High chair

Only Good Babies Get Treats

Only Good Babies Get TreatsElementalWolf getting the Hypno treatment strapped to a chair in a thick soaked diaper, with something wriggling up their back side and their mate in the back screen showing what a good baby he is! that hypno therapy does wonders!

Order and furry belongs to ElementalWolf

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32113238/

Yes the hypnosis message sure is right only good babies get treats.

But i dont think that he going to love the treats that he think.

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Highchair Judy

Highchair Judy
Cute Judy is stuck in a highchair being fed hypno mush with extra laxative power.

Judy Hopps and Duke Weaselton from Zootopia.

Draw and everything by chuckybb

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31987659/

It sure most be some very powerful laxative in that food that Weaselton is force feeding Judy. She already seems to have made a mess in here diaper. I bet it going to be even more well use before Weaselton is finish whit the feeding.

But bye then i think the hypnotic food have taking control over here mind so she don’t care about something like the status of here diaper.

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Feast of the Gods

Feast of the Gods

Lord Anubis squirmed in his new ‘throne’. It had been several weeks since The Usurper appeared and took control of everything: his people, his world, his powers. In that time, the Jackal deity only knew of his slow decent based on everything he had lost.

Almost immediately he had lost his freedom, as the ever present chains proved. Quickly after, his independence was diminished as the first of what seemed to be an eternity of fluffy cloth diapers was pinned around his hips and those of his highest commanders.

Looking back, Lord Anubis could see the road he was forced to take. The many humiliating diaper changes, forced to play with toys and games more suited to small children with his lieutenants, and other steps towards his destination of forced infancy.

Squirming again in his chair, Lord Anubis could only scowl as he looked around the feeding room.
The Jackal’s lip turned up as he looked at the faux-canopic jars arranged on a counter, a perversion for what they should have stood for. Now simply food containers modeled after tributes to his old self.

The only attendants were two Anubians stationed at the door, both well diapered, though lacking any of the traditional weaponry or ceremonial armor they’d otherwise wear.

He could feel it coming, another part of his shame. His mortal body often betraying him as the weeks had passed, keeping himself dry had become nearly impossible as lately he had found himself growing damp without even realizing it.

The more humiliating act he had far more control over, perhaps to give The Usurper more pleasure at the sight of a fallen deity forced to give into such an act. His diet ensured a shameful, sizable weight under his tail at least once a day, followed by yet another humiliating change.

Feeling his control slipping, Lord Anubis had no choice as he pushed hard against the tray holding him in place, lifting his rear end off of the seat as he grit his teeth. Unwilling to meet the gaze of the attendants who were no doubt watching him intently, the fallen Jackal could only grunt and bark as the relief began.

Slowly, but with increasing speed, Lord Anubis felt the uncomfortably heaviness in his stomach transferred to a hefty, warm bulge stretching out the cotton of his diaper. The relief was quick, spurring him on to push more and feel better, though the heady feelings were too brief as he knew what he had just done again.

Unwilling to sit back down on the cushion he made, the Jackal perched himself awkwardly in the seat, relatively stuck in place by the chains securing him, and waited for The Usurper to arrive to feed him. Perhaps he’d get a change before his bib was put on, though it was more likely he’d be forced to settle back into his shame before earning the first spoonful of mushed food.

Order and above text by Seifer

Draw by camboody

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31480434/

Wow it sure seems like someone was forced to make one hug messy in his diaper. Good that the diaper manage to handle everything and i hope he dont start leaking now when he is force to sit down when he is going to have some food. It sure dont going to be nice eating when you are sitting in this very messy diaper :(

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Bratty Buizel

Bratty Buizel

Looks like Tommy is such as a bratty buizel today.

Tommy and above text by TommyBuizel

Draw by SugarMable

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31314813/

Poor Tommy wounder way he is so angry today during food time? Maybe he have woke up on the wrong time or maybe he have receive some food that he dont like.

Looks like someone going to have to deal whit a very grumpy cub today :(

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Cushy Day In

Cushy Day InDon’t worry, they know the normal delivery guy and they tip LOTS. Very liberal town, I suppose.

Commission for frozenpawpadz – Colors by suddenlytsumi

Sketch and above text by Immelmann

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30782827/

Yes it sure is kind of special to get your food home delivered. And it seems like this two bull order food allot :)

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Subliminal Baby 2 Part 7

This story is written by Elfy

The next few days were rough for Steven.

When he went to bed the night of his traumatic day with Linda, Steven prayed that his accident was a one-off. He laid awake for a long time before eventually succumbing to exhaustion, he was terrified of wetting himself in his sleep again. He had taken a long time to calm down in the evening and had eventually rationalised what had happened as just an accident. Accidents happen, no need to worry.

When Steven opened his eyes the next morning he found Ritchie had come into the nursery again. He felt his older brother’s hand probing the bottom of his diaper and, judging by the giggling, Steven’s worst fears were confirmed.

Rolling over, Steven immediately felt the swollen padding between his legs and realised that his accident during his nap was not a one-off at all.

Each of the subsequent nights found the same thing happening. Steven would go to bed completely dry and then wake up the next morning soaked. Each day Steven felt his heart drop as he found out and he would start crying over his loss of control. More and more, Steven was spending his time crying to get attention or help from his Mom.

This was only highlighted by Ritchie’s recovery. Ritchie was having no problems keeping his pull-ups dry. Not only that, but Ritchie had graduated from using the childish potty to using the grown up toilet. Frequently, Steven would find himself in a diaper that he didn’t remember wetting and watching his brother calmly walk to the bathroom without an issue. It was becoming increasingly evident that Ritchie was almost completely recovered.

It was miserable for Steven. He was watching his brother progressing very quickly and receiving heaps of praise from Mom for it. Meanwhile he was frequently in a diaper that was wet and had to accept that he was back in the subordinate role that he had been in when all of this started, the only difference was he had made his position much worse.

The routine was dull. Everyday felt the same and became very predictable, the monotony was made worse by the taunting Steven started getting from Ritchie. As Ritchie recovered from the effects of the messaging, his confidence also returned until Ritchie was back to lording over his brother with impunity.

It was a surprise, therefore, when after his post-breakfast diaper change one morning the regime was change. Instead of his usual onesie or similarly infantile clothing, Steven was dressed in the same tight shorts and t-shirt that he had worn when he had been taken to the shops right after all this begun. It felt like so long ago.

“It’s a lovely day today.” Karen said as she indicated the sunny day outside the window, “We should go for a walk.”

Steven’s mouth dropped open and he felt his mouth go very dry very suddenly. Going outside? In these diapers? No, not again!

Of course, Steven had no say in matters any more. His opinion was no more important than a baby’s opinion. Karen simply got Steven dressed and ready to leave whilst Ritchie got himself ready. Ritchie was even able to tie his own shoelaces, Steven watched with interest as it seemed like his brother was able to do complex things, surely he was recovered enough that Steven could be let out of his diapers.

Even as Steven thought this he felt the front of his padding warming around his crotch. He sighed as he realised that even if he was allowed to grow up again, he would need to re-train himself to get out of diapers again. This thought was both terrifying and very frustrating.

Steven was reluctantly led out the of the door. He followed his mother and brother as they walked down the street. Karen and Ritchie talked happily and were enjoying the day whilst Steven hung back several paces and felt remarkably self-conscious. He could hear his crinkling and kept smoothing out his clothes as he did his best to hide the bulky underwear he was wearing.

Every time the three of them walked past someone, Steven found himself tensing up and then turning to watch them walk away to see if they looked around at him or laughed or anything.

It was when the family were nearly home and Steven was watching a middle-aged lady walking away that he suddenly heard a voice in front of him that he recognised.

“Steven? Is that you?” The male voice caused Steven to quickly spin back around to look in front of him again.

“Oh, hi Charlie…” Steven said reluctantly. His worst nightmare scenario was in front of him. One of his good friends, someone he had known since elementary school, someone Steven hadn’t seen since all of this started, was now in front of him on his bike.

“Where have you been?” Charlie asked Steven innocently, “You haven’t been hanging out, you haven’t been online… We’ve been wondering where you were.”

“Oh, I’ve just been, erm, busy…” Steven replied vaguely. As he spoke he smoothed out his clothes again, he thought he heard himself crinkle slightly but prayed that it was just his imagination. He hadn’t thought about it but disappearing suddenly from all of his friends must have made them all quite worried.

At this point, Ritchie had noticed that his brother had stopped and started talking to someone Ritchie had seen Steven hang around with a few times before. He told his Mom that he would be in soon and smiled a devilish smile before swaggering towards his younger brother. Karen duly walked a few houses up the street and then turned into her house’s front yard.

“Anyway, I had better be going.” Steven could see Ritchie walking over and wanted to get away. He could see the look on Ritchie’s face and knew that hanging around would not be good for him.

“Going?” Charlie repeated, “But where have you been? When are we going to see you again?”

“I don’t know. Look, I have to go!” Steven was getting desperate and practically shouted at his friend as he started walking past Charlie’s bike.

“Whoa, where are you going, little bro?” Ritchie roughly put his arm around Steven’s shoulder and stopped him just as he was standing next to his friend, “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?”

Steven scowled. He knew Ritchie had no interest in who Steven was talking to, and yet he had to play along or risk Ritchie exposing his secret.

“Charlie… This is my brother Ritchie.” Steven said flatly. He tried to pull free of Ritchie’s grip but Ritchie used his superior strength to hold Steven in position. Steven was feeling really nervous and wanted to get away, he would have done anything right then to be able to wriggle out of his brother’s arms.

“Hi Ritchie.” Charlie said slowly. This was strange, Charlie already knew who Ritchie was. Ritchie had never been interested in Charlie before.

“So what were you two talking about?” Ritchie asked. He did his best to pretend to be enthusiastic, he could feel Steven cringing and trying to pull away but Ritchie made sure his brother stayed rooted to the spot.

“I was just asking where Steven had been.” Charlie replied as he turned back to Steven.

“Ah yes!” Ritchie chuckled slightly, “It’s a great story! Steven, why don’t you tell your friend where you have been recently.”

“I… I…” Steven could feel his face blushing. He wanted to run away but his stronger older brother held him in place. What could he say? With Ritchie right next to him he couldn’t even lie.

“Go on, Steven.” Ritchie said patting Steven hard on the back, “Unless you would prefer I tell him…”

Steven was frozen. His breathing was ragged and he couldn’t seem to move his arms or legs. He could feel Charlie’s confusion as he stared at Steven, why wouldn’t he look away?

“He’s so shy!” Ritchie said, “Not to worry. I’ll tell you.”

Steven hesitantly turned his head to Ritchie. He was pleading with him through his eyes to not tell Charlie what was happening. At that moment he would do anything to hide the truth.

“Steven decided to play a prank on me a few weeks ago.” Ritchie began, “And needless to say it was perhaps a little more serious than a prank… More like assault.”

Steven couldn’t believe that Ritchie was telling someone about what had happened. He wanted the ground to open up, but instead he was forced to just stand there and stare open-mouthed at Charlie as Ritchie relayed the whole sordid affair to him.

“So anyway, to cut a long story short Steven is now being punished for what he did. He isn’t getting out of the house much.” Ritchie concluded.

Steven suddenly felt relief crash over him like a wave. Ritchie had not gone into specifics, Steven had a chance to make sure no one ever knew what had happened.

“Oh, OK. Well when does the punish-” Charlie began.

“Do you smell that?” Ritchie suddenly interrupted as he sniffed the air in an exaggerated way.

Steven was confused, he sniffed the air but nothing seemed unusual. From the confused look on Charlie’s face, he guessed that Charlie had no idea what Ritchie was talking about either. Steven just wanted to leave this awkward situation.

“Hold on. Need to check something.” Ritchie said as he turned to Steven.

Steven didn’t react fast enough. It dawned on him too late as to what was happening, he watched in shock as Ritchie suddenly grabbed the sides of his shorts and yanked them down. Steven’s wet diaper was exposed to the world, and Steven felt like his stomach had dropped with the shorts.

“Better check my little brother hasn’t filled his diaper again.” Ritchie said casually as if checking an 18-year-old’s diaper was a normal thing to do.

Steven let out a small yelp of horror as he felt Ritchie pull the back of his diaper away from his skin to see if he was messy. Steven was clean, of course he was clean, Steven knew his brother knew that too but it was an excuse to humiliate him.

“What the hell!?” Charlie nearly fell of his bike as he stared at his friend’s crotch, “Is that a… Is that a… Steven, what is going on?”

Steven couldn’t respond. His knees felt weak and Ritchie’s arm was the only thing keeping him upright. Steven just shook his head as his mouth failed to form any kind of response, the tears that never seemed far away started rushing to the front of Steven’s eyes. He looked up and down the street to see if anyone else was seeing this embarrassing exposure, it was with despair that Steven saw several people up and down the street turning to see what the commotion about.

“Oh, Steven didn’t tell you?” Ritchie asked in mock surprise, “My little brother has had some problems staying clean and dry lately. Me and Mom have had to put him in diapers because he keeps wetting and messing himself like a baby.”

Ritchie let go of Steven’s diaper but didn’t pull his shorts up. He smiled maliciously at Steven.

“Revenge is a bitch.” Ritchie whispered as he leaned in close to Steven. The street was quiet but Ritchie could tell that other people had seen what was going on. The secret was out.

“Oh my God.” Charlie mouthed. The sides of Charlie’s mouth twitched upwards as he recovered from the shock slightly, “It’s wet too!”

“Yes, little Stevie just isn’t ready for big boy pants yet.” Ritchie responded sadly. He acted like a father who was trying to potty train a difficult child.

“I have to show they guys!” Charlie laughed as he pulled out his phone and held it up.

Steven uselessly shook his head again and felt the tears in his eyes fall down his cheeks. He started sobbing again. He desperately tried not to cry like an infant but he couldn’t help himself as Charlie took pictures from several angles. Charlie and Ritchie laughed at the humiliation.

Steven finally felt Ritchie’s grip loosen. He didn’t even stop to think, Steven started waddling towards home just down the street. He was so desperate to get out of the public eye that he didn’t even pause to pick up his shorts.

Waddling down the street towards home and being hampered by his shorts, Steven was chased by the mocking laughter and catcalls of his brother and friend.

“Mommy! Mommy!” Steven wailed as he rounded the garden gate and headed into the house.

Steven just wanted to get away from the scary and unwelcome world. He needed the safety of his Mom and his nursery. He was desperate to go back to the comforts he had grown used to.

The rest of the day was spent recovering from the horror of the morning. Steven just turned his brain off and went through the motions as he considered the fact that he could never go back to the life he had before.

Charlie would no doubt be circling the stories and pictures. Even as Steven sat in his nursery with his pacifier and a teddy bear, he knew Charlie would be telling everyone. He would be the source of all rumours, his terrible secret would be known to everyone in town. There was no way to recover without leaving the area and he had no way to do that.

His shock and horror was not helped that evening when, as he was spoon fed a couple of jars of bland baby food, Ritchie announced that he felt like he was free of the effects of the messaging. He smiled as he told Mom that he felt normal again. Whilst they hugged and celebrated, Steven just fumed in the highchair. His social life was over but just like usual, Mom had sided with Ritchie and Steven was supposed to be happy for him.

If ever there was a silver lining, it would be that it would surely allow Steven a chance to grow up again. He had held on to this hope ever since he noticed Ritchie improving, when Ritchie was free of any regression effects there would be no point in continuing the cruel punishment.

“Well then, Ritchie, if you’re really feeling better.” Mom said as she stood up to clear away the plates, “Maybe you would like to change Steven for bed?”

“I would love to.” Ritchie replied with an innocent smile, “Anything to help you out Mom.”

As soon as Mom had turned towards the kitchen, Ritchie’s gaze fell on Steven and his face went from innocent smile to twisted smirk. Ritchie stood up and walked around the table.

“Come on, little one!” Ritchie said in syrupy baby tones, “Let’s get you changed.”

Steven scowled as his high chair restraints were undone. Ritchie lifted Steven on to his unsteady legs on the floor, and grabbed his hand to lead him towards the stairs.

This was the worst, Steven thought. This must surely be as bad as things could ever get. There was no possible way things could get worse. He trooped up the stairs behind his brother and sulked as he realised Ritchie was going to milk this for all it was worth. Embarrassing him as much as possible. It wasn’t fair! Steven never humiliated Ritchie, just helped him when he needed it.

Steven suddenly came up with a wicked idea as he waddled around the corner to his nursery. He stopped on the spot and squatted down, scrunching up his face he pushed down with all his tummy muscles. If Ritchie was going to make this difficult for Steven it seemed only fair that Steven returned the favour.

“Steven what are you… No!” Ritchie suddenly realised that Steven was filling his diaper right before his change. The smile on Steven’s face made sure Ritchie knew that it was on purpose.

Steven didn’t really need to go but as he pushed down with his muscles, he forced out a small amount of poop that dropped snuggly into the seat of his diaper. It was far from the huge messing that he had been accused of doing on purpose a few days ago. But it was enough that Ritchie would have to deal with it. It was a very small act of defiance.

Ritchie grumbled as Steven stood up again. Ritchie pulled his younger brother to the changing table and helped him to get up and lay down on it. Steven’s messy diaper squelched against the changing table and made his small accident slightly worse.

Steven smiled. It was a tiny thing to do, an almost meaningless protest, but Steven felt like a small victory was still a victory and he would take what he could get at the moment.

“Gross…” Ritchie moaned as he set about wiping his brothers behind, “I can’t believe you did that.”

Steven couldn’t suppress a small giggle from escaping his mouth. Forcing his brother to clean his messy bottom was a small victory to end a terrible day on.

“Oh, good you haven’t put him down yet.” Both boys turned to see Karen in the doorway, “Wait… Did he mess himself again?”

“Yep.” Ritchie replied through gritted teeth as he scraped the last of the sticky poop off of his brother’s butt, “Just as we got in the room. Looked like he did on purpose too, he laughed as he did it.”

“Well, I was just about to come in here with a pretty big decision. Maybe, the choice has already been made…” Karen said thoughtfully.

Steven felt his legs lifted as the old diaper was slid out and folded up and a fresh diaper was placed under him. He was only half paying attention to what was going on, having had so many diaper changes at this point it really didn’t bother him much anymore. Both his mother and brother had frequently seen him naked by now. This was the first time he was being changed by Ritchie but was that really a big deal?

“What’s up, Mom?” Ritchie asked as he sprinkled some powder over Steven’s crotch.

“When I found out what Steven had done to you.” Mom started saying. Steven perked up a bit and started paying some more attention, “I promised myself that when you were back to normal that we would then talk about ending the punishment of Steven.”

Steven eyes jumped wide open as he felt his heart flutter with joy. Could this really be the end of this nightmare? Steven looked up at his brother’s face as Ritchie pulled the front of the diaper up and began smoothing it out. Steven noticed that Ritchie looked suddenly annoyed, clearly Ritchie wasn’t too happy with the idea of allowing Steven to get out of diapers.

“But I think it would only be fair if the person who got to decide what happens next… Is you, Ritchie.” Karen continued.

Steven’s face turned from one of joy to one of horror. His brother, the brother he had done such damage to, the one who been increasingly taunting towards Steven as he recovered, that same brother would get to choose what would happen next!?

“Mom… You can’t let-” Steven began to say.

“Quiet, Steven. I have made my mind up. You lay there and let Ritchie finish diapering you.” Karen said shortly to her younger son.

Steven lapsed into silence as Ritchie slowly taped Steven into the new diaper. He tried to study his older brother’s face for some sign of what he was thinking but all he could see was someone in intense thought.

Steven thought back to all the times he and his brother had fought each other growing up. The pranks, the tricks, the mean words and the fights… There was rarely peace between them, they were so different. Then everything in the last couple of months happened, the regression and revenge went beyond typical sibling rivalry. What he had done to his brother had crossed the line a long time ago.

“I’m sorry.” Steven whispered to his brother with a voice restricted by fear and emotion, “Please… Forgive me.”

Ritchie looked at Steven and then placed the last tape of his diaper. As he thought about it, Karen took Steven and led him back to the crib. She put the side up and Steven eagerly crawled to the bars to look at his brother who seemed to wrestling with a decision.

“Ritchie?” Karen asked. She walked over and put her arm around her older son, “Whatever you choose, I will support you. If I’m totally honest all this stuff has reminded me how much I miss having you guys in diapers.”

Ritchie chuckled slightly. He looked up to see his padded and fearful brother and then looked back at the floor. He bit his lip as he continued thinking. Ritchie still had Steven’s last diaper in his hand. It was all balled up but Ritchie could see some of the discolouration, he could feel the extra weight that had been added by his petulant brother deliberately pooping himself.

There was a minute of near silence and it was getting unbearable for Steven as he waited for a verdict like an accused man at court.

“Steven tried to hurt me permanently…” Ritchie started.

“NO!” Steven shouted. It was never meant to be permanent. He would have helped him recover… Eventually.

“Quiet.” Ritchie responded forcefully as he looked up and locked eyes with Steven.

“If Mom had never found those files on your computer you would have left me regressed, a shell of my former self.” Ritchie continued.

Steven shook his head furiously but otherwise remained impotently quiet.

“Watching you intentionally mess yourself just before I had to change you made me realise how petty and childish you are. I don’t think you have learned your lesson at all.” Ritchie accused.

Steven felt a tear run down his cheek as he shook his head slowly. This couldn’t be happening, if he knew his Mom would give Ritchie this choice tonight he would never have messed himself like he did. He would never have done half of the things he had done.

“So…” Ritchie continued, “I think Steven’s punishment should continue. I think he should be left like this for quite a while yet.”

“Are you sure?” Karen asked as Steven started sobbing gently.

“Yes.” Ritchie said shortly, “He wanted to take my future away. So I think he should be left until I get my future back, until I finish college.”

Steven’s mouth dropped open. That would be three years at the very least! Surely they weren’t going to leave him like this for that long. That would be unthinkable torture. Steven looked to his Mom, his last line of defence.

“Ok, Sweetie.” Karen said, “Steven will be the baby until you decide to let him grow up.”

Karen and Ritchie hugged as Steven burst into fresh tears. He felt the front of his diaper warming as his bladder emptied without him having any say in it. After a few seconds, Karen and Ritchie started walking out the room.

“Wait!” Steven yelled desperately as they were going to close the door.

Karen and Ritchie stopped and turned to face the young man in the crib.

“You can’t do this!” Steven begged desperately through his tears, “You can’t leave me like this for that long.”

“We can.” Karen corrected him, “And we will. Don’t forget, I still have the evidence of what you did to your brother.”

Karen and Ritchie turned to leave again. They were nearly through the door which was closing on Steven’s hopes and dreams.

“Wait!” Steven yelled again. He was desperate, he knew he wouldn’t change their minds but he felt like he would go mad if left like this. He had one last idea. If he was going to be stuck like this or a long time, maybe there was one way he could soften the blow.

“What?” Karen said impatiently.

“Use the messaging…” Steven said quietly. His head dropped and the tears ran down his cheeks.

“Excuse me?” Karen asked unsure of if she heard her son correctly.

“The mobile… With the programming on it… Use it on me.” It pained Steven to ask for his own re-programming but surely it would be better to just let himself regress rather than fighting this impossible battle for years to come.

“I couldn’t do that.” Karen replied with a look of concern.

“If you are going to keep me like this… Please, just do me this one thing.” Steven asked again, “You saw Ritchie when he was little. Yeah, it wasn’t perfect but he was OK with it. I would rather be like that than tortured every day.”

Karen stared at her son for a few seconds and then slowly nodded her head. She sent Ritchie to get the mobile which he did. She attached it above the mobile slowly and looked at Steven.

“It isn’t forever.” Karen said sternly, “You will be punished until Ritchie sees fit to let it end.”

Steven nodded with apprehension as he eyed the mobile with worry. Slowly Steven laid down on top of his cover, his crinkling underwear rustling in the otherwise silent room. He still felt tears falling from his face but the sobs were silent. He closed his eyes and prepared for what was to come, he knew it would take a little while to kick in and who knows what effects would last from long term exposure. He was soon to find out.

Karen leaned over the railings and, with one last look at Steven, she switched on the mobile and left the room. Closing the door behind her she sighed deeply and looked at Ritchie who was standing on the landing waiting for her.

“He will be punished for as long as you wish.” Karen told Ritchie, “Just like I promised.”

Ritchie nodded and hugged his Mom. After he let her go he walked to his bedroom, the room that had once been Steven’s and quietly closed the door.

Sitting on his bed, Ritchie didn’t move for a little while. He waited until he heard his Mom pottering away in the kitchen downstairs. He knew he was alone, Steven couldn’t leave the crib even if he wanted to and Ritchie would hear his Mom coming from a mile away.

Ritchie took a deep breath and reached down between his legs. With sweaty palms he reached around until his hand found a soft plastic. He grabbed it hungrily and pulled it out, looking around slowly to make sure he was alone.

Ritchie pulled the plastic underwear out and held it up to his body. One of the diapers that he had been forced into, one of the diapers Steven was currently wearing in the crib as he was brainwashed. He looked at it in wonder, such a simple thing had developed such an attraction.

The diaper was smooth, white and full of little pictures of little toys and balloons and with the classic wetness indicator strip running from front to back. Ritchie hugged the diaper to his chest and breathed in its slightly babyish scent. He closed his eyes and smiled as he laid himself down on the bed. He definitely felt completely adult again but something drew him to these diapers.

Ritchie knew that despite being fully able to control his bladder properly, the diapers he had grown to love would still play a large role in his life.


The church was hot and stuffy. Ritchie fiddled with his suit as he watched dozens of people file in around him. He could barely believe this was happening, it was amazing how life can change so much in such a short period of time.

It was three years since Ritchie had experienced that crazy period in his life which almost felt like a dream now. In the last three years Ritchie had gone away to college and earned himself a degree in “Sports and Business Management” and then returned home. Linda had attended the same college and her degree in nursing meant she was already highly sought after even though she had very limited experience. It had been a local university so Ritchie had stayed at home, something he had been thankful for because it meant he had a constant supply of diapers. Every now and then he would take a few and no one was any the wiser.

Despite the passage of time, Ritchie’s insatiable love affair for the disposable underwear remained as strong as it ever was. There was a great deal of guilt and shame though. He felt completely unable to tell anyone about this side of him, even his family and Linda were in the dark. How could he tell them, after everything that had happened it would just be too weird.

He had spent a majority of his free time in the last three years with Steven. He watched as his brother slowly relinquished control and slipped back into an infantile state. Ritchie was fascinated to see how Steven went from resistant adult to hopeless infant. He had even begun to enjoy looking after him, the nights where Mom went out and Linda came over to help Ritchie babysit were the best.

“Knock, knock…” Linda said as she walked into the room with a big smile on her face.

“Whoa! It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!” Ritchie replied with a grin. He knew that neither of them believed in that luck nonsense.

Linda walked over to Ritchie and laid a big kiss on him. Holding him tightly she sighed as she felt his strong arms envelop her. They stayed very still for a few seconds, both of them dressed in their wedding clothes, and both feeling each other’s rapid heartbeats.

“I saw your family out there in the front row.” Linda whispered as they hugged, “Steven looks so sweet all dressed up!”

“Yeah…” Ritchie replied rather airily.

“What’s wrong?” Linda asked as she pulled away slightly.

“I just feel bad; you know?” Ritchie said as he turned to mirror he was looking at before Linda came in, “I left him to that treatment for three years. Every other week Mom would ask if I wanted to end it and I just kept saying no.”

“He would have done the same.” Linda replied softly, “You know that.”

Ritchie didn’t reply. He had let the punishment go on far too long and by the time he had agreed it was time to stop it had been a very long time since Steven had fully regressed. It had been six months since they ended the messaging and it had taken a lot longer for Steven to recover. He had been little more than an infant for so long that as they started trying to raise him again they had to teach him so much more than Ritchie had to learn.

Ritchie remembered the growing process for himself and how frustrating it could be to have to wait for the recovery to progress. He couldn’t imagine how it felt for Steven but was relieved when after a long period without any change, Steven finally began to show signs of adulthood again. He had helped his Mom as much as possible in the growing process for Steven but it was a lot harder than it had been for Ritchie.

“I’ll see you at the altar.” Linda said as she gave Ritchie one last squeeze before leaving the room, “I love you!”

Ritchie took a deep breath and continued to look in the mirror. Fixing his tie and making sure his shirt was tucked in, he sat down and listened to the chatter from the assembled crowd. He felt some nerves about the ceremony but he was certain that this was what he wanted to do. Ever since Linda had stayed with him through his tough times, when it wasn’t certain he would recover, he knew that he wanted to marry that woman. As soon as college was done with he had proposed and got Linda to the altar as fast as he could.

There was another knock on the door. Ritchie turned away from the mirror again as he shouted that whoever it was could come in.

“Hewwo.” Steven cursed himself and cleared his throat, “Hello.”

“Hi…” Ritchie replied with uncertainty.

Steven was dressed up in a suit like everyone else. The only difference, and it was a fairly obvious one to Ritchie, was the bulges around his waist showing the thick diaper that he was wearing. Ritchie could see the small chain around Steven’s neck as well, he knew it was attached to a pacifier hidden under the shirt.

The atmosphere was frosty. This had been Mom’s idea. Ritchie had planned to use one of his long term friends as best man but Karen had said it would be great if Steven was the best man. Ritchie was unsure but Karen had insisted, she wanted to mend the broken bridge between the brothers. She wanted them all to be a family again, there were definitely still tensions there but Ritchie had to admit that he and Steven had grown a little closer once they had started talking properly again.

“How are you?” Ritchie asked his younger brother as he picked up the flower that he planned to wear in his suit jacket pocket.

“I’m fine.” Steven said shortly, “All ready?”

Steven was doing his best to forgive and forget. He had recovered extensively from his three years of baby treatment, he had learnt to talk and walk again and had very slowly gained back most of his motor functions. The one thing he continued to have trouble with was his potty training. Despite it being half a year since the messaging ended, he still required diapers full time.

“Yeah, I think so.” Ritchie said as he took a deep breath. It was only a few minutes to the start of the ceremony now.

The two men fell silent as they adjusted their clothes in preparation of heading down the aisle. Steven heard himself crinkling in the silent room and he blushed a little bit, despite not being able to stop himself using his diaper, he had regained the feelings of shame of needing them.

“Are you, erm, going to be OK for the ceremony?” Ritchie asked as he watched Steven in the mirror’s reflection.

“I don’t know…” Steven reluctantly admitted.

Ritchie nodded slightly and turned around. He walked over to his little brother and stuck his hand down the waistband of Steven’s pants. He was damp but not completely soaked. Steven turned his head away as his face went deep red.

“You’ll be fine.” Ritchie confirmed, “Will just need a change before the party.”

Steven nodded silently. There was something that had been burning a hole in him for a long time, something Steven had promised he would say to his brother before the ceremony but had left to the last minute.

“Ritchie…” Steven said slowly as he searched for the correct words, “I just wan-”

“Ready when you are!” The door to the room suddenly opened and an elderly man who worked at the church stuck his head to let the boys know it was time, “Oh my… Sorry to interrupt!”

Steven and Ritchie looked at each other confused as to why the old man had suddenly got a very shocked look on his face and walked out of the room before either boy could say anything.

It then dawned on both boys exactly what had caused such a reaction. Steven and Ritchie looked downwards and realised that Ritchie’s hand was still down Steven’s pants and exposing the top of his diaper!

Ritchie pulled his hand rapidly away from Steven’s crotch and covered his mouth in shock. He had not meant to expose his younger brother’s secret, nor did he want to be caught in such a compromising position.

“Oh God, Steven, I’m sorry!” Ritchie gasped.

Steven felt the shock wearing off slightly and slowly his face turned into a smile. He started giggling and before he knew it he was laughing loudly, the image of the elderly man’s shocked face causing him to double over with laughter.

Ritchie started laughing as well and soon both of them were wiping tears of laughter from their eyes and the tension that had been choking the room evaporated completely.

Eventually both of the brothers composed themselves and Ritchie was just about to walk through the door into the main hall to start the ceremony when Steven grabbed his arm and stopped.

“Ritchie.” Steven started again. This time he was more certain of what he wanted to say and he looked up to his slightly taller brother.

“Yes?” Ritchie asked as he wiped his eyes with a tissue.

“It’s long overdue.” Steven said, “But I want to apologise to you so much for what I did it. It was terrible and I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t expect you to forgive and forget but I just want to apologise, truly, from the bottom of my heart.”

Ritchie was rather taken aback. It was very sudden and almost seemed to come out of left field. What made the apology even stranger to Ritchie was that he felt he should be the one apologising to Steven. It was still uncertain if Steven would ever get out of diapers again.

“No, Steven.” Ritchie replied, his face suddenly looking a lot more serious, “I want to apologise to you. What you did sucked but I went way overboard in response, I left you getting messaged for far too long and… Well, any lasting effects you may have are my fault. I’m so sorry for being so vindictive.”

Both boys felt very emotional at that moment, they had never been so close. It was like a huge weight had lifted. Steven nodded and then found himself lunging forward and wrapping his brother into a huge hug. They stayed together for another minute or so as they hugged and composed themselves. Both of them wiped their eyes as they pulled apart.

“I’m not supposed to cry until I see Linda in front of everyone.” Ritchie said with a chuckle.

Steven giggled slightly. As he did so he felt the front of his diaper warm slightly but he barely paid attention to it, it was hardy an uncommon occurrence these days.

“Let’s go.” Ritchie said.

Steven nodded and let his big brother put his arm around his shoulders. They walked into the main room together and saw dozens of smiling faces turn around to watch the groom-to-be and his best man take up their positions.

It had been a very strange period for both of them. They had both been through things they thought impossible, they were both still reeling from the effects and they had been hard on each other. But now, as Ritchie prepared to join himself to Linda, the two brothers were closer than they had ever been. A chapter of their lives was ending and a whole new chapter was about to begin.

This story is written by Elfy

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Chapter 6

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Subliminal Baby 2 Part 5

This story is written by Elfy

“All done?” Linda asked a few minutes later when she walked back to the kitchen table to see Steven impatiently waiting to be allowed out of his seat.

Steven didn’t reply and instead sat there grumpily whilst Linda moved the tray and helped Steven out of the toddler chair. He didn’t like this at all, being left alone with Linda and Ritchie could surely only spell problems for him. He could tell from the way that Linda looked at him that she hadn’t forgiven him. Steven knew he had to keep his eye out for trouble.

Linda walked with Steven into the living room and told the boy to sit on the couch along with Ritchie. She walked over to the television and put a DVD into the machine, the DVD that Ritchie chose looked like a film that would interest young teens. A fairly generic action film but it wasn’t important what they were watching, it was just meant to occupy the boy’s time.

Linda headed over and sat on the couch in between the two diapered boys. Ritchie quickly scooted over and laid his head in Linda’s lap, he showed how content he felt by letting out a deep sigh.

As the movie started, Steven stayed hunched over as far away from the other two people on the couch as he could get. There was a bigger problem quickly emerging for the younger brother. Steven’s tummy felt decidedly uneasy as he felt it lurching and rumbling. He quickly realised that this particular grumbling only meant one thing and that was his body letting him know the bathroom would be needed soon. Steven prayed that he could at least hold it until his Mom got home, having a messy accident at all was bad enough but doing it in front of Linda would be too much. He had to resist the urges his body was giving him to just fill his pants like a hopeless toddler.

As Linda and Ritchie sat together on the couch watching the film and laughing together, Steven was sat at the other end of the seat and was very tense as his body continually made rumbling sounds and it felt like his insides were twisting around. Steven didn’t get it… What had caused him to have such an upset digestive system all of a sudden?

Steven was so focused on his own body that he wasn’t really paying attention to either the film or either the other people around him. He wished his Mom would get home but also knew that she was going to be away for quite a while still.

“Looks like Steven really likes the film!” Linda said to Ritchie as he laid across her lap. She ruffled his hair as she spoke causing them both to laugh.

Hearing his name, Steven snapped back to reality and looked around to see his brother and Linda laughing at him. He didn’t really know what they had been saying so he gave a kind of half-hearted smile and looked away again. Steven had been staring straight ahead, his mind completed preoccupied and it must have looked like he was paying a lot of attention to the film.

Linda was loving this. She alone knew why Steven was so uncomfortable and the plans for what would happen soon. She grinned widely when she saw Steven wince slightly and hold his belly.

After another five minutes had passed, Steven was in real trouble. The pressure was now building inside him and he was finding it increasingly impossible to just ignore the fact that he was due for a bowel movement very soon. He found that moving was only exacerbating the problem and he could feel some sweat appearing on his forehead. A mixture of strain holding his bowels in and the fear of failure were causing him to grit his teeth tightly.

Linda was looking over at Steven with glee as she saw the huge amounts of laxatives she had given him taking effect. There was no way Steven would be able to last long, she could see him uncomfortably shifting in his seat already. The tell-tale crinkling underneath his onesie betraying how shifty he felt.

“Everything OK, Steven?” Linda asked. She did her best to have a look of concern on her face.

“Uh huh.” Steven grunted in response. He tried to smile but he knew it came off as more of a grimace.

“You don’t look OK…” Linda continued, “Are you sure?”

Steven considered telling Linda the truth. Maybe she would let him use the toilet, maybe she would be so much more forgiving than his Mom. He knew it would be endlessly embarrassing to admit he really needed the bathroom and ask for permission to do so but what was his alternative? To just sit there and let it inevitably happen? Messing his pants without saying anything would surely be worse. It would look like he didn’t know it was going to happen, it would look like he was just a baby who needed his diapers.

Almost on cue, as he considered what others would think of him using his diaper, Steven felt a twinge in his bladder and without much hesitation he allowed himself to relax a little and wet the front of his padding. He let out a deep sigh as the warmth splashed around his genitals. To his relief he also felt his internal pressure decrease slightly.

Steven tried not to make it too obvious that he was wetting himself but it was hard to act casual when doing such an unusual thing. He sincerely hoped it would lessen his need to poop enough that Linda would be gone by the time it happened.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Ritchie suddenly exclaimed. The sudden outburst distracted everyone in the room and they all turned to look at the young man.

“What’s wrong?” Linda asked. Suddenly her face was creased with real concern as compared with the fake concern she offered to Steven.

“Potty! I need the potty!” Ritchie shouted with wide eyes. His hands flew to his butt and it became clear that Steven wasn’t the only one in need of emptying his bowels.

“Oh God…” Linda murmured as she slowly and carefully removed Ritchie from her lap and stood up, “Wait right there, sweetie. I’ll be just two seconds!”

Linda ran out towards the stairs. Both boys could hear her sprinting up towards the nursery leaving Steven and Ritchie alone. There was an awkward silence that was only broken by both boys crinkling as they held their stomachs.

It was almost as if as soon as Ritchie made it clear that he needed to go number two, the extreme pressure and need suddenly built up for Steven again. Neither boy had anything to say to the other as both were uncomfortably rocking and engaged in their own internal battles.

Soon, the sound of feet on the stairs made both boys turn their heads to see Linda barrelling down the stairs with the plastic toddler toilet.

“Quickly!” Ritchie said through clenched teeth as he jumped from one foot to the other.

Linda hurriedly set the potty down in front of the couch and spun around to quickly unclip Ritchie’s onesie and lift it over his head. As Steven watched the struggle his brother and Linda were going through he felt gas escape from his rear end that he couldn’t stop. In all of the commotion no one noticed but Steven was teetering on the edge of soiling himself yet again.

With Ritchie’s onesie removed, Linda hastily ripped off the tapes of Ritchie’s clean diaper. Steven, through his own struggle, was immensely displeased to see that his brother’s diaper was completely clean and dry as it was thrown aside.

Ritchie hurriedly sat down on the potty and it wasn’t a moment too soon. Almost as soon as his rear end touched the plastic toddler seat Ritchie pushed down and started using it. Ritchie scrunched up his face as he pushed and the sound of his poop hitting the bottom of potty filled the room.

“Oh Ritchie, well done!” Linda clapped her hands and excitedly praised her boyfriend for using the potty correctly, “Your Mom will be so proud!”

Ritchie beamed at his girlfriend as he continued to use the potty. The tinkling sound of urine hitting the front of the potty joined in the sounds that Ritchie was making.

It was all too much for Steven. Watching someone going to the bathroom like that must have triggered something in Steven’s brain because he suddenly found it much harder to keep control.

Steven jumped off of the couch, he didn’t know where he thought he could go but he felt like he needed to get away from Linda and Ritchie before he humiliated himself.

“Please… No…” Steven gasped. He had barely taken two steps away from the couch when he felt a sharp cramp and was compelled to squat down in his diaper.

Squatting side on to Ritchie and Linda, he could see they were both watching him as a loud and embarrassing fart echoed around the room. By this point Ritchie was done but he, along with their babysitter, were staring open mouthed at Steven who could do nothing but close his eyes and try to forget where he was and what he was doing.

Following the fart there was a more muffled sound that preceded something altogether more solid and, for Steven, more miserable.

Steven was compelled to push down, his body betraying him and forcing him to ease its pain. Despite his brain screaming no, Steven felt his muscles simultaneously push and a sudden warm sticky feeling on the seat of his diaper. He squatted down so low he could almost feel his diaper hitting the ground.

The laxatives that Steven didn’t know he had been fed was taking effect and as soon as the excrement started pushing through his sphincter, he found it impossible to stop. He moaned slightly as he felt a hot rush of semi-solid poop push out into his diaper and spreading around as it looked for room to expand in to.

The rush of mess was interspersed with farts as Steven’s body pushed out everything he had. Steven was frozen to the spot as he felt the back of his diaper rapidly expanding. The feeling of mush ever expanding through his padding was horrible, any relief he felt from his body not hurting was immediately lost by the feelings on his skin.

Steven briefly opened his eyes to see Linda and Ritchie openly staring at him. He quickly turned his head away, he was unable to sustain their gaze. They knew what he was doing, as Ritchie successfully used the potty, Steven helplessly soiled his diaper. What a humiliating scene Steven found himself in. Could there be any more evidence of Steven being smaller and more pathetic than his brother than soiling himself right in front of him.

Linda moved her hand to her mouth to supposedly hide shock, but really it was hiding the huge smile that was rapidly creeping up her face. She couldn’t believe how well the laxative was working, she could hardly believe such a weedy, thin boy had this much shit in him.

Steven could feel that his torment was not over. He didn’t even try to stand up, he just pushed again to feel another torrent of hot, mushy poop seep into his packed diaper. He started becoming very worried about leaking, Steven had no idea where all of this was coming from but all he knew was his diaper was quickly becoming hazardous waste.

Steven attempted to stand and waddle his way towards somewhere private. He knew it was pointless, he knew that his brother and Linda were well aware of what he was doing but he had an almost instinctive urge to get somewhere private. As he moved he felt the heavy mass in his pants shift with him, it was horrible and it was miserable.

“Ugh…” Steven grunted and squatted again as tears began to silently roll down his face.

Steven was only mid-way to his squat position when his rear end felt like it literally exploded with a torrent of very liquid faeces. Any hope of salvaging any dignity rapidly disappeared as Steven’s butt made very loud noises whilst forcing out the flood of faeces.

To complete matters, Steven’s bladder let itself go again and he felt a warm wet feeling spread over his crotch. Steven finally felt like his horror was over. As his bladder trickled and then stopped, Steven felt a shudder go down his spine as his body finally relaxed. He felt like he had been through a war, his body was exhausted and his diaper was the as bad as he could imagine it being without it literally exploding everywhere.

His diaper was a disaster zone. The whole area of padding felt very used, the whole thing was coated in a thick sludge and Steven could barely believe the diaper had managed to hold it all. The diaper was so heavy that Steven could feel it sagging and he was sure that if the onesie was unsnapped that gravity would end up causing a huge mess.

Silence fell over the household as it took everyone a few moments to recover from the shock of what they had seen. Steven didn’t dare move, he just kept his eyes closed and begged for the world to end.

“Right…” Linda eventually said quietly. Even she was surprised by the ferocity of what she had just witnessed, “Ok. Ritchie, let’s get you cleaned up. Do you need my help or can you do it yourself?”

Ritchie wasn’t listening. He was staring at his younger brother in apparent disgust with what he just saw. His face was twisted in revulsion, his triumph of using the potty seemed to be amplified by the fact this his brother had completely humiliated himself like that.

“Ritchie?” Linda repeated to get the older boy’s attention, “Ritchie? Can you clean yourself or do you want help?”

“Huh?” Ritchie replied as he turned back to Linda. Realising he was still on the potty, his girlfriend’s word sunk in a few moments later, “Oh, erm… I can try.”

“OK, good boy.” Linda praised Ritchie as she helped him up from the seat, “You go to the bathroom and give it a go and I will be there in a minute, OK?”

Ritchie nodded and, still naked from the waist down, he walked out of the living room and up the stairs.

Linda picked up the used potty and placed it at the bottom of the stairs briefly before walking back over to where Steven was squatting. He had barely moved a muscle, he looked utterly miserable and his quiet sobs confirmed just how bad he felt.

“You really made a scene right there.” Linda said as she squatted down next to Steven.

“I… I…” Steven tried to talk but found his attempts were overcome by the huge sobs forcing their way out. The smell had begun seeping into the room now and to say it wasn’t pleasant would be an understatement.

“Why didn’t you ask for the potty like your brother?” Linda said softly. She made sure to sound friendly even though she couldn’t be happier with what happened.

“I…” Steven couldn’t answer the question. He had never really even considered asking for the potty. The thought that he could do anything except mess his diaper hadn’t crossed his mind.

“Well… What do we do next?” Linda asked. She reached down and patted Steven’s diaper. It was absolutely full. She could feel it bulging out, she was amazed, in all her years of babysitting she had never seen such a full diaper. Linda quickly withdrew her hand through fear that touching it too much would make it leak.

Steven winced when he felt Linda’s exploring hands but he didn’t dare leave the spot he was in. He felt disgusting.

“If you think I’m changing that diaper.” Linda leaned in close and almost whispered to Steven, “I’m afraid I have some bad news.”

Steven finally turned to face Linda. His face was a picture of horror and shock, had he heard her right? She was going to leave him in this filthy diaper?

“But… You can’t!” Steven almost shouted between sobs, “Please! Please change my diaper!”

Linda laughed at the pathetic request and stood up straight. She shook her head and showed Steven a mock crying face. She was savouring every moment of this, she wanted to be absolutely certain that Steven never tried anything like this again.

“I have to go make sure your older brother is OK.” Linda stated casually, “If you remove that diaper I will tell your Mom you were bad. If you try to change yourself I will take this diaper and tape it back on you. You are to remain off of the furniture, just sit on the floor and watch the film. Mommy should be home in half an hour or so.”

Linda turned on her heels and strode out of the room. She picked up the potty on the way and took it upstairs, leaving Steven completely alone in the living room.

Steven was more miserable than he had ever been before in his life. He couldn’t believe the mess he had got himself into both literally and figuratively. He wanted the ground to open up, all he could do was sob quietly as he slowly stood up.

Wincing the whole time, Steven straightened his knees and turned to face the TV. He reached down with his hands and patted the front and back of his diaper, it was just as bad as he had feared. A diaper full to bursting point.

Minutes passed in silence until the sound of footsteps on stairs signalled that Linda and Ritchie were returning. By now the sticky mess was beginning to cool down and Steven was almost certain he would end up with a rash. How long was Mom going to be? This was like torture!

“What a good boy Ritchie is!” Linda beamed as she looked at her freshly diapered boyfriend, “Not only did he use the potty like a big boy, he cleaned himself properly afterwards too!”

Ritchie beamed at Linda in evident pride. He had really started to feel like he was recovering in a major way and the proof was right in front of him. Steven was huddled over in discomfort, he was sobbing and his diaper was in a state of total disrepair. Ritchie had started to feel that smug superiority over his brother that he had always felt before this whole thing began.

It was a long half an hour for Steven. Every movement was hellish, every moment felt worse than the last one. Being left in such a state was awful. There was no way that Linda would leave an actual baby in a diaper this bad, why would she leave Steven in it? This was so unfair!

After a few minutes, Linda and Ritchie had decided Steven smelt too bad to be allowed in the house and he was ordered into the backyard. Steven had briefly felt like arguing but knew that it was both pointless and would only make his situation worse. With a nod of his head, the crying man turned and very carefully waddled out to the backyard. The laughter he heard from Ritchie and Linda, huddled together on the couch was like salt in his wounds.

This story is written by Elfy

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Chapter 4

Chapter 6

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Subliminal Baby 2 Part 4

This story is written by Elfy

The rest of the day was pretty normal, or at least what passed for normal in Steven’s house these days. They spent most of the evening sat on the living room floor playing with toys whilst Karen watched television and made sure the boys stayed out of trouble. The potty had been brought downstairs and a couple of times Karen was called into action to quickly remove her older son’s diaper so that he could successfully use the toddler toilet.

In contrast, Steven never even attempted to ask to use the potty. Steven, who spent most of his time mindlessly colouring, barely even moved when he felt the twinge of needing the bathroom. He was quite happy to just lay on the spot, hold his breath slightly and let the warm wetness spread throughout the padding between his legs.

When the two boys were sent to bed that night Steven was soaked. He made no effort to resist when his mother lifted him up on to the changing table and just sighed whilst he had his diaper changed. He was quickly lifted down and told to get into the crib which he did without complaint. Ritchie, who had used the potty successfully multiple times was still a little damp when Karen checked him. He was very disappointed but his Mom told him not to worry, that all little ones have a few accidents whilst potty training. Ritchie was placed in a new diaper and then put in the crib as well.

After Karen left the room there was a strange quietness in the nursery. It was a warm night and both boys were wearing just a diaper.

Steven laid down flat on his back and sighed deeply as he contemplated another uncomfortable night in the baby bed. Steven was very annoyed that his brother seemed quite restless, Steven just wanted to go to sleep and let the time pass quietly but his brother was tossing and turning. Eventually, Ritchie sat up and started playing with some of the teddy bears in the crib, he wasn’t quiet about it either.

“Will you shut up!” Steven eventually hissed at his brother when he got tired of being kept awake.

“No!” Ritchie retorted and stuck his tongue out at Steven, “I’m not tired. Play with me!”

Steven grumbled and ignored his brother. He was forced to just lay there until Ritchie eventually tired himself out and laid down. As Steven was finally able to close his eyes he felt his bladder releasing into his diaper. Steven sighed and closed his eyes as he felt the warmth spreading yet again, a feeling that was quickly becoming very familiar to him.

The next morning found Steven waking up to the feeling of a hand inside the leg band of his diaper. He opened his eyes and quickly saw his mom leaning over him.

“Wet?” Karen asked even though she already knew the answer.

Steven remained silent. What did she expect? Of course he was wet, he wasn’t allowed out of his padding so what else was he going to do?

When he had finished having his diaper changed he was placed on the floor. Ritchie was placed next to him after his own change. Karen instructed the pair that she had some phone calls to make and that they were to play nicely together otherwise they would both be in trouble.

After she left, Ritchie hurriedly got out his model army men and started setting them up in two lines to have a mock war. Steven resisted joining in for the longest time, the idea of playing these baby games was abhorrent to Steven who wanted nothing more than to go back to playing with his computer games.

After an hour had passed Steven was bored out of his mind and was becoming increasingly interested in the battles that Ritchie was having with his army men. Ritchie had created a whole story for the armies that were fighting each other and although the story was very basic, Ritchie’s regressed mind could only do so much, it was interesting enough that Steven found himself paying more and more attention to the unfolding battle.

“Want to play?” Ritchie offered to his brother when he saw Steven looking over to his battle with interest, “You could be the blue army and I’ll be red.”

Steven was about to just arbitrarily shut Ritchie down and say he wasn’t interested in his stupid baby games but something stopped him. He was so bored and had no prospect of finding any adult activities, Steven looked around to see if anyone was looking and then slowly slid over so he could face Ritchie.

With great trepidation, Steven leaned forward and grabbed one of the little army men. Feeling very unsure of himself and more than a little embarrassed, Steven moved the little soldier forwards. Ritchie smiled and did the same with one of his own soldiers.

An hour later and it was as if this was the most normal thing in the world. Steven and Ritchie were laughing together and staging huge battles. They were both so engrossed in the action their imaginations had created that they didn’t realise how much noise they were making.

When Ritchie blew up half of Steven’s army, both boys collapsed into a fit of giggles and neither seemed to have any idea that Karen had walked up the stairs and was peeking into the nursery room. Indeed, when Karen looked into the room she saw Steven, in a significantly damp diaper, laying on the floor and kicking his legs haphazardly.

“Enjoying yourselves?” Karen asked with a smile.

Steven jumped and quickly moved away from the army games and tried to pretend that he wasn’t enjoying himself. He blushed a deep red as he tried to avoid the knowing gaze of his brother and mother.

“Smells like someone is overdue for a change.” Karen hinted as she walked into the room to check the two boys.

Firstly, Karen walked over to Ritchie and pulled back the rear of his diaper to find him perfectly clean if a little wet. Frowning slightly, she straightened up and walked over to Steven.

Steven knew she was wasting her time checking him. He was wet but he knew he wasn’t at fault for the smell in the room, although Steven had to admit that he didn’t notice a smell until his Mom had pointed it out. Little did he know that when you spend all your time in diapers and around diapers you start to become desensitised to the smells involved.

“Oh, Steven! Why didn’t you tell me you needed to be changed?” Karen asked her son as she lifted him up and placed him on the changing table.

“Huh?” Steven responded as he was forced to lay back and have his diaper removed.

Steven looked down as Karen pulled the used diaper away from him and was shocked to see there was a very small amount of poop smeared on the bottom. He tried to think of when this would have happened but was drawing a blank. With a jolt of horror, he realised that at some point he had partially messed his diaper and either forgot or not even noticed.

Steven stayed silent about this though. There was no way he could let anyone know he had done such an infantile thing. He just tried to remain as stoic as possible whilst his Mom wiped him clean and then taped a new diaper on to him.

When Steven was lifted down from the changing table he didn’t go back to playing with Ritchie. He sat on his own a little way away from his brother and was deeply lost in thought.

A few days passed without much incident. The only thing of note was how the boys were both getting used to their new positions. Steven had largely accepted his position as baby of the family and although he didn’t like it, he was aware that he had to earn his way back up to being a big boy again. He had started making very little fuss when he used his diapers and he even messed himself a few times without complaint. He absolutely hated it but he was beginning to get used to it.

Ritchie, meanwhile was getting better and better at controlling himself. With increasing regularity, he was making it to the potty on time and as the days he passed he was needing his diapers less and less. This was exciting for both boys as the sooner Ritchie was out of diapers, the sooner Steven would have a chance to get out of them.

Even apart from diapers, Ritchie was increasingly acting like a grown up. He no longer found interest in the baby shows on TV and the games he played were getting increasingly sophisticated. He was even beginning to be rather malicious towards Steven, he had started to make fun of his brother who was using his diapers very regularly.

The most embarrassing thing that Steven had noticed happening was Ritchie had begun to check Steven on occasion. Ritchie had started patting and checking Steven’s diaper whenever he wanted, this caused Steven to complain to their mother but instead of a telling off, Ritchie was praised for being a responsible older brother. It was just an extra level of humiliation that Steven had to adapt to.

It was in this atmosphere that the doorbell went one day just as the two brothers were finishing breakfast. Steven was locked in his high chair and cringed when he realised they had a visitor and he was trapped in place. Ritchie, befitting his growing position, was in a regular chair and looked at his mother excitedly.

“Mom, could you let me ou-” Steven had started to ask to be let out of the highchair so that he could scurry upstairs and hide but Karen had simply grabbed the small blue pacifier that she kept with her and placed it in her blushing son’s face.

Karen hurried over to the front room window and glanced outside to see who was at the door. She had a very good idea who it was but she wanted to be sure. Seeing their visitor was the person she expected, she smiled and looked back over at the two boys sitting at the kitchen table.

“Ritchie?” Karen called, “Would you like to answer the door? You are a big boy now and I think you might like the surprise!”

Ritchie looked confused but happy. He was very happy to be given such a grown up task and he quickly stood up and ran towards the front door. His crinkling padding loudly following him out into the hallway.

Steven waited to see who was at the door. He was left alone at the kitchen table as Karen followed Ritchie out towards the front door. Steven shifted in his seat a little and felt some urine squirt into his diaper, he barely gave it a second thought though as he strained to try and see out into the hall and see who their surprise visitor was. He hoped they wouldn’t come in to see him, he just wanted to hide until this horrible punishment was over.

There was a sudden loud, high-pitched shouting along with other signs of excitement as the door was opened. Steven couldn’t see what was happening but judging by how excited Ritchie sounded he felt like he had a good idea of who it was.

“Linda!” Ritchie excitedly shouted as he pulled his girlfriend into the living room.

Karen followed the pair in and laughed at all the excitement. Ritchie turned around and hugged Linda tightly, his big padded bottom sticking out as he giggled happily. Steven was actually quite happy to see Linda; she already knew about Steven’s embarrassing situation so he was thankful he wouldn’t have to be exposed to anyone new.

“I’m so happy you could help me out today.” Karen said to Linda.

“Oh, it’s my pleasure to look after the boys!” Linda replied with a huge smile, “How are they doing?”

“Ritchie is doing so well! I’m very proud of him.” Karen replied with pride, “He has been using the potty like a big boy, I’ve barely needed to change him in the last few days. He is really growing up.”

Steven saw that Ritchie blushed with embarrassment at all the kind words as he hugged Linda.

“Oh, wow!” Linda said enthusiastically, “Growing up? What a good boy!”

“Yep, he will be in big boy pants before we know it.” Karen said. Ritchie nodded his head excitedly.

“How about… Him?” Linda almost spat out venomously as she looked over to Steven as he sat trapped in his highchair. Linda had not forgotten nor forgiven what Steven had done to her boyfriend.

“Steven?” Linda said as she looked over at her younger son, “Not so good I’m afraid. He has been wetting and soiling himself every day. You will have to keep a close eye on that one.”

Linda nodded her head to say she understood.

“Right… I need to go to the shops.” Karen said as she started gathering together her bag and coat, “I should only be a couple of hours. If you need anything from the fridge feel free to take it and you have my number in case of an emergency.”

“Don’t worry. Your boys are safe with me.” Linda smiled and Karen gave her a quick hug as she turned and headed towards the front door.

“Mom…” Steven almost involuntarily called out to his retreating mother’s back. He blushed when he realised he had been heard by Ritchie and Linda. As silly as it sounded, he felt a lot less safe without his mom around at the moment.

Steven had started this whole sequence of events in an attempt to get more independence, as he desperately called out for his Mom he realised just how far he had fallen and how badly he had failed. It felt like a very long time since the start of all this but in reality it had only been a few weeks.

The front door opened and closed. Steven heard the car start up and then back out of the driveway, he swallowed hard as he suddenly felt very nervous. This was the first time since this whole ordeal began that he had been left without his Mom there and he suddenly felt very vulnerable.

“So then…” Linda said as she turned away from the living room window and looked at the two boys she was in charge of, “I think we will have fun whilst your Mom is gone.”

Steven felt his stomach lurch. He couldn’t explain why but there was something in the look that Linda was giving him that just made him feel unwelcome, very quickly he realised that Linda was harbouring a lot of resentment. He felt himself tearing up already but he did his best to blink back the tears, he tried to get a grip on himself, crying just because his Mom had left him with a babysitter would be one of the most infantile thing he could imagine.

“First things first, I will get you both a drink.” Linda stated as she walked through to the kitchen, “Ritchie, would you like to come and help me?”

Ritchie eagerly nodded his head and jogged along next to Linda. Steven was left alone again, sitting in his highchair he was quiet and miserable. Being in diapers and humiliated like this was really starting to take its toll. He felt like the useless baby that he had spent the last week being treated as. He worried about how easy it was becoming for him to use his diaper now, it contrasted with when this all started where Steven would have to relax and get in a certain position to use the diaper. Now he seemed to use it almost as soon as he felt the need. He had stopped thinking about his bowels and bladder, the safety of the diaper had made him relax to the point that he wasn’t even sure if he could come out of diapers right away even if he wanted to.

Linda let Ritchie pour his own drink into a sippy cup whilst she filled up one of Ritchie’s old bottles with cold milk for Steven.

“Erm, Ritchie…” Linda said when she helped Ritchie screw the lid of his sippy cup back on, “How about you head out to the living room and pick out a film to watch. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Ritchie nodded his head and waddled out of the kitchen and out into the living room to look through all of the DVD’s that the family owned.

After Linda watched Ritchie leave the room she immediately started searching around inside her handbag. She pushed her purse and hairbrush to the side until she spotted a small vial of clear liquid. With an evil smile, she carefully lifted it out of her bag and over to the baby bottle.

Linda didn’t know if Ritchie had really forgiven or forgotten what Steven had done to him, but Linda definitely hadn’t. She remembered how vulnerable and scared Ritchie was, how he was so scared that he was losing his mind. She fully agreed with Steven’s punishment and she was going to make sure he was punished as much as possible.

“One tablespoon to relieve severe constipation.” The label on the small vial said.

Linda opened the vial and poured out one tablespoon worth and dropped it into the milk. She was about to screw the cap on when she shrugged and upturned the whole vial pouring the full contents into the milk.

Linda screwed the cap back on with a malicious grin and shook the bottle to make sure it was all absorbed.

“Here you go, Steven.” Linda said as she thrust the bottle at the big baby, “Drink up. I’ll let you out of the highchair when you are done.”

Steven was desperate to get out of this highchair. Nothing shouted baby like being trapped in this seat whilst everyone else could move freely. With little hesitation, Steven grabbed the bottle and started draining it as soon as possible. He drank the whole bottle so fast he didn’t even notice the strangely bitter taste that permeated the whole drink.

Linda walked into the living room and watched through the door as Steven tipped the bottle up and started sucking on it. She smiled again as Ritchie brought her the DVD he wanted to watch. Linda watched with a grim satisfaction as she waited for the medicine to kick in. She was sure this would be a very interesting few hours.

This story is written by Elfy

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