Ice cream

Ice cream + Cake = Love

Ice cream + Cake = LoveA Birthday Gift for wen

Draw by ConejoBlanco


Looks like they are going to eat cake and have some ice cream :)

It sure going to be nice thing for this two to eat. They sure seems to be really excited right now.

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I Scream for Ice Cream

I Scream for Ice Cream

Draw and everything by bolzan_the_twilight_guardian


Giggle maybe he should eat up the first one before he order another one ;)

But maybe he is afraid that they run out of ice cream if he not order some more right now.

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A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 24

A Day in the Life of the Smith Brothers 24‘I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream For Ice Cream!’

After the boys got dressed they rushed out to the kitchen to find their mother serving ice cream for dessert. Since the boys were moderately behaved that day, Cheryl thought they deserved a treat before bed.

Characters and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tato


They sure seems to be pretty happy about that they going to receive some nice and lovely ice cream before bed :)

It sure not hard to notes how happy Caiden is about this surprise :)

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Yookey loooves her icecream

Yookey loooves her icecreamGood thing I’m by a beach. I just gotta go into the water to clean.. cause I’m making quite a mess.
And I know I shouldn’t have icecream in general but… lets pretend its lactose freee. right? *nods* yep. Can have it.

Yookey and text by Yookey

Draw by toddlergirl


Aww Yookey look so happy when she is eating here ice cream so here mouth is all covered in some nice melting ice cream.

This is one sweet pose of this cute red panda. Looks like the day at the beach is perfect :)

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Reload Beach Donut

Reload Beach DonutCharacter belongs to Yookey and poofy shark

Draw by Zanten94


Sure looks like this two cubs is going to have a nice and fun time at the beach today.

They look so cute and happy together. Wounder way only Poofy shark is eating a ice cream and not Yookey to?

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Ice cream makes him messy

Ice cream makes him messySuch a messy butt! xP
Good thing it wasn’t chocolate ice cream! :D

It’s Hdofu’s birthday today and I wanted to draw him a little gift. x3
Still a summer theme cos’ I still wanted to draw some personal art that takes place in Summer. :P

PS. I’ve added more yellow stripes on Rex cos they’re cool!

Hdofu © hdofu
Rex © ReXam-1
art © ReXam-1


Poor Hdofu looks like the ice cream that Rex should have eaten have end up on Hdofu diaper butt instead of his mouth and it look kind of funny to see.

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How is this thing work?

How is this thing work?

Yes how should i eat this? Maybe i should go and ask mom about it? Because i dont know how i should eat this ice cream. Is so hard to know what to do when you eat a ice cream the first time. Or maybe i understand more if i try to eat this thing.

Draw by:  zinky.

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