Footed pyjamas

Pretty Pretty Princess Syrus

Pretty Pretty Princess SyrusI force Syrus to dress up like a princess for me while I videotape him being a sissy baby!

Syrus belongs to Agumonofalchemy

Joe and above text belongs to warpwarp1929

Draw by Tato


Yes this type of video sure going to get tons and tons of views.

But Syrus sure going to have some hard weeks when it comes to being outside of the house if Joe do drop that video on the internet :(

That sure is not pretty nice thing of him to do.

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Messy diaper butt – xephy_buns

Messy diaper butt

Draw and everything by

Awww looks like someone have ended up whit one stinky diaper during the night and he sure seems to be happy about it.

Someone sure is going to have a special moment to clean this up.

This wolf sure needs a new diaper.

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Dumb Stinky

Dumb StinkyDraw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


You really have to wounder how he ended up into a position like this. But you can clearly see the poofy diaper that he is wearing inside his sleeper and from the smell that he have using his diaper pretty good to. Poor boy he sure have some big explaining to do now.

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blortypampsdoes a kitten shit in the litterbox?

Draw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


Yes some kitten use the litterbox but this kitten is using his diaper instead :)

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Bouncy Perspective

Bouncy PerspectiveDraw and everything by Ludis-Luteo


This is the first time i have seen this view when someone is spending some time in the baby bouncy.

It sure looks like it is a little mounting on the front of this bouncy. Wounder what is making that ;)

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Sleeping like a baby

Sleeping like a babyOrder by axel1456

Draw by Dracky


Aww yes it sure looks like this Canid is sleeping like a little baby in his crib. He even have a happy smile on his face when he is sucking on his pacifier and hugging his tiger plush.

I hope he is having some sweet dreams :)

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Can’t Reach Part 4

Can't Reach Part 4After a couple of minutes Foxy starting to fell very sleepy it have been a rough evening for him and it was kind of late now. Soon Foxy drifting away into the dreamland hugging his Pikachu plush and sucking on his pacifier. He started to dream about the nice warm morning bottle that he is going to drink when his mother wake him up in the morning. She have also fix so his Pikachu plush had a bottle to drink from to.

The morning is going to be so awesome.

Draw by Fangthefox

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