Powder Pup

Powder PupThat dog… he gets into everything.

Dog: fink

Text and draw by: Kalida


It looks like Fink is spending some time whit he baby powder bottle. Maybe he should not do that it can easy happen that he get baby powder all over his face. oh sorry, it looks like it has already happened. I think he need to hurry to get the powder away from his face before his pants find out what he is up to. If they found out about this his can be in some big trouble.

I really love the look on his face. He look weary surprise about what you st happen to him. He really look like a Powder Pup now.

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Babyfur comic: Small Dog Night Part 1 to 4

Small Dog Night Page 1Husky: fink

Draw by: Kalida


Poor Fink it look like he woke up from the sleep in his cozy bed and found out that he have wet it during his sleep. Good thing he decided to go and wake his mother so she could change the wet bed sheets. It is not good to sleep in wet sheets

Small Dog Night Page 2Husky: fink

Draw by: Kalida


Yes i know it can be a weary hard and difficult thing to handle when you woke up in a wet bed special now when you have this many golden stars. But as your mother say accidents happen and it is nothing to worry about.

Small Dog Night Page 3Husky: fink

Draw by: Kalida


It dont look like Fink agree whit his mother decision to be put back into diapers. But i can understand his mother he maybe end up whit one more accident then she needs to wash two bed sheets but now when he wears a diaper the diaper is going to absorb it and leave the bed all dry and warm like it should be.

Small Dog Night Page 4Husky: fink

Draw by: Kalida


Aww poor Fink he try to hide that his mother have put him back in diapers. But Fink you dont need to hide that your mother is the only one around and she already know that you wear one. I bet you are going to sleep more relax now whit that on.

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Don’t Mind Me

Don't Mind MeJust puttin’ a bottle in ya drawers.

ethan86 of him being perfectly well behaved while SOME GIRL dog harasses him. POOR DOG, gosh.

Male dog: ethan86

Female dog: ??

Draw and text by: Fink


When i see this drawing it remember me of a diaper commercial that i post about a couple of months back. It was a commercial for the Toddler Huggies diaper. Wounder if this girl have watch that commercial to. If she have that she maybe think that she should try the same thing whit ethan86 and empty the baby bottle in the back of his diaper. But it look like he have notes this and it make me wounder what he thinks of that. Maybe he should go and tell his mother what have happen so she could change him into a clean and dry diaper. It is not so comfortable when the back is all wet from the water that was inside the baby bottle that the girl empty in the back of his diaper.

But i most say this is something where cute to see.

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