Forced diaper messy

An important message – ludisluteo

An important message - ludisluteo

Order by and draw by

Giggle someone sure is in a hurry to let everyone know what is happen inside his diaper. And i bet they can hear the loud noise coming from it to ;)

But who is going to change his well used diaper? It sure going to be one stinky task.

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A little messy accident – ludisluteo

A little messy accident - ludisluteosketch for who’s suddenly having a hard time making it to the potty

Draw and above text by

Poor thing he almost made it in time to the big boys potty. But at lest his diaper is there to handle things when his bowel fail him :)

Poor thing he sure have a pretty blushing face right now.

I bet it going to be even more red during his messy diaper change.

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Kitty Hypnosis

Kitty HypnosisOrder by ?

Draw by chuckybb


Awww looks like someone almost made it to the big girl toilet. It sure is a good thing that the diaper is there to handle here accident :) Its what its made for to handle any way so way not use it ;)

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Scentus’s Stinky Therapy

Scentus's Stinky TherapyAfter her earlier workplace accident, Scentus was ordered to go to a stress therapy session before she would be allowed to return to work. Her workplace was even nice enough to pay for the therapist as long as she went to one chosen and paid for by them. Unfortunately, one such therapist with alterior motives caught wind of the offer and asked for a low rate in order to make sure they would get the job. And so it was that Scentus had no idea what she was walking into until long after the therapist had used his advanced hypnosis techniques to make sure she wouldn’t be returning to work any time soon, and that the accident at work would be but the first of many.

The skunk and above text by Scentus

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor Scentus looks like this therapist wont here to be back and using diaper permanently :(

It looks like the therapist have been able to find a new easier job for Scentus against here will.  His advanced hypnosis techniques sure seems to be pretty powerful :(

She at lest seems to be good off putting this diaper to some good use. Even if the hypnosis is helping here achieve that.


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Scentus’s Workplace Accident

Scentus's Workplace AccidentAs if working in a call center isn’t stressful enough, management recently instituted a new break policy that only allows for bathroom breaks at set points during the day. They also, curiously enough, provided diapers for anyone who wasn’t 100% sure they could make it to their next break. Profits were everything to them after all. Of course, this lead to a fair few accidents among those who didn’t have the ridiculous level of bowel and bladder control management expected. As is quite obvious here, Scentus is the latest case of this.

Skunk and above text belongs to Scentus

Draw by catmonkshiro


Yes it sure seems like a good thing that they provide diapers for everyone that don’t think they can handle the new policy.

But it sure not fun to end up whit a heavy accident in the middle of a call :(

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Diaperfur Comic: Tickle Bullying

Diaperfur Comic: Tickle Bullying

Hugo, Alan, Luke and Mark were in school. They usually wear pants to hide their diapers. But those pants weren’t fooling bullies.

Those bullies took their pants down so everyone can see their diapers.

Then those bullies tickled them hard, so hard that those diapered babies made messy diapers.

Now those bullies carried them somewhere. Where are they taking them?

Order and above text by robot8

Draw by tato


Yes it sure is not strange that they end up using there diaper when the bullies was tickled them that match :(

But where are they going to be tacking now? It sure most starting to smell pretty bad in that hallway now from this four messy diaper.

But i dont think the bullies are going to carried them to the locker room for a diaper change. It sure going to be some more blushing thing that’s going to happen there :(

I sure hope someone is going to be able to stop them before something else is happening.

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Highchair Judy

Highchair Judy
Cute Judy is stuck in a highchair being fed hypno mush with extra laxative power.

Judy Hopps and Duke Weaselton from Zootopia.

Draw and everything by chuckybb


It sure most be some very powerful laxative in that food that Weaselton is force feeding Judy. She already seems to have made a mess in here diaper. I bet it going to be even more well use before Weaselton is finish whit the feeding.

But bye then i think the hypnotic food have taking control over here mind so she don’t care about something like the status of here diaper.

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There’s and app for that 26

There's and app for that 26Axel thegamerxl

Order and text by centzon

Draw by Catmonkshiro


Giggle it sure is good thing to be wearing some good diapers when you are playing around in this game. Special if you get hit bay one of the gun you end up messing and wetting yourself instantly.

Looks like Axel got hit whit a double dos now. I hope his diaper is able to handle everything. But someone sure is in need of a brake and a diaper change now ;)

Sure going to be nice to see what is going to be happen next here.

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