Play Interrupted

Play Interrupted

It was shaping up to be an awesome day at the park. Dee and Tacki were on a little playdate together there with their moms and were having a ball. The best part was the two managed to ingratiate themselves with a group of big kids (we’re talking like 4 or 5 year olds here). The other kids didn’t seem to mind, or notice that Dee and Tacki were still kinda little compared to them.

All together, the group played tag and swung on the swing sets, and went up and down on the teeter-totters. The funniest thing happened at the latter activity when all the cubs tried to cram as many bodies on either side of the see-saws to try and balance everything out. This experiment was cut short when one of the parents came over and informed the group that this wasn’t the right way to use the playground equipment.

All in all, Tacki and Dee both smiled and agreed to themselves that they had finally made it. They were finally moving slowly into the glorious days of big boy-ness. The fact that they were able to finally romp around and hold their own against kids twice their age and not get banished to the sandboxes was proof enough. The whole group agreed on playing some Hide and Seek now that some of the playground equipment was off limits. The little husky and dragon bounced in giggly excitement at the thought of playing another game with their new friends.

Suddenly, both their moms came calling for them. At first, the two thought they had to go home, but it was actually worse than that. Mrs. Dee and Mrs. Tacki both noticed the trademark walking gait and body movements their little ones were making as they were playing with their friends. This was a sure sign that the two were carrying a little extra weight on their bottoms and were also probably soggier than anything.
“Come over here Dee and Tacki,” said Mrs. Dee.
“I think we see two little boys who need their diapers changed!” teased Mrs. Tacki.

Dee and Tacki’s newfound friends looked at the two toddlers and burst into giggles. A few were holding their noses and one of the girls told their moms that they “prolly messed their diapers a little while ago.” Thanks Princess Obvious! Stunned by the loss of their newfound respect, the boys were picked up by their mommies and brought over to the car. As they laid there in the back seat of their car, the two boys were painfully aware of how little they still were. They had no idea that they needed a change and thus, were still a long time away from potty training.

By the time their public change was finished, the big kids were already off in the wooded area on the other side of the park, playing hide and seek. Tacki and Dee just stood there. Both their mommies thought that the day was getting hotter so they simply left the boys in their T-shirts and diapers. Not moving anywhere fast, Dee and Tacki’s moms hoisted them up on their shoulders. The ladies placed both of them down in a nearby sandbox while they sat on a bench close by, gossiping and completely unaware of how embarrassed their little ones were.

starring BGYPUPFNTM and Tacki

Draw and above text by Tacki


Awww poor thing diaper change always seems to be happen/needed in the worst moment. Looks like the bigger kids got a reminder that they wear playing whit cubs.

Looks like its sandbox playtime now and they dont seems to be happy about there moms decisions :(

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Regression Obsession

 Regression ObsessionI get babied a lot by my friends to the point where I start to shrink out of your clothes and lose control of yourself. Next thing you know, I’m 3 feet tall, standing in a shallow pool of my jeans in a full pamper..

I don’t think I’ll ever be big anytime soon..

Draw and everything by BetaBrothers


Yes someone sure is standing here now whit a pretty well used diaper. I bet some of the adult that is around him sure going to change his messy heavy diaper.

Poor thing that sure going to be even more blushing moments then.

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In my summer mood already – liltigermunk

this husky sure seems to have a fun time today visiting the ocean and ruining around in the water. I only hope the diaper he is wearing is a swim diaper :)

But it dont look like one to me :(

But at lest he is having some fun :)

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Sneaky Squirt

Sneaky SquirtMisha thinking he’s being clever. Poor Kobie!

Order by ?

Draw and text by Blankie


Awww poor Kobie i sure wounder way his friend Misha decide to do something like this?

Maybe he wants to make sure that his friend stay well padded like he?

Sometimes it can be hard to understand way cubs do the things that they do.

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Out of Order

Out of Order
An attempt was made.

The husky and above text belongs to Megamatt215

Draw by JackGrowling


Good thing the diaper is newer out of order :)

It sure is a good thing to be wearing diapers special when this sort of things happen. Now he only need to go and find mommy so she could help him get back into some clean and dry diapers :)

But at lest he try to make it to the big boys potty even if the big boys potty is out of order. That thing sure newer happen when you are wearing a diaper :)

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Not helping

Not helping

Not helping Doux!!

Order by CodyOmega

Draw by Badgersmoogle


Poor fox looks like his new daddy really wont him to be using his diaper like a good little cub and not fight it.

Daddy sure is right a good cub using his diaper when he needs to go. Its a daddy’s job to be checking that diaper and see if it needs to be change to avoid leaks or bad rash from spending to many hours in a soggy or messy diaper.

Daddy really looking forward to feel his cubs diaper front getting all warm and squishy.

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Brother Knows Best II

Brother Knows Best II“See?” Chase smirked, lifting his phone up, “I don’t know why you argue with me when you just end up agreeing anyway.”

Dash clutched the arms of the sofa nervously. The need to let it out almost invalidated the fact that his younger brother was watching. He just had to accept that it was coming out and going into his diaper regardless, and this was far better than sleeping in it.

“Here we are, baby’s first poop,” Chase said seemingly randomly, until Dash realised he was being recorded again. He wanted to whine, and plead, but it would surely only make the footage even more embarrassing for him.

Instead, Dash let go as much as he pushed, and with an uncontrollable grunt-comewhimper, his diaper filled up at the seat, faster than he could push it out. It was a truly powerless experience, having held it for so long, that once the barriers released, his body forced it out under the pretence of ‘control’. Wave after wave, his diaper filled, spreading, a great mushy lump between his cheeks.

Almost out of breath, paws clutching the sofa, he looked up red-faced to signal he was done, giving the camera quite the shot of his exasperated face, he realised.

Chase wasn’t done though.”

Draw and everything by Gordo


Aww poor thing the first messy diaper is always something new and sometime it can be bad. And from the conversation they are having it sounds like they wear some embarrassing moment recorded on a phone :(

Someone sure have a very strong power over someone here between this two brothers.

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Messy Cowgirl

Messy Cowgirl The diaper messing husky belongs to MasterLeo

Draw by overflo207


Poor girl looks like she really needs to put some good push here to get out the messy stuff in here system. It really seems to be a pretty hard task to be doing right now :(

But i bet she is going to feel so relief when she is finish and empty here bowel into the waiting diaper.

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