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This diaper review is created by DiaperReindeer

From the review that DiaperReindeer have made about this diaper it sounds weary good and it look to be a weary thick diaper to.

Have anyone try it and maybe you share your thoughts and experience about this diaper whit us?

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Snuggie OverNights Review (after use)

I approve these diapers!
Great Oder shield
Snugged fit
Tabs stay on diaper all through night
Absorbs very well
When diaper is wet, the material stays dry.
The material doesn”t collapse into a big blog middle of diaper.

Video and text created by DiaperReindeer

From what DiaperReindeer is saying about this diaper it seems like they are pretty good. I hope they are going to be available in europe soon so i can try them out myself.

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*Improved* Absorbency Plus A+ Level 4 Diaper

Video is posted by DiaperReindeer

List of improvements:

  1. Refastenable tapes. Easily open and refasten multiple times. This was our #1 request for improvement and we are super excited to bring it to you.
  2. Stronger side panels. The inner and outer layers of the side panels are now fully laminated for greater strength while maintaining comfort and flexibility
  3. New size Regular. This is a brand new size that is between our Medium and Large sizes. If you find yourself frequently between sizes (and we know that many do), this may be your answer.
  4. Improved core integrity. An improved glue application process helps hold the absorbent core more securely in place, greatly reducing clumping and core breakdown.
  5. More secure packaging. Handle holes have been removed from our outer cartons. A simple fix helps improve protection of your privacy during shipping and delivery.

Here is a list of some of the online shop that sell the diaper.

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Crinklz Diaper Review From DiaperReindeer

Video belongs to DiaperReindeer

You can find this Crinklz in a couple onlin ABDL shop on the Internet.

You can find information on what online store that sell this diapers on the Crinklz website.


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Comficare Overnight Diapers – DiaperReindeer

This diaper review is posted by DiaperReindeer

You can order the Comficare diaper from many diaper shop on the Internet and here is a list on some off the stores where you could find it:

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