Let’s play with the undies part 2

Let's play with the undies part 2And as the boss catch them both… and their punishment ?…wearing baby clothes,  pacifiers and diapers…all day!

Cubs in this drawing belongs to ShiftyTheB737 and nelson88

Above text by  nelson88

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Shifty Dingo (Blinky Bill) © Yoram Gross Film Studio


Giggle but i sure think the punishment fit there crime but it think they need to be back to diapers longer then a day. They sure have prove that they are not ready yet to be wearing big boys underwear at this point.

Or what do you think?

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Let’s play with the undies page 1

Let's play with the undies page 1Oh-oh…These two will be in deep trouble with the boss and Matt!

Anyways, Sammy and Shifty were playing video games, but they quickly got bored, so they decided to go play another kind of games …Like getting into The Boss’s room ,staying naked there and … put on Matt’s underwear over their heads!

Definitely those two will have their rear ends red and sore for a long while!

Cubs in this drawing belongs to ShiftyTheB737 and nelson88

Above text by  nelson88

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

Shifty Dingo (Blinky Bill) © Yoram Gross Film Studio


Yes this two sure going to be in allot of trouble now. I dont think the boos or Matt is going to like that they are playing around whit the boss underwear. I Sure wounder how they come up whit this sort of games.

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Look at my tushie!

Look at my tushie!“Hey  kiddo…yes…you have a cute little tushie!”

The bare bottom dog belongs to OnyKR

Lineart by Victor/colors and above text by nelson88


Looks like someone want to show his butt here. But i think his butt have been even more cuter in a diaper :) That sure is something that is missing in this pose to make it extra cute ;)

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Sir Crinkle Bottom

Sir Crinkle BottomThe cute padded furry belongs to ethan86

Draw by carnival-tricks


Yes it sure is one fitting name this German shepherd have ended up whit :)

He sure seems happy wearing that thick and cute thick diaper :)

It sure gives him one special diaper butt that you want to pat.

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Ben’s Bedtime

Ben's BedtimeThe German Shepherd belongs to ethan86

Draw by wolfen2


Awww someone sure is ready for the dreamland and that thick diaper sure going to help his bed stay dry and soft :)

Even the teddy bear is there waiting for him so they could snuggling together and have some nice dreams.

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Pika-PikaPussyCat is still a bit weirded out that I’m a Pikachu fan. I admit. Have so many plushies, toys and even a kigu a someone gave me years ago. I even main him in Smash.

Draw and everything by o-kemono


It sure is match more nicer to be a Pikachu fan then someone eating allot when you have panic problem.

It sure is not nice of PussyCat to do when she have here own problem.

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Getting ready for bed

Getting ready for bed sketch commission from twitter!

Draw or order by ApplePup ??


Awww poor pup we sure dont have one happy dog here :(

Maybe he dont like that he still have some problem whit the potty and still needs his diaper to keep things dry when he have a accident.

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Commission featuring ansfordthewolf getting to go for a walk in a full sissy-pup getup. Complete with a big, thick, girly diaper!

The blushing dog belongs to ansfordthewolf

Draw and above text by tehcutepyro


Looks like someone is being force to go on a very sissy walk here :(

He sure going to get allot of blushing comment on his outfit and his thick diaper :( I only hope he dont end up being force to use it. That should be a even more blushing moment then :(

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