An Embarrassing Situation

An Embarrassing SituationFortunately pacifiers help.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to tfbaxxter and DamianTheDolphin

Draw by arkham-insanity


Aww poor fox looks like he have ended up whit a messy diaper during playtime :( That sure can be kind of embarrass special if you are not alone.

Good thing the pacifier can be there and give you some sort of comfort so you dont end up being a fuzzy fox in front of your friend.

But it sure seems like he dont mind that you have ended up whit a messy diaper :) Accident can happen and it is nothing to be blushing about :)

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Its called a Crinkle sweetheart

Its called a Crinkle sweetheartOrder ? chuckybb

Draw by ? chuckybb


Looks like someone going to have three messy diapers to change here.

But it seems like it is only one that is happy whit the current situation.

Nick and Judy sure have some things to get use to here.

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Told Ya

 Told Ya
Sometimes ones hands can get them in trouble remember that before things get out of hand.

The fox and above text by hdofu

Draw by tehcutepyro


Maybe they should try whit some locking plastic pants instead of this Straight jacket? That sure should help the situation to :) And the extra bonus that is going to help him keep things dry if the diaper start to leak :)

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PARENT'S COMFORTOrder by xcliber

Draw by LilChu


Yes some thing sure newer change like the comfort of your favorite plush and the cozy of your parents lap.

Bath at lest he have some sweet and nice dreams now.

The only thing that is missing now is a pacifier and a thick night diaper.

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Pokey Son Solidarity

Pokey Son SolidarityJulian already gets annoyed that his sister looks more like Dad then he does, so any chance to make him feel better about it is a win. Hopefully Mom won’t mind that I got into her expensive face make up to give him some new markings.

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Looks like someone enjoy his new face markings :) Someone sure look pride that he look more like dad now :)

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Hush now little one

Hush now little one

Kela and Sapphire

don’t go into the daycare alone :P

Order by Yuki_Suka-fu

Draw by chuckybb


Giggle looks like someone have found a mute button here :) Yes a pacifier sure works good as a mute button :)

I sure wounder what they are doing in the daycare? Are they trying out diapers? Or maybe try to find some new diaper?

But one thing for sure they both is in need of a diaper change here. There diaper seems to be kind of well use.

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Oh No! My bed!

Oh No! My bed!

Danny got bigger’d and broke his bed!

The big fox belongs to nh63879

Draw and above text by Blankie


Poor thing looks like someone have grow to match here :(

How is his parents going to react?

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Two Babies


 Two Babies

Ink and coloring and order by Rogeykun

Draw by tato


This two furry seems to be stuck wearing some very well used diapers here. They sure seems to be pretty heavy right now and i bet this two wont to escape this bondage situation.

This heavy diapers sure holding them down allot and i bet there paws is hurting allot right now.

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