Nothing to see here – diaperking

I dont think i can agree whit it is sure something cute to see here :)

This thick diaper sure is going to keep him all dry and cozy thought many wetting before it needs to be change or feel wet.

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Special diaper change for this boy

Looks like this diaper boy sure get the baby powder rubbed in all over his diaper covered area before he gets his clean ABU PreSchool diaperd all taped up :)

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Triple diapered diaper boy

Yes it sure seems like this adults baby boys daddy think that his little diaper boy needs to be in some weary thick diapers. This sure is one crazy thick diaper that this boy is wearing now.

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Soaked LittlePawz with a stuffer – diaperking


This was one soggy LittlePawz diaper that we had here.

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