Forced diaper check

Rocky Mischief

Rocky MischiefOrder by? Draw by chuckybb


Awww looks like other furrys have notes that Rocky have ended up whit a messy accident in his diaper. I can sure understand that he is blushing when someone suddenly decide to pop a pacifier in his mouth.

But it seems like the girl have ended up whit a messy accident to so maybe she should give herself a pacifier to be sucking on to?

Anyway both of them seems to be in need of a new diaper now. Both who is going to do the change?

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Mushy Vines

Mushy VinesOrder by King Hammerbro

Draw by AD-SD-ChibiGirl


Awww looks like the vines have found someone that is in need of a diaper change.

His diaper sure seems to be kind of stinky and messy so he sure is in need of a diaper change. Wounder how the vine is going to handle that?

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Chocobo’s Mystery Daycare 2

Chocobo's Mystery Daycare 2Order and coloring by Rogeykun

Draw by tato


Awww poor boy looks like Chocobo have a little fun time teasing him about his thick diaper that Chocobo have force him to wear.

That sure is not a very nice thing to do :(

But it sure look comfy and snug on his body :) And it seems to be pretty thick to. So this diaper is going to keep things dry even if he end up wetting it a couple of time.

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Losing Control

Losing Control Centzon being held on Showtime’s lap, relieving himself. Seems the bunny was reluctant to wear and use his diaper, so the dino had to take matters (as well as the expanding seat) in his own hands.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Centzon and iedino

Above text by iedino


Poor Centzon looks like showtime is going to make 100% sure that his victim is 100% diaper depended for life.

Poor bunny looks like he have to look forward to a new life in diapers.

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Pachi-WhimsicottA reward for PuffyPachi from ludisluteo


Awww poor Pachirisu looks like it is a pretty well used diaper that is hiding inside this costume and from the sound during this diaper check it seems like it really need to be changed.

Wounder if he going to get that diaper change that he desperate is in need of? Or if he going to be force to wear this messy wet diaper a wile longer?

I sure hope that pacifier is giving him some sort of comfort :)

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Checks your diaper

checks your diaper
I’m a big girl. I don’t need my diaper checked. Okay, I might be messy and in need of changies, but when do you really need changies? Need is such a strong word.

Art © takottah

Coren and above text by Coren


Yes you maybe think that you are a big girl but your messy diaper sure have another story to tell. And you sure needs to have that diaper changed so you dont end up whit a bad and nasty rash. I sure think that is not something that you wont to end up whit.

So i think you well need to accept that a diaper change is something that you need now.

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CapturedOhhh I shoulnd’t push this button x3 Now Shensho and I be in padded troubles.
I hope I can reach this button again for stop.

Order and text by Mystery-Flecky

Draw by shensho


Aww it sure seems like this two have ended up in one blushing situation here :(

It seems like the machine have decided that he should not be able to reach that off button :(

How is this going to end?

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What a stinker!

What a stinker!

Characters belongs to luring and SweetManda

Draw by Tropicana


Aww poor boy looks like he did dent like the comment about his current messy diaper state.

But is he going to get a diaper change or force to wear the thick messy diaper now? But it sure looks like he needs a new clean diaper but maybe let him calm down a little before doing it. He sure look angry right now. Maybe they had some sort of bet that he recently lost when he end up using his diaper?

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