Happy Easter

Pachi’s Easter Part 2

Pachi's Easter Part 2A reward for PuffyPachi from ludisluteo

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1895039

Awww poor Pachirisu looks like she found that looking plastic pants egg after all :(

Now she is going to be force to spend allot of hours waddling around whit that messy diaper. I bet it going to feel even more nasty before someone is going to be allowed to change here.

I am not surprised that she is going to be one cranky Pokemon when the change is going to happen.


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Pachi’s Easter Part 1

Pachi's Easter Part 1A reward for PuffyPachi from ludisluteo

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1895039#pictop

Yes we sure needs to hope that the diaper dont ends up locked during this egg hunt. Otherwise it sure going to get pretty hard to change that Pachirisu`s messy diaper.

But i sure hope that she is going to have a nice egg hunt and find allot of nice candy to eat :)

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When you see Easter candy is on sale

When Easter candy is on sale it can be good to be Pikachu fast so you can manage to get some :)

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Caretaker Tip: A good Easter Egg hunt – DaddySnowKitty

Cubs sure love to run around outside and find allot of Easter eggs :)

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Magical Egg Hunt – ludisluteo

Aww looks like all this furry`s have found some very special easter eggs during there hunt. I bet they wish they newer found this curse magic eggs.

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Sparks’ Easter Egg Hunt

 Sparks' Easter Egg Hunt
This year Bonnett the buneary is the Easter bunny with the job of hiding eggs, chocolate ones at that. Unfortunately, Sparks the sneaky chu was one step behind her collecting those eggs before the other pokemon could get to them. Maybe his friends are onto him though.

Draw and everything by pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31269836/

Looks like Sparks wants to have all the eggs for himself. Good thing Fennekin seems to have found out what he is up to and can put a end to it.

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Special way to store some Easter eggs – xephy_buns

Special way to store some Easter eggs

Draw and everything by

I sure hope that he dont end up using that diaper now when he have the eggs store inside the front of his diaper. That sure should not be so match fun for the other furrys that receive the eggs.

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Easter Shenanigans Part 4

Easter Shenanigans Part 4After their spanking, both toddlers were re-diapered. Caiden’s and Robby’s father had no extra clothes for them and didn’t want to spend any extra money to buy new ones. As a result, they went through with the picture anyways. The two three and a half year olds got their picture taken with the Easter Bunny in just their diapers and red butts poking out.

Caiden, father and text by tugscarebear

Robby and his father belong to NaughtyRobby

Draw by BaltNWolf

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27208036/

Poor Cubs but this is something that happen when you are naughty and do stuff that you dont suppose to do. But at least they have some cozy diaper to wear.

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