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Foxys mistake

Foxys mistakeWhen Foxy was weary little his parents end up in a bad car accident that cost them there life and Foxy end up hos his parents best friend that also had a baby boy at that time. It was Ronalds family that Foxy end up living whit now.

This family was kind of special Ronalds parents was bout diaper wearer 24/7. So they live in a home without any big boys potty because they did dent need that they think it would be a wast off space so instead they had a big changing table for Ronald so they could handle all the diaper change even when he get older. They did dent think it was necessary to potty train Ronald.

Ronald did dent have any problem wearing diaper all the time to like his parents was doing. But when Foxy get older and come to that age when parents start to potty train there children. He ends up whit some problem. Ronalds parents did the same to Foxy as they did to Ronald they keep Foxy in diapers.

They always say this: It is not a point to potty train boy they always have problem to handle there wee wee so it is more easy to change there diapers then there cloths and bed when they wet at sleep.

Foxy some time take off his diaper bay himself and sleep whiteout it to try to be a big boy but he always end up whit a wet bad and that leads to a weary big spanking on his bare bottom. And most off the time it was something that they let Ronald do becours he was a little older then Foxy.

So here he is now completely naked on Ronalds lap and receiving his spanking and you could see the diaper that is on the side off the bed all clean. When it should handle the accident that end up in the bed instead.

In Ronalds family your are a big boy even if you still need your diaper.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by: tailbiter

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Big Baby – Video

Video posted by: RossCreations


This is really a creay video and it get kind of funny in the end when the cops get there and starting to ask about this. Wounder how you get the courage to walk around like this and only where a diaper?

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Recycling: the next generation – Diapers and Incontinence Products

Explain recycling process for diapers.
Video provided by Toronto Chinese Environmental Ambassadors

Video posted by: Ka Hing Yau

Weary interesting video clip. wounder if it still working this way?

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Be careful what you wish for

tumblr_nfb1phho2V1rd7i0po1_1280Sometimes it can be helpful to think carefully what you wish for, You maybe get the thing that you wish for. Like you see it happen for this boy.

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Little Foxy is sick! (Gift art)

Little Foxy is sick! (Gift art)Foxy was playing with his Pikachu plushie all morning, but he was feeling slightly sick and he decided to call his mommy and said:

His mother replied:”I’m not feeling well!”

His mother touched his forehead and noticed that Foxy had a slight fever!She took him in her arms and carried him to the crib!There,she kissed him and she let him rest, then left the room and said:
“Love you,my little Foxy!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88 and story by marisolbosques

I would like to thank Victor and nelson88 for this cute gift art. Thanks allot for that it really is something special.

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Gotta call home…

Gotta call home...
Having to go through several diaper changes a day, eventually the inevitable is gonna happen. The spare pack kept in the nurses office runs out, and the one you’re in threatens to leak… Time to call big sis.
She never seems to mind, but it bugs Terry that he has to bug her like this.

Cub, text and draw by: emeritus_terciel


Yes i agree Terry really need to go and call his big sis so she can come whit some more clean diapers before he starting to leak. And i suggest that he hurry up whit the call special when the diaper seems to make a weary wet sound when he squeezing the wet diaper diaper he is wearing. Hope that his big sis can get there in time before his diaper starting to leak.

Maybe he need to have some thicker diaper during daytime if he needs allot of change.

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