Doctor’s office

Toon Diaper Butt Doctor

Toon Diaper Butt DoctorDraw and everything by Diegesis


Looks like the doctor have a strange weird diaper butt that is visiting him today. But it seems like he have some problem to find out whats wrong here :( Poor thing looks like he have allot of things to considering now :(

I sure hope he manage to figure out whats wrong whit this kangaroos butt :)

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This Little Piggostat

This Little PiggostatI just learned about a device called a Piggostat on Imgur. This medical tool holds small children still while you X-ray them. This is convenient for the X-rayer, but the X-rayee is generally not enthusiastic about being squeezed into a clear plastic tube that looks like a prop from a Saw movie. I doubt Byron is going to be satisfied with a single lollipop after this doctor’s visit… you’d better just hand over the entire bag.

Draw and everything by FriskyWoods


Yes i sure this poor terrified bear not going to be satisfied whit only one lollipop after experience like this. I only hope he is not going to be dreaming nightmares about this.

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Bound up pup

Bound up pupso enjoy an nice wiggly wet padded huzker puppers who had to be straight jacketed, caged, and strapped down because the wouldn’t stop pawing at their poof in the doctors office, and pacigagged because they were whimpering to much about the whole deal :3

The bondage husky anjunahusky

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot


Poor little husky. Wounder how long time he is going to be force to wear diapers now and this Male Chastity Cage? I bet it going to be for a long times so they are sure that he knows how to behave right.

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Visit the doctor 26/10-2016

This wednesday i was visiting my local doctor and now you maybe wondering why? The reason for that is that i have ended up whit some pretty messy depression and panic attack. So the doctor have to issues an medical certificate that get send to the Social Insurance so i can get sickness benefit. I have been sick and home for a year now and it seems like it is not going to change anytime soon. I probably will not ever be as good as I can go back to work again. This time medical certificate is valid through 31-01-2017 so i am going to be home for 3 new months. The good thing about this is that i going to have allot of times when it comes to waddling around whit my diapers and use them for the purpose they are made for. I bet you know what i mean whit that :)

so i dont know what is going to happen whit me in the future but i dont think i care or have the power to think about it right now. I really need to get things together and find a good solutions for my big sleep problem that i have. I fall a sleep way to late for it to work whit a job right now.

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Dr Von Rox is in

Dr Von Rox is inChar being a 200 year kitsune Char had some time to look into some special treatments, he’s found that having his subject pleasured and teased they are able to relive a good bit of stress, however, most turn out to be squirmers when he begins to apply his treatment, so he has to tie them down so they don’t squirm as much, although after they begin to warm up to the treatment they just being to blush and moan a little though their pacis, like a good patient. Of course Char doesn’t mind the smell of their musk too, it’s the icing on the cake for him, so after a little bit of time many paitents ask to be taken under the care of Char’s Treatment, of course the wait list is pretty long, but they say it’s worth the wait.

The patient supernaturaldelight

Order and text by The_Char_Char

Draw by jimmy_rumshot


Looks like Char have a new patient that have ended up in his special treatment plan.

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Sick again

I have end up whit a new reason off virus or bacteria in my body. I have been home for a week now whit lots of symptom like cough, sore throat, Half Hard to swallow, sore lungs and generally ill. First time i was there they talk about that they think i started to develop pneumonia so they gave me antibiotics for that. But i still have some problem so i went back today and now they talking about a virus infection so she reported me sick to 30/11 and told me to rest.

And i bet you know what that means to me? Yes allot of diaper/padding and cuddling whit my cats and plushy.

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