Princess Sissy Diaper wolf!

Princess Sissy Diaper wolf!Looks like nullifyme got into some trouble after sneaking into a sorority in the late night, to bad for the poor wolf these girls like to punish their victims. soon finding himself held down on a changing table, out numbered, they striped him, gagged him, picked out some rather girly sissy clothes, with matching mitts and muzzle, then made sure the wolf was fitted a permanent chastity cage and a rather snug plug up the bum and a Poofy diaper to complete the transformation, before being securely placed in a crib for all the girls to laugh at what a sissy they made of the trespasser.

Wolf: muarauder12

Draw and story by: jimmy_rumshot


Poor nullifyme it look like he have end up in a weary bad situation now when he decided to trespass and it dont look like the girl is going to release him anytime soon and the diaper that he is force to wear look to be weary well use now.

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You know what they say about to much TV

You know what they say about to much TV
You know what they say about to much TV

it turns you into a crib bound brainwashed baby, true story! ;3

Draw by: jimmy_rumshot

Furry/Cub: deadly_dl


Wounder what the force him to watch on the TV? I bet it is some sort of cartoons or something else kids relate program. At least hi have some plushy friends close to him and a nice thick diaper if he needs to go potty or something. But it bet it most hurt to have his hand below the spin. Most be very uncomfortable. wounder how many hours that he have bean force to be in this position. I can bet it have bean for a very long time.

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