Forced diaper wetting

Can’t Hold It

Can't Hold ItA commission for Zakyr of himself seemingly being forced into using a diaper by some mysterious off-screen person.

Order by Zakyr

Draw and above text by tehcutepyro


Awww poor Lizard looks like someone strange person is forcing him to put his diaper to some good use :( Even if it not was to late i dont think he is going to be allow to get to the potty anyway. Special when this mysterious person have force him to wear a diaper.

Its no need to allow your subject to be using the big boy potty then ;)

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Its called a Crinkle sweetheart

Its called a Crinkle sweetheartOrder ? chuckybb

Draw by ? chuckybb


Looks like someone going to have three messy diapers to change here.

But it seems like it is only one that is happy whit the current situation.

Nick and Judy sure have some things to get use to here.

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Subliminal Baby 2 Part 2

This story is written by Elfy

“What you wanna play?” Ritchie asked his brother as he walked over to Steven who was still stood next to the door looking miserable.

“I don’t want to play.” Steven replied shortly as he folded his arms across his chest. He didn’t look unlike a toddler having a tantrum.

“But Mommy said to play.” Ritchie said. He walked over to his toy box and pulled out a few little race cars.

“I know Mom said that. But I’m not a baby like you. I don’t just do what I’m told.” Steven said accusingly. This was all so stupid, how had he allowed himself to get stuck in this position?

“You look like a baby like me.” Ritchie giggled as he lined up all the cars in a line on the carpet, “You were in the high chair, you wear a diapie… You wet your diapie…”

“I didn’t have a choice!” Steven half-yelled. He unfolded his arms and held them out to the side as if to ask what else he could have done.

“Neither did I.” Ritchie said. He stopped playing with the cars and looked up to Steven, the smile was gone and instead he had a more hardened face.

There was silence for a little bit. Ritchie turned back to his cars and start pushing them, he was racing them around the room. Steven just sat down by the door, he brought his legs up to his chest and hugged his knees. His wet diaper was providing a nice cushion to sit on but the warm and wet feeling was a constant reminder to what Steven had done.

It felt like an hour passed. It was impossible to say for sure because there was no clock in the nursery, Steven was getting increasingly restless and the constant babbling and car noises form Ritchie was starting to grate on Steven’s nerves.

“Could you shut up?” Steven eventually hissed through clenched teeth.

“I’m playing!” Ritchie responded. He stuck his tongue out at Nick, “You should play.”

“Over my dead body.” Steven said quietly before adding with frustration, “Can you just grow up already… How long can that messaging possibly last?”

Both boys fell silent. Ritchie’s pushing of cars slowed down and he stopped making noises. His face was completely neutral and he seemed to be staring into the middle distance. He let out a long and loud sigh.

“Why did you do this?” Ritchie asked sadly. There was an edge of bitterness in his voice. Ritchie clearly hadn’t forgiven Steven for what the younger boy did.

“I… You bullied me. You made me feel terrible.” Steven explained looking down. He couldn’t look Ritchie in the face, “I just wanted to get even.”

There was more silence.

“You shouldn’t have done it.” Ritchie said bitterly. He didn’t sound much like the toddler he had become now.

“You deserved it.” Steven replied. He didn’t appreciate being told what he should and shouldn’t do. Even if he regretted getting caught, he did not regret what he had done, “I would do it again.”

Ritchie stood up uncertainly. His face was contorted into a mixture of anger and sadness. He let out this low rumbling growl and awkwardly moved forward towards his brother. He looked incredibly angry, and despite his regressed brain and lack of coordination he still posed a threat. Maybe, without the adult brain, he was even more of a threat.

“Hey, whoa… Ritchie, calm down!” Steven said as he clambered to his feet as well. He held out his hands in a pacifying gesture.

Ritchie had a face of thunder and just marched at Steven. Steven had a moment where he realised that Ritchie was walking a little more confidently, despite what was about to happen, he was happy that it looked like the messaging maybe wearing off slightly.

Raising his fist back it looked for all the world that Ritchie was about to punch Steven.

“Ritchie, No!” Steven yelled and he leaned forward and pushed Ritchie extra hard.

Ritchie stumbled backwards, his questionable amount of coordination caused him to fall backwards and he hit the bottom of the changing table with a thump. The diapers and supplies fell off the shelves on and around Ritchie.

Immediately Ritchie started loudly crying. It was clear he wasn’t hurt, but he started crying the same way a toddler does when they take a fall.

A few seconds later the nursery door flew open and Karen came inside. She immediately saw Steven standing close to the door looking across at Ritchie who was surrounded by debris.

“He… He pushed me!” Ritchie wailed pointing at Nick.

“No… Wait!” Steven wanted to plead his case of self-defence but his mother just grabbed his arm.

Dragging Steven to the bed, Karen sat down and pulled her youngest son over her lap. Steven’s big diaper presented an easy target as it puffed out behind him. The soaked padding may as well have had a target drawn on it.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

The blows rained down on Steven’s rear end. The padding did a little to soften the blows but it wasn’t long before he burst into tears. It wasn’t helped Steven when he looked to the side and saw Ritchie smiling with satisfaction. He realised that Ritchie was enjoying seeing Steven getting punished.

The spanking ended up lasting a long time. It felt like minutes passed and by the time Karen finished swatting her son’s rear end she was out of breath and Steven was exhausted from his crying.

Pushing her son roughly off of her lap, Karen then instructed him to climb into the crib. He clearly didn’t dare argue back as he meekly clambered into the toddler bed.

Karen marched across the room to where Ritchie was still sitting, he was no longer crying but was still sniffing and looked tearful.

“Are you OK?” Karen asked as she crouched down next to her son.

Ritchie didn’t speak, he just nodded and climbed slowly to his feet.

“Alright then, let’s get you to bed. I have a special surprise for you in the morning.” Karen said with a smile, “But first let’s get you changed.”

Karen lifted Ritchie on to the changing table and made short work of removing his diaper, cleaning him up and putting him in a fresh disposable. Steven watched enviously from the crib, he was rubbing his sore rear end and wishing he could be changed out of his soggy diaper.

“When you wake up tomorrow I will have a nice surprise for you.” Karen hinted with a smile. She gave her older son a wink as she lifted him down from the table.

Ritchie looked curious and grabbed his mom’s hand. Together they walked to the crib and Ritchie climbed in. He sat at the opposite end of the bed to Steven and looked over rather tensely.

“Time for you both to get some sleep. Now listen, I expect you both to behave yourselves, any violence from either of you and you will both regret it.” Karen warned both of her kids as she lifted the bars.

Both boys were naked except for their respective diapers. Steven was upset that they were going to have to sleep in the same crib but there was plenty of room for both of them.

“Mom… Mommy.” Steven said trying to garner favour with his mother. He was still sniffing back tears, the tears weren’t helped by the embarrassing request he had to make. He went very red as he asked, “Could… Could you change my diaper?”

“No.” Karen replied coldly, “Maybe a night in a cold, wet diaper will help you adapt to your new position, baby.”

Steven flinched and felt almost compelled to complain. You wouldn’t treat a real baby like that, he thought. But he thought better of talking back and stayed silent.

Ritchie laid down straight away whilst Steven slowly lowered himself down at the opposite end so that they were lying head-to-feet. Steven watched as his mom dropped a sippy cup to Ritchie and a bottle of juice for Steven. She then headed to the exit, turned the light off and left the room.

In the darkness and silence Steven heard a little voice at the other end of the bed giggle slightly. His burning butt was a reminder to not respond and he closed his eyes to try and sleep. He was still in his soaked diaper and it was beginning to get really uncomfortable, he knew he would have to wait till morning for a change and tried to find a comfortable position.

Steven spent most the night tossing and turning as his wet diaper became more and more uncomfortable. He heard Ritchie snoring from the other end of the bed and spent most of the night trying to ignore the itchiness in his diaper and just fall asleep. Eventually he was able to close his eyes and not open them again.

When Steven did eventually open his eyes the next morning it was very reluctantly. He had spent the night tossing and turning and trying to find the sleep that was constantly evading him, when the nursery door opened and Karen walked in he was still feeling very tired.

“Wakey wakey, boys.” Karen said as she threw the curtains open and bathed the room in light, “We have another wonderful day ahead of us.”

Ritchie woke up as Karen spoke and he sat up whilst rubbing his eyes. He was much more awake than Steven who had laid back down, covered himself up with the blanket and tried to get more sleep. It had been very hard to sleep in his soaked diaper, and Steven felt just as tired now as he did before going to bed.

The side of the crib came clattering down as Karen helped Ritchie step out. He was very wet which didn’t surprise anyone. He was lifted up on to the changing table and changed without much hassle. As he was lifted down, Karen gave Ritchie a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt to wear for the day. They hid his diaper well and unless you paid extra close attention, looking at Ritchie you would assume he was like any other man in his very early twenties.

Ritchie looked a little confused at his rather adult state of dress but he seemed happy enough.

“Come on Steven.” Karen said softly as she walked back over to the crib, “Let’s get you out of that diaper. You have a big day today.”

Steven wanted to sleep but the feeling around his crotch was unbearable. The cold dampness was intolerable and it forced Steven to drag himself to the edge of the crib and flop down on his tired feet. He walked across the room and hopped up on to the changing table.

The cool air that he felt as the front of his used diaper was pulled down was divine. Despite his humiliating position, he smiled slightly as he was wiped, it felt so good to be out of that diaper that being placed into a new one almost didn’t matter at that moment. He knew his opinion would change later but for these few minutes at least, just being out of the previous diaper was the best feeling.

After Steven was taped up in a new diaper, he was lifted down from the table and dressed for the day. Unlike Ritchie’s fairly grown up clothes, Steven was given a pair of very small shorts and a very colourful t-shirt that screamed juvenile.

Steven was most concerned by the shorts though. Short and tight, they left nothing to the imagination. The bulge of the diaper underneath was very obvious and he found that every time he twisted his body or stretched slightly, his shirt was pulled up and the waistband of his infantile underwear was on display for everyone.

With a lot of yawning, mostly from Steven, the three of them headed downstairs and to the breakfast table.

Breakfast went much the same way that the previous evenings dinner did. Steven was fed by his mother again, she made a show and dance of every spoonful of cereal and he had to endure waiting between each bit of food as his mom fed herself and also helped Ritchie out.

If there was one positive to come from the breakfast, Steven noticed that Ritchie was feeding himself rather competently. A little food was spilled but Ritchie seemed more coordinated, perhaps it wasn’t going to be so bad, perhaps Ritchie would be back to normal sooner than Steven had thought.

As Steven watched Ritchie eating, the doorbell rang causing everyone’s heads to swivel towards the front door. Steven felt a bolt of anxiety shoot down his spine as he realised that someone may be on the way in. Being seen like this would be Steven’s worst nightmare.

Karen stood up from her seat and headed to the front door. Ritchie went right back to eating as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Steven, on the other hand, was stretching over the tray as he tried to see who the visitor was. No matter how much he stretched he could not see who was at the door.

“Oh, hello!” Steven heard his mom say from the door, “Come on in!”

Steven’s eyes flew wide as dinner plates. He pulled and pushed against the high chair in desperation to not be seen. It was no use though, the chair had been designed to keep people in, nothing Stephen could do would have any effect.

Steven slumped low in his seat as he heard the footsteps approaching. He waited to see who was going to see his humiliation with baited breath.

“LINDA!” Ritchie yelled from behind Steven.

Ritchie practically fell off of his chair in his rush to get up and almost knocked Steven’s high chair over as he ran over to his girlfriend.

“Hello Ritchie!” Linda held out her arms and Ritchie nearly bowled her over as he ran into them.

“I’m so glad you could look after Ritchie today. I really need to get to the shop and it wouldn’t be fair on him, you know?” Karen explained.

“I understand completely.” Linda said before adding with a look of disgust, “What about… Him.”

“Steven?” Karen clarified, “Oh, he will be coming with me. It would be unfair to make Ritchie go out before he has recovered, but Steven… Well, he is still learning his lesson.”

Steven’s mouth dropped open as he considered the implications, the possibilities for humiliation when taken out in public like this. He uselessly shook his head.

“Don’t shake your head at me.” Karen warned, “We both know you have no choice in the matter.”

“Did he really do what you said on the phone?” Linda asked Karen whilst she stared at Steven with malice.

“The messaging?” Karen replied, “Yes he did. I could hardly believe it. An eye for an eye seems fair though. He will soon see that being made to act like a baby isn’t very funny.”

Steven looked down at his tray. He already knew it wasn’t funny, he was already regretting what he had done. But he had already begged for a reprieve, he knew he wasn’t getting one.

“OK Steven, time to go.” Karen said with a big smile. Steven couldn’t tell if it was a malicious smile or a friendly one.

Steven was let out of his high chair, his diaper still dry. His mom helped Steven put his shoes on and then handed him a backpack with diaper supplies in it for any changes that might be required. Steven shuddered at the possibilities of a diaper change in public but took the bag anyway. He followed his mother out of the house to the car.

When his mom opened the door, she instructed Steven to sit in the baby seat that had originally been installed for his older brother. Initially, Steven was disgusted by that idea and thought about complaining but just as he opened his mouth to say something he saw one of his neighbours looking out their window at him. They had a curious frown on their face that seemed to suggest they could see something was wrong even if they couldn’t put their finger on what.

Realising he was in the public’s view, Steven turned around and quickly sat in the infant seat without hesitation, he did not want his neighbours to know what was happening. His mom took her time strapping in him until he was tightly held down. The seat caused Steven to recline slightly and stuck his diapered crotch out in front of him a little. A humiliating position that he was unable to move from.

The journey to the supermarket was a dull one. The only thing Steven had to occupy his mind was the worry of getting out the car and being led around the shop in his toddler clothes. It was an appalling prospect but also one which he had no defence against. He could only hope he was less noticeable than he thought he was.

As the car neared the shops Steven felt his bladder, that had been protesting for a long time finally reached bursting point. He felt himself go red in the face as he slowly relaxed his bladder muscles and allowed a hot stream of urine to soak into his diaper. Steven felt the warm stream run down between his legs and into the seat of his padding where it was finally absorbed. He shuddered at the tickling feeling and hoped that his mom hadn’t noticed what he was doing.

When they finally pulled up in the car park, Steven’s tummy felt full of butterflies and he felt nauseous about what was about to happen. He prayed that no one he knew would be at the shops.

“Oh, sweetie, before I forget.” Karen said as she undid the straps that were holding Steven down.

Karen pulled a small chain out of her pocket. On the chain was a very large pacifier. Karen reached forwards and placed the necklace around Steven’s neck and then she tucked it under his shirt so it was mostly hidden.

“Just in case you need it.” Karen said with a devilish smile.

Not finished with her torment, Karen then reached down and felt the padding around Steven’s crotch. She smiled knowingly at her younger son as she felt the warm and swelled padding. Steven could only blush and look away under her knowing glare.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 1

Chapter 3

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Sharknapped 5

Sharknapped 5

Original Underlines by tato

Inking and Coloring by Rogeykun


Awww poor thing looks like someone could not handle the pressure from here bladder any more :(

Looks like she is force to use here diaper after all. Its sure no way to escape that sort of situation now :(

Someone sure going to have a fun moment when she find out that here new baby have ended up finely using here diaper.

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Candy FOR a baby 2

Candy FOR a baby 2Something tells me this poor pup might be a tad in over his head…

The poor blushing dog belongs to Somekinkygeek

Draw and above text by catmonkshiro


Yes the above text sure is right the only thing a baby needs to worry about is to putting that thick diaper that they wear to some good use :)

Poor dog looks like he have ended up in one special situation now :( Is he going to be able to make all this stop before it is to late?

I dont think so :( He needs to get use to a new life wearing thick diapers and wetting and messy them.

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The Guardians Part 1

This story is written by Les Lea

When the Guardians first came onto the scene the joke was they were a cross between Robocop and Mary Poppins… the joke wasn’t far from the truth, being a biological/technical/mechanical mix designed for the public’s protection. However, the efficient way they were programmed and went about their business was chilling.

These Cyborgs were the law; the judge and jury who carried out the sentence with detached efficiency – no appeal, their verdict was FINAL – a sort of Judge Dredd but with the ability to alter a person rather than just obliterate them.
The jokes and comical way in which this new service was introduced is no longer a laughing matter.
The design, originally from the workshop and laboratories of ExecProtex, and with the tag-line – “The Guardians Will Keep You Safe”, complete with an image of a Guardian looking more like an angel with wings that surrounded a group of children – had been lampooned by every comedian, left-wing politician and religious leader as morally inept and unworkable. How wrong they all were; each and every one of the cynics and critics now reduced to sucking their toes and shitting in their diapers.


The Guardians were, and continue to be, a huge success: Employed by police and anti-crime firms around the world, their unique, special ability to locate, deep in the recesses of the human psyche, the moment that turned someone from the path to do right in the opposite direction is impressive. Their success rate is phenomenal. Once they had tracked their felon, detection by AGC – atmospheric gene recognition – much like a dog uses the scent of a criminal to track them, the villain is quickly brought to justice.
The Guardians can ‘read’ every thought, detect every influence, navigate every nuance that the human mind tries to hide and then come up with an appropriate sentence. The result is labour-saving, instant and effective. Crime rates have fallen across the globe as criminals are quickly brought to book and their sentence instantly applied so, no costly, on-going justice system.
The Guardian’s job is ‘intelligent analysis’ but the term covers a broad range of themes which are quite menacing. Whilst scanning the offender’s mind they locate the instant in their life that changed their consciousness, that precise motivation that made them act against the law. Not just the law they’ve broken because the scan looks much deeper to identify the influences that led to such an action. Often it is something that has its roots when the criminal was young. It’s then that the Guardian delivering the sentence can erase the offender’s mind and return them mentally back to that instant. From that point they are given the opportunity to change their decision and relive their lives from that regressed state, making them ‘happy’ and law abiding citizen as they grow up all over again.
For some this doesn’t work; there are people who are bad through and through but still the Guardians give them a second chance. They are reduced to the mental age of a new born and allowed to start their lives once more. This relies on someone being there to see to an adult/baby who is no longer capable of looking after them self, which of course means a whole new business has grown up around such a service. However, if that isn’t an option, the lawbreaker can be terminated.
Termination is a last resort but accepted as a final solution to any completely lawless individual… the Guardian’s job is to protect and where needed to make that final judgement.


ExecProtex has quickly become a very rich and powerful company. Unfortunately for them, their success means there are fewer and fewer criminals to process, so they have had to come up with alternatives.
Various subsidiaries and affiliated supply companies grow day by day to meet the demand for their skills. To feed that challenge Guardians, in a slightly ‘altered’ version, are made available to companies who need (or want) to keep their workforce in check. These ‘Harmony Guardians’ as they are known, also find their way into the hands of families who are also keen on keeping a tight rein on the people around them. Even the most trivial act of lawlessness, like littering or speeding, is under the scrutiny of the ‘HGs’. Children of the rich and powerful are under constant surveillance and any transgression has an immediate impact on their lives.
Hacking into the HGs has become a past time for some who hate these featureless upholders of the law, a law that is at the whim of whoever controls the Guardian. Any transgression is punished; so children, friends, acquaintances or even business competitors have resulted in their mental age being returned to childhood. There seems to be an abundance of CEOs who want to keep their progeny under such a tight leash and maintaining a teenager in diapers is thought a good solution to them growing up and becoming independent of thought.
Life under the Guardians has changed the world, less crime but much more authoritarian. The fact that most people are regressed and not ‘dispatched’ is seen as the positive, humanitarian action of a more compassionate society. However, those who control the Guardians make the laws and, with certain ‘legal’ technical patches, can also alter the Cyborgs initial intent. They certainly don’t want a new, younger breed coming through with liberal ideas or programmes intent on dismantling the current status quo. Those who seem to possess such thoughts are dealt with.
The ExecProtexCreche is designed for just such a purpose… and its juvenile residents increase daily.
However, there are other companies offering a similar, if less expensive service, which enjoy an equally successful, if different, business plan.
So, whilst the ExecProtexCreche is doing well for one section of the community – InfantileInc, PaddedBottomsRus and the scarily named Drool Time are seeing business explode as the Guardians are put to use servicing another industry altogether.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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Pichu’s Victory 2

Pichu's Victory 2What a good baby walking to wittle puppy…

Above text and order by Rogeykun

Draw by Tato


Awww looks like someone is force to be using his diaper like a dog here.

Poor thing it seems like she dont low to be wearing and using diapers :( Or maybe she dont low to be using or crawl around whit that thick diaper.

Pichu sure seems to be pretty happy about the situation. But that sure is not strange when he is the one in charge.

[amazon_link asins=’B01FRS56I0,B06WWDMKV4,B01JBONGQA,B00ZOKX7JW,B077ZCC5NJ’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’abdl86-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’6c064e52-0ce4-11e9-934a-eb5e0c321ccb’]

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Not helping

Not helping

Not helping Doux!!

Order by CodyOmega

Draw by Badgersmoogle


Poor fox looks like his new daddy really wont him to be using his diaper like a good little cub and not fight it.

Daddy sure is right a good cub using his diaper when he needs to go. Its a daddy’s job to be checking that diaper and see if it needs to be change to avoid leaks or bad rash from spending to many hours in a soggy or messy diaper.

Daddy really looking forward to feel his cubs diaper front getting all warm and squishy.

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