Female domination

The baby business part 6

Copyright (c) 1995 by Babydoc.

When Doug went back inside and slowly climbed the stairs that led up to his bedroom and bathroom, he was still more than a little uneasy about putting himself in the Mrs. Warren’s hands so completely. On the other hand, he couldn’t figure out how she could take advantage of him. I mean, I have the contract, he thought. And the test is so straightforward. A better test would be to sit in the tub for SIX hours, he thought. Three hours is almost too easy. I guess she could try to cheat by just leaving me there or something, but in that case I simply wouldn’t agree to join the program. This sets me up for getting something if I win, with no chance to lose.

Three hours, he thought. I could do that with a QUART of Gatorade. And she admitted that anyone who was continent wouldn’t have a problem. Well, he figured, I’m as close to being perfectly continent as anyone. I haven’t had an accident since I was three or four. Never wet the bed. In fact, I’ve always wondered why I was turned on by diapers; I don’t even recall ever having been in them…oh, well, whatever. After today, in any case, I don’t know that I’ll ever go out and buy or wear them any more. Too risky.

Doug hid the contract away under his mattress, for lack of a better place. Then he went into his bathroom and sat down on the edge of the tub. His bladder and bowels were feeling great and totally empty. His only worry was whether Mrs. Warren would keep her promise and leave him alone after he passed this “test.” But so far she’d seemed rational; surely she’d admit she was wrong after he proved himself to her. Overall, he was starting to feel very confident: things had looked bleak several minutes before with all that spanking talk, but now it looked like this would just be a three-hour wrinkle in an apparently normal day.

After about two minutes, he heard some noise down in the kitchen, and another minute or two later Mrs. Warren joined him in the bathroom. She had her bag of restraints and a glass from his cupboard filled with what looked to him like Gatorade. She cheerfully instructed him to sit down in the tub, facing away from the drain. He found this slightly uncomfortable because he couldn’t lean back without pressing the hard faucet into his back. She told him not to worry, that she’d take care of that. In the meantime, she put a leather cuff on each wrist and then one on the shower head above him. These were all locked with small padlocks. She then attached a small, long chain to one cuff, ran it up through the cuff on the shower head, and attached it to the cuff on the other hand. This brought his hands up to about a foot above his head. He found he couldn’t bring his hands down even to rest on his head.

Mrs. Warren also took a short cord and ran it from a belt loop on the back of his jeans to the faucet behind him. He really couldn’t move his body or his arms at all. The arrangement was simple and effective. She must have done this often, he realized. She disappeared for a second, returning with a small pillow to tuck behind his back so he wouldn’t be so uncomfortable leaning back for three hours.

Finally she brought out a little clock, which she set on the toilet seat in plain view. “This is so you’ll be able to see how you’re doing. In a moment, I’ll have you drink the glass over there, and then you’ll have exactly three hours to sit here alone. At the end of three hours, I’ll come back and see if you’re wet or messy. If it’s not obvious, we’ll pull down your pants and check your underpants carefully. You are wearing white underpants, right? Good. ANY signs of wetness, or ANY brownish stains on your underpants, and you fail this test. Is that clear?”

He felt a little silly being told his underpants would be checked for brownish stains, but he had to admit it was a reasonable demand for a continence test. So far no surprises. It was beginning to seem like he could trust her.

“And if you fail, I don’t want to hear any excuses or arguments about wearing diapers, okay? By taking this test, you implicitly agree to participate willingly in you ICP afterward if we prove your incontinence. Right?”

Again he nodded. Whatever. As if it mattered what happened if he lost.

“And I agree that if your underpants come out clean and dry, that I’ll get back in my van, and I won’t bother you ever again. Agreed?”

He nodded happily. Three hours until freedom. He didn’t think he’d miss her. Spank him indeed! Diapers! Please.

She retrieved the full glass from the sink and asked if he was ready. When he nodded, she held the glass to his lips. He had to drink it down a little quicker than he would have liked, as she kept tipping it toward him a little too much for his comfort. But it wasn’t bad tasting: not quite like Gatorade, maybe thicker and saltier, or something. But it was probably one of those new “sportsdrinks” he hadn’t tried.

When he had finished the last drops, he looked up to see Mrs. Warren smiling an odd little smile, as if there was a joke he wasn’t getting. The joke’s on you, he thought. I’m not really incontinent. She wiped his lips in a maternal way, and said, “Okay, now, three hours exactly. I’ve got some deliveries to make in the meantime, but I’ll be here promptly to check on you.”

She turned to go, then turned back suddenly. “I almost forgot,” she said, fishing out a small black object that looked like a little radio. “I don’t think it’s safe to have you here tied up alone, so this is a little microphone transmitter that I receive in my van. I’ll just set it here, on the toilet seat, and if there’s an emergency, just a yell will bring me back here in a hurry. Okay?”

He nodded, impressed. She was prepared. Good thing he wouldn’t need to fight her in the future, for she’d be a difficult adversary. Luckily, all he had to do was play along briefly here, and he’d get this woman out of his life. She said goodbye, smiled that odd smile again, and left the bathroom. He heard her slam the door downstairs, start the van, and then heard it’s engine fade away.

As Mrs. Warren drove away, she thought about the boy she’d just left in his bathtub, and almost felt a little sorry for him. He looked so earnest about the whole situation, so confident about staying dry, so hopeful about not wearing diapers. If only he knew the reality.

She’d seen it before, of course, dozens of times by now, with dozens of boys. Most were, like this guy, essentially continent, she knew. Or at least they were when she first met them. And most had accidently stumbled into her little web, from which they could not extract themselves. All had similar stories, interestingly, of liking to PRETEND to need diapers, or having sick relatives, or some similar garbage. Mrs. Sheffield, the dear lady, caught one every few weeks. And though the woman might be nice, with the best of intentions, she was too dense to realize that these boys were not ACTUALLY incontinent and did not really need her help. But she thought they did, so she referred them to her, Linda Warren, former nurse and current queen of the diaper boys.

The ironic thing was that as kind and dense as Mrs. Sheffield was, Mrs. Warren was just the opposite: insightful but self-serving. She knew damn well these boys didn’t “need” her, but she needed them, so they were in her program. She needed them mostly for financial reasons, as this partnership with Mrs. Sheffield was her only income. The more boys she had, the more she was paid. And the longer they stayed in her program, the less work they demanded, so the more boys she could keep, so the more money she made…

And she was good, both at enlisting her boys and at keeping them. Now, after about three years, she had all the bugs worked out, so that once a boy was referred to her, he was pretty much hers for as long as she wanted. She could handle almost every curve thrown to her, and by now, had seen almost every variation. Her income was good, and since the boys never left the program, her job security was excellent as well. She now concentrated on the art of her craft, and now enjoyed simply seeing how the game would be played. This boy, for example, was being resistant, and understandably so, she thought. He was probably no more incontinent than she was. But she had all the cards (or would have them soon) and his decision to try to prove his continence doomed him to what she knew would be a miserable day.

For no one, she knew, had ever had a full glass of her “diaper juice” and had lasted more than two hours. Most lasted less than one. Even when she tested it on herself, she had been on a toilet within ninety minutes, and had stayed there for nearly three hours. It had taken her several weeks to find the appropriate doses of diuretic and laxative that would work quickly yet be able to be passed off as a normal drink. Using and mixing a therapeutic dose of furosemide wasn’t a problem, but it had taken some experimentation before she found a suitable solvent for the double-strength mag citrate she used. It made her shudder to think about that: it was the fastest and most powerful laxative known, and even a quarter of what she used would probably be enough. But she didn’t take chances. She wanted each and every boy that came her way; so far, she had a perfect record.

And this boy had no idea what he was in for. He believed it was Gatorade, and was soon going to get an unpleasant surprise. Then the rest of the game would fall into place.

Sometime later she heard the first curses come in over the receiver, and since she didn’t really have any errands to run, she pulled the van over to do some paperwork and to listen, for this first “accident” for her little boys was always sort of poignant for her. She leaned back and enjoyed the growing sounds of Doug’s distress.

Copyright (c) 1995 by Babydoc.

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There is no key

There is no key - Clean version
My chastity was always going to be permanent but Mistress sure like to rub it in sometimes. She gets to rub it in but I can never rub one out.

Mistress: citrinetopaz

Wolf and text by muarauder12

Draw by operationfluff

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20047315/

Poor wolf it dont seems like he is going to be allow to touch his male part for a very long time and its is not going to be able to grow either when it is inside that chastity cage. It seems like he dont even can feel it inside that thick abri form x-plus diaper that he is forced to wear.

There is no key - Messy versionThere is no key - Wet version


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My New Life in Diapers Book 4 to 6

The diapered adventures of Petey continue! And the humiliations deepen! The weekend is here and just as Petey thinks he is going to get changed out of his very wet diapers after a long day at work, he finds out that his wife has left town! And to make matters worse, she has arranged for him to have a sitter over the weekend! Caroline, a young dominatrix, is more than ready for the job. Deep humiliations ensue, as Petey is tormented by Caroline in various devious ways, culminating in very messy diapers and a powerful release scene at the end!

Not cuddly ABDL fiction. This tale involves serious humiliation and female domination of the male.
This story is about consenting adults and does not involve minors.

adult diaper fetish, forced adult baby play
one scene of foot worship
teasing by male co-workers
implied cuckolding (very mild)

Adult baby Petey’s weekend with the dominant babysitter Caroline isn’t over yet. He wakes up Saturday morning with very dirty diapers and is led into a day of blackmail, public humiliation, and other torments by his wicked sitter. Petey has never had a day quite like this one, with an adult baby photo shoot led by two dominant ladies, an embarrassing trip to the toy corner at an upscale boutique and then having to listen to his best friend make the moves on Caroline while he lies in his crib diapered!

Petey’s worst humiliations yet!!!

This is an adult story and contains no descriptions of children.
ABDL play is only for consenting adults.
Contains scenes of :
adult baby play
adult diaper play
intense humiliation (this story is NOT for those who want cuddly abdl fiction)
female domination
public humiliation with dominant women
forced messing scenes
mild cuckolding (through implication, no direct scenes)

Petey thinks he has what it takes to be a big boy, a man even. Can he follow Steph’s humiliating rules for potty training, learning to have sex like a man, and more? Can he keep his pants dry? One of the longest My New Life in Diapers yet, this story introduces new characters, contains blistering spankings, strap on scenes, plenty of femdom humiliations, and yes, even diapering…
Brenda and Caroline have some wicked plans for Pete when he comes back to work…

Not for the weak. Or perhaps for the weak…

This books is Not recommended for those who only like fluffy, cute ABDL stories without humiliation and female domination. This book contain allot of female domination and humiliations. But it is some weary nice reading and it is hard to stop reading it even if it is scary because you wont to know what happen next.

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My New Life in Diapers Book 1 to 3

Pete and Stephanie begin a journey into serious dominance / submission games when Stacy brings home a book on female domination. Pete unconsciously chooses the adult baby theme and his life will never be the same again! Contains intense scenes of female domination, adult baby themes, adult forced diapering, and strong humiliation themes.

It has been 2 months since Pete has been playing adult baby and diaper games with his mistress, mommy, and wife Stephanie. Stephanie takes his humiliation to the next level with a birthday surprise involving four dominant women. Join the fun with Baby Petey as he opens shocking presents, gets the spanking of his life, and gets many diaper changes, all while being totally humiliated at the hands of these dominant women. Second in the My New Life in Diapers series. Book 1 is also available now on kindle as well as other fetish stories by Madeline de Hywis. Stay tuned for more to come!

Story contains:
Intense Femdom and Humiliation scenes
Adult Baby and Diaper Fetish (no minors involved, purely fantasy adult play)
Sexual situations
Spanking, light bondage

Petey spirals down further into adult babyhood at the dominating hand of his mommy wife Stephanie. Waking up in a crib on a Saturday morning, trying to fight his natural urges to just go in his diapers, he tries to be a man and overcome his sissy baby urges. Can he do it? Stephanie has a plan though, and takes him to his first doctor’s visit, the devious Dr. Lainie, who has devised a new procedure to decondition subjects of various important functions, in Petey’s case, his continence! Can Petey hold onto his “manhood” or will he fall deeper into the devilishly fun humiliations that the various women in his life have planned for him? Includes a very fun ending with Petey having to decide for himself whether he wants to be a man or an ‘adult’ baby.

An Adult Baby / Diaper Fetish story with strong themes of humiliation and female domination. All members of this fictional story are over 18. Adult baby play does not involve real children but consenting adults interested in fetish play.

Contains intense scenes of :
Humiliation and Teasing
Female Domination of male subject
Adult baby / Diaper Fetish
Forced use of diapers
Medical fantasies / Evil Doctor and Nurse
Some anal play (thermometer and anal probing)

This three book is Not recommended for those who only like fluffy, cute ABDL stories without humiliation and female domination. It some scary but bondage reading.


  • How Adult Diapers Can Help You Live a Better Life (adriansurley.com)
  • ABDLTBWTF? Your Guide to Adult Diaper Culture Acronyms (adriansurley.com)
  • Diapered 24/7 – What to Expect (adriansurley.com)
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