Sparks Dynamax Form

Sparks Dynamax FormOther possible titles: “Pichuzilla”, “Attack of the 50 foot pichu” and “You made Sparks angry!”

Draw and everything by pichu90


Awww it sure seems like someone have made Sparks very angry. I wounder what have happen that have make him want to go to Dynamax Form?

But i am sure not surprised that Incineroar and Pikachu is afraid of this big Pichu.


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Bulk up!

Bulk up!Draw and everything by Small_Circles


At least it is something that he is bulking up. The only thing he needs now is a new and clean diaper.

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Fury Swipes!

Fury Swipes!Diapered cat daddy.

Draw and everything by Small_Circles_


Looks like Incineroar is to busy trying to getting the key from Klefki that he dont have notes that he have messy his diaper.

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