mum was looking a bit apprehensive. I asked her if she was OK but she half smiled and said that she had to speak at the conference and had to give a report. I went to the fridge and took down my story and gave it to her, telling her that she could use it if it would help. Both her and auntie burst into huge fits of laughter and I was pleased that I was the cause of so much joy. Aunty Rose ushered us in to the living room while mum finished getting the meal ready.


Jake received a model rocket from the latest Sci-Fi show he was enjoying and auntie had bought me a new game for my Xbox, she also said she had something else for us but we’d have to wait for that.
We were intrigued but no matter how many times we asked her what it was she wouldn’t say.

Later in the evening a taxi arrived to take mum off to the airport and we were left a little sad that we wouldn’t be seeing her for a few days. We’d never been without mum since… well… ever… we had always been together so this was quite a wrench for both of us, although Jake was more tearful than me… I was still quite upset.

It was getting late and Auntie Rose said it was time for bed but we were to have a bath first. Once she’d run it we both got in and had some fun as she washed and played ‘dive-bombers’ with us. Water was splashing everywhere and we had auntie soaked through in seconds… she just laughed and splashed us back. It was fun and we’d forgotten about how sad we were by the time she had us dried off and looking for our pajamas.

“Hold it boys,” she said. “I have something else for you guys… I hope you like them. I thought they might be fun.” And she produced two new presents from underneath a towel.

We excitedly ripped open the packages to find that auntie, who was always clever at making things, had made us individual ‘fun’ onesies. She helped Jake into his bright green and yellow footed onesie that was in the design of a dinosaur. He looked so sweet in it but I saw a nervous look pass over her face wondering if it wasn’t too childish for him. It wasn’t. He loved it and thanked her with a huge kiss on the cheek. He growled as he ran off pawing the air and roaring at… well nothing in particular. I was standing with just a towel around me when she looked at me to see what my reaction was to my present. It was very strange. She had made me a white onesie, which, with the hood up, looked like a fluffy rabbit… not unlike the one Kenny wore in my dream. I didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t my type of thing as I like to have my legs free when I sleep, but the fact that it was one Kenny had worn, even if only in my dream, I wanted it. After all, Kenny had told me he had a few onesies in his possession and loved them. I kissed my thanks and saw relief flood from Aunty Rose who was glad her presents had gone down well.


When auntie lived with us, after dad had gone, she used to make clothes for Jake and me all the time. She was brilliant with a sewing machine and if you gave her a piece of material, any material, she could conjure up an amazing shirt or skirt or pair of pants. On many occasions she would have produced, almost overnight, matching outfits for us boys to wear. I remember going to the park in newly made little sailor suits that had all the other mummies there making a huge fuss. We always had something different to the other kids, which seemed a matter of pride to both auntie and mum.

Jake was happy to spend the rest of the night in his onesie, however, I was too hot in mine and after wearing it for just a few minutes told auntie that I needed to change back to my shorts.

“Oh, I’m sorry Simon, I forgot… your mother told me you needed to wear… erm… protection at night…”

I felt that the world had opened up to swallow me, why would mum tell Aunty Rose… she knows I can take care of myself. At that moment I was angry at mum for what I saw as betraying a secret but auntie didn’t seem judgemental, she just nodded and said.

“So let’s get you organised.”

As she ushered me into my bedroom I was trying to say that I could do it myself but she had already started pulling diapers, plastic pants, cream and lotions from the cupboard.

“Your mum said that you prefer cloth diapers to sleep in… is that right?”

“It’s OK auntie… I can do it myself… I am…”

“Not to worry, let’s get you in these things and then we can watch TV for a while.”

It is hard to protest against anything that auntie does because she is such a whirlwind for getting things done. She’d sorted through the diapers and had them spread out on my bed in a matter of moments, then had me powdered and pinned into a thick diaper the next second. She folded the material into a triangle and, unlike mother who used two diaper pins at my hips, auntie folded all the points of the triangle to meet in the center and used one big pin to hold it together. She then asked me if one diaper was enough. I just nodded and she held up a couple of different colored pairs of pants and asked which I preferred. She ended up pulling a pair of pale blue ones up and then asked if I needed anything else.
I shook my head and tried to put on a pair of my boxer shorts, it was a struggle but eventually I had them over the slippery material and together with a pale blue t-shirt joined Jake who was sitting on the sofa, growling as he watched a nature program about bears.

Jake looked brilliant in his dinosaur onesie but had fallen asleep within five minutes so auntie took him off to bed. Once she’d got him settled we sat watching a comedy together and it was nice to have her around. She let me crawl up next to her and snuggle into her lap where she put a comforting arm around me and gently stroked my hair. I too was quite sleepy but managed to stay awake until the end of the program when she led me to my room, kissed me goodnight and said, as I was dropping off, that she’d make me something special for tomorrow.

Saturday morning Jake was picked up by the Munroes, as their son James was having a play day and then a sleepover that evening. He disappeared off with his backpack, complete with dinosaur onesie which he wanted to show off to his friends and we didn’t expect to see him again until Sunday afternoon.

So it was just me and auntie, who took me shopping with her to the mall. She bought several items, some fabric, various patterns and other bits and bobs – none of which I took much notice of, but the best bit was having lunch in the food court. It’s rare that I’m allowed burgers, mum doesn’t let us eat what she calls ‘junk food’ even though I quite like it, so this was a treat I really enjoyed; burgers, French fries, a caramel milkshake and a toy, what better way was there to spend lunchtime?

The toy was a rocket, which I decided was more appropriate for Jake, so slipped it into my shorts pocket, where I could feel the double pair of pull-ups I’d put on myself that morning (after another wet-free night) before auntie came in to check. Yes, I was up and dressed and playing the new game on my Xbox when she eventually got up, so I didn’t have to do any explaining… she could see the diaper on top of the pail was dry.

When we got home the weather had clouded over and it looked like it might rain so I settled in front of the TV, hooked up the Xbox and played my game all afternoon. Auntie had found mum’s old sewing machine and set about making something, I suspected it was new drapes as mum had mentioned in the past that we needed some new ones for the spare room… and that’s where auntie was sleeping now.


The new Xbox game was fantastic and I didn’t appreciate how quickly time passed, when auntie called me for dinner, it had gotten quite late. However, without being aware, when I got up to go to the kitchen I suddenly realised I had wet myself. The double pull-ups were quite sodden and my shorts seemed to be as damp as the rest of me because I hadn’t been wearing any plastic pants. I wanted to avoid auntie seeing me so, rushed to the bathroom to change as quickly as I could. However, the smell of pee is quite distinctive and auntie noticed before I had even reached the bathroom door.

“Hold it young man.” She ordered and I stood rooted to the spot. “What have you done?”

“Sorry auntie… erm… I’ve…erm… accidently… err…” and turned around to show her my bulging soaked shorts.

“Now, that is unfortunate…” she said without any malice or anger, “let’s get you washed up and changed so we can then eat.”

I stripped out of all my clothes, and at auntie’s insistence, took a long shower. When I reappeared in my bedroom auntie was waiting for me and for one moment I wondered if she was going to spank me. Why I wondered this I wasn’t sure but since the Buddy incident, I suspected that I’d be punished at some point for wetting. That wasn’t the case. Auntie just made sure I was clean and dry and had those triangles of diaper fabric lain out on my bed. I didn’t feel I was in a position to argue my independence and let her powder me. She told funny stories about when I was a baby and she used to change me. While rubbing some oil into my groin she remembered an incident when the oil had squirted everywhere, which had us both laughing. She had more memories as the powder rained down on me and any embarrassment I might have had with my auntie changing me evaporated with each burst of the giggles. She put one diaper around me and fastened it, then, as she said, just to be sure, she tightly pinned a second one over the first. She pulled the thick rubber pants over them all and it looked massive and I worried about how I was going to be able to walk but then she produced another item I wasn’t expecting.


I thought she’d bought me a new t-shirt, it was pale yellow with blue cuffs and she told me to hold my hands up. I did as I was told and she pulled it over my head, fed my arms in and slowly unravelled it down my body. When she got slightly passed my immense diaper the fabric stopped and I saw that there was more to it. There were little studs across the two sides of the fabric and when she pulled them together, they fastened between my legs.

“I know you prefer to have your legs uncovered when you sleep,” she said taking in my surprise, “so, I made you these and hope you like them.”

This all happened so fast. One minute I’m in the shower, the next I’m bound in an ultra-thick diaper and fastened into a short-legged onesie. It felt like it was gripping my diaper and pushing it up into my body. The legs of the rubber pants could just be seen but overall the item was very effective in holding everything tightly in. Auntie explained that the studs were for easy release so that if I did wet myself, I could be changed quickly. I remembered that Jake had a few of these little easy-change onesies when he was a baby, and they fastened in the same place for exactly the same reason. I wasn’t sure why auntie had made me a grown-up version but, after my initial shock, I thought it was quite cool and bet that Kenny would love something like this. After all, hadn’t he dreamt of me wearing something like this already?


With just Auntie Rose and me, it was a very relaxed evening. After the meal, which I must admit felt funny sitting at the table in my excessively padded onesie, we settled down to a night of watching TV. Although I had a slight waddle if I walked, once I was sitting on the sofa, snuggled up against auntie, it all seemed perfect. Auntie had me laughing when she came up with a game as we watched TV. Every time a certain word was spoken, or we spotted a red car, we had to make a silly noise. Auntie came up with some fantastic sounds that had us both rolling around the sofa hardly able to contain ourselves and often missing great chunks of the show as we tried to pull ourselves together.

Later she went off to make my favourite drink, hot chocolate milk and on her return I was surprised to see what she’d put it in – a baby’s bottle. I looked at her in bewilderment and wondered why she thought I’d drink from a something like that.

“That’s not mine…” I tried to explain. “I don’t need a bottle… I’m not a baby”

“Oh sorry Si. I saw it in amongst your diapers and plastic pants and thought it might be something you used… occasionally.” She offered as a reasonable reason.

I looked at her dumbfounded. I’d just said I wasn’t a baby yet here I was wearing diapers, rubber pants and a snap on onesie, no wonder she thought it was appropriate.

“Look,” she tapped the sofa next to her beckoning me closer, “you don’t have to if you don’t want to… but… I think you’d enjoy it… aaaannnddd…” she drew out the word, “it would be like it was when I used to look after you when you were a little baby.”

She smiled and again invited me to come and sit next to her. “But I’m not a little baby auntie. I don’t want to be a little baby…”

She shrugged her shoulders, “It’s OK Si… I know you aren’t… but… to me you are the sweetest boy I know.” She tapped her lap and invited me to sit there. “I would love to feed you this lovely bottle of chocolate milk like I used to.” I still wasn’t too sure. “It’ll be fun… there’s no one here except you and me so I won’t tell anyone if you don’t… and I think you’ll enjoy it.”

She could see me wavering so held out her hand, which I took, and gently pulled me onto her lap. She hugged me close and patted my diapered bottom and said what a lovely boy I was. I snuggled up close and once she knew I was ready brought the bottle to my lips and let the rubber teat slip between them.
As I sucked in the warm liquid she started gently rocking me and whispering encouraging words, which soothed me as much as the milk.

It was delicious and as I sucked in more I suddenly remembered some of Kenny’s words about why he liked being a baby. He felt… safe… and right at that moment I could completely understand his point of view because I also had never felt so safe.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 7

Chapter 9

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My 18th Birthday Part 7

This story is written by Les Lea

With no job to worry about I slept right through until Gwyneth came in to wake me. Unfortunately my diaper couldn’t have been any wetter and had leaked slightly, the plastic pants not quite doing their function of containing all the moisture. There was a little pool of dampness on my bottom sheet and I was worried that I would be punished for making more washing. My initial thought was that I might get a spanking for wetting the bed. However, Gwyneth just raised her eyebrows and said that there was no harm done because she’d thought ahead and put a rubber sheet to protect the mattress “Just in case”. Why I should have thought I might get spanked I’m not too sure because getting disciplined wasn’t something that had ever happened before. Well, except for once, when I’d done something that had infuriated dad and he couldn’t contain his anger.

I was seven at the time and had accidently pulled a wire out of something daddy was using to transmit a large, important report to head office. I’d been transfixed by an intense little rainbow that had appeared on his study wall. It looked beautiful, it was so bright and pretty that I’d wanted to take a closer look and in so doing I hadn’t noticed that I’d pulled one of the leads out of the machine. When dad wondered why his report hadn’t gone and saw the wire hanging out he went ballistic. When he asked me if I’d been in his study and I answered yes because I wanted to look at a pretty rainbow his anger was unleashed. I didn’t get a chance to explain further as my shorts came down and he spanked me for ages calling me awful things with every strike; “useless”, “hopeless”, “stupid”, “incompetent”, “a moron”… the rant went on and my bottom took the full force of his rage. There was no way my crying or saying sorry a thousand times helped the situation daddy only stopped when he got tired.

I still fill up and shiver at the memory.

Still bawling my eyes out he sent me to my room with instructions to go to bed and not move until he said otherwise. I was so terrified that’s just what I did and I was still crying when Gwyneth came home from school. She heard my sobbing and came in to see what the matter was. She was horrified at what daddy did but took some of the hurt away when she explained the rainbow phenomenon. She told me about sunlight and glass, and as dad had a prism on his desk, the sunlight coming in and striking it had formed the wonderful rainbow. I still didn’t comprehend how a rainbow could be formed from glass but I was in wonder at Gwyneth as she then went on to tell me the biblical reason for the rainbow. She was a very clever girl and I thought my sister knew everything so by the time she left my room I’d calmed down. However, mommy was home by then and she wasted no time in telling her what daddy had done.

Mommy was furious. She hated violence of any kind, and made him promise never to do it again. Unfortunately, that night I wet the bed. Every time I closed my eyes all I saw was daddy on the rampage and I was scared. When mommy found me cowering in my own pee the following morning she was very understanding but knew how to deal with the problem. Oddly enough she still had some disposables in a closet from when I was five and had wet the bed. She immediately put me in diapers and I wore them day and night for over a week.

Once again they acted as a comfort rather than punishment and I was happy to run around the house dressed like that. On one occasion I heard daddy say to her that I was acting like a two year-old, and added through gritted teeth, I was more sensible at that age. That spanking had a major effect on my young life because, being constantly anxious at home, and worrying I’d do the wrong thing, made sure I kept out of daddy’s way as much as I could. At one point he wanted to send me away to a Military school but mommy wouldn’t have it. However, he didn’t like to see me sulk around the house so, worrying that I might be sent away, I always had to be ‘happy’.


Anyway, my sister seemed to be well ahead on what to do about a boy who wets the bed, which I put down to her being a writer. I knew she researched everything thoroughly before even starting to put pen to paper so assumed that’s where her information came from. Indeed, when I shamefacedly looked up from the damp patch up to Gwyneth she smiled.

“All I need to know for what my little brother needs is on the net,” and dragged the damp sheet off the bed.

“It said this might happen…” and she ruffled my hair and grinned. “It’s only a bit of washing so don’t worry. I’ll keep you better protected from now on”

She carried the sheet away and, for the moment, I was left standing in a very soggy diaper, in the middle of the room, waiting for her to return to change me. I went over to Teddy to check his diaper but he’s a clever bear and was still very dry. At that moment I wished I was a dry bear.


I heard the doorbell ring and wondered who was visiting. I thought it might be Pauly come to play or someone else who Gwyneth had found online. It was the mailman delivering a large package, which Gwyneth brought upstairs for me to watch her open. She seemed as excited as I was to see the contents as she slit the tape and opened the box. It was a special delivery that she’d ordered earlier online and was a fantastic array of new clothes, diapers, plastic pants and other things.

She’d made sure I had a pair of shortalls with the poppers, as well as plastic pants with poppers, thicker rubber pants she’d read I might need at a future date. There were a couple of short onesies, another footer, shortie pjs, shorts with matching jumpers and shirts, she’d gone mad and bought loads of really nice stuff. I couldn’t wait to try it all on but first I had to get rid of the sagging soaked diaper I was wearing.


Once she’d got me all cleaned up the first thing she tried on me was a lovely soft thick fabric diaper. It was much softer and thicker than anything I’d had before and once it was pinned in place felt wonderful to wear. She slipped over a pair of popper plastic pants but the diaper was too huge so she ended up pulling up a large pair of see-thru plastic pants. It was massive but very comfortable although it made walking very difficult. It was decided by Gwyneth that from now on that would be what I would be wearing for bed. She was of the opinion that even I couldn’t flood the size of that diaper in one night… she giggled and jokily warned me that I shouldn’t try.

We tried everything on to make sure it fit and anything that was a little on the large size would fit if I had more padding. I was in my element changing and trying stuff on, well, in truth, Gwyneth dressed me, took me to the mirror for my reaction and then tried me in something else, or a combination of new things. We were at it for ages before I realised I hadn’t had any breakfast, so, Gwyneth put me in a fresh disposable, let me wear the new popper sided pink plastic pants over it and we went down for brunch.


The next few days were fantastic. We went and met up with Dada Peak and Pauly at various locations and had a brilliant time. Pauly’s style was rubbing off on me and I found myself using his ‘toddler talk’ more and more when I spoke to anyone. He was fun to be with but never really left his dada’s side for very long. His dada was constantly attending to his snotty nose, his wet diaper, his messy hair and always making sure that Pauly was tidy, dry and happy.

One night before bed Gwyneth told me that Pauly was twenty-five, had been with Dada Peak for over ten years and he’d been a toddler all that time. His dada loved having his ‘little soldier’ to look after and had told her that he couldn’t imagine life without him. I’m sure that Gwyneth and Dada Peak had long conversations about all manner of subjects but that was all she would tell me, although she did mention that there were quite a few ABDLs (again I wasn’t sure what that was), you know, ‘others’, in the area and Dada Peak would introduce us, if and when, I wanted to.

I was incredibly comfy. My new huge fluffy diaper was pinned in place, the plastic pants were holding me tightly and Gwyneth had just said that magic word, which immediately got my attention.

“Others?” I asked in amazement.

Of course I wanted to meet others. In my head I imagined hordes of us, not unlike my jungle dream, toddlers and kids wearing our protection and playing games, running wild, building LEGO, and painting pictures… oh… I was so excited at the prospect I couldn’t wait. I hoped that the ten year-old boy from the changing room would be there because I liked his smile.


A few days later Gwyneth mentioned that she had to go and meet with her publisher; apparently the movie company had arranged the finances for ‘Smart Moves’ and now wanted to ‘action the script’ and discuss any changes. However, she said that I couldn’t join her because she didn’t know how long she’d be and couldn’t give me her undivided attention. However, she gave me an alternative and hoped I liked the idea. She would drop me off at Dada Peak’s and Pauly’s house and collect me on her way home… that was if I didn’t mind her not being around. She also thought I might have a brilliant time because apparently, Dada Peak had designed the house around Pauly’s needs and that included a huge play area that went from the inside and out into the garden.

“Room for loads of kids to have fun” she enthused, “and besides you two get on so well.”

I was a bit worried not having my sister there but I understood why I couldn’t go and besides, I’d be bored sitting around all day. It was a busy time for her, what with the movie and her new novel well underway, so I realised that I couldn’t be the centre of her world all the time. I think I agreed to going, although, when I think about it, perhaps it had already been decided. Anyway, I was happy to be spending time with Pauly and it would be exciting to visit his home. I asked if there might be ‘others’ there. She said she didn’t know but, well, maybe? That was all the encouragement I needed.


There was a group of about a dozen grown-ups looking on and all of them were laughing, commenting and jeering at us. We were trying our best to be good but nothing we did seemed to please them. We were all in this large play area; Pauly was there wearing only a diaper with a cartoon monkey on the front, sat in a puddle and crying. There were two other boys Ricky and Kim;

Ricky was blubbing because he didn’t like the pretty little dress he had to wear (he couldn’t hide his thick diaper when he tried to pull it down), whilst Kim was head to toe in a spotted onesie but he had a little waggly tail and his head was covered in a doggy mask. The grown-ups were making him sit up and beg, roll over and do tricks, which he was finding difficult in his restricting onesie. There were two girls (I didn’t know their names) one in a ruffled pink rubber dress with enormously bulky matching panties and one in a similar black costume but both had gags in their mouths that looked like pacifiers. There were also four babies crawling around wearing only ultra-thick diapers, colourful pacis and bonnets.

I knew I’d made a mistake. Without Gwyneth there to look after me I was now just one of ‘the others’ and I was at the mercy of what the grown-ups wanted. I know I was unhappy. My diaper was soaked through but every time I thought I’d be changed, one of the daddies or mommies would simply add a new diaper over the old one. I had this massive bulky thing now that made moving at all very difficult and I’d messed myself. I was sobbing, I was dirty and it was all my own fault for wanting to be a kid again.


“Stoopid, stoopid, stoooooopid,” I was so angry with myself for letting it happen. I was rapping my knuckles on my forehead, shouting and scowling at myself because I just couldn’t believe how stupid I’d been.

I know I’m not the brightest person in the world but I should have caught on sooner and I wouldn’t be in the mess, literally, that I was now… sitting in. With my thick diaper stuck to my body I disliked immensely the way the poop stuck to everything and made me feel both dirty and queasy. It didn’t help that I was being chastised for being “A dirty little baby” and made to feel that was all that I would ever achieve.

Banging my head wasn’t helping as it hurt. I sat shaking in my pile of poo unable to do much else and began, as I so often did these past few days, to cry. No doubt I looked the picture of abject misery but, this is what the people had wanted and they were getting just that from my current display.

I tried to escape but I simply couldn’t move, the grown-ups were advancing and I was, I was, I was…

“Help me,” I screamed


Someone was rubbing my shoulder. “Wake up Benjy.”

I was too scared to even open my eyes.

“Come on Benjy,” he continued to gently shake my shoulder, “you’ve having a bad dream.”

Eventually I forced myself to take in what was going on around me. Dada Peak’s face was looking concerned as he gently roused me from sleep.

“You poor thing,” his voice was very soothing, “with all that crying and screaming you must have been having a terrible dream.”

Effortlessly he picked me up, hugged me to his chest and rubbed my back. Slowly my perception of what was going on returned and I realised I’d been asleep and had an awful nightmare. As Dada Peak continued to reassure that all was well, I was able to look around and noticed that Pauly was standing in his crib, wearing a pink and blue onesie (that really showed off his thick diaper), clutching his plushie, although the paci couldn’t hide his look of concern.

Dada Peak was making calming noises as I slowly came back from my horrible dream-inspired ordeal and it was very noticeable that my crib was a complete mess. Blankets and toys were strewn everywhere and there was a huge damp patch. My diaper must have been sodden but that wasn’t worrying Dada Peak, he just wanted to comfort a little chap who was frightened. As I realized it had all been a dream I hugged him back and nuzzled his neck in thanks.

“Are you OK now?” That look of concern made me feel safe. I nodded. “Your mommy, er, Gwyneth, isn’t back yet but she has called and said she will be with us soon.”

He patted my padded bottom and scrunched up his nose. “I think someone needs a change.”


In Pauly’s nursery there was everything; he even had other cribs in case anyone stayed over. There was a huge changing station with powders and lotions arranged along shelves, whilst piles of different coloured disposables filled every other space. There was another, smaller stack of plastic and rubber diaper covers to keep everything suitably in place, look good and leak proof.

Dada Peak was very efficient, he had me out of my soaked diaper, wiped, cleaned, lotioned, powdered and wrapped in a thick, thick disposable in just a matter of seconds. I thought Gwyneth was fast but Dada Peak was superfast. Once he’d finished, by snapping me into a thick pair of cream coloured rubber pants, effortlessly he lifted me up and slipped me into the crib with Pauly.

The concern on his face had changed to a smile and it wasn’t just the grinning image on his paci, he seemed happy I was OK and not traumatised. As Dada Peak set about cleaning up the messy crib I’d recently vacated I settled down with Pauly who inched up close and put his arms around me; his soft onesie and thick diaper rubbing up against my padding being very reassuring. Pauly pushed his plushie into my hands as comfort, whilst I lay there and began to think why I should have had such a dream.

I could hear Pauly softly sucking on his paci whilst he snuggled up closer to my back and wished I’d also had one. Thankfully, Dada Peak was on my wave-length and surreptitiously slipped one between my lips, which I gladly accepted.


Being quite sleepy and trying to work out why I’d had such a terrifying dream was proving difficult, although it may have been down to the fact that I’d seen a few disturbing images about diaper wearers on Gwyneth’s laptop. It is perhaps strange that after that first day of appearing on Facebook and YouTube, and receiving all those comments, once Gwyneth had taken charge I was no longer bothered by it all. In fact, I hadn’t looked at either site since, except, and I know this was naughty of me, I looked the day before when I thought I might be meeting ‘others’ on this visit. I wanted to know who might be around and my curiosity led me to a site I wished I hadn’t seen. I hadn’t told Gwyneth what I’d done but obviously, those images had come back to haunt me right when I didn’t want them to.

Pauly cuddled up even closer and our rhythmic sucking was in perfect sync, which made me drop off again. It hardly seemed moments before I was being woken up again but this time it was the gentle voice of Gwyneth. I could hear her saying to Dada Peak that perhaps she should leave me until morning as I looked so peaceful. However, once I heard her voice I opened my eyes and reached out to her. She bent into the crib and kissed me whilst stroking my brow.

“Hello baby brother,” she cooed, “do you want to stay or shall I take you home?”

Woozily I roused myself and stood up in the crib leaving Pauly sucking gently in a deep and undisturbed sleep. He was on his tummy and his huge protection billowed out from his onesie making a massive padded hill out of his bottom. He looked serene and content. I thanked Dada Peak for a wonderful day, for looking after and changing me with a giggly kiss, which he seemed to appreciate. Then, hand in hand, Gwyneth led me to her car and we drove home.

I was still quite sleepy so we didn’t talk much though I could tell she was excited about something but it would have to wait. I fell asleep on the journey home and the next thing I remember is waking up in my own bed with Teddy smiling down on me.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 6

Chapter 8

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Piss your pants as a joke

Piss your pants as a jokeThey are real diapers, they’re just not made to handle a sudden full force blast from a full grown water type.

Draw and everything by tehcutepyro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31289708/

Poor Buizel looks like his friend should have make the joke whit him whit a thicker diaper.

The diaper sure could not handle the massive flood that he decide to release into it :(

He sure have put himself in one special situation right now.

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