Forced age regression

Babyfur Comic: Catching a Duck

Catching a DuckOrder by Rogeykun and draw by tato


Wounder what type of thing this duck decide to steal at this diaper factory? That sure should be nice to know.

It cannot be diapers because he is sure not happy when Sylveon decide to put him back into some good diapers and pacifier.

The only one happy here in this comic is Sylveon to finely find someone to put back in diapers.

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Prank Regression Punishment

Prank Regression PunishmentNik is a little mischief on the best of days, and Lilly here got a taste of it when he spiked her morning coffee with a potion that induces endless peeing. That diaper never stood a chance and the potion’s effects still show no signs of stopping, but Nik’s going to have to deal with the punishment now!

For ? made by ChocolateKitsune

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Awww looks like someone have a magic wooden spoon :( Looks like it was a very bad id to spike that morning coffee whit that potion.

Wounder how long she is going to punishing him for this prank? I bet he is going to stay in diapers for a wile.

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Babyfur Comic: Sam’s Scenario

Babyfur Comic: Sam's ScenarioSam the Fox looks inside a mysterious building with an odd machine. Upon activating the machine, metal hands spring forth and remove his clothing. Following that, he gets diapered and placed in a crib. Sam manages to escape, but the experience leaves him feeling humilated.

Order by SolarisBlazer

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas


Yes i can sure understand that he is humiliated over the situation. But i am kind of suprice that the machine let him escape. But it sure good for Sam that it did.

But wounder if he have thought about that he now is running out in the open wearing nothing else then this special shirt and a thick diaper.

I wounder how he is going to be able to get everything off whit this mittens on his paws? It sure going to make things tricky.


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Babyfur Comic: The Scoop of the century pg 5

Babyfur Comic: The Scoop of the century pg 5

Order by ace_fox84

Draw by BabyStar


Poor thing looks like he is going to be force to spend some more time in that messy stinky diaper and release some more sticky orgasm to.

That sure going to take a wile before that happen :( The room sure going to be pretty stinky bay then :( I only hope that he dont develop a bad rash from this. Then its going to be a pretty hard time for him then.

It sure going to be interesting to see what is going to happen next whit him. I hope we are going to get more pages of this comic.

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Mark – Submitting Back to Infancy

Mark - Submitting Back to Infancy
Mark’s settled into his new life very well, especially under the care of those who tricked him into being regressed and incontinent in the first place. It’s not without their bickering, but the one who wanted it clearly enjoys taking good care of him. He clearly needs it. <3

For ? made by ChocolateKitsune

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Yes poor Mark he sure is in need of something that tacking care of him and make sure that he gets what he needs. But it seems like he have a way to go before he get use to having no control over his bowel and bladder. But i sure understand making a mess in your diaper sure can be blushing and take some time to get use to the feeling.

But wounder way they have dress him up as a girl?

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From a boring day to a fun day!

From a boring day to a fun day!“What a boring day!” Sammy and Remi said to each other!
Remi:”What if we do something fun with dad and the boss?”
Sammy:”Like what?”
Remi:”We are going to regressed them like babies(with dad’s youth formula) for a short time and we will do anything with them! We are going to have fun!”
Sammy:”My bro, you’re a genius!”

And in that way Matt and the boss were transformed into babies for several hours and so  Sammy and Remi’s day was a lot of fun!
Have them also spanked those cute little butts too?
Maybe….***Remi is poking Matt’s cute bottom***

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Yes it sure seems like Sammy and Remi had a very fun day regression there caretakers into cute little baby’s.

But i bet they are going to regret there decision when the youth formula have stop working.

I bet they going to get one massive spanking for this.

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Babyfur Comic: Aether Foundation Infiltration 2

Babyfur Comic: Aether Foundation Infiltration 2Order by Rogeykun

Draw by tato


Yes this was what i thought would happen when he starting to act all fuzzy. But i was expecting a pacifier instead of a baby bottle. But maybe that is going to come in the next page?

He sure is one cranky fuzzy angry diaper boy right now. But i bet this Sylveon have everything a baby needs. Even if it is a big baby like this one.

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When the cat caught the mice

When the cat caught the miceSeems Meowth is having too much fun to hand his captures over to the boss.

Draw and everything by Takinoue


Meowth sure seems to have allot of fun whit this two Pikachu. They on the other hand dont seems to have so match fun here :(

But Ashchu sure look kind of cute when he is nursing on that baby bottle. I sure wounder what he is thinking.

Pikachu on the other hand sure seems to be doing everything he can to be able to escape this.

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