Forced diaper usage

Long-term testing

Long-term testingFriends really do make the best test subjects~! I’ve got plenty more experiments after this one, and well, not like Vanen can do much about that. That rubber polymer will keep him strapped down no matter how long or how much he squirms.

Maybe I’ll give him a break between different experiments, but right now I’m too excited with how well the new diuretic is working! Boy this panda is going to need a lot of changes though.

Order by entvanen!

Draw and above text by Oliver_AD


I sure think that Vanen regret that he decide to visithis friends today. I Sure don’t think that his friend is going to let him go anytime soon. Special now when he have all this different experiment that he want to do whit him. Wounder what all this experiments is about?

He sure is strapped down pretty good here to so he sure cannot do anything about it :(

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Walk in the Park

Walk in the Parkcute adorable Sadey thinking he has control over kela but instead kela has control over her taking her for a stroll in the park. both pretty loaded.

Order by Sadey_Mayfire

Draw and above text by chuckybb


Yes they both sure is in need of a new clean diaper. I bet someone is in for some more public humiliation here. A messy diaper change in a public bathroom.

I only hope they have remember to bring spare diaper whit them.

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Nowi Lily Fwo – Lax Experiment

Nowi Lily Fwo - Lax Experiment

Featuring OverFlo207 NowiGreen (DA) and Flandrescarlet500 (DA)

The theme being the downside of age-regression, the main downside being the inevitable moment when you gotta unload in your pamps…
And if you don’t wanna mess like a good bab, well… >:3
Drink your bottle, we promise theres no laxatives in it, heehee… mischievous Lily loves her students messy.

Draw and other stuff by OverFlo207


Giggles sure laxatives helps allot if someone don’t want to make a mess in there diaper.

Looks like someone finely ended up being a good girl and made a big mess in here diaper. And i bet its going to happen a couple of more times before she is finish.


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Sonic Screwdriver

Sonic Screwdriver diaperedtiger is sending shockwaves to my digestive system. Shouldn’t he be fighting Daleks and Cybermen instead?

Furrys in this drawing belongs to diaperedtiger and BallyTheDog

Draw by tropicana


Yes it sure seems like diaperedtiger had something else in mind for this shockwave device.

Good thing that BallyTheDog is wearing a diaper that can handle it when his bowel and bladder decide to fail.

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Babyfur Comic: Afterschool Trouble – Page 5

Babyfur Comic: Afterschool Trouble - Page 5Order by Furlock

Draw by fuzzymcfuzz


Poor thing but at least he dont have a tummy ache any more now from that formula and i bet the baby laxatives was helping to.

Now he differently don’t going to smell the baby powder if he decide to check his diaper. But i bet they already know what have happen so they don’t need to check it.

But are they going to change him or leave him like this to deal whit it himself?


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No Talkies only Stinkies

No Talkies only Stinkies
Bunny showing kela how to do it tho she doesn’t need help.

Order by spyrothehedgehog

Draw and above text by chuckybb


Poor Kela seems like she have some problem when it comes to using there diaper.

Good thing here nice friend Bunny is there to show you the way :) And even the pacifier to help you when you starting to making to match fuzzing about :)

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Baby curse

Baby curseOne should be very careful as to who’s toom you disturb… lest you occupy it yourself
with any of the curses that go with it…

Order by skippychipskunk

Draw and above text by catmonkshiro


Awww looks like he is going to learn a very imported lesson here now how it feel to be and get mummified alive. And to make things worse wet a wet and messy diaper to. It sure going to be pretty stinky inside that sarcophagus.

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Krev Little twitter

Krev Little twittertheKrevfox had his twitter account glitch on him, claiming he was MUCH younger than he actually was…

well after a slight adjustment… maybe it was right :)

The crying fox belongs to theKrevfox

Draw and above text by catmonkshiro


Poor theKrevfox looks like his twitter account have got its mind of its own now :(

Looks like he have a new life ahead of him now that involves thick diapers and using them for what they are made for..

Looks like his bladder already have starting using it and it seems from his tummy sound that his bowel is not far behind.

Soon he is going to be standing there whit a wet and messy diaper.

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