Jack’s Plan

Jack’s Plan – Chapter 12

Story is written by abdl5622

I waddled off the ride, smooshing the now cooling sludge in my rear. I noticed my mom struggling not to laugh. I guess I do look kinda ridiculous. At this point, I had given up on trying to conceal the fact that I was in a diaper. The smell would give me away in a heartbeat. I just hope no one here recognizes me. I thought as we approached the restroom. Luckily there was a handicap restroom, which the three of us went in.

“I don’t think you’ll fit on that” my mom said pointing to the changing table.

“Neither do I” I replied.

“I brought a changing mat that should fit you” she said as she unfolded a large blue plastic mat.

With a splat, I planted my rear on the mat and leaned back.

“Alright let’s see the damage” she said as she pulled off my shorts. I glanced down to see a very full diaper. The yellow lines had turned blue, there were dark brown stains along the leg gatherers, and the diaper had turned a light shade of brown.

“Oh boy, good think I brought plenty of wipes, Katie, why don’t you play a game on mommy’s phone?” she said reaching into her purse. This is gonna take that long…

Riippp. The smell got ten times worse as she pulled the tapes off revealing the contents of my diaper.

About 15 minutes and three dozen wipes later, “All set, nice and clean” Finally.

I smiled. It is so nice to be in a nice fresh diaper.

“Let’s see how your diaper is doing Katie”

“Hmm?” she said innocently.

“Wet, okay time to stop playing with mommy’s phone”


After a short couple minutes my sister was also in a fresh diaper.

We then left the bathroom and enjoyed the rest of the day at the amusement park. Thankfully, with no more messes. At least none from me. We began to walk to our car as I felt the immense weight of the soaked padding between my legs. Why am I so wet? I don’t remember having to go and why does my stomach still feel odd. Did I eat something bad?

“Thanks for this mom”

“Yeah, thanks mommy”

“No problem, it’s nice to take a day to have fun with my two favorite people in the whole world” she said with a great bear hug.

I hopped into the back of the car with a wet squish while my mom buckled my sister to her bright pink car seat. I don’t remember wetting, then again it has been happening more frequently. This might be going to far, I mean I took a freaking dump in front of my little sister. My stomach twisted and churned some more as we began our trip back. Maybe I am just a bit carsick? I thought as I focused on the green trees rolling by. My sister was swinging her legs up and down and my mom was humming to the radio when the urge hit me. It hit me like a ton of bricks, I needed to go and I needed to go now. Not going to happen for a second time today.

“Mom, how much longer?”

“We are about half way, so I’d say 30 minutes. Why?”

Thirty whole minutes. I can’t last that long. I thought as another sharp pain came from my bowels.

“I have to use the bathroom”

“Again? Alright, I will look for a rest stop but, you can just use your diaper”

“Please do” I pleaded with my situation becoming more and more desperate. It felt like molten lava flowed through my bowels. I was fidgeting a lot, when I got an idea, that I thought would help. Maybe if I pass a little gas it would help alleviate the pressure. How wrong I was. I relaxed my sphincter for just a moment and squelch, like a volcano erupting, a huge wave of boiling sludge dropped into the seat of my diaper. The seat pushed back forcing the mass to push up the front of my diaper. Come on… well no point in holding back now. I relaxed and just let it happen. It was liquidy at first but then it began to get solid when the rancid smell of my rear reached my nose and probably everyones nose.

“Ewww, Jack make stinky”

“Feeling better sweety, I’m sorry”

My face was beet red from the strain and embarrassment as I pushed and saw the front of my diaper expand a little from the mounds of waste that lay between my legs. It just kept coming, hot mushy log after hot mushy log until finally it stopped. I am surprised that the diaper held up.

“I do now” I sighed as I placed my hand in between my legs and felt the steaming hot mass. Every bump in the road squashed the contents of my diaper around.

Why is this happening? Yesterday I was fine, but today I am literally sitting in my own mess. Though… I moved my rear a bit, mashing the mess around. It really isn’t that bad. Other than the smell. I explored the soiled diaper for the remainder of the car ride home. Mushing it all around.

“We are home, Jack come upstairs with me and I will get you out of that dirty diaper”

As much as I am beginning to enjoy this, I would much rather have a nice clean diaper right now.

“Sounds good. Sorry about this”

“Not your fault. Besides, I will probably have to change another dirty diaper sometime tonight” she said as she glanced at my sister.

“Fair enough” I said as I walked upstairs with her.

“Let’s see if it is as bad as the last one” she said as she ripped open the tapes. The smell immidiately got ten times worse.

“Not as bad” she said as she got out the wipes.

“So, I have been thinking Jack”


“I know you can’t help it, but now that you have started to have… bigger accidents, and I don’t think Goodnites are going to cut it”

“So, I should wear these full time?”

“For the time being”

Well they are soft and comfy.


“I invited Amanda and John over for lunch tomorrow”

“Sounds fun”

“All clean” she said as she taped up the new diaper. Wow, that feels sooo nice.

We had an uneventful dinner and I went upstairs to write an entry in my journal. Odd, I don’t remember leaving my laptop on. I must have forgotten to turn it off. I thought as I opened it up and began to write.

Today was a very interesting day. It was a ton of fun as I got to go to an amusement park. I also messed myself today, not once but twice. I don’t know why, it just all came out. It was not that bad though. I don’t really mind the feeling. The smell though is something I would rather avoid. I am going to talk about the event tomorrow with John. We will see how far this goes.

I saved and closed my laptop and drifted off into a deep slumber.

I awoke to the warm golden sunshine on my face and another warm feeling in my crotch. Oh right, John is coming over soon. I thought as I walked downstairs.

“Jack, you’re up, good. Let’s get you changed before John comes over”

“When does John come over?”

“In about a half hour”

That soon better be quick. After a quick diaper change, I threw on some gym shorts and a T-Shirt. He is going the wet himself when he hears the day I had yesterday. Now that I think about it, he would probably do that anyway. Soon, I heard the doorbell ring.



“It’s good to see you. Come in”


“Hi John”

“You are not going to believe the day I had”

“Oh, I also had quite the day yesterday”

I took John outside and we talked about each of our days.

“A leash. Like what you walk a dog with?” I asked.

“Sort of. Anyway, you now have had the full diaper experience. Was it that bad?”

To be honest. I actually kinda liked the feeling of a squishy mess in my rear.

“It was really not that bad. Other than one thing”

“The smell” we both laughed in unison.

“By the way thanks for this” I said as I pulled out the pacifier from my pocket.

“It is nice. I enjoy mine”

“Boys, I have some lemonade out here for you” mom called out as they both relaxed on lawn chairs.

I soon saw Katie with a fairly saggy diaper.

“Come to play with us”

“Yeah” she said with excitement.

We walked over to the sandbox when I noticed John in a bit of distress for a bit then it went away. I pulled out my pacifier and popped it in my mouth. I happily sucked on my pacifier while I was sitting on my knees playing in the sandbox with John and my sister Katie. I noticed them making some funny faces, but thought nothing of it and just continued sucking on my pacifier. Gurgle, the pressure in my stomach began to intensify. I am going to have to go inside soon. But, it is such a beautiful day and from the smell of things. Someone else has already made the choice that I should make. I thought as I put my shovel down and clenched my fists. Bllarrrtt, crrinkle, plop. A firm log pushed against the seat of my diaper. Followed by another, crackle, crackle, I grunted as I filled the seat of my diaper. Ahh, much better. I let out a sigh and realized that both my sister and John were looking at the softball sized bulge in my rear. I just smil! ed, picked up my shovel and continued playing. They continued as well I then overheard our mom’s talking while sitting at the table on the patio.

“Well this has been a turn of events Amanda”

“It certainly has been”

“Look at how happy they are playing in the sandbox”

“I don’t think I have seen John like this since his father passed away”

“Nor have I seen Jack like this since he left”

“I have also been enjoying have my baby boy to take care of again, and all it took was a bit of … encouragement from me and some special milk”

“It is nice for Katie to have a playmate and I do enjoy seeing Jack like this. Though this was mostly his idea, I just played along with his little plan” she chuckled.

She must have read my journal. I guess that makes sense. She went along with everything and did not seem to question the reasoning behind any of it. Well water under the bridge now.

“Thanks for all of your help Amanda”

“No problem, I figured if it worked for John, it might work for Jack”

“Speaking of our babies, it smells like one of them needs a change” John’s mom said as she sniffed the air.

They both walked over to us and we all looked up at them.

“So, which one of you is our little stinker?” my mom said in a playful voice.

“Which one isn’t is probably a better question” John’s mom laughed.

We all laughed with her. She does have a point.

We hugged and right then I was happier than I had ever been in my life. Life is perfect now.

Story is written by abdl5622

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Jack’s Plan – Chapter 11

Story is written by abdl5622

I woke up, the sun was shining, it was the perfect day to go to the amusement park. I feel strange. Am I getting sick? I thought to myself as I felt butterflies in my stomach. This is not the day to be sick though. So I chose to ignore the feeling until it subsided. I climbed out of bed with a cold, damp squish. I really must have slept well to soak this thing so well. Then I heard footsteps creaking up the stairs. Oh crap the pacifier. I scrambled and hid it under my pillow.

“Good morning Jack, sleep well?”

“Very well”

“Like a baby from the looks of your diaper” she chuckled as she pointed out my yellow, droopy diaper.

Low blow but still good.

“I will change into a Goodnite and…”

“Wait hold on there. Remember what we discussed in the car”

Oh right I’m going to have to wear these.

“Won’t Katie find out?”

Creek, I heard the door open slightly.

“I knowed already”

“Katie!” my mother scolded.


“That was suppose to be a secret”

“We will talk about it a moment. Okay, now did you need something dear?”

“I needa new diapy”

“I will change you right after I change Jack”

Katie left the room as she began to change me.

“Look. I know what your going to say. I wanted to say I am sorry”

“How did she find out?”

“She noticed something was up a few days ago”

A sharp pain hit my stomach. Not going to get sick, not going to get sick. Soon, the pain subsided and I felt a cold paste being spread all over my diaper area.

“Jack, are you okay?”

“Ya, just a chill. What is that stuff?”

“Just something to help protect your skin”

She is certainly putting a lot of it on.

She then taped up the diaper and gave me a gentle pat on the rear.

“Katie, it’s your turn” my mom said as I left the room to get dressed.

Let’s see if I can find anything that will fit over this thing. I thought as I looked through my drawers.

I guess this could work. I thought as I grabbed a gray pair of gym shorts and threw them on. To my surprise they fit. I walked over to the mirror and saw the clear bulge of the diaper. Well back to the dresser. However, I could not find anything else that would fit over the diaper. Everyone is going to know I am in a diaper… Maybe if I wear I long T-Shirt, no one will see it. I quickly grabbed a T-Shirt and it did in fact cover up the crotch decently. However, what I didn’t know was that the bulge in my rear was still very visible.

“Ready to go Jack?”


We walked outside to the car where Katie was buckled into her pink car seat and I sat next to her.

A day at the amusement park. This should be… My thoughts were interrupted by a some weird noises coming from my stomach. They soon subsided though.

After about 45 minutes Katie began to fidget and squirm in her seat.

“How much longer mommy?”

“We have about fifteen more minutes to go”

Katie then began scooting as far forward as she could in her car seat and leaned forward.

Is she?

She then made fists and began to struggle as her face turned red.

She is pooping in her diaper.

Then I heard a long sigh as she relaxed back into her seat and the load now sitting in the rear of her Pamper. The fowl smell soon confirmed my suspicions.

“We are here and good thing to because it smells like someone had a little accident”

I got out of the car and felt her tug at the rear waistband of my diaper.

“You’re just a little wet”

Did she really think it would be me.

“So, that means that Katie is our little stinker” she said as she tickled her.

“Hold up Jack, I’m going to change your sister real fast”

“Okay” I replied as she opened the trunk of the car and began to change her.

10 minutes later.

“Alright, let’s go”

We all entered the park together and enjoyed ourselves for another two hours. Until…

Oww, my stomach. I cringed as a wave of cramps hit me.


“I’m okay, but, can we find a bathroom”

“Well you are wearing a fairly absorbent diaper and I am not really sure of where the bathrooms are. Just go ahead a wet it. I will change you later”

“I don’t have to pee”

“Oh, okay, I will look at the map, I think it is this way though” she said as we started walking that way.

Another wave of cramps hit me. Oh, I shouldn’t have eaten so much yesterday or maybe I shouldn’t have had that milk.

“Mom, I really need to find a bathroom, soon”

I just hope it is not to late. I thought as I felt a sharp cramp in my gut.

My mom was still fumbling with the map as we kept walking toward what I presumed would be a bathroom. My sister just skipped along without a care in the world.

How nice it has to be to not have to worry… wait I am wearing a diaper too. But that would be gross and … and …. One final wave of cramps hit me. I grabbed my gut in pain. I might not have a choice. I could feel a warm, firm log begin to poke its head out of my rear. I can hold it. I can hold it.

We were still trying to find a bathroom when, crinkle, crackle, the seat of my diaper was beginning to tent out as the log pushed its way further and further into my diaper. I can hold it.

“Jack, are you making stinky?” my sister said commenting at my expanding rear.

I stopped dead in my tracks focusing on trying to stop my diaper from filling.

“It’s okay Jack, just let it happen. Your sister had a messy accident a few hours ago and it was not a big deal” my mother soothed as she patted my head.

I squatted slightly and closed my eyes.

Plop, the firm log deposited itself between my thighs. I feel just like John right now. I thought as I relaxed. Blarrarart, a soft gooey snake began sliding into the seat of my diaper, creating a sticky coil. Then a soft mush began coming out expanding everywhere along my rear. The warm soft mass spread across my backside forcing the elastic waistband to tighten as the poo pressed up against the leak guards. Until finally, it ended and I regained some control. A sweet sickening smell reached my nose. As I stood up straight, causing the mass to shift around.

I waddled over to my mom, tears in my eyes and said “I’m sorry mom, but I couldn’t make it”

“It’s okay baby. Feel better now?”

I nodded.

“That wasn’t so bad now was it?”

“I don’t mind being stinky”

“Maybe a ride will get your mind off things. How about the merry go round?”

I nodded as they started to walk toward the ride. I wiped the tears from my eyes and reached around back. I hesitated and then I felt the huge warm lump in my rear. I don’t believe this is really happening. I began waddling toward the merry go round causing the load in my rear to bounce around and causing my stomach to churn. I still felt a need to go. Why is this so painful to hold in? I thought as I clenched my gut.

“Jack, is more coming?”

I wish there wasn’t. I thought as I nodded.

“There is no one in line and your diaper is already messy. You could just finish up. You would probably feel a lot better”

“Ya, Jacky, dats what the diapy is for”

Even my sister thinks I should. Well in for a penny.

I relaxed as my rear sphincter opened up, Blllartt, A rock hard log began to make its way out and then stopped when it reached the cotton of the diaper, painfully forcing my sphincter to stay open. I held in my breath, squatted down fully, and pushed. I grunted and strained until it rushed out. Forcing itself under my crotch. I then felt the front of my diaper getting much warmer as my bladder emptied. I was panting as I stood up.

“Better now?”

“Yes, it is all out of me”

“Well itsa still sorta in yous” Katie chuckled pointing to my bulging rear.

My mother looked sternly at Katie.

“You would know” I chuckled back. My mom smiled as we got on.

I approached a metal horse took one look at the saddle and then it clicked. I did not think this through… Maybe I can keep standing on the horse.

“Hey mom, this one doesn’t move right?”

“No sweety” she said with a grin.

As long as I can keep upright I should be fine. I got up carefully and slowly put my right leg over the metal horse and put my foot through the restraint. I could see my mom chuckling as she watched me struggle to deal with the load in my rear. She suggested this on purpose. Oh well, it did put me in a better mood.

The music starting playing and we began to spin. Then a jolt of upward force from the horse knocked me off balance causing me fall into the saddle squashing the cooling load in my rear. The mess smothered my crotch and reached all parts of my diapered area. Then the horse began going down causing me to raise my butt out of the seat only to have it squashed back into the mess on the way up. Until the ride ended and I hopped off the metal horse, the poo clung to my skin. I reached around back to feel the damage. Eww… though it is not that bad, at least there is not much of a bulge anymore.

“Okay Jack, let’s get you changed”

Story is written by abdl5622

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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Jack’s Plan Chapter 10

Story is written by abdl5622

We both just played there in the sand for another half hour, when John’s mom walked outside.

“Just checking in on both of you and from the smell of things, one of you could use a change”

“Sorry mom I couldn’t hold it”

“That is why you wear diapers baby. It isn’t your fault. Come on and lets get you changed”

So, I guess this is a common occurrence?


“You can stay out here for a bit Jack, it might be a bit judging from the condition of his diaper” she said as she patted his rear.

“Sure thing” I replied as they went inside.

I just continue to play in the sand and when I was sure that no one was looking, I began to suck on the pacifier. This is kinda nice. But, I don’t want to make it a habit. I thought as I continued to suck on my pacifier without a care in the world. Soon, John and his mom came back outside. I quickly popped to pacifier out of my mouth. I don’t think they saw.

“Hey Jack would you like to have some lunch”

I am fairly hungry.
“Sure” I said as I walked in and sat at the table.

“Would you like to try a bottle Jack?”

Uhh, I think that I will stick with the pacifier for now.

“No thank you, just some water”

“You sure, it is nice to use” John said as he began to suckle away at it.

“I’m good”

We ate lunch discussing some small talk. I can’t get that bottle out of my head.

“On second thought, I will see what it is like to drink from a bottle”

“Here you can have the rest of mine”

“Thanks” I replied as I began sucking away. This doesn’t taste anything like milk. What is in this?

“Umm… wait Jack, I can make you your own”

“It’s fine mom, he can just have the rest of mine”

It’s not bad, just tastes a bit funny. Maybe that’s just the bottle or something.

“Uhh… okay, sure thing”

“Why is something wrong” John asked.

“No, it’s fine, just wanted to let him know he can have his own”

I finished the bottle. “It was enjoyable. But, what was in it?”

“Milk, right mom?”

“Yes, milk” she said nervously.

“It didn’t really taste like milk”

“It might just be the bottle”

I guess that makes sense.

“Or we use whole milk instead”

Well I do drink skim usually.

“Jack isn’t your mom going to be here soon?”

“Oh your right, I should probably switch back to Goodnites and hold on to this for me John” I said as I handed him the pacifier.

“You sure. It was a gift for you to keep”

“I don’t know what my mom or my sister would think”


“I’ll hold onto it for you Jack, and I will go grab a Goodnite from your bag. Meet me in John’s room”


I went upstairs and waited until she came in with my shorts.

“Thanks, for washing those”

“No problem dear”

“You should probably stick to wearing these, you are soaked”

I don’t remember wetting much.

“I think I will be fine”

“Suit yourself”

“You’re all set”

“Thanks for doing this”

“No problem”

Soon I heard a knock at the door and I grabbed my bag.

“Hi mom”

“Hi sweety and hi Amanda”

“Mary, uhh …” she whispered something into my moms ear.

“Haha, it’s fine, I will just make sure we have plenty of wipes”

“I would also recommend using the other ones”

“Alright will do”

“Sorry about this Mary”

“Don’t be, it will be an experience for us. We can talk about it tomorrow”

“Sure, bye Mary and bye Jack”

“Thank you for letting me come over”

“See you later Amanda”

“So, did you have as much fun as you did last time”

Well, I definitely experienced more…

“Yes, John is a cool guy”

“Looks like you brought spares this time”

Well yes but I didn’t really use them but whatever.

“Yeah, I did”

“So, are you excited for tomorrow”

Oh right, we are going to an amusement park.


“Great, one thing though”


“Uhh… Since we are going have limited access bathrooms, would you mind wearing your night diapers”

They are so thick though.

“Wont people notice?”

“Unlikely, and even if they do, they wont care”

They wont? Eh, do I care. I will just wear something baggy. It does mean I don’t have to waste time in a bathroom.

“Okay, sure”

“Thanks for understanding”

We soon arrived at home. Dinner was uneventful and so was after dinner. Soon, it was time that I got ready for bed.

“Let’s get to bed Jack, big day ahead of us tomorrow”

“Good idea”

Why does my stomach feel weird? Maybe I ate to fast. At least it’s not painful or anything. Just weird.

“You coming”


She changed me into my night diaper and I began unpacking my backpack.

What’s this. I thought as I pulled out the pacifier with a note attached.

Jack, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a nice pacifier. -Amanda.

That was nice of her. I thought as I began sucking on it and drifted off into the best sleep I have had in a long time.

Story is written by abdl5622

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Jack’s Plan Chapter 9

Story is written by abdl5622

Warm sunlight beamed through my window waking me up. I love the sunshine, so much nicer than the cold rain. I then noticed the dampness between my legs. Did I wet the bed again? Okay, I am just getting use to the diapers. I should be more careful to not get to use to them.

I went to take a shower and use the restroom before going over to John’s house.

Even though the thicker diaper was kinda cool, I will remember this time to pack extra Goodnites. I thought to myself as I stuffed a couple into my backpack and went downstairs.

“Remember to pack spares this time I see”


“Cool, I will drive you over after breakfast”

Soon, we finished eating and I was in the car heading over to John’s house.

Maybe we can do something outside today. I thought as I got out of the car and rang the doorbell.

“Have fun sweety” my mom said as she drove away.

Ding dong, the door swung open and standing in front of me was John.

“Hi, Jack”

He seems extra cheery today.

“Hi” I said nervously as I walked through the door.

“Is there somewhere I can put my backpack down?”

“I can take it for you” said John’s mom as she entered the room.

“Just a little wet” she said as she examine the back of John’s diaper. She then walked toward me. I don’t believe that I am wet. At least not enough to warrant a change.

“I’m fine” I replied.

“Last time you were almost leaking when I checked you. Don’t really want to take any chances” she said as she pulled back my pants.

“Did you pack spares this time?”

“Yep, they are in my backpack”

“Great, if you need anything I will be in my office” she said as she left the room.

“So, what do you want to do John?”

“Don’t know, you?”

“Something outside would be nice. Seeing as it was raining yesterday”

“Sure” he said as he walked toward a sliding glass door.

Wow, he has a nice backyard. I thought as I looked around. Funny, he has a sandbox too and a basketball hoop.

“How about we play some basketball?”

“Sounds good, let me just go get the ball”

He went to pick up the ball and kinda just froze.

“John, you okay?”

“Yeah, just reminiscing about the past”

“So, want to play horse?”


I could feel the need to pee after about half an hour. So, I decided just used my Goodnite. Ahh much better. Maybe, I shouldn’t have let it all out at once. I thought to myself as I could feel the dampness reaching my rear. Soon, I forgot about it and we both just continued playing.

“Hey… Jack… let’s take a breather” John panted.

I guess it would be a lot harder with a pillow of that size between your legs.

“Sure” I sat down on the tarmac with a cold, wet squish. I felt the liquid pooling at my rear and I looked down. Crap, I leaked. I thought as I saw the small puddle under my rear.

“You leak?”


“I will go get my mom”

I was about to say something but just accepted my defeat. I should have remembered. At least this time I have spares. Though I don’t know what I am going to do about my shorts.

Soon I saw John walking toward me with his mom.

“I am sorry Mrs…”

“It’s no big deal, you were outside so nothing got ruined. Not like it was your fault anyway”

Sort of was.

“I will get a spare from my bag”

“Actually, if you could use one of John’s, that would let me worry less about you leaking on furniture”

Well, I am a guest and it was sort of my fault that I leaked in the first place. I guess I have no choice.

“I suppose” I replied as the three of us walked up to John’s room.

I am never going to get use to seeing this room.

“Do you need a change as well?”

“No, I think I’m fine”

“Alright, Jack could you strip while I talk to John”



Oh right the changing table.

She finished talking to John and shut the door behind her.

“I am going to need to wash your shorts. So, same situation as yesterday”

Great… Well at least this time I can change back later in the day.

“Okay, thanks” I replied as I took off my shorts and shirt.

“Up you go” she said as she lifted me up onto the table.

Jesus… she is strong. I thought as a few drops escaped into the over saturated Goodnite.

“You should really consider just using these full time instead of having to deal with constantly changing your Goodnite” she said as she began to change me.

While, it would be nice to not have to worry about leaking. I do like some discretion.

“I will think about it”

“You’re all set” she said as she put me back down.

Still can’t put my legs together. I thought as I attempted to straighten my legs.

“You can come in John”

John came rushing in, also in just a T-Shirt and diaper.

That is nice of him. Trying to make me feel less embarrassed.

“How does a late lunch in a few hours sound to you boys?”

I am not that hungry right now, but I probably will be.
“Sure” we both replied in unison.

“Excellent, I will be in the office if either of you two need me”

She looked at John and said “Second drawer”

What does that mean?

“Cool, I will get it” John said as he grabbed his pacifier and grabbed a small box from a drawer.

“What is that”

“A gift, now I know that you don’t really like the baby stuff. I thought that maybe if you tried it, you would like it”

Is this going where I think it is going.

“This was and probably still is my favorite baby thing, there is just something about sucking on it that brings you comfort. So, I got you one so you can try it”

Well I can’t say no. Eh, maybe it is worth a shot.

“Alright, I will try it”

“You just take it and pop it in your mouth like this” he said as he began sucking happily on his pacifier.

Well this will be a first. I thought as I placed the rubber bulb in my mouth.

Not so bad. I thought as I got flashbacks to my sister and specifically her messing her diaper.

I am becoming more and more like her. Soon, I might be messing my diaper. Has John really done that?

“So, do you like it?”

Right back to reality, sort of.

“It’s fine”

I do kinda like it but I would prefer for John to not get me more baby stuff.

“Want to go back outside?”

“What should I do with my pacifier?”

“Let me show you a trick my mom showed me” he said as he took a piece of ribbon and tied the pacifier and the ribbon to my neck and did the same for himself.

“There now we can always have access to our pacifier”

Well I guess that is convenient.

“Cool, and yes I would like to go outside, I noticed you had a sandbox”

“Sounds like fun”

I glanced in a mirror as we were walking to see a stranger looking back. I can hardly recognize myself. I do look kind of cute though.

We soon arrived at the sandbox and began dig holes and fill them in.

It is so much more comfortable sitting on the cushion of a diaper than the rough sand. I can see why my sister enjoys the sandbox so much. I thought as I started sucking on my pacifier.

As we were playing in the sandbox, I could not get the image of my sister messing her diaper out of my mind. I still cannot believe that John has done that on multiple occasions. Nor do I believe that a diaper could hold all of that. Or maybe it could. The questions were buzzing around in my mind when I heard a gurgling coming from John’s stomach.

“I will be right back Jack” he said kind of frantically.

From the look on his face, I might get to see what it looks like after all. I thought as I watched him begin to stand up and then just freeze in place. Then I heard a muffled fart. He is really going to do it. I thought as I looked at the rear of his diaper as it began to rapidly expand. Wow he is really filling it. I then looked back down and pretended not to notice.

“On second thought” he blushed.

I should probably reassure him that I don’t care.

“You already went. No big deal. We are outside and don’t have to deal with the smell”

I really don’t care. My sister has a dirty diaper frequently. It’s not really anything weird to me.

He looked relieved from me saying that as he sat back down. Did he just sit in his own mess. Judging from his face, yes he did. I chuckled under my breath.

“You really had to go” I said noticing the brown tint of his crotch.

“I guess I did”

“Well, that is what the diaper is for” I laughed.

“I suppose you’re right” he said as he laughed along with me.

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Jack’s Plan Chapter 8

Story is written by abdl5622

Okay, so you are in nothing but a T-Shirt and diaper. Maybe I took this plan a little to far. Though this is very comfy at least. Though walking is a bit of a pain.

I thought to myself as I waddled into the kitchen.

“So, what is for lunch mom?”

“I made hotdogs, I hope that is alright with you Jack”

“Yeah I like hotdogs”

“Awesome, thanks mom”

I looked back at John and noticed the blue lines forming on his diaper.

These are the same as the ones I have at home.

We soon sat down at the table. It was weird, they were wooden chairs but the diaper provided a cushion that made them very comfortable. I soon began to eat as I watched John devour his food. Making a mess of himself. I slowly at and pieced my thoughts together.

Okay, Jack, isn’t this what you wanted, a chance to relive life as a toddler? Is this what I wanted? Should I listen to John? He does seem happy. What would mom think? What would my friends think?!? I am starting to understand where John’s mom was coming from with that rant. I soon finished my plate and continued thinking about the events until my thoughts were interrupted by John.

“Hey Jack, let’s hang out in my room”

Well I would like the chance to look around it more.

“Sounds like a plan to me”

We soon toddled back up the stairs.

Well I guess it would be a good time to just talk about our experiences. I am very curious about how he discovered this or got like this.

I sat down near a fire truck and begun to talk.

“So, John, how did this all come to be”

“What do you mean?”

“How did you start wearing diapers?”

“Bedwetting” I lied.

“Same and then it just progressed”

“How did you get introduced to the baby stuff?”

He does not have a sibling.

“I am actually kind of unsure. It just sort of happened”

Odd. I am still sort of curious about the messy accident.

“So, this might seem odd, but I am curious”


“What is it like to poop in your diaper?”

Maybe that was a little to blunt.

“Umm… to start off there is the smell”

I know what that is like, my sister has a messy diaper every day. I should make this less awkward.

“Sorry, what I meant to say was, how did it happen”

“Which time, the first time?”

“You have done it more than once?”

“I woke up in a very full diaper this morning. It has become just like a wet diaper. As my mom said, diapers are meant for both”

“Anyway, so the first time was when I was at the zoo and we could not manage to find a bathroom. Then just plop, what feels like a warm, gooey, soft serve ice cream filled the rear of my diaper”

Gross. He didn’t have to be that descriptive.

“Enough about me, what about you”

“What about me”

“What do you think of all of this”

I am actually kinda unsure if I like it or not.

“The baby stuff, I think it’s fine. It might not really be my cup of tea”

Though it seems like he gets a lot more attention from his mom.

“Jack, your mom is on her way to pick you up”

That went by fast.

“I will be down shortly”

“Well looks like this is goodbye for now”

“Unfortunately, it is. How about I come back tomorrow?”

“That would be great”

I waddled out of the room, feeling pressure in my bladder building up.

I walked downstairs and was handed my shorts by John’s mom. Oh crap, I am not wearing any pants. Somehow that thought has slipped my mind. The door opened up, and in walked my mom.

“I knew we were forgetting something. Sorry about that Jack” my mom said as she noticed me current diapered state.

“Ya, it is convenient that they are the same size or we might have had to cut this visit short” John’s mom said looking at me.

“Thanks for inviting Jack over” my mom said as she looked at me.

“Yes, thank you for inviting me over”

“Don’t mention it, you are welcome anytime. It was great for John to have a friend who understands him and that he can relate to. You can even come back over tomorrow if you want. I am sure John would love that” John’s mom said.

“So, what do you say Jack, do you want to come over tomorrow?” my mom asked.

I don’t really have anything better to do and it is nice to have someone like me to hangout with.

“That sounds great”

“Excellent, then I will see you tomorrow Jack” John’s mom said as we left.

We sat down in the car and we tried to ignore the elephant in the room of the fact I had no pants on.

“So, Jack. What do you think of John?” my mom asked.

Uhhh… I am not really sure at the moment. I probably should not tell her about the pacifier and stuff.

“He’s cool”

“He is a bit different from you, but I take it you didn’t mind?” she asked.

Does she know about the baby stuff?

“Not at all. I thought it was kinda cool”

Maybe that was the wrong word choice. She is being to vague for me to confirm. Before I could finish the thought, we arrived at home.

“Your sister is taking a nap right now, so you should be fine. Just grab some sweat pants and throw them on”

“Shouldn’t I change into a Goodnite?”

“No point in wasting a slightly damp diaper” she replied.

Am I wet? I thought as I glanced down and sure enough saw a faint blue line. These must absorb very well in order for me to not feel it. Wait, why didn’t I notice having to pee?

“You coming in Jack?”

“Ya, I will be right in” I replied as got out of the car and went inside.

I went up to my room and opened up my laptop to write in my journal.

Today was interesting. I met John. He was different but not in a bad way. He liked baby stuff, which I might be interested in trying at some point. He also uses his diaper for everything now. Which I find kinda gross, but I can’t knock it until I have tried it I guess.

I saved and closed my laptop.

“Jack dinner is ready” my mom yelled up.

Oh right the sweatpants. I just hope my sister doesn’t notice. I mean she is a toddler, how perceptive could she be?

I attempted to walk downstairs waddling as little as I could and I sat down at the table. Lucky for me, my sister seemed to be very focused on her food to notice the crinkling coming from under my pants.

That is a relief. She wont notice. I thought as I relaxed, probably a bit to much as I felt a warmth spreading across the front of my diaper. What? I usually can control it… Maybe I have just gotten use to having a Goodnite or diaper on. Ya that must be it, if I didn’t have one on, I would be fine.

We finished eating and I went to watch T.V. as my mom got my sister ready for bed.

Nothing on as usual. I thought as I mindlessly flipped through the channels. Soon my mom came back downstairs and sat down next to me. She put her arm around me and asked “So when do you want to go to the amusement park?”

Right, almost forgot about that.

“The day after tomorrow?”

“Sounds like a plan. I will have to check my schedule first, but it should be fine”

“Cool” Life has been great since I have started this plan. I met John, and I get to go to the amusement park.

“How does that sound Katie?”

“Yay, park”

I guess it would be cool if she tagged along.

We soon finished up dinner and I headed upstairs and chilled in my room for a couple more hours. During which I soaked my diaper without really even thinking about it. I should be careful to not get to use to these.

“Hey Jack, ready to get into your night clothes”

“Yes” I knew the drill. I walked into her room and laid on the floor.

“Wow, you are soaked, even in this”

“Couldn’t really take it off easily” I lied.

“You can always come and ask. But it is okay, its not like it changed anything. It might have even saved a Goodnite or two” she replied as she finished changing me.

“I will take you over tomorrow morning. Remember to pack extra Goodnites”

“I will” I replied as I walked upstairs and got into bed.

Today was cool. I met someone like me, sort of. I wonder what tomorrow will have in store.

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Jack’s Plan Chapter 7

Story written by abdl5622

“Cool, so what do you want to do John. The rain has kinda spoiled any outdoor activities”

“Ya it did. Let me see if there are any good games we can play together”

“Sounds fun”

We walked through the kitchen to what I presume would be the T.V. room when I spotted something strange. Is that a bottle in the sink? Does he have a younger sibling as well? I will ask him later.

He took me to his T.V. and handed me a controller. I sat down on the couch and noticed the crinkle from when he sat down.

We played games for about an hour during which I had carelessly soaked my Goodnite.

We then began to chat about school and such.

“Jack, do you know about my …umm… issue?”

“If you mean the protection thing. Then yes, I assume you know that I have a similar problem”

“Sort of”

Wanting to delve deeper and being excited that I finally had someone to talked to about this, I asked “Does it bother you?”


“Having to wear diapers”

“It did at first, but I kinda grew to like them. They are convenient in some situations. How about you?”

“Same, but it never really bothered me. What do you find is the worst part? For me it is how they get so cold and clammy after a while”

“I also dislike that, but I find the smell and icky feeling of when you go number two to be my least favorite”

He messes in them as well? Just like my sister.

“You use them for both?”

“I try not to but sometimes accidents happen” he replied as he blushed.

Ick, well something that I will never do. Though I should probably change the subject is seems as if this is a bit much for him.

“I don’t find it weird. I just have never experienced it myself” I replied trying to comfort him. Which seems to have worked.

“It is a very different experience. Thinking back on it, it was not that bad other than the smell”

Well I can’t really knock it until I have tried it technically. But, still that is a big no. I should probably change the subject. My eyes darted around looking for something to talk about. I peered out the window into the rain and made out a sandbox. Maybe he has siblings?

“John, I noticed a bottle when I walked in here, do you also have a younger sibling”

Maybe he was also jealous of his mom spending so much time with his younger sibling.

John just sat there looking frightened until eventually he asked,

“Jack can I trust you?”

All I did was ask if he had a sibling?

“Of course”

“This is a secret that you tell no one okay?”

Something other than the diapers?

“You can trust me”

“First off, I don’t have a sibling”

“Then why the bottle?”

“You know how diapers are kinda babyish”

Where is he going with this?

“I suppose”
“You like them right?”

More than you know.

“Ever thought what other babyish would be like? Maybe you might even enjoy them too”

What. That seems… well… I mean my sister enjoys herself. The thought had crossed my mind before.

“The thought had not really crossed my mind” I lied

“What if I told you that I enjoyed partaking in some of these things”

I guess that explains the bottle.

“That’s cool. I have not really tried anything like that before. Though I think I will pass”

“So, your okay with it?”

“I live with a two year old little sister, I definitely don’t mind”

“Thanks Jack”

“No problem”

Wait what else other than the bottle does he partake in?

“Lunch is ready guys. Do either of you need a change?” John’s mom said as she walked into the room.

Well I do but I don’t think that is possible without a spare.

“I’m just a little wet mom” John replied as she pulled back his shorts and the waistband of the diaper.

“How about you Jack” she said as she walked toward me.

“Well, I … uh …” I replied as I felt her put her finger into the waistband of my Goodnite.

“Wow you are soaked. Do you need my help to change?”

“So, I woke up late and was kinda in a rush and forgot to bring any spares”

“You look about John’s size. You could use one of his. If that is okay with you John”

“Of course. He also knows about the other stuff too now”

“Excellent, follow me up to John’s room”

“I need to grab something from there anyway” John said as he excitedly went upstairs.

So, this is happening. Uh… I don’t know about this.

“That’s okay, I should be able to change myself”

“It’s fine. I change John’s all the time. At least yours are only wet” she said with a chuckle as I followed her upstairs.She opened the door and I was shocked, it looked like my sister’s room but everything was bigger.

“John, Jack probably wants some privacy for a minute. You understand right?”

“Yeah, I’m just grabbing this” he said as he grabbed what looked like an oversized pacifier and left the room. This must be a dream or something. This doesn’t make sense. I mean I know he said he liked baby stuff. But…

“Strip for me Jack”

I was still lost in thought and did not really hear what she said when she put her hand on my shoulder and said, “I guess your mom never mentioned this”

I shook my head.

“It is a lot to take in. It is different and maybe even a bit weird, but, is that so bad?” she said as she helped me get my clothes off and listed me up onto the changing table.

“John is happier now than he has ever been and to be honest I have enjoyed taking care of him” she continued as she removed the wet Goodnite.

“It fills my heart with joy seeing him running around so care free and happy”

I wonder if my mom would think the same thing.

“Is it wrong for my baby boy to not want to grow up just yet?” she said as she taped up the diaper.

“Sorry, I am ranting”

That just happened… Okay, random rant. I mean she does have a point it is not all that bad.

“I get not wanting to grow up. I enjoy wearing my Goodnites. It gives me a sense of security and comfort” I said as I hopped down off the table and struggled to get my balance due to having my legs spread so far apart from the bulk of the diapers.

“That’s wonderful to hear”

Realizing that I had probably said to much I replied, “Please don’t tell my mom about how I enjoy wearing Goodnites”

“Your secret is safe with me Jack” she said as she gave my rear a pat as I struggled to get my shorts on over the added bulk.

“Having a problem there? You can just wear the T-Shirt, I am sure John would join you. It would make my life easier and you both would look very cute”

After failing one more time I said, “As long as no one sees us. I guess that would be fine”

“John you can come in now”

He came in and took one look at me and said, “They don’t fit. I had a similar problem”

“John would you mind losing the shorts to make Jack not feel so alone”
“Sure” he replied as he took off his shorts revealing a damp diaper.

Well this just got a lot more awkward. Or maybe less awkward. I am unsure. Actually, I am unsure about a lot of things right now.

“Now that that is out of the way, how about some lunch guys?”

Maybe a nice meal will give me time to piece things together.

“Sounds good mom”


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Jack’s Plan Chapter 5

Story written by abdl5622

I walked upstairs, barely able to contain my excitement as I opened the door. As I was changing into dry clothes and a Goodnite, I decided to journal the events.

My plan worked, I have been allowed to wear a Goodnite during the day now as well. Though it seems a little odd that my mom has been okay with all of this. I wonder how I am going to be able to hide this from Katie. She is only a toddler, it can’t be that hard. Well now to enjoy the rewards of a successful plan. I saved and shut my laptop.

What to wear? I could just throw on some athletic shorts and a t-shirt I guess. I thought as I pulled the gym shorts over the smooth cloth of the Goodnite and walked down stairs.

It feels weird to be walking around in just a Goodnite. I wonder if it is noticeable? Right then I began to get very nervous as thoughts of what people would say if they knew floated around my head. Then a warm gentle hand began to rub my back, bringing me back into reality.

“Everything is going to be okay Jack, I am sure it is just a phase and will pass in time”

“I suppose your right, thanks mom” I replied as I gave her a great big bear hug.

“Why don’t you go and watch some T.V. with your sister while I take care of some things?”


I plopped down on the couch feeling the Goodnite adding an extra layer of cushion.

I could get use to this. I thought as I began to watch the show that my sister was watching.

Great another little girls show about candy colored horses. I thought to myself.

After ten or so minutes, I overheard my mom talking on the phone.

“You were right”

“Do you think it’s okay for it to continue?”

“Really? I wonder if this will go the same way? Also, how do I explain the need for” she then whispered something into the phone.

“And how I need to do it?”

“That makes sense, thanks for the help”

She hung up the phone and I went back to watching T.V. with my sister. I began to enjoy the show as we watched more episodes. I began to feel a familiar pressure in my bladder.

I don’t really want to get up, and I am wearing a Goodnite. I thought to myself as the front of my crotch began to get warm. The warmth quickly spread to my backside as I saturated the Goodnite. It than began to swell causing my shorts to have a slight bulge.

“Dinner will be ready soon” my mom said as she entered the room.

“Katie I need to check your diaper”

My sister nodded as she stood up and turned around. She seemed to be fixated upon my gym shorts.

Did she notice the Goodnite? I nervously thought. However, she soon turned back to the T.V. and continued watching.

“You are soaked sweety”

“Can I at least finish this episode” she replied.

“Sure but then your really need a change”

I probably need a change as well. I thought as my mom walked over to me.

“Meet me in the kitchen” she whispered into my ear.

I nodded and stood up with the soggy Goodnite clinging to my rear.

As I entered the kitchen she told me to turn around. I felt her tugging the waistband of my Goodnite back as the cool air rushed past my bum. Did I just get checked like my sister? I thought.

“You are wet Jack. Good thing you had your Goodnites on or the couch would have been ruined. You should change into a dry one when I go change your sister”

My cheeks burned red from the embarrassment and shame of the deed that I had done, as I turned back around.

“Don’t be embarrassed you didn’t do anything wrong. One more thing” she said as she reached into a shopping bag and pulled out a large orange, gray, and purple package. Comfidry 24/7?

“I was silly in thinking that a Goodnite would work for a twelve year old. They were designed for kids half your age. Unlike these, which were made for situations like yours”

“So are they just a bigger Goodnite?”

“Not exactly. I will explain more after dinner”


I wonder how these differ from Goodnites? I thought as I ventured upstairs to remove the sodden Goodnite and change into a nice dry one.

Dinner was uneventful and soon after my mom took my sister upstairs and put her to bed. I watched T.V. for a bit before my mom came into the room and sat down on the couch next to me.

“Jack, back to our conversation earlier. The new um… protection is not as easy to put on as a Goodnite. They are similar to what your sister wears in how they are put on”

It seems as though she is jumping around the point she wants to make.

“I will need to assist you in putting these on”

Wait what. While more time with mom is always great. This seems degrading.

“You don’t think I could manage on my own?”

“Not really dear and in order for them to work right they need to be put on properly”

I guess I can watch to see how it is done first.


“Great meet me upstairs in ten minutes” she replied as she got the package from the kitchen and went into her room.

I shortly followed her upstairs.

“Grab your Pjs from your room first”

“Okay” I replied as I went to my room to get a pair of pajama bottoms. I returned to see a towel in the middle of the floor with what looked like an oversized diaper next to it. It looks just like what my sister wears but bigger. She does seem to enjoy them.

“First, do you need to use the bathroom because you can’t put these back on after your remove them”

“No” I lied, I did sort of have to go but I wanted to try these out.

“Okay now can you strip down for me and lay down on the towel”

I complied and slid off my dry Goodnite and got onto the towel.

“Lift and spread your legs for me”

After doing so I felt a cold moist cloth and noticed she was wiping me down with a baby wipe. She then applied a cream of some sort.

“Raise your butt up a little for a second” she said as she slid the diaper under me.

“Good you can relax, I am almost done”

She then applied what smelled like baby powder and taped up my diaper snugly.

“All set”

I sat up feeling the thickness under my rear and attempted to straighten my legs. Crinkle, the thick padding as the bulk forced my legs to stay apart.

“You have handled this very well Jack, as such, I feel you deserve a treat so how about we go to the amusement park tomorrow?”

“That sounds awesome mom” I said cheerfully as I was forced to waddle back to my room. I could hear the quiet chuckles coming from my mom.

Well that was certainly a day. I thought as I closed my door.

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Jack’s Plan Chapter 4

Story written by abdl5622.

Soon, I finished up eating and went to watch some T.V. on the couch. After a while I began to overhear my mom laughing on the phone.

“Funny, and he was okay with it”

“Oh, I don’t know. If it makes him happy than sure”

“I will let you know how things turn out”

With that my mom hung up the phone and I went back to mindlessly watching T.V.

Why is there nothing to do around here. I thought as I glanced over at my sister playing with her toys. I remember how everything was always enjoyable, never a dull moment when the world is so new.

Time went by and the only thing I could think about was being young again and how much I enjoyed it.

Maybe I will watch a movie or something. I looked through our collection to find something that I could watch with my sister in the room. Toy Story is enjoyable. I put the movie in and began to watch it. I then had an uneventful dinner and went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Oh boy, finally, I get to put these on again. I thought as I grabbed a Goodnite out of the bag and slid it on.

“Goodnight Jack”

“Night mom”

The night is not over for me. I thought as I continued to explore the padding between my legs. I began writing down my thoughts in my journal.

Today was laid back. It was a bit annoying that I missed part of the movie due to having to use the bathroom, a Goodnite would have been nice there. I paused there noticing the pressure in my bladder.

Speaking of which ahhhh. A wave of relief came over me as my crotch began getting warmer and the front of the Goodnite began to swell.

It is an interesting feeling, being in your room, in front of your computer and just peeing. It also feels great. I might try to take my plan even further tomorrow. I am unsure though, wearing at night is one thing but during the day. That is another thing entirely. I mean what would people say? What would Sam say? Maybe people won’t notice? I can always just stop if I want to anyway and Sam is not even in town. I will do it tomorrow.

I saved and shut my laptop.

Maybe a quick glass of water, I am rather thirsty.

After satisfying my thirst, I climbed into bed with a squish and fell asleep.

I awoke to a strange yet familiar damp feeling. The scent of stale urine filled the room.

Did I wet the bed? I thought as I got up out of my cold damp bed. I shivered as I felt a drop of urine run down my leg. Glancing down at the sodden Goodnite and thought to myself, I can’t believe I unintentionally wet the bed… I mean I guess it is not such a big deal considering now I don’t have to fake it or lie about it. I should get changed into some dry clothes.

I took a shower and got dressed.

What should I tell mom? I never see my sister leak. Did I do something wrong? I thought as a nervously walked into the kitchen.

“Morning Jack”

“Hi mom” I replied as I gestured toward the hall. My mom sort of picked up on the fact that I wanted to talk to her in private and we both went into the hall.

“What’s wrong Jack? Did something happen?”

“Last night, it seems that the Goodnites didn’t work to well”

“Oh, you leaked, I am sorry dear, I will wash your sheets up. You probably need something better than Goodnites. I will pick up somethings at the store later today. Do you mind watching your sister while I’m gone?”

“No problem. I did not know there was a better version of Goodnites”

“They are not exactly the same, we will talk about it when I get back”

I then went to finish up my breakfast and began to watch T.V.

I wonder what she meant by that. No matter, the real question I need to ask myself is if I should attempt the daytime wetting. My thoughts were interrupted by my mom leaving for the store.

“Bye Jack, I am heading to the store. Your sister is outside in the sandbox”

“Okay mom, see you soon”

I had better keep an eye on my sister. I thought as I went outside into our fenced in backyard and approached the colorful swing set.

I sat down on the yellow plastic swing and watched my sister play in the sandbox. Alright Jack, is it really a good idea to attempt daytime wetting? It would make it so I would not have to miss scenes from movies. However, what would people say if they saw me? Well, Goodnites are discrete and the only person who will know would be mom. Who knows, maybe she will spend more time with me.

I felt a familiar pressure coming from my bladder. I darted my eyes around to make sure no one was looking and that my sister was facing the house. No one is watching. My heart was racing, and I was beginning to sweat. I took a deep breathe and relaxed my bladder. I could feel a couple of drops then a light stream. I could feel the fabric becoming warm and damp. I looked at my crotch to see a darkened area about the size of a baseball growing as drops began to drip down my leg and off of the swing. Finally, my bladder was empty and the deed had been done. No turning back now. I thought as I look back at my sister to ensure that she had not seen anything. She was now standing up and gazing at the door. She dropped her shovel and squatted down, placing her arms around her legs. She stayed like that for a couple minutes. What is she doing? Is something wrong? She then stood up, patted her padded bum and continued playing. It then clicked. Oh, she was doing THAT. At least we are outside so I don’t have to smell it. Something that I don’t think I will ever do in a Goodnite.

After about fifteen minutes I heard my mom pull up and watched as my sister jumped up to go and say hi to her. Now how am I going to explain this to mom. I thought about it for a while and could not think of anything to say. before my mom came outside.

“Sorry about that Jack, I had to change your sister before putting her down for a nap”

“No problem. But I… uhh… sort of had”

“an accident” she finished. I just lowered my head in shame.

“It’s okay. Just tell me what happened”

“I was sitting here watching Katie when I began to daydream. When I returned to reality, I found that my shorts were soaked. I was scared to tell you”

“I’m not mad Jack. It is probably just a phase that you will grow out of. You should go take a shower and get into dry clothes”

“That sounds nice mom” I replied as I got up from the damp seat.

“One more thing. I think it would be wise if you wore one of your Goodnites. Just to be safe”

I nodded. Well the plan worked. Now let’s hope that it was the right move.

Story written by abdl5622.

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