Double diaper

Supersoaked through two layers – DiaperSome

Someone sure seems to have been busy and i am not talking about the boy ;) The thing that have been busy is the diaper :) It sure seems to be pretty soggy and heavy right now.

Bet he can have some nice and fun squishy playtime in that soggy wet diaper.

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Billy’s Fault Part 11

This story is written by Les Lea

Now that first communal change was out of the way Lizzie was of the opinion, which she shared with the other girls, that all a boy needed to feel good about himself was a dry nappy. Her friends sniggered in agreement. She’d been in her element, controlling and capable and, after dealing with Aaron’s little rebellion, pleased at just how quickly the other boys came to heel.

But things were changing… again… and not just nappies.

Once the boy’s wet padding was transformed to dry, and with their obvious embarrassment behind them, they seemed a little more at ease. Whereas Billy and Dave had been fairly quick to realise they had little option, it was now dawning on Mitch and Aaron that this was how things were going to be from now on… or until their parents had a massive re-think.

Although they’d been terrified of others seeing them dressed in such a fashion, now they were all together it didn’t seem too bad. As the boys were all in the same boat, reduced to wearing protection and nothing else, it was amazing just how quickly they began to accept the situation.

Any thought of rebellion from this small group of heavily nappied boys was already fading as they saw the inevitability of what was going on around them. With their parents all of a similar mind and nowhere they’d feel safe running off to, ‘summer camp’ was all they had.

Yes, they’d hated being changed by strangers but had to swallow any pride (and modesty) because they simply had no choice. The way Lizzie had dealt with Aaron had chastened them all and the fact that these girls were a lot stronger than they appeared had come as a surprise; tantrums and acting tough were not the answer. Lizzie had certainly surrounded herself with friends who weren’t to be messed with and could hold their own in any fight – all three were quite formidable.

The feelings of awkwardness around each other was gradually disappearing and the fact that they’d all soaked their nappies whilst napping had made it a level playing field for humiliation. Even Dave’s messy one had been dealt with without so much as a scrunched up nose by the rest of the gang.

They’d all been in a similar situation over the past few days.


Dee-Dee had gone off to play more with Beth so Dave had to join in with the lads. He was still very sheepish but Billy made that extra effort to make him feel he wasn’t alone.

“I think Aaron and Mitch think there’s a way out of this…” Billy indicated his plastic pants to a nodding Dave. “I’m not so sure as I’ve never seen mum, or Lizzie for that matter, more intent on anything.”

Dave’s constantly weepy-looking eyes and submissive shrug meant he understood. He should do as he and Billy had definitely suffered the worst retribution for their misdemeanours. With very powerful and unyielding females taking the lead they really had little alternative but to do as directed if worse wasn’t to follow.

Once all the boys had been changed and were back together in their small group it was Dave who quietly suggested that to get through this punishment without too much aggravation, perhaps it would be best to cooperate. Although there were murmurs of discontent he pointed out that whilst all their parents were ardently supportive of what was happening, without making matters worse, they were in no position to defy anyone.

“But it’s just fucking ridiculous.” Mitch hissed through his teeth, aware he didn’t want the girls to hear him cussing. “I’m not going to let them do this to me… it’s not right… it’s illegal… I’m….”

He saw Nancy looking suspiciously over at him so immediately stopped his quiet, if intense tirade.

The heat from Aaron’s spanked bottom was just beginning to ease so although he agreed with his friend, he didn’t want to take up the fight.

Dave countered the argument saying that someone else changing their nappies was better than wondering around in a messy one and, after what had happened to Aaron, his contention was: did they really want to continually get spanked?

He was of the opinion they should just suck it up and try to get through the ordeal as quickly as possible and, more importantly, with the least amount of physical abuse.

Although there was no bright side to their situation he did also advance that it could be worse – at least they were together in private and not out where anyone could see them. So, perhaps for the sake of just getting through it all, they should knuckle down and do just that. A nappy wasn’t so bad, was it?

However, sniggering and baby talk from the girls had set them on edge so they wanted to put as much distance between them as possible.


This wasn’t going to be that easy because, almost immediately, the girls were enjoying their incredible power so were constantly checking for wet nappies. According to the timetable they had no intention of changing them (unless they’d messed) but were happy to make the boys feel uncomfortable, which they succeeded in so doing.

Despite this attention soon the boys were playing a game of Shilpha’s suggestion and the girls were joining in. Even Beth and Dee-Dee abandoned their dolls so they could be involved.

What they were all unaware of was the pharmacist’s contribution and just how keen he was in spreading this new punishment inspired ideology. The drink they’d had at lunchtime had released a chemical which was still in their system; it hadn’t all been peed out during naptime.

It was Dee-Dee who wet her knickers first. Without any warning she suddenly found pee streaming down her legs. She had no control and was extremely embarrassed by what was happening.

She stood, horrified to the spot as her socks, as well as her knickers became completely sodden by the sudden flow.

Beth looked on in astonishment as her friend lost control and burst into tears. Dee-Dee had no idea why she wet but it was one of the reasons she’d been wearing her own protection in the past, to prevent such a calamity. She’d seen it happen to Billy in those early days and it had scared her into believing the best prevention was protection. Now, and for no reason, it had happened, in front of her friend and this group of well-padded boys. She rushed off red-faced back to her own room with Lizzie in pursuit.


The pharmacist, Edward Swinton had big ideas. He’d loved Sandra’s suggestion of the ‘Summer Camp’ for naughty or rebellious children and was letting this idea percolate amongst some of his new customers. He realised that the long break meant many arguments and disruption in families with parents and children at odds.

Determined to make as much money out of this idea as possible he launched an online chat group discussing such things as – disruptive children, punishment, regressive behaviour and a host of other thoughts. He added a ‘What If’ feature, where he set out, without naming any such programme existed, the very things Sandra was doing with her unruly son and his friends.

It was soon obvious that had Sandra launched her idea citywide she would have been swamped by the response, many of the respondents to the feature begging for such a ‘Summer Camp’ to exist. Some desperate for a place to unload their troublesome offspring, even if that meant them spending the entire break in nappies.

If Sandra wasn’t going to take up this golden opportunity Edward was of the opinion that where there was a market, a fortune could be made so had every intention, one way or another, to make this ‘rehabilitating’ concept available to all.


Meanwhile, the mad summer break that all of them, in some form or other, had hoped for only a short time ago was now a different prospect. Lizzie had been grateful for what had happened. It was her scheme to have her brother and sister in nappies after all, but, even she was surprised at how intense it had gotten and so soon. She was actually indebted that on this first day, her friends had arrived to help (take the piss?) only to find they had so quickly got involved.

The girls were part of a little clique at school which had Lizzie at its head; an already highly intelligent group who knew how to control situations way above their age definition. They had succeeded in doing so both at home and at school, often without the target being any the wiser after the event. Smart, informed, enthusiastic, adaptable but ultra-confident in their abilities to manipulate most situations to their own ends… they were more than a little intimidating.

Lizzie was confident that her friends would enjoy the process of taking a group of pubescent boys back to babyhood if for no other reason it would help alleviate the boring bits of a long summer holiday.

Perceptions were changing almost by the minute. What was fun and humiliating one moment was something to be cherished and protected the next. All those involved were amazed at how Sandra’s idea, and the execution of that idea, affected each of them. For some it would be the beginning of a completely new way of life, whilst for others it would point to a different direction to the one they were planning.

All the girls were growing up and with that came a change in their hormonal make-up so, it might not have been as drastic a change as it appeared. Surprisingly, none of the girls realised the changes that were going on with each other and, not dissimilar to the boy’s attitude, kept these minor personal revelations to themselves.


Within twenty minutes of each other all the boys had wet their nappies again. None knew it was their ‘special’ lunchtime drink to blame but all could now feel that same drink sloshing warmly around their genitals. As if a pact had been drawn up, none of them said a word, although each had suddenly felt a slight pang in their bladder before the deluge.

As they were embarrassed about wetting themselves so soon after being changed the boys kept quiet and carried on as if nothing had happened. Stupidly, they didn’t realise their plastic protection tightened around the expanding mass underneath so when Lizzie returned, with her well-padded sister, she took one look and ordered them to line up in front of her.

Dee-Dee felt a lot better now she was dry and well protected. Beth, who could now see with her own eyes, the amount of padding her friend was wearing thought she looked like a big toddler.

Dee-Dee didn’t mind the comment; she was just grateful that Lizzie had given in and let her wear her insurance in case it happened again.

Beth stroked the slippery plastic cover and marvelled at the thickness underneath but other than that, they simply got on playing together. Although, at the back of the visiting six year-old’s mind she wondered if she might need similar treatment. She didn’t want it, she was a big girl, but her friend looked so happy so it was inevitable her mind should ponder the prospect.

Meanwhile, the boys didn’t want to go through the embarrassment again. Lizzie was quite happy to leave them until their nappies were even more soaked but Shilpha argued that it was ‘unkind’ to leave them like that, especially as nappy rash was a real possibility. She explained how her younger brother and sister had problems because of being left for too long.

Off course none of this was true she just wanted to make her case so that they could change the boys again and watch them squirm in humiliation as they got to work. She got her way.

There was a mumble of discontent from some whilst others, Dave and Billy, just went ahead and let themselves be changed. This time it was a different girl who saw to their needs.


Over the last few days there had been a definite change in Billy’s attitude to what he was being subjected to. Whether this was some mental appreciation of his involvement in it all, or he had simply been beaten down??? Now there was no argument, just simple acquiescence.

It was no longer purely Billy’s fault.

His lifetime’s rejection of any female authority and his fight to prove his own predominance had, in such a short time, been crushed. The bugs in the stomach, the sodden nappies and his childish outbursts had proved he needed his mummy, Lizzie and to a certain extent Dee-Dee, more than he would ever have previously acknowledged.

When he was at his lowest, it was they who had tended keeping him clean and dry and now, well now, he just thought it was the way it ought to be. He was no longer the leader of his little band of eleven year-old tough guys, he’d become what his mother and sisters had intended, their little, cooperative, baby boy.

The humiliation just wasn’t there anymore.

It wasn’t so much he liked it or approved of it; it was just the way things had turned out. It was what it was and his thick nappy and sheer plastic pants merely emphasised that simple fact.

Rebellion, anger and frustration had got him nowhere but now, as he slid his hands over the bulky shiny protection, he had to admit – he didn’t have to fight any more.

Dave of course had been beaten into submission so he wasn’t going to fight what course of action others decided. He knew conflict was a bad and very painful cause to pursue.

Both were changed efficiently but had to bear the childish baby talk the girls inflicted on them (and between themselves) as the jobs were undertaken.

“Whose little pee-pee needs a good wash?” “Who needs his plastic panties then… mmm?” “Who’s a good boy? Yes he is, yes he is.” “Where’s that sweet little Davey? There he is.”

Plus an assortment of other such infantile comments directed at them didn’t raise so much as a frown. In fact, it has to be said that both Dave and Billy had nervously giggled throughout and seemed not to care any more about whom did what, why, when or how.


Nancy had taken to Billy and admired his thick protection. She, like Shilpha, thought he looked adorable. With him being so much smaller than the others, his babyish style of dress only emphasised just how cute he looked.

She reflected on how much it suited him and wondered why Lizzie had complained about her noisy and annoying brother in the past. He was a little sweetie and looked every inch as if he should be wrapped in protection on a permanent basis. She enjoyed the process of fitting a clean and dry, but well-padded, nappy in place, tickling his tummy and repeating her puerile cooing as she did so. She only wished she had a dummy or a teddy to give him to play with. Perhaps on her next visit she’d bring a few extra things that might keep her… him amused.

Shilpha had taken to Davey. Out of the four boys he had the aura and façade of a mistreated street urchin. Not that he was dirty or anything, it was just his big brown eyes and worried expression made him a particularly sensitive looking character.

Shilpha loved having complete authority over this eleven year old; to be able to wipe his naked body clean, smear in the various protecting creams and lotions and apply powder to his badly striped bottom (the painful process of how he got to be so subservient was still pretty obvious) made her feel sorry for him. She paid attention to his well-disciplined bottom, making sure the correct rejuvenating and antiseptic cream was applied to those tender looking bruises.

Not that she would ever admit it because despite the girls having all the power, and loving that power, she was more sympathetic than she thought she’d be. Now the reality of them being treated as babies and the work that involved, the actual embarrassment quotient was not quite as important. Perhaps it was their total vulnerability, and now she was charged with care of that vulnerability, it had somehow changed her perceptions.


“Mitch, Aaron,” Lizzie said in a very authoritative voice. “I don’t want to put any more black marks against your names today but, if you don’t come over here immediately I shall have no alternative.”

She peered over at Aaron with a concerned look.

“I’m sure your daddy… and mummy,” she made it sound very childish, “will not be happy to see that you were the only one of the group to get so may black marks. I’d hate to think what they’ll do…”

She left that threat hanging there just long enough for Aaron to move over and lay out on the changing mat in front of her.

“That’s better. Just do as you are told and everything will go well.” She swept her hand over the boys. “I don’t want to have to remind anyone again.”

Whatever comments were going through the boy’s minds at that moment can only be guessed because no one said a word.

“Unless of course you prefer a soggy nappy and enjoy walking around in your own wee.”

As the boys wriggled uncertainly, she seemed satisfied at her comments.

“We’re here to help keep you clean and dry so it’s in your best interest to cooperate fully. Do you understand?”

They may have been reluctant to reply but she wanted them to admit who was in charge. Eventually she got a “Yes Lizzie” from all of them.


The rest of the afternoon of this first day passed off without any further disruptions. In fact, Summer Camp was all going relatively brilliantly so when the first parent arrived, Aaron’s mum Julia, to take her boy home, she was intrigued to watch for a few moments as her son was smiling and having a pretend tea party with the rest of the group.

It had been a little game that Beth had suggested and so as to keep on Lizzie (and the black marks) good side, all of them had indulged the six year-old. The problem was the older girls were enjoying the silliness of the situation. They all adopted snooty accents pretending they were aristocracy and looking down on the riff-raff before them. The thing was, despite everything, it was all very funny and some of the comments were hilarious and had the boys rolling around in hysterics. It was a great game, which everyone was having fun with.

The thick padding and rustling plastic pants had all but been forgotten as laughter filled the air. It was strange because, the humiliation the older girls had wanted to instil in the boys had also taken a place on the back-burner. Although they were definitely in charge, they were enjoying the occasion as much as the boys were doing. Even their constant inspection didn’t seem to be an intrusion any more. In fact, the boys appeared to like the girls running their hands over the smooth plastic and slipping fingers inside to check. Well, that is except for Mitch who was still a little apprehensive about the entire thing.

As soon as Aaron saw his mother watching he froze. He didn’t want his parents to think he was enjoying the situation and was holding secret thoughts that perhaps, on the drive home, he could convince them to exact another, different punishment.

“Don’t stop sweetie,” she called out to her suddenly sullen looking boy. “I have to speak to Lizzie so you finish your game first.”

She smiled and waved him on as Lizzie and her broke away from the others for a chat.

Aaron looked scared. He’d been disciplined by Lizzie and he knew what that meant, he’d been told enough times.

He saw his mother look over as she spoke to Lizzie and her expression change from one of happiness to one of disappointment.


“I’m afraid Mrs Carter that to begin with Aaron didn’t settle in very well. He accrued several black marks for his attitude and swearing and I had to take action. I spanked him.”

Mrs Carter just nodded and looked over at her son.

“I have to say that after that incident he, and the rest of the boys, calmed down and although he wet at nap time, which was expected, he’s been as good as gold since.”

Lizzie finished her update with a reassuring smile but it was obvious that Aaron’s mother had other thoughts in her head.

“He calmed down once he’d been disciplined you say?”

“Yes ma’am. He was very well behaved.”

“OK, his father and I will see that he is no further trouble to you, erm, girls… er… I didn’t know others would be involved…”

“Oh yes. The Summer Camp has a few of my friends volunteering to help and it seems that the boys have reacted well to them.”

“Ohh I see.”

Lizzie wasn’t exactly lying but it also wasn’t quite the truth.

“Yes, we’re all excited about the weeks ahead.”

Julia nodded and gave her a weak smile.

“OK Aaron, time to go. Say good bye to your friends and thank the girls for looking out for you.”

Nervously he got up and made his way over to his mother. His nappy was soaked and the plastic covering bloated out. Oddly, he’d peed in his nappy the moment she had arrived and he could tell from her current expression she was not happy with him. Perhaps he wouldn’t mention a different punishment until he was home and his dad was around.

In silence they set off.

As Aaron wriggled uncertainly in his squishy nappy his mother was glad she had pinned up the timetable on the fridge and his bedroom door. She was determined that he would obey each and every bit of what was set down and, after his 7pm bath, his bottom would be that teaching pad.


Lizzie saw her mother arrive and greeted her with a hug.

“How’s it all gone sweetheart?”

Lizzie smiled.

“Not bad for a first day…”

They walked over to where the rest of the group were still playing and Sandra looked down on the array of swollen rubber pants. The three remaining boys looking in a much better mood than when she left them and marvelled at how Shilpha and Nancy had got involved.

The smiles on everyone’s face told her it was a job well executed and as she thought this, Billy ran over to give her a huge loving hug.


Dee-Dee followed and said, almost mimicking her brother.


Sandra patted both their padded, silky bottoms and kissed the top of their heads.

Mitch and Davey looked up and nervously grinned.

“Hello Mrs Southall.” They chorused.

They were obviously still a little embarrassed by their predicament but appeared to be simply getting on with making the most out of their situation. Besides that, the girls were keeping them occupied and they didn’t want to disappoint them.

Sandra nodded to her eldest. “Well you seem to have everything under control, well done sweetheart.”

Lizzie shared the secret of her success with her mother as she whispered. “All a baby really needs to be happy is a dry nappy”.

Sandra raised her eyebrows.

“Ohh, and a strict routine… just so they know there are limits.” Lizzie added.

Sandra patted her son’s and daughter’s padded bottoms once more and sent them back to play with the others.

Billy’s thick plastic pants identifying his ‘little boy’ status and even the bigger boys appeared to have accepted much of their punishment, crawling around on hands and knees wearing just their thick protection. The entire scene of grown up girls and juvenile boys playing together filled her full of pride.

She sighed in satisfaction.

She hoped it wouldn’t be too long before the girls, Lizzie’s team (she smiled at the thought), would soon be leading the small group of contrite boys on outings into town and beyond. She didn’t want them cooped up in the house and garden for the rest of the school break, that wouldn’t be fair. She also had an idea that they might not be too keen on being out and about wearing their nappies. However, the way things were going, it wouldn’t be too long before the boys realised they didn’t get a say in proceedings and conceded their eleven year-old lives were a thing of the past.

A feeling of accomplishment swept through her body.

She had been right to do what she’d done and, with the continued help of Lizzie and her friends, knew the boys were in firm but understanding hands. Nappies and plastic pants had been the solution to reining in unsocial behaviour and it didn’t hurt that they looked so innocent and sweet as a result.

She looked across at the washing line and saw Billy’s nappies and plastic pants flapping in the late afternoon breeze and couldn’t help but think it was a price that had been worth paying. She’d got her little boy back.

She didn’t get the opportunity to question for how long when her phone rang.

Edward the chemist informed her that a fresh batch of innovative protection had arrived and… wanted to meet up as he had some exciting new proposals.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 10


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Over layering

Over layeringThe poor babyfur belongs to LuciusAris

Draw by NazzNikoNanuke


Something seems to have happen whit the magic around here? Suddenly something weird have happen here whit this babyfur :(

Poor thing this massive diaper sure going to force his legs apart allot:( He sure not going to be able to walk and maybe not even crawl whit this massive diaper that he is now force to be wearing.

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Changing Malfunction

Changing Malfunction

OC at the mercy of an overloading mechanical nursery which is in the process of overloading her padding with layers.

Order by raifuru

Draw and above text by liljdude


Awww yes this girl sure seems to have ended up whit allot of trouble whit this diaper changing machine.

I sure wounder how many layers of diaper the machine is going to add? This sure going to be one crazy thick diaper. Poor girl she sure going to have allot of trouble here.

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Eight Days of Diapers – Part VI: The End of the Revolt

This story is written by WingZ

Andy had been friends with Shane since they were in the second grade. Back then, Shane’s mother drove a wood-paneled station wagon that was older than he was. Andy liked that car. It was easy to recognize and, every time he saw it, he knew there was the possibility he and his friends would go somewhere interesting. Shane’s mother had since replaced the station wagon with a minivan. It was newer, more practical and not nearly as fun. Andy had begun to feel the same way about his friendship with Shane lately. They were no longer sitting around playing with action figures; they were going to the movies, largely unsupervised, with a girl no less. And yet he couldn’t help but feel like he was on shaky ground, like Shane saw him as a burden he lugged around for old time’s sake or that he was going to wake up one day and realize he and Shane didn’t have that much in common anymore.

Andy was the last to be picked up Friday night. Shane and Audrey were already sitting in the van’s middle row and Andy slid in next to them.

“Happy Hanukah, Andy,” Shane’s mother greeted. “Is that still going on?”

“Yeah, tonight’s the last night,” Andy replied.

For the rest of the drive to the theatre, they talked about the movie, about how awesome it looked and about the director, James Cameron, in general. Shane made retching sounds when his mother brought up Titanic.

“Oh, stop,” his mother chastised. “You’re too young to appreciate it. You were still in diapers when it came out.”

Shane blushed and cringed and Andy tried not to and Audrey said she liked it, even though it was too long, and that was the end of that.

“You kids have money?” Shane’s mother asked as she pulled up in front of the theatre entrance. It was a Loews Cineplex, a huge gray fortress of filmdom.

“Yes, Mom,” Shane answered.

“Have fun then,” she said. “I’ll be back for you at 10. Anything happens, you give me a call.”

“Yes, Mom,” Shane repeated, his tone fraught with annoyance. Andy knew better than to talk to his own mother like that.

They waited in line, bought their tickets and moved quickly to claim their seats. Their haste afforded them some prime real estate: center row, near the front, but not too close. Andy filed in first, followed by Shane, then Audrey. They had just sat down when Shane got back on his feet to get snacks.

“You guys want anything?” he asked.

“No thanks,” Andy replied.

“Coke, please,” Audrey said.

As he headed back to the lobby, Andy noticed that he seemed eager to fetch it for her. It was funny, he thought. There was a time not all that long ago when Shane would have told someone to get their own stupid Coke. His departure left an empty seat and an awkward silence between Andy and Audrey.

“So you’re Jewish, huh?” she said at last.

Andy nodded. He could sense another question coming on about the apocryphal Hanukah Bush.

“You don’t look it,” she said instead.

“Uh, thanks,” Andy replied, not sure whether she meant it as a compliment or an insult. He also didn’t know what it meant to “look Jewish.” He’d heard some people say that Jews had big noses, even though he didn’t. He thought maybe his father, who has a moustache and dark wavy hair (the latter of which he passed on to Jake) looked Jewish, but Uncle Marty was Jewish too and didn’t look anything like his dad. He wanted desperately to be Audrey at that moment, to see what she saw when she looked at him.

“I’m Lutheran,” Audrey said. Andy nodded. That sounded about right. He didn’t know what Lutherans were supposed to look like either, but Audrey had short blond hair and blue eyes and that just seemed to fit. Shane was some kind of Protestant too, but Andy couldn’t remember which denomination.

“So are you and Shane going together?” he asked, a little too quickly because he was nervous and still wasn’t sure exactly what he was asking about. “That’s what everyone says.”

“I guess,” she said, blushing and giggling and sounding equally uncomfortable. “I don’t know.”

Andy began to wonder if this was what it was going to be like from now on, all awkwardness and never knowing what to say. He hoped not. He didn’t know if he’d be able to take it. And then he chuckled, because the biggest reason he had for feeling awkward – his diaper – hadn’t bothered him at all. In fact, he had half a mind to tell Audrey about it. He would make a joke about not wanting to miss any of the movie and she would laugh and say something like “I wish I thought of that” and it wouldn’t matter if she believed him or not, because at least it would break the ice. He never got the chance though. Shane came back carrying two drinks and a big tub of popcorn and the theater darkened as the previews began to roll.

For the next two and a half hours, Andy didn’t think too much about the growing isolation or his diaper or much of anything at all. He tried to lose himself in the CGI-fueled artistry, but watching the alien natives fight the invading humans, reminded him, oddly enough, of Hanukah, of the Maccabees. They’d fought off the Greeks and preserved Judaism and that was ostensibly what was being celebrated. But it seemed to Andy like it was a short-lived victory. After the Greeks were gone, there were the Romans and the Turks and the British. Even nowadays, Andy could hear his father complaining about “those damn terrorists” who were trying to destroy Israel. It seemed to him like someone was always causing trouble for the Jews and someone always would.

This newfound pessimism got him off-track, but it wasn’t enough to ruin the movie for him. He eventually got back into it — so into it, in fact, that he started wetting his diaper about 2/3rds of the way through. He caught himself doing it and could have stopped, should have stopped, but he didn’t want to. It made no noise in the crowded theatre and there was only a smell if he looked for one.

When the movie was over, Andy got up, half fearful and half thankful for the crinkle that would give him away. It was lost though amid the chatter and the rush of bodies to the exits and he didn’t have the nerve to call more attention to himself.

“Man,” Shane exclaimed, rising and stretching and laying a light hand on Audrey’s arm – a gesture unthinkable in their “girls have cooties” heyday. “That was great.”

“I thought Titanic was better,” Audrey opined as she stepped slightly away.

“No way,” Shane said. He turned and looked to Andy for the tie-breaker. “What’d you think Andy?”

“I liked it a lot,” Andy said. He was not sure if he meant it or not, not sure of much of anything anymore.


The next day’s weather was equally uncertain. Temperatures had been creeping back up since last Saturday’s snow, but they fell again Friday night. The Saturday morning sky was sunless and white and Jake clamored prematurely for the opportunity to build a snowman.

“I don’t even think it’ll snow,” Andy told him.

“Nu-uh,” Jake whined. “Mom, tell him it will!”

“If it doesn’t this weekend, I’m sure it will eventually,” their mother said. “It’s not even officially winter yet.”

That seemed to pacify Jake, at least partially. He’d been sore that he hadn’t been able to see Avatar, even though he was too young for it and it never would have held his attention. In retaliation, he hogged the TV and put on some cartoon movie and told Andy he wasn’t allowed to watch, even though they both knew Andy didn’t want to. Sometimes, Andy realized, it was good to let his brother think he’d won something even though he hadn’t.

Jake was off his back and Andy didn’t have any more tests or big assignments coming up before Christmas break. That left Andy with only one thing left to worry about: his diapers. Several still remained in the package and he knew he would never use them up before the end of the day. His parents wouldn’t let him keep any. That was the agreement. He thought about hoarding a few, but the thought of sneaking around and likely getting caught put an end to that idea.

He sighed. Maybe he’d get a chance to try diapers again in a couple of years, if he still wanted to. He couldn’t see himself giving them up for good, but the past week taught him that they got old pretty quickly. He thought about those stories where kids his age wore diapers 24/7 and shook his head. Who would want that? There would be too much hiding, too much awkwardness, too much to feel bad about and his life had enough of that already.

Andy checked the time on his alarm clock. It was only the early afternoon and he still had several hours to go before sundown. He thought of some more things he could do with his diapers, but it seemed like he’d exhausted most possibilities. He’d wet numerous times, he’d been changed, he tried cloth, he wore in public. About the only thing that remained was to mess, and Andy wasn’t sure he wanted to do that. It seemed like it would be a pain to clean up.

In the end, his body made the decision for him. He felt the need to move his bowels and headed for the bathroom only to find the door closed. An urgent knock brought about a “just a moment” in his mother’s voice and left Andy standing outside the door, clenching himself and biting his lower lip. He had no reason to think he wouldn’t be able to hold it. He’d held it in school dozens of times. But when his mother opened the bathroom door a moment later, she found him with a messy diaper and tears streaming down his face.

“Oh, Andy,” she said, keenly aware of what had happened. She hugged him until he calmed down, then told him to clean up. Andy marched himself into the bathroom and stood in the tub. He let his poopy diaper fall to the bottom with a loud thud and turned the water on as hot as it would go. He hoped it would wash his shame as well as his skin.

When he finished showering, he diapered himself again. He put three on at once, seeing as how it would likely be the last time, then sought out his mother. She was sitting at the kitchen table, hard at work on a crossword puzzle.

“Feeling better?” she asked when she saw him.

Andy nodded, then stopped. He took a deep breath and told his mother no, he wasn’t feeling well at all.

“Everything’s been really weird lately,” he explained. “I feel like I’m too weird for my friends and they’re too weird for me. I like diapers and I don’t know why. Sometimes, I don’t even like them. Sometimes, I think I know what it means to be Jewish and sometimes I don’t. Nothing makes any sense. Mom, what’s all that mean?”

Andy’s mother smiled benignly. “That means you’re getting older.”


“You get older and everything changes. Your body changes. Your mind changes. It happens to everyone. If you want to know more, talk to your father.”

“Does it get any easier?” Andy asked.

“No,” his mother said. “At least not at first. You just need to do the best you can.”

He took little comfort in the meaning of her words, but was calmed by the certainty with which she delivered them.


Andy slept that night in underpants that felt as thin as paper with the sheets pulled snug around him. He’d surrendered his remaining disposables to his parents after dinner. They asked him if he’d gotten his fill of diapers for awhile and he told them that he did. They never made mention of the cloth diaper from his grandparents house, which Andy kept tucked away safely in the back of a drawer. It could be years before he laid his hands on another package of disposables. He had to have something to sustain him.

He fell asleep thinking of the Maccabees that night, about the way they came down from the mountains to reclaim the Temple. Sure, they’d won – they’d beaten the mighty Greeks, in fact – but they were probably tired from fighting and all kinds of scared. Who knew what kind of shape the Temple was in? Who knew what remained of their civilization, their customs, their people? They had to be worried about stuff like that, but they didn’t let it stop them. They came down from the mountains to confront the desecration and the change and if they could do that, these scrappy forbearers of his, then Andy could do it too.

This story is written by WingZ

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Double peekabu!?!

Double peekabu!?!
daddy decided that he was sick of me leaking three times in a row an soo promptly doubled me up in peekabus and plastic pants for the day to make sure I wouldn’t leak again though in my defence he was bouncing me on his lap for one of those times!! >////>

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Charry and Devante_Torlias

Draw and text by Charry


I sure wounder how thick this double PeekABU diaper is going to look when he have wet it a couple of time? It sure most make him waddling allot more then.

But i bet this double diaper is not going to leek. Someone sure seems to be one heavy wetter :)

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Wearing 5 diapers – sweetelsababy

This diaper girl dont seems to be needed any diaper change for a wile The first diaper sure going to be ended up pretty soggy and wet when it get changed.

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Eager to help whit diaper change

Eager to help whit diaper change
With his condition in check and in remission, Sirius was happy to finally be able to have normal sleepovers without the possibility of his tummy ruining his night. However, while he was out of diapers proper for the first time in his life, many of his friends needed theirs. Eager to please, Sirius happily assisted his pal Terry change into a fresh diaper. Of course, since this was Terry, Sirius made sure to layer a second one over top, as well as some light teasing to remind his friend who the big kid was now. Sirius did have to take it easy though, as only months prior was he still having terrible accidents, and some did have some rather entertaining blackmail material!

Featuring the character and art of emeritusterciel

Order ?

The above story belongs to Sirius_Babyhound


Poor Terry it is not so nice of Sirius to be teasing you about that you steal need your thick diapers. It is not your fault that you have not get the hang of potty training yet. And that is not something that Sirius should be teasing you about. And by the way i not think it is up to Sirius to decide if you need to be wearing double diapers or not. Yes you maybe is a heavy wetter but the green diapers that you are wearing seems to be pretty thick to. So i bet they could handle allot of accidents before they starting to leak or in need of be changed.

One thing for sure is not so nice to rub it in Terry`s face that you are a big kid now Sirius.

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