Bed-BoundKyro’s getting some second thoughts about this.

Kyro belongs to Blackflayer221

Draw and above text by Oliver_AD


From the sound coming from Kyro`s diaper butt it seems like the laxative is starting to work now. Poor thing soon he is going to be bondage to the bed in a very stinky messy diaper and no way to get out from this bondage situation.

That room sure going to be pretty stinky in a couple of hours.

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Billy’s Fault Part 10

This story is written by Les Lea

Unknown to anyone except Edward Swinton (who had come up with this subterfuge), earlier Sandra had organised a slightly ‘doctored’ strawberry mix for when Lizzie made the boys their lunchtime drink. The planned flavoursome milkshake had a couple of additives that the chemist was sure would aid the boys into nap time and help release any control over their bladders. So, without even letting Lizzie in on it, the chemist made sure the boys were very wet by the time they woke up.

Despite the doctor advising Sandra from giving the boys dairy products Edward had convinced her that it was now safe for them to drink milk. He said this ‘delicious’ mix would put back vitamins and minerals that their illness had drained them of but, if things worsened, there was another special blend that could be included in juice that would also be helpful to their recovery.

He, like Sandra, wanted them to observe the timetable, become reliant on their nappies and dependent on adults. He wanted them to realise the necessity for them all.

Sandra had been easily swayed by the very persuasive chemist who saw it as further punishment for naughty boys, although he had no intention of telling her the truth about the yummy mix.

No, this was one little aspect of the enterprise he was keeping close to his chest. The less Sandra and the other parents knew about it, the better.

To Edward, it was just a little insurance to get the lads to cooperate. However, the bacteria still in their system continued to occasionally have fun at their host’s expense, so it wasn’t always necessary. Whilst the boys still wet and messed they could hardly complain about being treated as little kids… well that’s how Edward saw it.

After lunch the boys had been reluctant to have a nap. Aaron grumbled about being eleven and not needing a nap but Lizzie merely pointed to the timetable and said he was obviously wrong.

Eventually, she coaxed them onto various blankets set out under an awning so they could have some shade and insisted they at least rested.

Davey had gone very quietly and, with Dee-Dee in tow, quickly settled himself down next to her. Billy had also gone without so much as a shrug so it was up to Lizzie’s evil stare to finally convince the other two to take their place and settle down.

Despite them not being happy about it all, ultimately, and because of the heat and hectic play, Lizzie’s charges did fall asleep. She took great delight in watching over them and seeing the plastic cushion of their protection making them look like a bunch of big kindergarteners.

Unaware of the chemist’s little addition to the milkshakes Lizzie was surprised at how quickly they all fell asleep. Thankfully she hadn’t had any milkshake herself although Dee-Dee had. However, it was with a sense of relief that she saw them all slowly slipping into a good long nap.

She knew that maybe, apart from Billy, all the others were already soaked but that they would no doubt be even wetter once they lost any control whilst napping. Thanks to the doctored brew, she was correct. In one particular quiet moment she could hear the faint noise of pee meeting an already soaked nappy. The way Aaron was squirming, together with a look of sleepy satisfaction on his face; she assumed it must have been him. Of course, throughout their nap all the boys had added a fresh reservoir of pee to their padding. Unbeknownst to Dee-Dee she had also wet her knickers.

Resting amongst the other boys made it apparent just how small Billy was. His three friends seemed to have grown and looked ungainly wearing their protection, whilst on Billy it didn’t look out of place at all. In fact, if he’d been lying next to Dee-Dee he would have looked nearer her age than his friends. Lizzie wondered if he was still their ‘leader’ or if that position didn’t exist now they all had to wear nappies.

There was something else that perhaps went unnoticed by the small group of boys and that was Billy actually whispered a ‘Thank you’ to Lizzie after she’d changed him. Of course he’d thanked her in the past, his mother had insisted that he maintain his manners (under threat of a spanking), but now he’d done it without thinking in front of his mates. It was a very subtle change in his behaviour.


Whilst the boys slept a couple of Lizzie’s friends came over to see exactly what it was she was up to. She’d already sketched an outline of her ‘babysitting’ job for the summer but now it was a reality, her school mates wanted to see that she wasn’t exaggerating. Fifteen year-old Nancy had brought her little sister, six year-old Beth along to play with Dee-Dee and Shilpha, a mischievous, but the most beautiful girl in tenth grade, stared at the slumbering boys in disbelief. Both girls took out their mobile phones and started taking photos.

Never had they seen anything quite so disconcerting, yet unbelievably adorable. The girls smiled as Lizzie told them why they had been reduced to wearing nothing but protection and both visitors wished it was their overbearing brothers who were on the receiving end of such a fate. However, four well-padded eleven year-olds snoozing away was more than enough for them to want to be involved in Lizzie’s business.

Nancy had been friends with Lizzie since they started school together but Shilpha had been a surprising addition to their slowly expanding gang. It was said that Shilpha’s mother had been some kind of Miss India in her youth and, judging by the fine bone structure and dusky complexion of her daughter, that wasn’t difficult to believe. However, once Shilpha was relieved from the shackles of Asian home-life, she tended to immerse herself in rebelling at school in the only way she could.

Her grades were high, she looked stunning but needed something as an edge and found she got that by being in the company of the very ‘outrageous’ Lizzie.

Nancy and Lizzie were similar spirits and quite happy to take on the boys at their own game, whereas, Shilpha was far more astute. Boys, and many teachers, were in awe of her beauty, whilst her demure deportment and low voice, big eyes and shy smile were all used to great effect in deflecting suspicion away from the things she did. If the truth was known, Shilpha was far more cunning than Lizzie, whereas Lizzie was simply confrontational and angry.

Lizzie explained about the timetable and how all of them were under a strict regime that meant specific times for what they could do, where they could go and what would happen to them. The girls thought it was a wonderful idea and hoped it worked and when they were told that nap time was almost over they became quite animated.

Noting the timetable, and the fact that Lizzie was already organising a small pile of materials for each boy in preparation, they expressed a desire to help with the changes. Their friend could think of no good reason, as both had younger siblings whom they had changed at some time or other, for them not to be involved.


Dee-Dee was the first up, gently shaken by Beth who wanted to play. It took a few moments for her to get her bearing’s but then realised that she’d actually wet herself whilst napping. She knew she should have worn a nappy and now it was too late. Angrily she went inside, cleaned herself up and because Beth was waiting changed into another pair of nylon knickers. However, she decided that in future she’d wear protection like the boys, she hated the thought of waking up and seeing she’d peed everywhere.

She and Beth collected a couple of dolls from her room and took them outside to play. Dee-Dee’s visitor asked why Billy and his friends were dressed as babies.

“They’ve all been very naughty,” she whispered, “which made them wet themselves. So… now… they have to wear…” She indicated their puffy plastic pants.

“Oh… I haven’t worn a nappy since I was two.” She said proudly.

“I don’t mind,” Dee-Dee said with a shrug.

Beth didn’t really understand what her friend was saying so they just went and found a spot in the sun slightly away from the sleeping gang, and began a game with their dollies.


Aaron was the first of the boys to wake up, surprised that he’d actually fallen asleep and feeling a finger poking at the front of his nappy. It took a couple of seconds to realise it was Lizzie checking on just how wet he was, so it was with alarm that he swatted her hand away at the same instant he saw the other grinning girls.

“Hey… what’s going on?”

“Well sweetie, you’re soaking wet and it’s time for a nappy change.”

Lizzie smiled sweetly and inferred he should lie out and let her get on with it.

“But, but, ermmm… I can do it myself…” Then through gritted teeth added, “I don’t need a fucking audience.”

The girls crowded around as Lizzie placed her hand firmly on his chest.

“You don’t get to make that decision and what did your parents say about arguing with me.”

Her fiery stare made Aaron gulp but he wasn’t done protesting. He knew who these other girls were. He knew them from school but most of all he didn’t like the fact that Shilpha, the most stunning girl in school (and possibly the world), was inspecting him wearing a nappy – a soaked nappy at that.

Once again Lizzie tried to grip the top of his bloated plastic pants but he wasn’t having it.

“There’s no fucking way I’m getting my nap… er, ummm, no way is this going to happen with people watching.”

And he gripped defensively onto his shiny pants.

Meanwhile, the others began to come round from their nap. They were also stunned to see that Lizzie’s friends had arrived, which made them try to conceal their own bloated protection.

Meanwhile, they watched the proceedings with Aaron intently.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Voiced a suspicious sounding Dave.

“My friends are here to help.”

“But, but, errrmmm… what… ummm…”


Whatever it was that Dave wanted to say didn’t make it out as he watched Lizzie get up and put three more black marks against Aaron’s name.

“That makes five Aaron and you know what happens when you reach that number don’t you?”

This time Lizzie fixed him with a steely stare. He certainly didn’t want a spanking now, in front of these girls or for that matter in front of his friends.

“Look,” he said trying to appeal to her, “I was taken by surprise that’s all but, no one said that there’d be other people involved… er… can’t I just…”

Lizzie stood towering over him and repeated. “Babies don’t get to decide when and where they’re changed, as long as it’s by a responsible adult and, as far as you’re concerned,” she emphasised the word, “my friends are way more adult than any of you.”

She stared intimidatingly at the small but worried looking group of boys almost daring them to argue. All she could really see were a group of eleven year-olds trying desperately to hide their swollen protection from her friends.

“You’re all soaking wet.”

She wasn’t prepared to take any nonsense from them, nor was she willing to have her authority flouted in front of her mates.

“As you can see from the timetable, it’s time to change your sodden nappies… and that’s just what’s going to happen.”

Meanwhile, she called Dee-Dee over who had been quietly playing with Beth and whispered something, which sent her off into the house.

Lizzie was in her element now she could bully and scare kids and immediately saw how the boys adopted defensive rather than aggressive positions.

They were all scared and the initial bluster had quietened down to just discontented mumblings.

“Aaron you’ll be first, you’re very saturated and if we leave it you’ll get a rash and neither you nor your parents will be pleased about that. Now stop fussing like a two year-old.”

He tried to scramble away but with a nod from Lizzie her two girlfriends grabbed an arm each and pinned him down. She sat on his legs and immediately pulled his plastic pants down his wriggling legs. He was pleading with her to stop and was surprised at how strong the girls were as they held him firm despite his squirming body.

“Please, please… PLEASE…” Aaron pleaded but his shiny pants were already resting down by his ankles and Lizzie was pulling away at the tapes.

“Stop fidgeting you silly boy… the sooner we get this done the sooner you’ll be able to go and play.”

She made it sound like he was a tot throwing a tantrum over nothing.

“You can’t stay in something this wet you’ll get a terrible rash. Now stop it” She added firmly.

She pulled away the sodden disposable, which in truth wouldn’t have lasted another wetting, and revealed his genitals.

Aaron, embarrassed, was crying now and had his eyes tightly closed hoping that the humiliation would soon be over. What he missed was the arrival back of Dee-Dee armed with her mother’s ‘spanking spoon’.

Pinned down by the girls he’d more or less given up trying to stop what was happening. In so doing he relaxed slightly and Lizzie took the opportunity to climb off his legs and pull his feet back over his head. This made his naked bottom an easy target for what was to come next.

Six swift smacks with the wooden spoon soon had Aaron screaming in agony. He’d been surprised by this action and couldn’t defend himself at all. The other boys looked on in horror but Lizzie made sure he was aware that swearing, arguing and being none cooperative was definitely something to be avoided.

The other’s shook with fear. Up until then the black marks had only been a threat now they could see (and hear) that it was more than that. A shiver of realisation swept through them all and that prompted yet more pee to spurt into their already waterlogged nappies.


Aaron’s sobbing took on an ethereal, hopeless tone as Lizzie spread on the thick ointment and showered him with baby powder. Huge sighs of resignation accompanied the rustling as she unfolded his clean disposable. To Aaron’s and the rest of the boy’s surprise, she made a few slashes in it and lay it down. Then she unfurled a second one and inserted the slashed to make it double thick.

The girls still held his arms tightly and were doing their best not to find the whole thing amusing but a sneaky snigger escaped Nancy, which set of Shilpha so that both were enjoying Aaron’s predicament far too much. He didn’t want to show how upset he was, or that their ridicule had got to him but his eyes weld up and a huge wail of desolation could be heard as Lizzie slipped back up his slippery plastic pants.

Lizzie admonished her friends and their chuckling ceased. She held Aaron in her arms and gently tried to placate the traumatised boy.

“There, there sweetheart,” she said with gentleness and understanding. The sympathetic Lizzie had returned.

“It’s all over and you’ll feel a lot better now you’re in something dry.”

She hugged him and rocked him patting his naked legs for a couple of moments before he struggled to get away.

“OK Aaron, you go off and play whilst I get these other wet tykes into something drier.”

Nancy, Shilpha, do you think you could sort Mitch and Billy out while I see to Davey?”

They both nodded.


Although all three of the boys were terrified by this new situation none of them dare object after witnessing what happened to Aaron. So, despite the fact that they squirmed and resisted as much as possible, without actually putting up a fight, they let themselves be changed.

Mitch closed his eyes and pretended it was his mum doing the business. Nancy was thorough, whilst also enjoying the situation of making an eleven year-old boy ill at ease, she spent a little bit too much time rubbing in the ointment around his genitals.

Once he got a stiffy she seemed pleased and that was her signal to make sure he was wrapped, frustrated, in his thick, well bolstered fabric nappy. She enjoyed seeing his excited boy parts being hidden behind such thick padding and took great delight in fastening the huge pins to hold him snugly. She wished she could do that to all the males in her life – brothers, annoying cousins and every boy at school.

As she pulled up his blue plastic pants and smoothed them into place she just loved the way the silky bulge removed any indication of his genitalia. He was now, for all intents and purposes, a sexless little boy and she couldn’t have been happier. Satisfied with her work, she patted his cushioned bum and told him he could now go off and play.

Lizzie looked across at a job well done and without any argument or dissent from Nancy’s victim.

“Well done Mitch,” she nodded at him in validation. “I think we can put a star next to your name.”

Despite the fact he thought it was beneath him to react, he was feeling pretty pleased with himself for receiving a star after the miserable start to the day. That soaked, hanging nappy had been a pain, even if he was loathed to admit it. The truth was, now he was dry he felt a lot happier.


Shilpha eyed Billy who was looking both anxious and shy. The school’s most beautiful girl was about to change him so he was caught on the horns of a dilemma. Part of him was pleased she was going to be changing him, whilst another part thought that was the only way she’d ever look at him in the future – a baby, in a wet nappy, needing help.

Even though she’d changed him lots recently he knew he couldn’t ask Lizzie to do it, it would be a huge insult to Shilpha and he simply dare not offend her. Obviously his sister was playing a game with him, perhaps trying to make sure he felt embarrassed, but he desperately wanted this divine girl to like him so decided not to put up any objection.

He smiled weakly as the ever efficient ‘Indian goddess’ indicated a space next to her. An appropriate pile of nappies and stuffers were nearby as were the lotions and powders needed.

Nervously Billy lay down and she started to undo the snaps down each side of his thick robust pants.

“These look splendid,” Shilpha’s eyes went large as if sharing a secret. “Like a Knight’s armour… only better… and slinkier.”

Billy’s heart raced from such praise from this incredible young woman, whilst at the same time worrying she’d change her mind once the results of his soaked nappy were observed.

It was a surprise that once the snaps were released his nappy seemed to expand and bulge out, it was a wonder so much wet fabric could have been so easily contained.

Although she loved the fact that Billy was under her control and his naked little body was hers to do with as she felt fit, she wanted to do this first change correctly. She thought she herself mi9ght be embarrassed to begin with but watching Nancy and Lizzie just jump straight in had given her even more confidence.

“My you are a wet little boy,” she smiled down at her responsibility.

Billy didn’t like being called ‘little’ but smiled back as sweetly and as innocently as he could.

“No wonder your mummy needs to keep you in nappies.”

Of course no one knew that the reason for such a soaking was the ‘modified’ milkshake that had lessened their control. It was a miracle that he hadn’t leaked, although he looked over at Davey and saw he was having problems with Lizzie.


Whilst Davey had slept, happily hugging onto Dee-Dee, the potent mix had got to work and in a strange act of co-operation with the bacteria in his system, had made for a completely unintentional and oblivious mess to deposit itself in his protection.

When he slowly returned to consciousness, having slept really heavily, and finding his little partner now playing with someone her own age, he tried to pretend he was still asleep whilst the

Aaron business was going on around him. Eventually, he had to take notice but he guiltily knew what was residing in his nappy and was scared of what everyone would say when it came his turn to be changed.

He was quite grateful that it was Lizzie who was going to do the duty, as he wouldn’t have been able to cope with his embarrassment if it was either of her friends. As it was, he was more than a little anxious as to what Lizzie might say and the thought of a messy, stinking nappy being available for all to see (and ridicule) left him a very sad and worried little boy indeed.

When it came to his turn and Lizzie had patted the change mat by her side for him to take his place, he nervously toddled over and very quietly whispered in her ear.

“Sorry Lizzie but I’m afraid… erm… ummm… I’ve…” He let out a heavy sigh almost unable to say the words.

Of course he’d messed himself at home and that often was followed by a spanking, but at least he was changed from his smelly nappy quickly. Now, although he wanted out of it equally speedily, he was shy of the others seeing.

“Ummm, would it be poss… er… can you… ermmmm…”

He knew he’d after admit to what he’d done even though he was sure Lizzie knew what the problem was.

“I’ve messed my pants, umm, do you think I could be changed in… erm… um… private… PLEASE?”

Lizzie did have some sympathy for him; he’d been the model member at the ‘summer camp’ throwing himself into the games, involving Dee-Dee and not protesting at all. But, and this was the main thing Lizzie thought, if she showed favouritism and allowed his request, that would be unfair on the others and also set a precedent she didn’t want.

“I’m sorry Davey. I can see why you might want that to happen but I suspect that we might have quite a lot of these little accidents so I need to set the way things are done so no one is in any doubt.”

She could see the tears bubbling up and his quiet pleading didn’t have the reaction he desired.

“Look, don’t worry. Like Billy was the first to have his nappy changed you just happen to be the first to have a messy nappy changed… you’re a pioneer, an episode of Star Trek – Bravely Going

Where No Man Has Gone Before – don’t worry, no one will think anything bad about you. I’m sure they’ve all had a stinky bottom recently so they’ve nothing to feel superior about…”

She left it there as she slowly pulled down his nursery print pants and set about cleaning the poor distraught and embarrassed boy. He had the urge to cling on as he felt them being tugged down but knew from experience that way led to a red bottom so, reluctantly, let Lizzie do her thing.

The other three boys had been changed and sent off to play so unfortunately Davey was now surrounded by all three older girls (Beth and Dee-dee were playing with some dolls on the lawn far away) so became the focus of their attention.

Lizzie hadn’t realised just how her hormones were swinging her moods – one minute evil and out to embarrass, the next quiet and understanding.

The girls pressed around Davey as he, like all the other, screwed his eyes tightly closed and hoped that would make him invisible. Nancy passed Lizzie the ointment and powder when needed, whilst Shilpha unravelled a new and rather sweet disposable.

Dave’s mother had left a whole stack of new but very juvenile disposables for him to wear whilst at the Southall’s. They were snug fitting and had little bears all over them which faded once he was wet. She’d also made sure her ‘little boy’ was well padded by including a mass of thick soaker pads to be included under the nappy.

The girls were all very encouraging but still spoke to him as if he was a three year-old. Telling him what a good boy he was and how brave he was being and such stuff. Davey could have quite happily died.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 9

Chapter 11

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Subliminal Baby 2 Part 5

This story is written by Elfy

“All done?” Linda asked a few minutes later when she walked back to the kitchen table to see Steven impatiently waiting to be allowed out of his seat.

Steven didn’t reply and instead sat there grumpily whilst Linda moved the tray and helped Steven out of the toddler chair. He didn’t like this at all, being left alone with Linda and Ritchie could surely only spell problems for him. He could tell from the way that Linda looked at him that she hadn’t forgiven him. Steven knew he had to keep his eye out for trouble.

Linda walked with Steven into the living room and told the boy to sit on the couch along with Ritchie. She walked over to the television and put a DVD into the machine, the DVD that Ritchie chose looked like a film that would interest young teens. A fairly generic action film but it wasn’t important what they were watching, it was just meant to occupy the boy’s time.

Linda headed over and sat on the couch in between the two diapered boys. Ritchie quickly scooted over and laid his head in Linda’s lap, he showed how content he felt by letting out a deep sigh.

As the movie started, Steven stayed hunched over as far away from the other two people on the couch as he could get. There was a bigger problem quickly emerging for the younger brother. Steven’s tummy felt decidedly uneasy as he felt it lurching and rumbling. He quickly realised that this particular grumbling only meant one thing and that was his body letting him know the bathroom would be needed soon. Steven prayed that he could at least hold it until his Mom got home, having a messy accident at all was bad enough but doing it in front of Linda would be too much. He had to resist the urges his body was giving him to just fill his pants like a hopeless toddler.

As Linda and Ritchie sat together on the couch watching the film and laughing together, Steven was sat at the other end of the seat and was very tense as his body continually made rumbling sounds and it felt like his insides were twisting around. Steven didn’t get it… What had caused him to have such an upset digestive system all of a sudden?

Steven was so focused on his own body that he wasn’t really paying attention to either the film or either the other people around him. He wished his Mom would get home but also knew that she was going to be away for quite a while still.

“Looks like Steven really likes the film!” Linda said to Ritchie as he laid across her lap. She ruffled his hair as she spoke causing them both to laugh.

Hearing his name, Steven snapped back to reality and looked around to see his brother and Linda laughing at him. He didn’t really know what they had been saying so he gave a kind of half-hearted smile and looked away again. Steven had been staring straight ahead, his mind completed preoccupied and it must have looked like he was paying a lot of attention to the film.

Linda was loving this. She alone knew why Steven was so uncomfortable and the plans for what would happen soon. She grinned widely when she saw Steven wince slightly and hold his belly.

After another five minutes had passed, Steven was in real trouble. The pressure was now building inside him and he was finding it increasingly impossible to just ignore the fact that he was due for a bowel movement very soon. He found that moving was only exacerbating the problem and he could feel some sweat appearing on his forehead. A mixture of strain holding his bowels in and the fear of failure were causing him to grit his teeth tightly.

Linda was looking over at Steven with glee as she saw the huge amounts of laxatives she had given him taking effect. There was no way Steven would be able to last long, she could see him uncomfortably shifting in his seat already. The tell-tale crinkling underneath his onesie betraying how shifty he felt.

“Everything OK, Steven?” Linda asked. She did her best to have a look of concern on her face.

“Uh huh.” Steven grunted in response. He tried to smile but he knew it came off as more of a grimace.

“You don’t look OK…” Linda continued, “Are you sure?”

Steven considered telling Linda the truth. Maybe she would let him use the toilet, maybe she would be so much more forgiving than his Mom. He knew it would be endlessly embarrassing to admit he really needed the bathroom and ask for permission to do so but what was his alternative? To just sit there and let it inevitably happen? Messing his pants without saying anything would surely be worse. It would look like he didn’t know it was going to happen, it would look like he was just a baby who needed his diapers.

Almost on cue, as he considered what others would think of him using his diaper, Steven felt a twinge in his bladder and without much hesitation he allowed himself to relax a little and wet the front of his padding. He let out a deep sigh as the warmth splashed around his genitals. To his relief he also felt his internal pressure decrease slightly.

Steven tried not to make it too obvious that he was wetting himself but it was hard to act casual when doing such an unusual thing. He sincerely hoped it would lessen his need to poop enough that Linda would be gone by the time it happened.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Ritchie suddenly exclaimed. The sudden outburst distracted everyone in the room and they all turned to look at the young man.

“What’s wrong?” Linda asked. Suddenly her face was creased with real concern as compared with the fake concern she offered to Steven.

“Potty! I need the potty!” Ritchie shouted with wide eyes. His hands flew to his butt and it became clear that Steven wasn’t the only one in need of emptying his bowels.

“Oh God…” Linda murmured as she slowly and carefully removed Ritchie from her lap and stood up, “Wait right there, sweetie. I’ll be just two seconds!”

Linda ran out towards the stairs. Both boys could hear her sprinting up towards the nursery leaving Steven and Ritchie alone. There was an awkward silence that was only broken by both boys crinkling as they held their stomachs.

It was almost as if as soon as Ritchie made it clear that he needed to go number two, the extreme pressure and need suddenly built up for Steven again. Neither boy had anything to say to the other as both were uncomfortably rocking and engaged in their own internal battles.

Soon, the sound of feet on the stairs made both boys turn their heads to see Linda barrelling down the stairs with the plastic toddler toilet.

“Quickly!” Ritchie said through clenched teeth as he jumped from one foot to the other.

Linda hurriedly set the potty down in front of the couch and spun around to quickly unclip Ritchie’s onesie and lift it over his head. As Steven watched the struggle his brother and Linda were going through he felt gas escape from his rear end that he couldn’t stop. In all of the commotion no one noticed but Steven was teetering on the edge of soiling himself yet again.

With Ritchie’s onesie removed, Linda hastily ripped off the tapes of Ritchie’s clean diaper. Steven, through his own struggle, was immensely displeased to see that his brother’s diaper was completely clean and dry as it was thrown aside.

Ritchie hurriedly sat down on the potty and it wasn’t a moment too soon. Almost as soon as his rear end touched the plastic toddler seat Ritchie pushed down and started using it. Ritchie scrunched up his face as he pushed and the sound of his poop hitting the bottom of potty filled the room.

“Oh Ritchie, well done!” Linda clapped her hands and excitedly praised her boyfriend for using the potty correctly, “Your Mom will be so proud!”

Ritchie beamed at his girlfriend as he continued to use the potty. The tinkling sound of urine hitting the front of the potty joined in the sounds that Ritchie was making.

It was all too much for Steven. Watching someone going to the bathroom like that must have triggered something in Steven’s brain because he suddenly found it much harder to keep control.

Steven jumped off of the couch, he didn’t know where he thought he could go but he felt like he needed to get away from Linda and Ritchie before he humiliated himself.

“Please… No…” Steven gasped. He had barely taken two steps away from the couch when he felt a sharp cramp and was compelled to squat down in his diaper.

Squatting side on to Ritchie and Linda, he could see they were both watching him as a loud and embarrassing fart echoed around the room. By this point Ritchie was done but he, along with their babysitter, were staring open mouthed at Steven who could do nothing but close his eyes and try to forget where he was and what he was doing.

Following the fart there was a more muffled sound that preceded something altogether more solid and, for Steven, more miserable.

Steven was compelled to push down, his body betraying him and forcing him to ease its pain. Despite his brain screaming no, Steven felt his muscles simultaneously push and a sudden warm sticky feeling on the seat of his diaper. He squatted down so low he could almost feel his diaper hitting the ground.

The laxatives that Steven didn’t know he had been fed was taking effect and as soon as the excrement started pushing through his sphincter, he found it impossible to stop. He moaned slightly as he felt a hot rush of semi-solid poop push out into his diaper and spreading around as it looked for room to expand in to.

The rush of mess was interspersed with farts as Steven’s body pushed out everything he had. Steven was frozen to the spot as he felt the back of his diaper rapidly expanding. The feeling of mush ever expanding through his padding was horrible, any relief he felt from his body not hurting was immediately lost by the feelings on his skin.

Steven briefly opened his eyes to see Linda and Ritchie openly staring at him. He quickly turned his head away, he was unable to sustain their gaze. They knew what he was doing, as Ritchie successfully used the potty, Steven helplessly soiled his diaper. What a humiliating scene Steven found himself in. Could there be any more evidence of Steven being smaller and more pathetic than his brother than soiling himself right in front of him.

Linda moved her hand to her mouth to supposedly hide shock, but really it was hiding the huge smile that was rapidly creeping up her face. She couldn’t believe how well the laxative was working, she could hardly believe such a weedy, thin boy had this much shit in him.

Steven could feel that his torment was not over. He didn’t even try to stand up, he just pushed again to feel another torrent of hot, mushy poop seep into his packed diaper. He started becoming very worried about leaking, Steven had no idea where all of this was coming from but all he knew was his diaper was quickly becoming hazardous waste.

Steven attempted to stand and waddle his way towards somewhere private. He knew it was pointless, he knew that his brother and Linda were well aware of what he was doing but he had an almost instinctive urge to get somewhere private. As he moved he felt the heavy mass in his pants shift with him, it was horrible and it was miserable.

“Ugh…” Steven grunted and squatted again as tears began to silently roll down his face.

Steven was only mid-way to his squat position when his rear end felt like it literally exploded with a torrent of very liquid faeces. Any hope of salvaging any dignity rapidly disappeared as Steven’s butt made very loud noises whilst forcing out the flood of faeces.

To complete matters, Steven’s bladder let itself go again and he felt a warm wet feeling spread over his crotch. Steven finally felt like his horror was over. As his bladder trickled and then stopped, Steven felt a shudder go down his spine as his body finally relaxed. He felt like he had been through a war, his body was exhausted and his diaper was the as bad as he could imagine it being without it literally exploding everywhere.

His diaper was a disaster zone. The whole area of padding felt very used, the whole thing was coated in a thick sludge and Steven could barely believe the diaper had managed to hold it all. The diaper was so heavy that Steven could feel it sagging and he was sure that if the onesie was unsnapped that gravity would end up causing a huge mess.

Silence fell over the household as it took everyone a few moments to recover from the shock of what they had seen. Steven didn’t dare move, he just kept his eyes closed and begged for the world to end.

“Right…” Linda eventually said quietly. Even she was surprised by the ferocity of what she had just witnessed, “Ok. Ritchie, let’s get you cleaned up. Do you need my help or can you do it yourself?”

Ritchie wasn’t listening. He was staring at his younger brother in apparent disgust with what he just saw. His face was twisted in revulsion, his triumph of using the potty seemed to be amplified by the fact this his brother had completely humiliated himself like that.

“Ritchie?” Linda repeated to get the older boy’s attention, “Ritchie? Can you clean yourself or do you want help?”

“Huh?” Ritchie replied as he turned back to Linda. Realising he was still on the potty, his girlfriend’s word sunk in a few moments later, “Oh, erm… I can try.”

“OK, good boy.” Linda praised Ritchie as she helped him up from the seat, “You go to the bathroom and give it a go and I will be there in a minute, OK?”

Ritchie nodded and, still naked from the waist down, he walked out of the living room and up the stairs.

Linda picked up the used potty and placed it at the bottom of the stairs briefly before walking back over to where Steven was squatting. He had barely moved a muscle, he looked utterly miserable and his quiet sobs confirmed just how bad he felt.

“You really made a scene right there.” Linda said as she squatted down next to Steven.

“I… I…” Steven tried to talk but found his attempts were overcome by the huge sobs forcing their way out. The smell had begun seeping into the room now and to say it wasn’t pleasant would be an understatement.

“Why didn’t you ask for the potty like your brother?” Linda said softly. She made sure to sound friendly even though she couldn’t be happier with what happened.

“I…” Steven couldn’t answer the question. He had never really even considered asking for the potty. The thought that he could do anything except mess his diaper hadn’t crossed his mind.

“Well… What do we do next?” Linda asked. She reached down and patted Steven’s diaper. It was absolutely full. She could feel it bulging out, she was amazed, in all her years of babysitting she had never seen such a full diaper. Linda quickly withdrew her hand through fear that touching it too much would make it leak.

Steven winced when he felt Linda’s exploring hands but he didn’t dare leave the spot he was in. He felt disgusting.

“If you think I’m changing that diaper.” Linda leaned in close and almost whispered to Steven, “I’m afraid I have some bad news.”

Steven finally turned to face Linda. His face was a picture of horror and shock, had he heard her right? She was going to leave him in this filthy diaper?

“But… You can’t!” Steven almost shouted between sobs, “Please! Please change my diaper!”

Linda laughed at the pathetic request and stood up straight. She shook her head and showed Steven a mock crying face. She was savouring every moment of this, she wanted to be absolutely certain that Steven never tried anything like this again.

“I have to go make sure your older brother is OK.” Linda stated casually, “If you remove that diaper I will tell your Mom you were bad. If you try to change yourself I will take this diaper and tape it back on you. You are to remain off of the furniture, just sit on the floor and watch the film. Mommy should be home in half an hour or so.”

Linda turned on her heels and strode out of the room. She picked up the potty on the way and took it upstairs, leaving Steven completely alone in the living room.

Steven was more miserable than he had ever been before in his life. He couldn’t believe the mess he had got himself into both literally and figuratively. He wanted the ground to open up, all he could do was sob quietly as he slowly stood up.

Wincing the whole time, Steven straightened his knees and turned to face the TV. He reached down with his hands and patted the front and back of his diaper, it was just as bad as he had feared. A diaper full to bursting point.

Minutes passed in silence until the sound of footsteps on stairs signalled that Linda and Ritchie were returning. By now the sticky mess was beginning to cool down and Steven was almost certain he would end up with a rash. How long was Mom going to be? This was like torture!

“What a good boy Ritchie is!” Linda beamed as she looked at her freshly diapered boyfriend, “Not only did he use the potty like a big boy, he cleaned himself properly afterwards too!”

Ritchie beamed at Linda in evident pride. He had really started to feel like he was recovering in a major way and the proof was right in front of him. Steven was huddled over in discomfort, he was sobbing and his diaper was in a state of total disrepair. Ritchie had started to feel that smug superiority over his brother that he had always felt before this whole thing began.

It was a long half an hour for Steven. Every movement was hellish, every moment felt worse than the last one. Being left in such a state was awful. There was no way that Linda would leave an actual baby in a diaper this bad, why would she leave Steven in it? This was so unfair!

After a few minutes, Linda and Ritchie had decided Steven smelt too bad to be allowed in the house and he was ordered into the backyard. Steven had briefly felt like arguing but knew that it was both pointless and would only make his situation worse. With a nod of his head, the crying man turned and very carefully waddled out to the backyard. The laughter he heard from Ritchie and Linda, huddled together on the couch was like salt in his wounds.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 4

Chapter 6

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Subliminal Baby 2 Part 4

This story is written by Elfy

The rest of the day was pretty normal, or at least what passed for normal in Steven’s house these days. They spent most of the evening sat on the living room floor playing with toys whilst Karen watched television and made sure the boys stayed out of trouble. The potty had been brought downstairs and a couple of times Karen was called into action to quickly remove her older son’s diaper so that he could successfully use the toddler toilet.

In contrast, Steven never even attempted to ask to use the potty. Steven, who spent most of his time mindlessly colouring, barely even moved when he felt the twinge of needing the bathroom. He was quite happy to just lay on the spot, hold his breath slightly and let the warm wetness spread throughout the padding between his legs.

When the two boys were sent to bed that night Steven was soaked. He made no effort to resist when his mother lifted him up on to the changing table and just sighed whilst he had his diaper changed. He was quickly lifted down and told to get into the crib which he did without complaint. Ritchie, who had used the potty successfully multiple times was still a little damp when Karen checked him. He was very disappointed but his Mom told him not to worry, that all little ones have a few accidents whilst potty training. Ritchie was placed in a new diaper and then put in the crib as well.

After Karen left the room there was a strange quietness in the nursery. It was a warm night and both boys were wearing just a diaper.

Steven laid down flat on his back and sighed deeply as he contemplated another uncomfortable night in the baby bed. Steven was very annoyed that his brother seemed quite restless, Steven just wanted to go to sleep and let the time pass quietly but his brother was tossing and turning. Eventually, Ritchie sat up and started playing with some of the teddy bears in the crib, he wasn’t quiet about it either.

“Will you shut up!” Steven eventually hissed at his brother when he got tired of being kept awake.

“No!” Ritchie retorted and stuck his tongue out at Steven, “I’m not tired. Play with me!”

Steven grumbled and ignored his brother. He was forced to just lay there until Ritchie eventually tired himself out and laid down. As Steven was finally able to close his eyes he felt his bladder releasing into his diaper. Steven sighed and closed his eyes as he felt the warmth spreading yet again, a feeling that was quickly becoming very familiar to him.

The next morning found Steven waking up to the feeling of a hand inside the leg band of his diaper. He opened his eyes and quickly saw his mom leaning over him.

“Wet?” Karen asked even though she already knew the answer.

Steven remained silent. What did she expect? Of course he was wet, he wasn’t allowed out of his padding so what else was he going to do?

When he had finished having his diaper changed he was placed on the floor. Ritchie was placed next to him after his own change. Karen instructed the pair that she had some phone calls to make and that they were to play nicely together otherwise they would both be in trouble.

After she left, Ritchie hurriedly got out his model army men and started setting them up in two lines to have a mock war. Steven resisted joining in for the longest time, the idea of playing these baby games was abhorrent to Steven who wanted nothing more than to go back to playing with his computer games.

After an hour had passed Steven was bored out of his mind and was becoming increasingly interested in the battles that Ritchie was having with his army men. Ritchie had created a whole story for the armies that were fighting each other and although the story was very basic, Ritchie’s regressed mind could only do so much, it was interesting enough that Steven found himself paying more and more attention to the unfolding battle.

“Want to play?” Ritchie offered to his brother when he saw Steven looking over to his battle with interest, “You could be the blue army and I’ll be red.”

Steven was about to just arbitrarily shut Ritchie down and say he wasn’t interested in his stupid baby games but something stopped him. He was so bored and had no prospect of finding any adult activities, Steven looked around to see if anyone was looking and then slowly slid over so he could face Ritchie.

With great trepidation, Steven leaned forward and grabbed one of the little army men. Feeling very unsure of himself and more than a little embarrassed, Steven moved the little soldier forwards. Ritchie smiled and did the same with one of his own soldiers.

An hour later and it was as if this was the most normal thing in the world. Steven and Ritchie were laughing together and staging huge battles. They were both so engrossed in the action their imaginations had created that they didn’t realise how much noise they were making.

When Ritchie blew up half of Steven’s army, both boys collapsed into a fit of giggles and neither seemed to have any idea that Karen had walked up the stairs and was peeking into the nursery room. Indeed, when Karen looked into the room she saw Steven, in a significantly damp diaper, laying on the floor and kicking his legs haphazardly.

“Enjoying yourselves?” Karen asked with a smile.

Steven jumped and quickly moved away from the army games and tried to pretend that he wasn’t enjoying himself. He blushed a deep red as he tried to avoid the knowing gaze of his brother and mother.

“Smells like someone is overdue for a change.” Karen hinted as she walked into the room to check the two boys.

Firstly, Karen walked over to Ritchie and pulled back the rear of his diaper to find him perfectly clean if a little wet. Frowning slightly, she straightened up and walked over to Steven.

Steven knew she was wasting her time checking him. He was wet but he knew he wasn’t at fault for the smell in the room, although Steven had to admit that he didn’t notice a smell until his Mom had pointed it out. Little did he know that when you spend all your time in diapers and around diapers you start to become desensitised to the smells involved.

“Oh, Steven! Why didn’t you tell me you needed to be changed?” Karen asked her son as she lifted him up and placed him on the changing table.

“Huh?” Steven responded as he was forced to lay back and have his diaper removed.

Steven looked down as Karen pulled the used diaper away from him and was shocked to see there was a very small amount of poop smeared on the bottom. He tried to think of when this would have happened but was drawing a blank. With a jolt of horror, he realised that at some point he had partially messed his diaper and either forgot or not even noticed.

Steven stayed silent about this though. There was no way he could let anyone know he had done such an infantile thing. He just tried to remain as stoic as possible whilst his Mom wiped him clean and then taped a new diaper on to him.

When Steven was lifted down from the changing table he didn’t go back to playing with Ritchie. He sat on his own a little way away from his brother and was deeply lost in thought.

A few days passed without much incident. The only thing of note was how the boys were both getting used to their new positions. Steven had largely accepted his position as baby of the family and although he didn’t like it, he was aware that he had to earn his way back up to being a big boy again. He had started making very little fuss when he used his diapers and he even messed himself a few times without complaint. He absolutely hated it but he was beginning to get used to it.

Ritchie, meanwhile was getting better and better at controlling himself. With increasing regularity, he was making it to the potty on time and as the days he passed he was needing his diapers less and less. This was exciting for both boys as the sooner Ritchie was out of diapers, the sooner Steven would have a chance to get out of them.

Even apart from diapers, Ritchie was increasingly acting like a grown up. He no longer found interest in the baby shows on TV and the games he played were getting increasingly sophisticated. He was even beginning to be rather malicious towards Steven, he had started to make fun of his brother who was using his diapers very regularly.

The most embarrassing thing that Steven had noticed happening was Ritchie had begun to check Steven on occasion. Ritchie had started patting and checking Steven’s diaper whenever he wanted, this caused Steven to complain to their mother but instead of a telling off, Ritchie was praised for being a responsible older brother. It was just an extra level of humiliation that Steven had to adapt to.

It was in this atmosphere that the doorbell went one day just as the two brothers were finishing breakfast. Steven was locked in his high chair and cringed when he realised they had a visitor and he was trapped in place. Ritchie, befitting his growing position, was in a regular chair and looked at his mother excitedly.

“Mom, could you let me ou-” Steven had started to ask to be let out of the highchair so that he could scurry upstairs and hide but Karen had simply grabbed the small blue pacifier that she kept with her and placed it in her blushing son’s face.

Karen hurried over to the front room window and glanced outside to see who was at the door. She had a very good idea who it was but she wanted to be sure. Seeing their visitor was the person she expected, she smiled and looked back over at the two boys sitting at the kitchen table.

“Ritchie?” Karen called, “Would you like to answer the door? You are a big boy now and I think you might like the surprise!”

Ritchie looked confused but happy. He was very happy to be given such a grown up task and he quickly stood up and ran towards the front door. His crinkling padding loudly following him out into the hallway.

Steven waited to see who was at the door. He was left alone at the kitchen table as Karen followed Ritchie out towards the front door. Steven shifted in his seat a little and felt some urine squirt into his diaper, he barely gave it a second thought though as he strained to try and see out into the hall and see who their surprise visitor was. He hoped they wouldn’t come in to see him, he just wanted to hide until this horrible punishment was over.

There was a sudden loud, high-pitched shouting along with other signs of excitement as the door was opened. Steven couldn’t see what was happening but judging by how excited Ritchie sounded he felt like he had a good idea of who it was.

“Linda!” Ritchie excitedly shouted as he pulled his girlfriend into the living room.

Karen followed the pair in and laughed at all the excitement. Ritchie turned around and hugged Linda tightly, his big padded bottom sticking out as he giggled happily. Steven was actually quite happy to see Linda; she already knew about Steven’s embarrassing situation so he was thankful he wouldn’t have to be exposed to anyone new.

“I’m so happy you could help me out today.” Karen said to Linda.

“Oh, it’s my pleasure to look after the boys!” Linda replied with a huge smile, “How are they doing?”

“Ritchie is doing so well! I’m very proud of him.” Karen replied with pride, “He has been using the potty like a big boy, I’ve barely needed to change him in the last few days. He is really growing up.”

Steven saw that Ritchie blushed with embarrassment at all the kind words as he hugged Linda.

“Oh, wow!” Linda said enthusiastically, “Growing up? What a good boy!”

“Yep, he will be in big boy pants before we know it.” Karen said. Ritchie nodded his head excitedly.

“How about… Him?” Linda almost spat out venomously as she looked over to Steven as he sat trapped in his highchair. Linda had not forgotten nor forgiven what Steven had done to her boyfriend.

“Steven?” Linda said as she looked over at her younger son, “Not so good I’m afraid. He has been wetting and soiling himself every day. You will have to keep a close eye on that one.”

Linda nodded her head to say she understood.

“Right… I need to go to the shops.” Karen said as she started gathering together her bag and coat, “I should only be a couple of hours. If you need anything from the fridge feel free to take it and you have my number in case of an emergency.”

“Don’t worry. Your boys are safe with me.” Linda smiled and Karen gave her a quick hug as she turned and headed towards the front door.

“Mom…” Steven almost involuntarily called out to his retreating mother’s back. He blushed when he realised he had been heard by Ritchie and Linda. As silly as it sounded, he felt a lot less safe without his mom around at the moment.

Steven had started this whole sequence of events in an attempt to get more independence, as he desperately called out for his Mom he realised just how far he had fallen and how badly he had failed. It felt like a very long time since the start of all this but in reality it had only been a few weeks.

The front door opened and closed. Steven heard the car start up and then back out of the driveway, he swallowed hard as he suddenly felt very nervous. This was the first time since this whole ordeal began that he had been left without his Mom there and he suddenly felt very vulnerable.

“So then…” Linda said as she turned away from the living room window and looked at the two boys she was in charge of, “I think we will have fun whilst your Mom is gone.”

Steven felt his stomach lurch. He couldn’t explain why but there was something in the look that Linda was giving him that just made him feel unwelcome, very quickly he realised that Linda was harbouring a lot of resentment. He felt himself tearing up already but he did his best to blink back the tears, he tried to get a grip on himself, crying just because his Mom had left him with a babysitter would be one of the most infantile thing he could imagine.

“First things first, I will get you both a drink.” Linda stated as she walked through to the kitchen, “Ritchie, would you like to come and help me?”

Ritchie eagerly nodded his head and jogged along next to Linda. Steven was left alone again, sitting in his highchair he was quiet and miserable. Being in diapers and humiliated like this was really starting to take its toll. He felt like the useless baby that he had spent the last week being treated as. He worried about how easy it was becoming for him to use his diaper now, it contrasted with when this all started where Steven would have to relax and get in a certain position to use the diaper. Now he seemed to use it almost as soon as he felt the need. He had stopped thinking about his bowels and bladder, the safety of the diaper had made him relax to the point that he wasn’t even sure if he could come out of diapers right away even if he wanted to.

Linda let Ritchie pour his own drink into a sippy cup whilst she filled up one of Ritchie’s old bottles with cold milk for Steven.

“Erm, Ritchie…” Linda said when she helped Ritchie screw the lid of his sippy cup back on, “How about you head out to the living room and pick out a film to watch. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Ritchie nodded his head and waddled out of the kitchen and out into the living room to look through all of the DVD’s that the family owned.

After Linda watched Ritchie leave the room she immediately started searching around inside her handbag. She pushed her purse and hairbrush to the side until she spotted a small vial of clear liquid. With an evil smile, she carefully lifted it out of her bag and over to the baby bottle.

Linda didn’t know if Ritchie had really forgiven or forgotten what Steven had done to him, but Linda definitely hadn’t. She remembered how vulnerable and scared Ritchie was, how he was so scared that he was losing his mind. She fully agreed with Steven’s punishment and she was going to make sure he was punished as much as possible.

“One tablespoon to relieve severe constipation.” The label on the small vial said.

Linda opened the vial and poured out one tablespoon worth and dropped it into the milk. She was about to screw the cap on when she shrugged and upturned the whole vial pouring the full contents into the milk.

Linda screwed the cap back on with a malicious grin and shook the bottle to make sure it was all absorbed.

“Here you go, Steven.” Linda said as she thrust the bottle at the big baby, “Drink up. I’ll let you out of the highchair when you are done.”

Steven was desperate to get out of this highchair. Nothing shouted baby like being trapped in this seat whilst everyone else could move freely. With little hesitation, Steven grabbed the bottle and started draining it as soon as possible. He drank the whole bottle so fast he didn’t even notice the strangely bitter taste that permeated the whole drink.

Linda walked into the living room and watched through the door as Steven tipped the bottle up and started sucking on it. She smiled again as Ritchie brought her the DVD he wanted to watch. Linda watched with a grim satisfaction as she waited for the medicine to kick in. She was sure this would be a very interesting few hours.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 3

Chapter 5

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Subliminal Baby Part 8

This story is written by Elfy

Steven was suddenly in his brother’s room. Steven looked around and blinked in confusion as he tried to work out how he had got there. This was weird, he was actually inside the crib he had made for Ritchie earlier. He turned his body to the side and as he did so he heard a crinkling from around his waist.

With trepidation he looked down and found himself in a diaper!

“What the fu-” Steven began to say.

“Aww, is wittle baby wet?” Came a very familiar voice from the doorway. It was his mom advancing towards him with a fresh diaper in her hand. It was only now that Steven recognised the aroma of stale urine that was coming from his own used diaper.

Steven tried to respond, to ask what was happening when he suddenly realised he couldn’t speak. He threw his hands up to his face and felt a pacifier that felt like it was glued to his mouth. It had suddenly appeared and Steven seemed totally incapable of removing it.

“I know what you’ve done.” Came a very familiar voice behind Steven.

Steven wheeled around to see Ritchie standing at the other end of the crib glaring at him.

“Ritchie… I…” Steven started saying before being abruptly cut off.

Ritchie lunged forward. Steven felt his diaper grow suddenly warm as his older brother jumped at him. Just as contact was about to be made Steven suddenly woke up and sat bolt upright.

It took Steven a few moments to realise he had been dreaming and as the sunlight came streaming into the room he took a few moments to catch his breath. He was still in his computer chair, though had nearly fallen out of it, and a blinking icon on his taskbar told him that the process of changing the message from Ritchie’s computer to the mobile had been completed.

Steven looked at the time to see it was already 11am. The late night had meant Steven had slept a lot of the day away already. He could hear banging coming from his brother’s bedroom and reasoned that the renovations to Ritchie’s room was continuing.

Rubbing his eyes and leaving the mobile hooked up to his computer, Steven traipsed down the landing to Ritchie’s bedroom. He opened the door to find Ritchie sitting on the edge of his bed, the rails to his makeshift crib were down, and he was playing with a small toy that was covered in animals, whenever Ritchie pressed a button next to one of the animals the small toy would make that animal’s sound. Very simple stuff but it seemed to be amusing Ritchie.

“Good morning, sleepyhead.” Karen said when she spotted Steven.

Ritchie turned to see Steven and he quickly threw the toy he was playing with aside and went deep red as if he had been caught doing something he shouldn’t.

“What are you up to?” Steven asked his mother as he walked into the room.

“Just some more work on the new room.” Karen said. She was tightening some screws on the changing table that they had set up the day before.

Steven bent down and helped his mom with some of the screws. He was facing the opposite way from his mother and could see Ritchie in his peripheral vision. As he tightened screws and checked things were all in the correct place he was distracted by watching his brother. Ritchie was swinging his legs and sucking his thumb as he looked around the new room. He looked a little depressed about things but he no longer looked like an adult who was embarrassed to be treated like this, he looked like a child who thought he was too old for all the baby things that he still needed.

As Steven watch he saw Ritchie suddenly look down with a look of shock followed by one of hopeless resignation. Steven watched as the clean white front of the Ritchie’s padding suddenly turned darker.

“Where is the mobile?” Karen suddenly asked. She had followed Steven’s gaze and assumed Steven was looking at the crib because something was missing.

“The mobile? I, erm, I took it into my room last night.” Stephen could feel his heart racing a little bit. He really should’ve put the mobile back earlier.

“Why?” Karen asked suspiciously.

“I was making some modifications… Just custom tunes on it, things I thought Ritchie would like.” Steven said, thinking fast to try and hide his true intentions.

There was a pause where Karen looked at Steven rather intently before looking up at Ritchie.

“That is very nice of you.” Karen slowly smiled, “I’m sure Ritchie will love it!”

They worked together for a few hours that day as they made sure everything was safe and set-up correctly. At some point in the early afternoon Karen suggested Steven take Ritchie downstairs for lunch, there were already some sandwiches in the fridge, Steven just needed to cut them up and feed them to his older brother. Steven agreed, he didn’t like manual labour and a chance to get away from this room for a little bit would be welcome.

“Come on, baby brother.” Steven said with a malicious smile. He held out his hand for Ritchie to grab.

Ritchie grabbed the hand reluctantly after looking at his mom and deciding he would rather go with Steven quietly than cause a scene and risk punishment. Ritchie scowled as he followed Steven out of the room. When they reached the top of the stairs Steven stopped suddenly and turned to Ritchie.

“To be safe you should bump down the stairs.” Steven said with a grin. It was impossible to hide that he was enjoying this.

“Bump?” Ritchie asked.

“Yeah. Just sit down on the step and go down one step at a time. Bumping down the stairs on you bottom.” Steven explained.

“I don’t ne-” Ritchie began.

“Do you want me to tell mommy that you aren’t cooperating?” Steven asked in a tone full of warning.

Ritchie opened his mouth to protest but then closed it again without a sound. He sat down on the top step and slowly bumped his way down the stairs. If there was one positive for Ritchie to take out of this situation it was that his padded rear lessened the impact on the steps.

When they reached the bottom a giggling Steven took Ritchie’s hand and lead him to the dining room table. However, before Ritchie could sit down he felt a hand suddenly groping his diaper. Ritchie was already getting used to this and just allowed it to happen. He even spread his feet a little to allow Steven easier access.

“You can last until after lunch.” Steven said as he appraised how used the diaper was.

Ritchie scowled again and went to sit in his usual chair.

“Hold on a second, little guy.” Steven said and he pointed to a chair in the corner of the room that Ritchie hadn’t seen till now. Ritchie half-expected it but his stomach still dropped when he saw it.

Steven walked over and grabbed the large high chair that had arrived the day before and dragged it to the table. Ritchie wanted to resist with all his being but when Steven helped him climb into the chair he stayed as quiet as possible to not give Steven the satisfaction of getting upset.

“Now I will be right back with lunch.” Stephen said as he clicked the tray into place and locked Ritchie into his infantile seat.

Ritchie frowned and sighed in impotent frustration. Ritchie relaxed himself and allowed his bladder to empty into his diaper. He felt the warmth splash around his groin and felt strangely comforted. Something about the spreading heat and tickling liquid made him relax.

Karen stood back up shortly after the two boys had left the room and admired her handiwork. She was proud that they had turned the bedroom of a young adult into that of a young child in such a short amount of time. The bars on the bed would do as a crib, the changing table was solid and it already felt like a room for an infant.

As Karen surveyed the room, she noticed something was still missing. The mobile that played such sweet tunes was still in Steven’s bedroom. It was the last thing the room needed to tie everything together, the last piece of the puzzle that was her new toddler’s bedroom.

Karen walked out on to the landing and looked towards Steven’s bedroom. She knew Steven didn’t like when people tinkered around in his room but she just wanted to retrieve the mobile. What harm could that possibly do?

Quickly walking down the landing she entered Steven’s neat bedroom and immediately saw the colourful mobile sitting on his desk. She quickly picked it up and began to leave the room again before she suddenly paused. Her eye was caught by what she saw on the computer screen. She didn’t really know how computers worked but when she saw the text “Ritchie – Subliminal Messaging” she thought something seemed wrong.

Placing the mobile back on the table she slowly sat down in Steven’s chair and looked at the screen. Putting her hand on the mouse she started clicking around on the various buttons.

“Open wide!” Steven exclaimed with mock enthusiasm.

Ritchie clamped his mouth tightly shut. He had told Steven that he could feed himself but it had made no difference, Steven expected him to just open and close his mouth like a baby not trusted to hold their own food.

“Come on, baby.” Steven said encouragingly, “You can do it!”

Ritchie remained steadfast in his refusal to eat the small bit of cut up sandwich. This whole situation was humiliating and Ritchie was certain that Steven was making it as embarrassing as possible. He resented the fact that his brother was so involved in all of this. It was so unfair!

“Fine… Maybe it will help if I put some medicine in your food.” Steven said as he reached into his pocket.

He made a big display of pulling out a little container of pills. He knew Ritchie would recognise the bottle as being full of laxatives, it was clearly labelled as such. As soon as he popped open the lid he saw Ritchie’s eyes fly wide and he immediately opened his mouth.

Ritchie knew he would be forced to eat the sandwiches eventually. It made little sense for him to make things worse for himself so he decided to swallow what little pride he had left and just opened up to be fed lunch.

What Ritchie didn’t know, and what gave Steven immense satisfaction, is that the sandwiches were already laced with laxatives that Steven had put in the sandwiches whilst still in the kitchen. Steven watched Ritchie accept the first bite of sandwich with a big smile on his face, he was looking forward to the show that the extra strong laxatives would produce.

Karen was increasingly worried about what she saw on the screen. “Subliminal Messaging”, “Manipulate”, “Take Control”. Everything she clicked on seemed to worry her even more. What was going on here? Why was Ritchie’s name on everything?

She clicked on a folder marked “Messages for Ritchie” and finally everything clicked together. Karen covered her mouth with her free hand and felt her stomach drop.

“Oh my God…” She muttered as she suddenly became flooded with emotions and a lot of things became very clear.

Ritchie chewed through the sandwiches as fast as he could. If he was going to be forced to eat like this, then he might as well get it over quickly. As he finished the first sandwich and started the second he already could feel his stomach and intestines begin to protest. He hadn’t messed his diaper that day, even without the laxatives he had unknowingly ingested he would probably need to poop sooner rather than later. Even so it was far from a pleasant thought and he couldn’t help but try to stop it from happening. Despite the regression, uncontrollably pooping his diaper was still something Ritchie wanted to avoid at all costs.

When Ritchie had finally eaten the last bite of the sandwiches he expected to be let out. He was frustrated when Steven left the room to go back to the kitchen and then returned with a big bottle of milk. Ritchie wanted to take the bottle and get it over with but Steven insisted on holding the bottle himself and, humiliatingly, Ritchie was forced to drink from the bottle as Steven held it as if Ritchie was a useless infant unable to hold his own drink.

Halfway through the bottle, Ritchie felt his stomach suddenly lurch. His intestines started cramping up and he realised that he was soon going to be in a very unpleasant diaper. His eyes went wide and he started mumbling around the bottle and flailing his hands until Steven pulled the bottle form his mouth.

“Poopy! Need potty!” Ritchie desperately exclaimed as he spluttered milk all over himself. He tried to extract himself from his infantile seat but to no avail, the suit was designed to keep the person in place. His desperation made finding the correct adult words hard, Ritchie’s mind was defaulting to a young child’s vocabulary.

“Not now, baby. Finish your bottle and we will take you up to the toilet, OK?” Steven reasoned and before Ritchie could respond he shoved the bottle back into his brother’s mouth.

Ritchie mumbled but realised that Steven wasn’t going to let him out until he finished the bottle. He started greedily sucking down the milk as he became increasingly desperate to get out of the chair and taken to the bathroom.

When the bottle was finally drained Steven slowly set it down on the table. He began getting Ritchie out of the chair and as he did so he saw Ritchie’s red face grimace as he rode out another wave of strong cramps. Steven took delight in telling Ritchie to wait in the centre of the room as he moved the high chair into the corner of the room again. He could see that every second was pushing Ritchie’s tenuous control closer to the edge. Steven slowly took Ritchie’s hand and walked towards the stairs.

Karen’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates and she couldn’t take them off of the screen. She could hardly believe that one of her son’s was capable of this.

Karen had found the folder with all the previous subliminal messages. She saw the dates on them and realised how they corresponded with Ritchie’s slow descent into babyhood. She realised that these files had been somehow used to influence her oldest son’s thinking. Her confusion slowly turned to anger, a towering anger pointed at Steven.

Footsteps on the stairs alerted her to the fact that her sons were coming back upstairs. Whereas she had been initially worried of being found in Steven’s bedroom, she now sat in wait.

“If you need the potty you had better hurry up!” Steven taunted as the boys were halfway up the stairs.

Ritchie was going as fast as he could but the thickness between his legs slowed him down, as did his increasingly poor coordination. He was finding walking to be increasingly tricky. What was slowing him down the most though, was the massive pressure in his bowels that was quickly becoming unbearable.

As they rounded the top of the stairs Ritchie was now seconds from losing control, he could barely even think straight as he reached around with one hand and held the back of his diaper. Ritchie could see the toilet but without someone to pull his diaper off he knew he would never be able to use it himself.

“Stevie… Potty…” Ritchie mumbled. He tugged on Steven’s shirt but found that Steven was completely distracted.

Steven had looked into Ritchie’s bedroom and realised that their mom wasn’t in there. His heart started beating a mile a minute as he slowly walked along the hallway away from the bedroom towards his own room. He heard Ritchie moaning behind him but Steven, on shaky legs, left him at the top of the stairs and slowly walked to his own room.

He looked into the doorway of his room and it felt like time froze. He saw his mom sitting in his computer chair staring at him with fire in her eyes. Steven could see the subliminal program open on the computer next to her. His mouth went dry and he felt himself shaking as he realised his devious plot had been uncovered.

The silence was unbearable as mother and son stared at each other. Steven felt absolute horror that he had been found out, he could hardly believe this was happening. He felt sweat on his forehead and he half thought he was going to collapse from shock.

“Stevie! Mommy!” Ritchie started waddling down the landing, his crinkling was audible to everyone in the icy silence, “Poopy! Poopy!”

Halfway to where Steven was standing Ritchie fell on to his hands and knees and started crawling, he found it a lot easier to move on all fours.. His red face contorted as he crawled towards his brother’s room. A long wet fart escaped from Ritchie’s tortured body, it was quickly followed by several hot sticky lumps that exploded against the back of his diaper. Almost simultaneously Ritchie felt his bladder begin to empty as he started fully using his padding.

By the time he reached Steven he had lost control. He pulled on Steven’s leg as both Steven and Karen watched the young man climb back to his feet before immediately squatting and pushing out a huge wet load into his diaper. He grunted in effort as he pushed down, the back of the diaper bulged out as the poop surged out of Ritchie’s body.

Ritchie was rooted in place as he grunted and forced out several more logs into his infant pants. The soft but firm turds pushed against the padding before curling up and searching for more room in the full diaper. With each new lump, Ritchie could feel the mess spread further up his back and around towards the front.

After several humiliating seconds it finally ended and Ritchie fell on to his hands and knees. The smell started to escape the diaper now and Ritchie began quietly sobbing like a baby who needed a new diaper.

“Mom, I-” Steven began to say as he ignored the infantile scene next to him, he didn’t know how to explain this all away but he had to try.

“Stop.” Karen said shortly, “The game is up. I know what you have been doing and I cannot believe my own son could be capable of this.”

Steven felt his eyes watering. He realised that what he had done was illegal. To damage his brother like this was unforgiveable, it may even be permanent. He couldn’t go to prison though; he would never survive in prison!

“Mom… He bullied me. I… I just wanted to get even.” Steven said as a single tear rolled down his cheek.

“You think this is getting even?” Karen, her voice barely controlled as the apocalyptic fury bubbled under the surface, pointed at Ritchie who was looking confused, “Look what you have done to Ritchie!”

“I got carried away…” Steven said quietly. He looked at the ground unable to face his mom or the product of his experiments.

“Can you undo it?” Karen asked quietly. As angry as she was at her youngest son, she was equally worried for Ritchie.

“I… I don’t know.” Steven said as he started sobbing, “I think that if I stop reinforcing the message he should slowly start growing back to normal.”

“You think!?” Karen stood up now and started walking towards her two children, her anger now too much to contain, “You had better hope so.”

“You… You aren’t going to tell the police, are you?” Steven asked as he snivelled and shrunk in front of his mother’s advance. If his mom told the police he didn’t know what he would do, he would surely have to run away from home and go into hiding. Steven’s mind raced as he faced the prospect of losing his freedom. Suddenly, everything he had done no longer seemed worth the trouble he now faced. This had been like a game to Steven, he had never considered the damage he might be doing.

“The police?” Karen thought for a few seconds as she looked at the pathetic sight of the two boys. One in a dirty diaper and the other snivelling and crying, “No… An eye for an eye seems appropriate in this scenario.”

“Huh?” Steven said looking up through eyes that shimmered behind tears.

Karen didn’t say a word but instead grabbed Steven’s hand and started marching him towards the nursery.

“You had better hope this wears off.” She hissed at him as she pulled him roughly through the nursery door, “Because until he is back to 100% you will be babied right alongside him. Once he recovers maybe we will let you grow up too… Maybe.”

The flood gates now opened and Steven began openly and loudly crying as he was dragged towards the changing table. He turned to look down the landing just before he entered the nursery to see a confused Ritchie following the pair of them in. Steven begged loudly to be allowed a reprieve, to find a different way to make it up to his family but his pleading fell on deaf ears. As Karen advanced towards him with a thick diaper, Steven realised that the tables had well and truly turned.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 7

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Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Turquoise is lactose intolerant. Aka: All milk chocolate is choco-lax.

No regrets had though. She’s well prepped for it~

Draw and everything by Plinkie_Poi


Yes it sure seems like someone is well prepared here whit a good diaper that she sure putting to some very good use now.

Someone sure seems to be getting one massive heavy load between  here legs now ;)

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Milk “Magic” *Revenge Alt*

Milk "Magic" *Revenge Alt*

Nah, The laxitives kicked in on Starbuck’s end. Yay, now they match…. again.

Starbuck belongs to GibsonScratch

Turquoise, text and drawing by Plinkie_Poi


Aww poor Starbuck looks like someone was able to get some revenge whit help of some laxatives. Now then both is sitting there drinking there bottles whit messy diapers.

Someone sure going to have a stinky job changing there stinky heavy dirty diapers.

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Pup-O-LaxA YCH for phenris18 draw by ApplePup


Awww looks like this deer have decided to use some laxative to help him make some good use of his diaper :) And it sure seems like everything work out as expected :)

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