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Kenny Part 15

This story is written by Les Lea

It seems strange that only a few months ago I could never remember any of my dreams but now, well, they were occupying my day as well as night. My imagination was making things real whether I was awake or asleep and it was happening more and more. After my very realistic, explosive but imagined experience with Adam earlier in the evening, I was suffering another frustrating dream featuring him as I slept.

We were at school and he was wearing his padded protection, except he was complaining to anyone who’d listen that it was me who was forcing him to wear it. I was desperately trying to tell him he could wear what he liked and explaining that I only wore stuff from time to time. The confusing thing was this, although I knew I was wearing my protection, every time I opened my shorts to show him I was padded, there was no padding just a normal pair of briefs. Adam was surrounded by his school friends, who were all looking at his bulky pants, commenting and mocking him. The fact that I couldn’t prove he wasn’t alone in wearing diapers to school was making him feel vulnerable.

Kenny wasn’t in this dream. In fact, everyone but him was there and all watching Adam who was trying to hide away in embarrassment. I was trying to tell him it was OK and that he wasn’t alone but, that was proving a problem, it was as if I wasn’t there. The trouble with dreams is that they seem so true. I was convinced I only wanted to help but appeared to be making it worse. Adam began crying as his class mates began to pick on him even more and, although I felt his pain, I could do nothing. His pitiful weeping woke me up a little, and as I was coming round I realised I was in bed and only dreaming so, relieved, I fell back to sleep. The only thing was… the dream would start all over again… and this was for the third or fourth time.


Although still fairly dozy, hearing my bedroom door close had woken me up but I could still hear sobbing and voices. I got up and opened my door and there was auntie just checking in on Jake. She saw me and looked at my bedraggled state and came over to hug me.

“I thought I heard voices. Is mum home?” I babbled sleepily. “I heard someone crying.”

“It’s OK Si,” Auntie was soothing as always. “Shh, shhhh, your mum is having a bath… and you my little sweetheart were having a bad dream.”

She guided me back to my bed, even though I wanted to see and talk to mum. “You can speak to her in the morning. Now let’s get you all tucked…”

She paused when she realised that my bed was wet through. “Oh Si, seems like it was more of a nightmare than a dream.” She sat me on the chair next to my desk. “Wait there and let me fix this.”

I was still very drowsy but auntie soon had my bed stripped, mattress turned and it all remade in moments as I was trying to work out what was happening. Once the bed was done auntie turned her attention to me. My sodden t-shirt and boxers were removed, I was wiped clean, powdered and put into a very thick terry cloth diaper, which she pinned into place.

“OK young man, now you’re all clean and tidy, lift up your legs.” I sleepily lifted them up and she slipped a pair of thick plastic pants into place. “There, all done. You should be OK now.”

I slowly wondered back to bed and auntie tucked me in, ran her hand through my hair and wished me ‘night-night’ once again.

Before she went I asked her, “Is mum OK? I heard crying.”

She came back to my bed and again ran her hand through my hair. “Oh sweetheart. It was you who was crying. Your mum just popped her head in because she heard you… but you stopped once she’d kissed and tucked you in.”

I didn’t understand. It was Adam who was crying in my dream not me and I definitely heard crying when I woke up. Surely it wasn’t me who was in tears?

“I’ll tell your mum to come and talk to you when she’s finished her bath. You’re obviously worried about… something. In the meantime, you’re well-padded, your mum’s home… and we all love you so, try and go back to sleep… everything will be alright.”

I don’t know if mum came back to chat because the diaper was so comforting I fell asleep almost immediately and didn’t wake up until I had to get up for school.


As I pulled back the covers and saw my thick protection the events of the night came back to me and for some reason, I felt tears in my eyes once again. I wasn’t sure why, perhaps I was just upset at Adam being upset. Maybe it was wetting the bed and having auntie come to clean me up. Then I remembered that auntie had said it was me who was crying, and crying loud enough to bring mum to check in on me. I wasn’t sure why I should suddenly be so tearful but, whatever the reason I was a bit nervous about getting dressed and seeing everyone at breakfast. In the end I stripped out of my night ‘defence’, washed and, with a reassuring pair of pull-ups in place, ventured downstairs.

“Morning sweetie,” Mum said as she held out her arms for me to give her a hug. “Are you alright now… you had a bit of a rough night.”

I hugged mum tightly. “I missed you mum.” She held me in a tight embrace and then gently patted my slightly padded bottom to signify it was time for release.

“I missed you as well.” Jake was eating his breakfast so I suppose he’d already done all his hugging. “It’s been a busy time for us all… what with Jake at Jeremy’s, you and Kenny, and Auntie Rose having to…” she left it unsaid but I knew what she was referring to.

Like Jake I was dressed in my uniform and ready for school but I wanted to know about mum’s trip and if she had made a decision… were we moving?

“Is that what’s been worrying you?” She looked sympathetically at me. She spread her arms again and invited both Jake and me into her embrace. “No, for the moment anyway, we aren’t going anywhere.” I was so relieved and cried with happiness, and so did my brother.

A huge cloud had been lifted and even if it was overcast outside, at least it was sunny for us two.


I was full of smiles when I met Kenny. “We’re not moving.”

The huge grin that appeared on his face told me he was happy with the news before he came over and gave me a big hug.

“That’s fantastic.”

“Mum says we are staying here. I’m so pleased. I was worried I might lose…” Once again Kenny supplied the rest of my sentence by hugging me even tighter and whispering in my ear.

“I’d hate it if you weren’t here… and my friend,” then sighed a little as he secretly kissed my ear.

A thrill ran through my body. My best friend was hugging and kissing me in public and I was wriggling happily in his embrace enjoying every second.

“Do you want to come over to my house this weekend?” He murmured so no one else would hear.

Our bare legs were brushing up against each other and I didn’t want the feeling to stop. The tightness in my pull-ups I hoped was matched by a similar sensation for Kenny but eventually we pulled away. I nodded yes… then realised that this would be the first time I’d stayed at his place. I’d visited his home when we’d gone up to the lake but I’d never been inside, on that occasion we were in just too much of a hurry to set off. So, for the rest of the week I was imagining what his room would be like.


Kenny lived at the opposite end of town to where we were so it wasn’t a place where I could just nip over to play with him when I wanted. Lifts had to be organised, and although I had a bike, and the streets were fairly safe, mum was never keen for either Jake or me cycling too far away from home. So, believe it or not, we didn’t socialise much out of school because of the distance. So, a trip to Kenny’s house was going to be quite an event, well at least that’s how I built it up in my mind.

Because of the way Kenny always spoke I had this image in my mind just what his bedroom would look like. It would be colourful, possibly pink, there would be cartoon posters or wall paper, soft lighting, a little table and chair like I had and the room would be full of soft toys and kid’s games… there’d also be a mobile hanging down over a crib… not a bed. For some reason I just assumed he would have taken the whole ‘babyish’ thing to the limit and his mummy and daddy would let him sleep in a nursery and be more than happy to go along with it.


Mum was needed back at head office for the weekend so, once she’d dropped me off Friday night and handed me my backpack, auntie had Jake all to herself. Kenny had said that he hoped we could spend the entire weekend in our onesies but I wasn’t sure if that would happen. I had my blue and yellow shortie and my white (like a rabbit) long one, neither of which I thought appropriate for such a length of time. I also brought the ‘special’ outfit that matched with Kenny’s and hoped we’d get the opportunity to do as auntie had suggested – ‘mix’n’match’.

At the door auntie had a few words with Mrs Morrison and I overheard her say that Kenny had been very excited about his time spent at our house and how much he’d loved the things she’d made for him and me. Mrs Morrison seemed genuinely pleased to meet mum’s sister and complimented her on her design and sewing prowess. I think the conversation, which auntie seemed delighted about, would have gone on longer except that Jake was with her and she’d promised him a visit to the movies.

As we waved auntie and Jake off Mrs Morrison beamed her friendliest smile and said that she hoped I’d enjoy what was planned. Kenny was, as usual, all enthusiasm and smiles, so I eagerly joined in the general feeling of happiness that his mummy seemed to radiate.


For some reason I was sad that Mr Morrison was on duty for the entire weekend and it was down to his wife to keep us boys entertained. He’d been a lively and inventive ‘games’ organiser up at the lake and I also liked his relaxed attitude to being naked. Actually, when I thought about it, none of the Morrison family were shy about how they dressed (or not), and up at the lake it was often the bare minimum to wander around in. Unlike so many of the other boys Kenny was not fazed when changing in the locker room, it just never occurred to him to be anything other than relaxed when it came to dressing or undressing. I know me and Jake are fairly casual about being naked in front of each other, but we’re brothers so I don’t suppose that counts.

Kenny led me to his room to stow my backpack and I was truly amazed at what I saw. Apart from the array of stuffed animals it was nothing like I had pictured it would be. The walls were painted a dark blue, his little bed was black with a blue two-tone duvet, the black wooden floor was shiny and there wasn’t a thing out of place. His clothes were stored in two big black closets and he had a huge set of draws, also in black. It was across the top of this where his collection of teddy bears and animals sat. On his desk were a collection of framed photographs; one of his mummy and daddy, one of the family and seven of Kenny and me together… one of which was the image of him and me in our thick protection up at the lake… we did look silly, innocent… and cute. I wanted to get a copy.


He opened one of his closets and it contained his onesies and piles of diapers and stuff, not unlike my own, except his were beautifully arranged. In the second closet were all his other clothes; school uniform, Sunday best, suits, shirts and shorts. I thought his mummy must have been very well organised but he told me it was he who had sorted everything to how he wanted it. He emptied my backpack and hung my clothes up in a little space he had left just for my clothes. There was no computer or TV around, just a clock radio on his nightstand and again, another photo of me and him, which I didn’t know had been taken, talking to one of the scouts. I could see why he wanted that particular image as the boy in the uniform looked stunning.

Kenny told me to make myself at home but his room was just so tidy that I felt a bit nervous of doing anything that would spoil the look of the place. I asked him if it was always this clean and he giggled nervously as he told me he loved dusting, polishing and sweeping the entire house. He said that as both his mummy and daddy had busy jobs he’d learned early on to help out. He could do these little tasks, which were appreciated, and the more praise he got, again he giggled, the more pride he took in keeping up his good work. I wondered if Jake and me would ever be that thoughtful but remembered that Kenny is nothing less than an angel so it was quite fitting he should think of others.


As he showed me around, Kenny was dressed in his soccer kit; just shorts and team jersey, and didn’t appear to be padded at all. As usual I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and I had my pull-ups on, which I have to say, I was wearing more often than my briefs these days. Unlike our house Kenny’s was all on one floor, although he did say they had a basement, which I hadn’t seen yet. But like us, they had a huge back garden although in it they had a little ‘summer house’ painted pink and pale blue, that Mr Morrison had built himself. It looked like it was straight from the pages of a cartoon book and I imagined three little pigs or Snow White living there. It was really very nice and Kenny was very proud of it, telling me that he often came there to read or write. He said that in the summer months the family spent nearly all their time in the garden and using the little house. I asked him where the three little pigs and Snow White went when that happened and he looked at me strangely. I then realised I’d only thought about those characters I hadn’t said it out loud. I felt rather silly.

Once I explained my ‘joke’ he laughed and we went inside where he showed me some paintings and drawings he’d done over the past few months. He was particularly proud of one he’d done of me sitting on a fence wearing my, sorry, his old blue checked shorts. I even remembered the incident because I was exhausted with all the running around and had just stopped to pull up my diaper. I think I could even make out the bulge under the shorts. Still, I was quite delighted that he’d used me as a subject and the job he’d done wasn’t bad at all. I think you could definitely tell who it was… if you knew me.


My best friend had even more talent than I realised and he said he wanted to paint me again sometime during the visit. I got quite excited at the prospect and wondered if he wanted me to dress up as a cowboy, a gladiator (we’d been learning about them in class) a soccer player or maybe his favourite pop star. Then I realised that he’d asked me to bring my onesie, so I assumed that would be how I was to be captured for eternity.

When it began to get colder we went in and he showed me their basement – it was like a sports center.
The area was huge and had a pool table, table-tennis table, weight training equipment, a running and rowing machine, a TV, sofas and chairs and at the far end there was a screened off part that Kenny said was a bedroom for guests. I was a bit stunned and wondered if this is where I’d be sleeping but Kenny quickly allayed my fears when he said that usually his grandparents used it on their visits.

“Oooh good,” I let out a relieved sigh, “I thought it was where I might be sleeping.”

Kenny shook his head. “No way.” He placed a hand on my shoulder and looked at me through his long thick lashes. “I don’t think I could sleep knowing you were nearby… but not with me.”

“Does you father like to workout?” I said surveying all the equipment.

“Yes, he’s a bit conscious of keeping fit for his job. In fact mummy and daddy both use this stuff regularly.” I was about to ask if he did as well but he continued. “Daddy won it, well most of it, in a competition.” He pointed to various bits of heavy training machinery. “But daddy thinks that most of it might be too much for me… he only lets me use some of it.”

He sat at the rowing machine and gave a few pulls, then got up and let me try. As I stretched my shorts rode up showing him my pull-ups and he could see the cartoon character on the front.

“I’ve got some like those,” he smiled, “mummy thinks they look cute.” I nodded as I tried to make the ‘rowing’ look easy but I soon tired of that game.

We snuggled up on one of the sofas and turned on the TV, it was tuned into a sports channel and was showing some European soccer. Kenny was interested so, even though I wasn’t, I curled up close to him and we watched until we were called to dinner.


After the meal Mrs Morrison turned on the computer, they had it hooked up to the TV in their living room and started to show me some of the fantastic photographs that were taken on our trip to the lake. Mrs Morrison was very funny with some of her comments and we had to keep going back to certain shots because we’d missed them with laughing so much. I wanted copies of everything, yes even the ones of us in our diapers and rubber pants – Mrs Morrison called us ‘The Protection Boys’ and had done a sequence of images and short video clips, which she’d made up a story for – we were investigating ‘The Disappearance of… the Fish.” The way Kenny was laughing, hiding in embarrassment, and squealing with delight I guessed he hadn’t seen this version before and I was so happy to be included in the Morrison family photo album.

We watched it twice more and were in equal fits of laughter each time, it was very funny and loads better than the DVD we’d had at my house. Mrs Morrison was giggling as much as we were and I marvelled at how inventive she was to come up with such a fantastic idea.

Time just seemed to shoot by and before we knew it it was time for bed. I could have sat and watched it again but as I got up Mrs Morrison handed me a silver disc. She’d written on it in marker pen; ‘The Lake and the Strange Case of the Disappearing Fish’ starring Simon Hudson… I held it for a few seconds in wonder, not really believing I had a copy of my own… then excitedly hugged her tightly in thanks.


After we’d washed and brushed our teeth we returned to Kenny’s bedroom. I was half expecting to see his bed festooned with diapers and stuff, or at least his mother there to make sure we were well padded for the night but… no. Kenny stripped off down to his briefs, so I stripped off down to my pull-ups and we stood looking at each other. Kenny said that he thought I looked really good in the rubber pants at the lake and wondered if I liked them as well. I nodded.

His mother tapped on the door and asked quietly if we boys needed any help? “No thanks mummy… we can do it ourselves.” He said as he looked straight into my eyes.

“OK then, good night boys.” We chorused a return good night. “Don’t stay up too long and I’ll check on you when I go to bed.”

“Thanks mummy… good night.” He moved over to his closet and pulled out two disposable diapers. He nodded at my pull-ups as if to say it was time to lose them and I slowly shimmied them down. He lay out a waterproof mat and indicated for me to lie out, which I did. He got some oils and lotions and, as if I was a baby, rubbed everything in and around my penis. It reacted but Kenny took no notice and continued making sure I was well moisturized before applying the powder. Once he was happy, and I was trying not to giggle or be too embarrassed about my slightly stiff penis he fastened me into the double diapers, pulling at the tapes tightly to make sure I was held in a diaper embrace. He then went and collected a couple of pairs of rubber pants. He pushed my feet into the air and fitted me into one of them. I assumed the other was for him but I was wrong. This first pair was small and pulling them up to my waist they gripped me and everything very tightly. He then quickly slid the other pair over them so I was very bulky and snug. Well perhaps snug isn’t the correct word but I certainly wasn’t going to be running anywhere soon.


He stood back and gauged his work before going to the closet and getting out a onesie I hadn’t seen before. It was made of shiny nylon, actually, it was made from the same material auntie had made the ‘special’ quilted diapers from, and it looked very new and glossy. It was pink, Kenny’s favourite color, with blue cuffs. He guided it over my head, fed my arms through and fastened the pop studs between my legs. I thought I looked like a very bulky shiny doll but the look of happiness on Kenny’s face told me he liked what he saw. He bent down and kissed me slightly on the lips and pulled me to my feet.

“Do you like it?” His smile told me even more. “You look fantastic.” He murmured.

I looked in the mirror and, although at first I wasn’t too sure, as Kenny stroked his hand over the silky fabric and across my padded bottom, I began to enjoy the attention and, if I was honest, quite liked the reflection.

Kenny walked over to his closet and said, “Right, your turn.” I looked a bit quizzically at him. “You can use anything in here… you just dress me as you’d like to see me.” And with that he pulled off his briefs, and, ever tidy, placed them in his wash basket, and stood naked waiting for me to make my move.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 14

Chapter 16

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Kenny Part 12

This story is written by Les Lea

Despite the fact that mum and auntie had made a fantastic tented area in Jake’s room for them all to sleep under, my room became the most popular place to play. Three pajama-clad hooligans descended on me at around 6.30 Sunday morning and involved my sleepy body in a new game of pirates… apparently my bed was the pirate ship. Having a younger, active brother sort of prepares you for morning assaults but three were pretty difficult to cope with. I suppose the one redeeming factor was that at least mum and auntie could sleep a bit longer as I was jumped on, and made to defend myself from the boarding party.

An eight year-old’s knee in the back or in the crotch is no laughing matter so I had to wake up quickly and set about ‘splicing the mainbrace’ (whatever that was). These three ‘men-o-war’ attacked without mercy and I was dragged from the comfort of my warm sheets into the briny depths (my carpet), where I was set about and tied up. I put up some defence but in truth I thought it would be more fun to see where this all led. I let my hands be tied (which was very poorly executed so I pretended I couldn’t get loose) and I was commanded to walk the plank. A sharp stick was pointed in my direction and I was made to shuffle along to my supposed doom.

Despite my impending death I couldn’t help but think how cute all three were; my brother, like me had dark brown hair, Louis’s was jet black and he had the most amazing big brown eyes and Adam, he had a similar demeanour to Kenny but had thick blond hair whereas Kenny’s was fine and white. Together they made quite a set of buccaneers and I was enjoying being part of their morning game. My boxer shorts had rode up so they could all see my plastic pants but no one commented… although I did detect someone mentioned the word ‘poopdeck’, although Adam did poke his toy sword at my crotch and pushed my leg hole up a bit further to see more. His eyes widened and I noticed that he sort of secretly checked out his own padding under his PJs as he said to the other two something about ‘landlubbers’.

I had slyly examined him earlier when he’d first jumped on me to see that he was dry, he was, which I suppose was why he appeared so happy to leap around like a mad swashbuckler. Louis was content with adding a few ‘arrs’ to everything he said, whilst Jake wanted to know where the buried treasure was hidden. Adam was transfixed and waved his plastic sword around and insisted I was nothing but a ‘scurvy dog’. It was funny because anything he said, in his squeaky pirate-style voice, was directed below the belt and not to my face. However, I’ve no idea what, if any, connection was made between us two extra padding wearers because at that moment mum came in and said breakfast was ready.


As we trooped to the kitchen table I felt Adam’s hand checking out my padded bum through my boxers. So as not to make him feel uncomfortable I pretended I hadn’t noticed, and besides, I was happy that he wanted to investigate for himself. I knew he was wearing that little extra piece of security so I couldn’t object if he wanted to make sure he wasn’t the only one.

We all sat down and had cereal, juice and waffles and I’m sure mum was pleased that the weather had improved so that she could get us all outside for the day. However, after breakfast the boys seemed to be in no rush to change out of their nightwear and spent the next couple of hours on the Xbox in my room. In fact, we all stayed in our PJs and it was quite nice to have that freedom. Well, that was until mum explained that the sun was out, and so, kids should be as well. Reluctantly we were prised away from the game and made to get ready to play outside.

Louis and Jake were first to shuck off their PJs, changed and be out the door before Adam had even started. I knew why, he wanted to change out of his pull-ups without the others seeing him. I watched as he furtively removed his night time protection, pull on his shorts and then stand, with the old pull-ups in his hand, wondering what to do with them. I saw the look of indecision on his face so I suggested that perhaps I could help and that I’d dispose of the little bundle for him. He looked grateful as he passed it over and swiftly padded out to join the others.

OK. I have no real idea why I did what I did next but in my head it was still all part of the ‘team spirit’ I’d shown the night before. I removed my protection and shuffled into Adam’s, still slightly warm, discarded pull-ups. I tugged my shorts over, felt strangely naughty but, at the same time, rather pleased with myself and joined the lads out in the garden in their latest game of soccer.


I wore Adam’s pull-ups all day. Even after our sweaty, active games had come to an end and Louis and Adam had been collected and returned home, I didn’t feel in any rush to change. Later, when Jake and I had settled down to watch TV before our own bedtime I felt a naughty thrill knowing that beneath my shorts I was, un-known to my brother, wearing his friend’s second-hand pull-ups. When it was time for bed I just slipped my plastic pants over them and happily crawled beneath the sheets thinking about what a surprisingly fantastic weekend it had been. I also made a mental note to check out all the kids at school to see if I could establish whether there were others who wore protection. Even though the nurse had said she was used to changing younger kids it had never really occurred to me before that there might be a few others. It gave me a new project to think about and, before I fell to sleep, I was going through all those I hoped might be possible wearers. As I softly stroked the front of my plastic pants I giggled to myself at some of the boys I imagined in thick diapers (and in my head they were very, very thick indeed) and wondered if any would be as bold as Kenny in proudly wearing them.

As my imagination gave way to sleep I found my dreams filled with images which suggested that diapers were now all part of the school uniform. Everywhere I looked shorts were stuffed to bursting point; some of the kids were having to waddle around, whilst others crawled, their huge bottoms defining the mass packing. The white diapers and plastic pants were everywhere and even the sports teams wore them out on the field. I think I was enjoying the dream far too much as suddenly Adam appeared and cuddled up between Kenny and me, his thick wadding pressing comfortingly up against us both.


I told Kenny about what a good weekend it had been thanks to Jake’s sleepover friends. I informed him about the storm and the scared boys who invaded my bed, and about Adam’s accident in wetting his pull-ups. I explained about giving him a pair of mine for the following night and was pleased that he’d slipped them on. I mentioned the pirate game and the fact that Adam seemed to be obsessed with my padding and kept looking and touching to see that he wasn’t the only one wearing some extra protection. Kenny smiled and said “Good for him” before we got down to deciding who would be first in our new game of ‘Who we would like to see in diapers?’

I don’t know why, but I didn’t tell Kenny about my wearing of Adam’s cast-offs. Maybe I was worried in case he thought that was something between us two, that he might get jealous or that I was really quite embarrassed by what I’d done. Whatever the reason I kept that little piece of information to myself. However, at recess, while we kept nudging each other to suggest a certain person might look good in diapers, I caught sight of Adam playing over near Jake. He was looking over at me and gave a guarded wave. I returned the gesture with a huge smile, which he seemed pleased to receive, before continuing the game he was playing with his mates. I tried to discern if he was wearing any padding but couldn’t quite make out any extra bulk to his shorts that might have indicated this. However, that didn’t stop me thinking how good he’d looked and how I now wanted to diaper him, let him pull on a pair of my plastic pants and join me in a sleepover like I’d had with Kenny.

I was momentarily angry as a sudden nudge made this mental picture fade and I was brought back to reality. That is until I recognised that cheeky smile of Kenny’s which meant he’d found the perfect person he imagined to be wearing diapers. I laughed as he pointed to one of the teachers, Mr Rosenthal, the Deputy Principal, and the oldest member of staff (including Nurse Gibbs), who in all honesty, no one would want to give a diaper check to.


For the rest of the week it seemed that every break I would notice Adam and he’d be looking at me. Of course it could be that it was me who was doing all the staring and he just happened to look up at the same time. However, my night time thoughts became centred on dressing him up in all my ‘babyish’ stuff and looking after him. As auntie had done to me, I wanted to bottle-feed him and rock him in my lap. I wanted to fit him in several pairs of pull-ups, put some cartoon covered plastic pants around him and… and… well, I just wanted to see what he would look like in my pale yellow onesie. In my head he would be the cutest thing ever and I began to wonder if I could get Auntie Rose to make a similar pair for him… though I had no idea how I would bring up such a project.

At one recess I was talking to Jake in the playground who was telling me that he’d been asked to sleepover at his friend Jeremy’s that weekend and he hoped it wouldn’t spoil anything that Kenny and I had planned for ours. Adam and Louis were standing right next to him and I asked if they were both going as well, but they shook their heads and waited for Jake to finish his chat. I zoned out at that moment thinking that perhaps I could include Adam, and possibly Louis, in my own weekend but of course that would have been silly, they were Jake’s friends not mine. As I stood listening to Jake I had imagined them both in thick diapers and being cuddled by Kenny and me.

Silly, stupid, ridiculous! I’ll have to put a check on my brain as it was beginning to get out of hand, especially as I still hadn’t heard for certain from mum if it was still OK for Kenny to come over. However, I was close enough to Adam now and could tell he wasn’t wearing any extra padding but I was convinced that he was trying to find out if I had pull-ups on… wishful thinking I suppose.


Mum was called into the head office again and said that she was sorry but Kenny would have to come over another time. Thankfully auntie said she didn’t mind looking after us both, and, as Jake was going to be away, it should be fairly ‘undemanding’. Mum shrugged in a way that suggested that sleepovers were far from ‘undemanding’ but, as auntie had insisted she could cope, eventually gave her blessing to it. In auntie’s mind, two ten year-olds were going to be easier than three eight years-old, and that had turned out OK.

In one way this was a worrying time. With mum going to head office I wondered if she might have to give her answer as to our possible move. I was dreading what might happen and wondered if this was the last time Kenny and I would get to sleep over. He arrived just as the taxi was whisking mum off to the airport and apart from a couple of quick exchanges between mum and Mrs Morrison, both were gone and Kenny was smiling as he indicated that his backpack was full of ‘surprises’.

Auntie Rose made a big thing about meeting him ‘at last’, and told him how much she had been looking forward to his visit. Ever polite, Kenny seemed to know exactly what to say, which made auntie beam with fondness and admiration for our visitor.


Since the storm the weather had been getting decidedly cooler and although the nights were clear, there was a chill in the air that meant playing late outside was not as inviting as it had been. We’d been riding around on our skateboards, trying new tricks and trying to master a few mega-flips but neither of us had managed to execute it perfectly. We spent as much time falling on the floor as we did trying to fly through the air and we’d got ourselves fairly dirty by the time we went in.

Auntie took one look at us and ordered us to shower and change before we tucked in to supper. We went to my room and Kenny emptied his backpack and sorted through the items he’d brought. He lifted out several pairs of thick rubber pants, a couple of pairs of plastic pants, diapers and disposables, he looked up at me as if to say “Too much?” and then laid out his favourite onesie… the pink one.

I showed him my cupboard full of diapers and stuff that his mummy had brought over for me many weeks earlier and the items that mum and auntie had added to since. He loved the white onesie but thought the pale yellow one was fantastic and even loved the matching pair of shorts.

With mum away I suddenly realised that auntie would be in charge and she’d liked it when I dressed as a toddler so wearing all this stuff was, I hoped, not going to be a problem.


We were playing together in the shower. We shampooed our hair and we watched the foam slowly drip down our bodies. Sometimes we’d bet on two streams of lather running down and disappearing into the plughole or see how high we could make the suds stand on our heads. We were goofing around and hadn’t realised we’d taken so long when auntie came in and asked us to hurry up as our supper was ready.

We dried each other off and then went to my bedroom where auntie was waiting for us armed with a huge container of baby powder.

“OK boys who’s first.”

I was a bit surprised and stunned but as usual Kenny saw my confusion and immediately volunteered.
Auntie had him lay out his towel and then, after she was sure he was dry, she applied some lotion to his diaper area and then liberally sprinkled the powder all over him. He was obviously enjoying the process and I thought how strange it was that auntie should have known that this is just what Kenny liked. I was sure I hadn’t divulged the fact that he wanted to be ‘babied’ but here he was, thoroughly enjoying the pampering.

She looked over at the pile of options that Kenny had brought and decided, without asking, that a thick cloth diaper was what was needed. She had him lift up his legs and slipped the piece of material under his bottom, which she playfully patted and brought about some giggles from Kenny. She added a thick ‘pad’ which made it very bulky (and absorbent should any accidents happen), but soon had him tightly pinned and chose the thick rubber pants to cover it all with.

“OK, one down,” she smiled whilst tapping a place at the side of Kenny, “one to go.”

Kenny looked happy, adorable and about seven years younger… and as auntie took charge I could see that he was really having fun watching me being diapered. I thought I’d get exactly the same treatment as Kenny but after she had thoroughly dried between my legs she flipped me over and powdered my bottom first. She asked Kenny if it wasn’t a beautiful sight, to which he nodded in agreement, before rubbing even more of the powder in. Kenny joined in and I had two sets of hands making sure my bum was well and truly coated in baby powder.


Auntie fastened two thick disposable into place and then added a pair of pink plastic pant over the entire lot, it felt really bulky and my legs were pushed well apart.

“Right Kenny, do you want your onesie,” she held up both his pink one and my yellow one, “or would you like to wear Si’s”

He checked that it was OK with me before pointing to mine and auntie slowly pulled it over his head and fastened the press studs around his thick rubber pants. The sort of yellowy color of the pants matched the fabric and looked really good poking out the leg-holes. He bounced up and down on the bed in delight and complimented auntie on making such a ‘fantastic’ (he never stopped using that word) item of clothing. I of course was then wrapped in Kenny’s pink onesie and, because it was his favourite, I really enjoyed the opportunity to wear it. My pink plastic pants protruded from beneath the cotton but, as if auntie had already known the outcome, like Kenny I was happy with the result.

The front room was nice and warm and there was a blanket set out on the floor in front of the TV. Kenny and I settled down on it as auntie went to get us our supper. She must have been incredibly busy because she returned with cookies in the shape of dinosaurs and milk, but the milk was warm and in bottles… baby bottles. I was about to argue with auntie when Kenny gleefully reached out for his and immediately began sucking between taking little bites out of his cookie. I was a little bit more reluctant but auntie’s gentle smile of encouragement and Kenny’s desire to enjoy the moment soon had me sucking in the warm fluid.


I had thought that when auntie had done this with me before that it was just a one off but here I was again, acting like a baby and, with Kenny by my side, not really caring just how much I was enjoying myself. I think it was the fact that Kenny was laughing so much as auntie had got us playing games that were so much fun. The DVD on the TV hardly got a look in as we scampered about the house, well waddled would be nearer the mark, when we went on a treasure hunt. She had hidden items all over the place and trying to find them, and the clues she gave, had us giggling for the next couple of hours.

After that it was getting late and auntie made us a chocolate drink before we went off to bed. The sweet taste was lovely and we both sleepily sucked on our bottles as we curled up together on the blanket. Kenny, as always, was a delight to watch. His enthusiasm and fun personality were a winning combination and I could see that auntie had taken to my best friend and encouraged him in his ‘childish’ desires. To her I think it was no more than letting him be himself, if that’s how he wanted to be, no matter for how long, then he should be allowed to do just it. His ‘free spirit’, I suspect auntie thought, was a good influence and she didn’t want to stop or discourage me from finding my own ‘spirit’.

We were getting tired and auntie took our hand and we waddled off to my bedroom. On the bed she had retrieved a couple of teddy bears, which used to be mine, from Jake’s room and set them as if to welcome us to sleepy time. Kenny clambered in first and pulled one of the bears in with him, I joined him and was pleased to see that it was Barney, my favourite plushie from when I was a kid and hugged him as Kenny snuggled his. Before pulling the sheet over us auntie patted our bums and said that she didn’t want to hear us making a noise in the night and that we weren’t to leave the bed… for anything. We were already quite dozy when she patted our well diapered bottoms, kissed us good night and said that she hoped her babies would sleep tight and have pleasant dreams.


That night, I drowsily began to think about auntie. She’d never had a family of her own but was always fun to be with. She seemed to be able to understand mine and Jake’s desires and had a fantastic instinct for buying us just the presents we wanted or needed. She was ‘fantastic’ at making things and we always had brilliant new and unique things to wear, and I wondered if Kenny and me being toddlers was something she had wanted all along. As I slipped into a deep sleep I could hear the soft sound of her on the sewing machine, no doubt she was intent on producing some new and exciting item. I fell asleep with my arm wrapped around Kenny and two teddy bears… and I couldn’t have been happier.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 11

Chapter 13

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Kenny Part 9

This story is written by Les Lea

On the TV a game show host was asking the contestants questions – they got all ‘whoopy’ and ‘excitable’ if they got the answer correct and more points were added to their score. As I sucked and sucked, what was happening on screen became less and less important and all the jibber-jabber seemed to meld into a childish game. The warm milk tasted so good and with auntie holding me tight, her hand gently stroking my bare leg as she fed me the bottle, I was in a very happy and contented place. Auntie started humming some long past tune that I vaguely remembered from when I was a toddler and I closed my eyes trying to work out what it was. The TV sound became a jumble of small noises and I suddenly found myself looking at the screen which had elves and fairies playing.

The fairy voices were all very musical and the elves were sort of giggly and conspiratorial, they were planning some sort of adventure. I recognised the music in the background, it was the same one that auntie was humming, and it made me happy that I knew it so I hummed along. I looked away from the TV and there was Kenny, on the floor, playing with some stuffed animals and wooden toys, like the ones the elves had on screen. He was dressed in a short pink onesie, which, like mine, hid a huge diaper and plastic pants… except his were pink like the pacifier he was vigorously sucking on. I took in the room. It was quite large with alternate colored walls of pink and pale blue, whilst the carpet we were sitting on was a very pale green. I was aware that I also had a paci in my mouth and as I searched around I could see three more cribs up against the walls. In one I could see Jake, dressed only in his diaper, which was covered with lemon-colored ruffled plastic pants, he also had a yellow paci in his mouth. He was watching Kenny and I play as we crawled around the room pushing toy cars or building up square wooden bricks. Again, this is what the elves were doing on screen. With the paci’s in our mouths we couldn’t speak but I understood every movement and noise that Kenny made, and he was the same with me. Jake was in his crib desperately trying to join us but the bars were too high and every time he pulled himself upright… he kept falling down on his well-padded bottom.


We were all babies. We were big babies but still babies and couldn’t form any words, although a look or a gesture seemed to be enough to make each other understand what we wanted. There were others in the room. One crib held a baby that was fast asleep, the mobile above its head tinkling a nursery rhyme, and another with a toddler who was crying, although we couldn’t actually hear a sound, trying to stand like Jake. He was rattling the side of his crib in frustration, which set Jake off to do the same but no one came. Meanwhile, Kenny and I were building a fort for our animals but every time he turned around, his foot would knock down what he’d just built… he was getting tired and frustrated.

The music on TV was very soothing and after a short while, we both curled up on the floor clutching our teddy bears and started to doze off. I took a look around and even Jake had settled down in his crib and I could see the mound of his yellow padded bottom in amongst the blankets. Everything was peaceful and the tinkling music took over any thoughts in my head. Kenny’s paci had dropped out but he was sucking on his thumb, hugging his bear and fast asleep. I crawled a bit closer and put my face up close to his. His breath was gentle as he sucked but then I did a strange thing. I pulled out his thumb, tenderly kissed his lips, put his thumb back in and settled down to sleep. I looked around for my paci and found it tied to a ribbon that was pinned to my onesie. I sucked on it, cuddled my own teddy bear and began to drift off.


I woke up as auntie turned off the TV. My bottle was empty and I had no idea what the time was but I knew it was quite late because she was leading me by the hand to my room. My movements were slow, partly because I was still a bit dozy and partly because of the thick diaper between my legs. She pulled back the sheet on my bed and I slowly clambered in still half asleep. She patted my well-padded bottom, thanked me for a ‘real nice time together’, tucked me in and kissed me ‘night-night’. It all seemed to happen in a blur but I was glad to be in my bed – safe and secure – and it wasn’t long before I fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

My eyes were closed for what seemed to have been only moments but, as the morning sunlight was brightening up my room, I realised, as my sight adjusted, it must be mid-morning. I was still yawning and stretching when auntie came in and wished me “Good Morning”

“Come on… get up… or we’ll be late for church.” She pulled back the sheet and, without asking, pulled the pop studs on my onesie apart to check my diaper. There was no point in arguing, as I said before, auntie is a whirlwind for ‘doing’ once she gets started. I was wet. I suppose the late night chocolate milk, delicious though it may have been, was a bad idea so late. Anyway, I hardly had time to take this fact in before my rubber pants were off and she was unpinning me.

“Auntie.” I tried to stop her busy hands. “We don’t really go to church… erm… I haven’t been since back home.”

She looked down at me as she took a wet wipe out of the canister and applied it to my groin. “I’m going… and I can’t leave you on your own so…”
My penis and bottom were clean in seconds and she showered powder all around and rubbed it in. She looked around and grabbed a pull-up and started pulling it up my legs. Again, it wasn’t what I wanted to wear if I was going to church, I wanted my normal briefs. However, half-way up my legs she stopped, looked me in the eye and seemed to read my thoughts.

“Sorry Si… just got carried away then. We are a bit late so, do you want the pull-ups or would you prefer something else?”

I was still laid out on my back with the onesie un-popped and feeling the cool morning air wafting around my naked groin.

“Something else please auntie.” I was about to point to my underwear draw but she nodded.

“I thought you might,” she said with a mischievous smile and grabbed a nearby triangle of material, lifted up my legs and pinned me into a new, fresh cloth diaper. I was frustrated but couldn’t find the words to tell her so but she saw me pointing to my underwear draw and went over to see what I wanted. Of course, there on top of my pile of briefs were the plastic pants. She retrieved and examined them before nodding as if in agreement with my choice, then swiftly added that finishing touch.


The cool plastic being pulled up my legs felt nice and my boyish anger fell away as she fastened the popper studs together. I thought… and then said… that I couldn’t go out dressed this way but auntie just wondered why.

“Well, I look like a baby…” Oddly, I was almost on the verge of tears so that would have completed the look but auntie was, as always, organised with the solution.

“Hang on there a moment.” And she disappeared from my room returning a few seconds later clutching something in her hand. “Try these.”

They were a matching pair of shorts that went well with the onesie except, they were blue with yellow cuffs around the waist and legs. She slipped them up my legs and then pulled me to stand up. Now it didn’t look so much like a onesie, just a t-shirt and matching shorts… sort of smart really. Also, when I looked in the mirror, they were quite loose so my diaper didn’t show that much. In fact, it actually felt very comfortable so I decided that if you didn’t know I was wearing a diaper, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell and before I knew it, I was being led by the hand to her car and we set off to church.

To be truthful I felt both nervous and naughty. The last time I’d been to church was when I was about 6 and a friend of mum’s was having her baby christened. The church was very old, the place was very sombre and everyone was very smartly dressed. It was quite a scary place for a youngster and I remembered I was being constantly told to be on my best behaviour. Now here I was, in the house of God and I was guiltily wearing a diaper… and no one but me, auntie… and I suppose Him… knew. It helped that this church was a noisy, happy-clappy place with loads of singing… it was all very colourful. I think auntie must have known I would like the idea of wearing my diaper in public and she held my hand most of the time to give me confidence. I’m not sure why it was giving me such a thrill, after all, I’d worn diapers to school and they could be seen by every other teacher and pupil. However, here in the church and amongst loads of strangers, there was no denying that the butterflies of excitement were flapping away in my stomach.


As the congregation sang hymns I looked around and noticed, over in a corner, a statue of an angel with wings. I couldn’t make out if it was a boy or girl but it looked very pretty and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was made out of white stone so the hair was very white, which made me think of Kenny. I wondered what he’d make of me dressed the way I was. I suspect that he would approve, even if my diaper and plastic pants weren’t that obvious. As it was, I unintentionally slipped my hand down the front of my shorts and slowly stroked the front of the onesie, which unfortunately prevented me from touching the smooth plastic. When I realised what I was doing I quickly withdrew my hand but not before auntie had spotted it. I’d been caught, in a church, fondling myself, I was sure there were parts in the Bible that the reverend would direct at me any moment. I was flushed, my heart was pounding and I felt sick. I began to worry that I’d be struck down when we got outside.

I was sure that auntie would say something but when it was all over, and we trooped from the building, she suggested we went to the diner for something to eat. I was still feeling guilty so anything to cover my embarrassment. Once there, and we were tucking in to our food, she asked me if I was enjoying wearing my protection. I wriggled nervously in my chair, the padding only added to the feeling of guilt… but I eventually just nodded to her.

I think she knew more than she let on although she still prodded me with questions… but I suppose the waffles, syrup and ice cream loosened my tongue and I found myself telling her all about Kenny.


Auntie Rose listened to everything I said, occasionally nodding, smiling or agreeing in my assessment of my friend. She thought he sounded a ‘brilliant’ friend to have and told me what a ‘supportive’ friend I was to do what I did so he wouldn’t feel as if he was the only one in diapers. It was as if she understood everything about me and I loved the fact that I could tell her anything and she would encourage me to explore my feelings.

“Si, you are an incredible boy.” She was staring deep into my eyes and touching my hand. “You are thoughtful and understanding… and…” she smiled, “a free spirit. Don’t lose that. No matter what any teacher … or adult says… don’t lose that.” Her face was beaming with pride but her words seemed very intense. “You are a long time old, don’t rush to be grown-up… enjoy the adventure of being a 10 year-old boy… it will be fantastic.”

I nodded. I didn’t know what else to do… I didn’t understand everything that she was saying and… I didn’t tell her everything. Like the first time I’d messed myself, or of me kissing him in my dream, or him sucking my thumb, or us rubbing ourselves against the mattress, or Buddy being spanked… although I felt I could have if I had wanted to.


It was getting late and she realised that Jake was supposed to be home soon and there were a few things she needed to finish off before that. When we got back to the house I went to my room to play on my Xbox, while she went to her room and I could hear the sewing machine being operated. I didn’t even think about changing clothes, these are what auntie dressed me in, so, that was going to be what I wore. Two hours later Jake was delivered back telling us what a ‘fantastic’ time he’d had. Apparently, they had camped out in the cellar where Mr Munroe had built a cushion castle, with tents around it and had devised games about knights and damsels in distress. Thanks to Jake, and his new onesie, that had turned into knights versus dinosaurs, which the kids enjoyed playing more. Thankfully, James’s father had provided a small chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruit to dip into it and that had also been very popular.

Now I had my new outfit, and so he wouldn’t feel left out, auntie produced something festooned with racing cars she’d made for him to wear. He went off to try it all on and when he returned it fitted him really well. In fact, despite it being quite colorful and childish, I quite liked it myself but didn’t think I should mention that to auntie. Meanwhile, as he paraded around making ‘brummm brummm’ and ‘screeching’ noises of racing cars on a race track I noticed that it wasn’t a onesie like mine it was a separate t-shirt and shorts. As I examined the cars close-up, and complimented Jake on how fantastic (since the lake ‘fantastic’ had become the word I used for everything) he looked and how clever auntie was, I was quite pleased about the difference. She caught my eye and winked as if to say… I know what you’re looking for… but we have our own little secret. I loved my understanding auntie even more at that point.


I’d been in my onesie and diaper all day and it was beginning to bunch a little. I have to say that it had been a day like no other and I had experienced a thrill thanks to auntie’s encouragement and of course her clever work with a sewing machine. The phone rang and it was mum, she spoke to both Jake and myself and then to her sister but the outcome was that she wasn’t going to be able to make it back for another day or so. She said how much she was missing us but that we had to be good boys for auntie and make sure we had our clothes ready for school. This led us into telling her about the fantastic clothes auntie had made for us… and we couldn’t wait to show them off.

After auntie had put Jake to bed, got his school uniform ready and kissed him ‘night-night’, she came into my room. I was already out of my onesie and was just wearing my usual sleepwear of t-shirt and boxers. She asked if I had wet at all but I told her I’d been dry although I’d got a bit sweaty so I’d put the diaper in the wash basket in the bathroom. She then checked that I had my uniform ready and once it had all been accounted for, kissed me ‘night-night’ and turned out the light. As she closed the door she said how much she’d enjoyed our day together and how much fun she’d had, which put a smile on my face and whispered “So have I”.


After the weekend wearing diapers I decided that I’d wear my normal briefs to school but couldn’t wait to tell Kenny all about auntie and the onesie. It was lunchtime before I could get him alone, although I had noticed that his shorts weren’t as bulky as they had been recently… he was back to just a disposable and thin clear plastic pants. He still looked gorgeous and as we ate our sandwiches and drank our juice I told him about my fantastic present. He looked so pleased and said he couldn’t wait to see it, and suggested that we try to organise a sleepover soon so he could also wear his. He giggled as I told him about auntie getting me ready for church and putting a diaper on instead of my briefs. I told him about my fleecy, zip-up footed onesie that made me look like a rabbit and he thought I’d look brilliant wearing that… and perhaps he should start calling me the Easter Bunny from now on.

As our bare knees touched under the cafeteria table I wondered if I should tell him about drinking milk from a bottle and thought that Kenny is the only person I could, or would want to, tell that story to. He thought that Auntie Rose was a fantastic lady for letting me do all those things and being so encouraging. I told him about falling asleep as I sucked on the baby’s bottle and the dream that followed. He was overjoyed at being in my dream. He loved the idea of us playing together and the fact that we were babies. Juice almost came down his nose with laughter as I told him about how he accidentally kept kicking over the bricks he’d just built up. I took a deep breath and then told him about me giving him a kiss as he slept. He was silent for a couple of seconds then shyly said that even in a dream he liked the idea of that… he went on to say it was something he wanted to do to me as well.


There’s something about Kenny that just makes you want to please him. Our bare knees brushed against each other even harder and I felt a strange tingling in my shorts as I did so. It wasn’t unlike when I rub myself up against the mattress, and, like when that happens, I just wanted the feeling to continue. At the same time I desperately wanted to put my hand up his shorts leg and feel his plastic pants and stroke his disposable diaper but we were sat opposite each other and joined by other class mates who wanted to talk about a program they’d watch on TV on Sunday evening… apparently the ‘entire’ class was talking about it. Kenny and I were in a world of our own and hardly contributed to the conversation but the others enthused it was ‘the best thing ever’.

As the chatter continued all I could see were Kenny and the angel… and they were one and the same; it was Kenny’s face on the angel and now, in front of me, Kenny had wings. My imagination took over and I could see Angel Kenny, floating naked apart from his diaper, smiling down at everyone and calling me to join him. I can’t tell you how I felt at that moment but I do know that ‘fantastic’ doesn’t cover it. This beautiful boy is my friend, my best friend and… and… and… for some reason, I was starting to cry. I suddenly realised that everyone was looking at me and a concerned Kenny was holding my hand and asking if everything was OK. How could I explain the most beautiful moment of my life? How could I share that with anyone but Kenny? How could I get to the nurse as soon as possible as I realised my emotions had got the better of me… and I’d wet myself?

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 8

Chapter 10

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Kenny Part 6

This story is written by Les Lea

As we ate a troop of scouts came into our camp (I think the smell of food may have enticed them in) who were greeted enthusiastically by almost everyone. A few of the older boys thought they looked ‘uncool’ but to my and Kenny’s eyes, and those of most of the younger kids and parents, they looked very smart. They were given some food and drink and they were besieged by all of us firing questions at them and mums and dads taking photos of their off-spring standing with this particularly smart group of young men.

Mrs Morrison took some shots of us chatting to the scouts and we were riveted at the number of badges (and how you earned them) as well as all the exciting things that you got up to if you wore such a splendid uniform. Kenny and I had decided that we would love to become scouts and planned on finding a local group in our town.

I said to Kenny that I thought he’d win loads of badges and that he’d have an armful in next to no time for his sporting and soccer skills alone. He shyly looked away and then said something that stopped any further conversation in its tracks. “They should make a huge badge that would cover your entire arm…” I was anticipating some kind of joke, “for the best, best friend ever.”

I was at a loss as to what to say but Kenny’s friend Buddy, who we’d been playing with earlier, waved us over to where he was standing.


“Hey you guys…” he said conspiratorially, “you want to try something…” he peered around checking there was no one else listening, “different?”

We nodded and followed him around the back of the cabins to a little hut that stored a small boat and trailers. There were already another couple of boys there, Craig and Olly, both of them were like Buddy, at a different school and in the year above us but Kenny knew them because they all played against each other in inter-school soccer matches. We acknowledged each other with a “Yo” and waited until Buddy let us in on his ‘something different’.

Suddenly Buddy produced a bottle of beer from behind a little ledge and asked if any of us had tried it before. Both Craig and Olly said they had and liked it, whilst I never had and I doubted if Kenny had either but we didn’t mention this to our older friends. Buddy took first sip and passed it to Craig who took a huge gulp. Olly almost fought it out of his grip to get his turn and then it was passed to Kenny who, just as he was about to take his first taste, was interrupted by the door swinging open.

It was Tim, Buddy’s seven year old brother who wasn’t happy being left on his own. His older brother invited him in and calmed the sudden look of panic on everyone’s face. Kenny took a tentative sip, and by the look on his face he wasn’t happy about it. He passed it to me and I did the same… it was awful. As I passed it back to Buddy, pretending it was great, his little brother grabbed the bottle and also took a huge gulp. It didn’t go down well with him either and most of it bubbled back up through his nose and he sprayed the stuff all around. If we weren’t fairly panicked already the situation might have been funny, however, Tim dropped the bottle and it flooded out across the earthen floor. Buddy promised to get more later but in the meantime we found out a bit more about him and his family.

Kenny asked if his dad had let him have the beer (even though I suspect he already knew it must have been stolen), Buddy just shrugged his shoulders and bragged that he did what he wanted. Apparently, his dad wasn’t his, or Tim’s dad, but their step-dad, his mum had remarried after his real father had run off with a girl at work (not unlike my dad had). The lady with the two children in diapers I’d seen on the shoreline was his real mum but the two kids where their half-brother and sister. He missed his real dad but didn’t get on that well with his step-dad, although his mom seemed very happy with her new husband and all her children.

As the guys talked amongst themselves I began to think of my mum, and what if she re-married. I’d never seen another man in our house, nor had mum introduced Jake or myself to any male friend as far as I could remember. I wondered what it would be like – would I be as unhappy as Buddy was? The conversation between the others faded out due to the lack of beer so the suggestion of a swim was met with cheerful agreement and we all went of back down to the lake.

On our arrival Mrs Morrison called us over and said she wanted some more photos of the two of us. Mr Morrison was fishing at the end of the jetty and had already caught some and she wanted a picture of us holding them up as if we’d been the successful fishermen.


She took a few with Mr Morrison and us all together in shot, then she took a few more of just me and Kenny holding them up. For a joke I was given a big five pound fish to hold and Kenny was given a little tiddler and told to look sad but I was to appear proud of my catch. It was a fun idea and one I hoped would come out well, especially as the idea was that we would then change catch and I’d have the small fish. Mrs Morrison took the first photo and then the fish ‘flapped’ in my grasp. I was taken by surprise as I didn’t expect it to react, it flapped again, and I fumbled trying to keep a grip. Unfortunately, the strength of the fish, its sliminess and my wet hands meant the bold fish slipped from my grasp. There are a series of images that Mrs Morrison took of me trying to capture the escaping, and very much alive, fish as it flapped on the jetty and escaped back into the water.

Everyone was in hysterics but I was mortified that I’d lost Mr Morrison’s catch but after he’d stopped laughing he just said, “So much for our supper.”

We spent the next hour on the jetty trying to catch more fish but only had bites from tiny ones that we threw back.


Later we were walking past Buddy’s cabin and heard crying. Tim had just run out of the front door and looked frightened. “Dad caught Buddy stealing more beer,” he said “and he’s getting a spanking.”

As we neared the door we could see Buddy inside the doorway with his jeans and underpants down around his ankles and what looked like a very red bottom. His hands were up rubbing his eyes and we could hear his sobbing from where we were. Suddenly we heard a grown-up’s voice sternly telling Buddy that he shouldn’t ever lie. A man, who I suppose was his step-dad, saw us looking in and for a few seconds made sure we were aware of the naughtiness of the boy who was being told off, and what the results were. Once he’d made sure we saw the redness of Buddy’s bottom he slowly closed the door as he carried on yelling at his ‘son’ for trying to get his little brother drunk. We heard another slap and another burst of crying. We quickly walked away.

We both felt guilty and wondered if he’d told his step-dad that we were there as well and if he had, were we also going to be spanked. I told Kenny that I’d never been spanked in my life, and as it looked painful, wasn’t sure I ever wanted to be either. Kenny was the same but said that he was always getting his bottom smacked when he wore a diaper. He agreed it was more of a playful swipe than a beating but that whenever he wore a diaper people, grown-ups especially, all wanted to pat his padded bottom. Even at school, if he was wearing a diaper, the teachers, and some of the more brave kids, would always find a reason to pat his bum. When his parents diapered him they always finished by patting his tush and sending him on his way. In fact, he reminded me, that was just what had happened the night before; once we were diapered and in our rubber pants, both his parents had patted our bottoms as we went off to bed.

I wondered what it was about diapers that caused such a reaction.


We went off to play and saw Olly with some older boys but didn’t see either Craig or Buddy for the rest of the day. We wondered if Craig’s parents had taken a dim view of their son drinking and grounded him (or worse) but we couldn’t check and was worried in case the same fate, whatever that was, might fall upon us. However, we were soon involved in games with the other kids and we swam in the cool lake, diving and taking turns to swim between each other’s legs. There was loads of laughter and even all the parents, who were sat in the community area drinking wine, beer and coffee, seemed to be having a good time.

Mr Morrison came up with a list of objects that a group of us had to find and bring back to him. The first ones back with everything won a huge bar of chocolate. Soon the small group of eager participants became about 20, so our chances of winning were a lot less… but we had fun anyhow.

I remembered that one of the things on the list we’d seen in the hut and I suspected that no one else would have known about it. So we furtively passed by Buddy’s cabin… not wanting to be discovered in case we were in for trouble. Hanging up on a line outside, getting the slight breeze and sunshine through the trees, were two big squares of diaper material and a couple of pairs of plastic pants all hanging there drying. I half wished that plastic pants were on the list but they weren’t so after a brief scan (and a lot of wishful thinking) we went to collect the object.

We came 5th and didn’t win anything except Mr Morrison’s heartiest congratulations, which I thought was pretty nice as they were accompanied by a hug.


That evening we ate by the lake and under the stars… it was fantastic. Mrs Morrison had made a special kind of picnic, which I enjoyed more than the barbeque if the truth is told, and it was just us four. There were candles set around the area, a blanket of the ground and warm pies and flans, salad and warm chocolate milk for Kenny and me. Mr Morrison had a cool beer and his wife had a cold white wine. I wondered if you had to drink alcohol when you were an adult. I’d only seen my mum sip a glass of wine on special occasions and she never got drunk like I’d seen some people do. Anyway, both Kenny and I had decided, after the beer tasting in the hut, that we would never drink the stuff again, it was really horrible.

Just as the meal was ending the whole area suddenly lit up. Huge bursts of color filled the sky as fireworks exploded in a mass array of light, bangs, sizzles, whistles, cracks and sparkles. The RV camp was celebrating some kind of special award and had organised this superb display that the entire lake could enjoy. It was fantastic. It only lasted a few minutes but we were all spellbound by this colourful exhibition and were sad to see it end, albeit in one massive, final explosion that burst into a million stars.


The final bang of the display had more or less signalled that it was time for bed and I was hopeful that we would be prepared like last night. Indeed, set out on our big double bed were powders and lotions, diaper squares, pins and rubber pants just waiting for our naked bottoms. Seeing as his wife had made the special picnic it was Mr Morrison’s turn to do the honors and he was very thorough. We washed and brushed our teeth first and then came back to find him ready with the first diaper. This time I went first and was happily wiped, creamed, oiled and diapered, which appeared to be more snug than the night before. Then it was Kenny’s turn, and as with me, his dad tickled and pulled faces at him making him giggle as he pinned him into his padded protection. We pulled on our own rubber pants and told to go and wish Mrs Morrison ‘good-night’. As we walked into the main part of the cabin she took a flash photograph of us. Kenny sort of half-heartedly protested but she insisted that we both looked so damn cute she had to have a memory. She took a couple more and then she kissed us both ‘good-night’ – Kenny nodded a knowing nod to me as we both experienced a slight pat on our bottoms from both of them as we waddled off to bed.

This time Kenny got into bed first so that when I climbed in he was behind me. Once more we weren’t wearing a t-shirt so his warm skin against my back as he hugged me felt really nice. We were still a little bit excited about the firework display to immediately fall asleep so we talked some more about the day’s events. The fish ‘escape’ was the funniest episode and it seemed that our fear about being punished for trying some beer was unfounded. I suggested that we try that ‘rubbing’ thing again but Kenny said he liked things as they were. However, he slipped his hand between my pants and diaper and gently stroked my penis. As he did so he rubbed himself up against my bottom and nuzzled the back of my neck. He said it tickled but he liked the feeling, in fact, he said he was enjoying the whole sensation of hugging me. I was also enjoying the feeling down the front of my pants as his warm fingers circled and outlined my penis. This was better than just rubbing against the mattress and I gave myself to happily sighing in pleasure as Kenny took things to a new and much more intimate level.


In the morning Kenny was still clutching me around my rubber pants but I was dying to go to the toilet. I know I could have gone in my diaper but although I didn’t mind if it was an accident I disliked doing anything in them on purpose. He was still fast asleep but the sun was shining in through the window so I knew it wasn’t too early. I slipped from the bed and made my way to the bathroom and wondered in. To my surprise Mr Morrison was there, naked and taking a shower. I gazed at the first completely naked grown man I’d ever seen and was in awe at seeing so many muscles… and hair… all over a person. He saw me standing there and said “Good morning Champ.”

I was still a bit dazed but noticed his t-shirt and shorts on the floor so I guessed he’d been for an early morning run. He looked over his shoulder at me and all I could do was stutter that I had to use the toilet.

“OK, if you gotta go… you gotta go.”

I was really bursting so I thought I’d better do what I said I was going to do yet I struggled trying to get my little penis down the leg from my diaper and rubber pants. He saw me grappling with the problem and turned to suggest I take my pants off first. It was such a simple idea but I was flummoxed by being in his naked presence. However, I managed to slip them down and was able to pee much more easily.

“You know you could have used the diaper… we don’t mind.” He said smiling as he towelled himself dry.

“Mmmm… ok… but…” I stammered as I looked at his bouncing penis, “I don’t like to go…erm… unless I…” I wasn’t sure how to explain it as Kenny had no control when he went in his pants or diaper. “If I can do it properly, in the correct place… erm… it’s better for me.” I eventually mumbled.

“OK, good for you. I hope you rub off on Kenny.”

I was wondering if he knew about last night but I then realised he wanted my way of coping with things to rub off on him. I wasn’t sure if that was ever going to be possible seeing as how Kenny didn’t want to change. Eventually, Mr Morrison pulled the towel around his waist and, giving my hair a gentle ruffle, said I was a good kid and a great influence to have around.


I pulled my rubber pants back up and returned to bed. Kenny had turned over so I was now going to be hugging him. I nuzzled the back of his head and I had to agree, it really was nice to rub my nose up against his fine short white hair. Even though he wasn’t quite yet fully awake he moaned softly at my attention and, as if it was second nature, I slipped my hand down the front of his diaper. It was warm and wet, yet I didn’t pull away I just kept my hand down and slowly played with him. He wriggled contentedly and I wondered if he wanted more.

As I played with him he suddenly sighed and I felt him pee into my hand, filling his diaper once again. I’d never experienced such a sensation and wasn’t sure if I liked it but, as Kenny seemed happy, so was I.
We stayed that way for a while, until has father came in and said we should ‘rise and shine’ as breakfast was almost ready.

“Come on sunshine,” he said shaking his sleepy son, “let’s get you changed.” He already knew that I was dry so he only had one person to worry about.

Still sleepy, Kenny was lifted from the bed and stripped of his rubber pants. His diaper sagged as it had done the day before so his daddy took him into the bathroom and changed him there. He had him showered and dressed in his swim shorts in minutes, whilst I was still searching around for mine as I’d forgotten that Mrs Morrison had taken them away to dry them out. I half wanted to stay in my diaper and I wondered if I could ever get a pair of plastic pants like the young lad had yesterday – the shiny ones with the colourful, cartoon characters all over them. Thankfully, Mr Morrison returned with my dry shorts and we were called through to breakfast.


The morning was fun and we could occasionally hear waves of sound coming down the lake from the scout jamboree. We would have liked to have visited but we didn’t have time, however, as this was our last morning, we decided to make the most of it. We tried our hand, unsuccessfully, at canoeing – we simply couldn’t get the balance right so we abandoned that idea and set to rowing our little boat. There were still many people around but we could see that quite a few families were packing up ready to return home.

After lunch we changed out of our wet shorts and into something a little drier for the journey home. Kenny was wearing (without a diaper this time) his pink shorts with a striped pink and pale blue top. I was dressed in my dark blue shorts and my striped green and blue top, we looked again like we’d been dressed to coordinate but it wasn’t planned.

After a few more photographs it was time to leave but I had this huge paper cup of juice I wanted to finish first. Just as I was raising it to my mouth we could hear a strange sort of rumbling noise that started to get louder. The rumble began to turn into a roar and we suddenly saw two military jets flying at treetop level zooming down from the north of the lake. As they passed overhead the roar was deafening and as they pulled away the scream from their engines was scarily piercing, so much so that I spilled my cup of juice all over myself.

I looked around and the people watching were cheering the jets (Mr Morrison said they were F-22s, which were based at an Air Force Base about 20 miles away) and I suppose the military power that they represented. I just looked down at my soggy, once clean clothes and felt stupid that I’d reacted in that way. Kenny had been equally shocked by the noise and I noticed that he’d had more of an accident than me and his little pink shorts were a mess… front and back.


Mrs Morrison seemed equipped for just such an emergency and she unlocked the cabin for a quick change. Kenny went first, seeing as he was in more dire need of attention. She had him stripped, cleaned, powdered and in a disposable within seconds. She retrieved the rubber pants from her bag that seemed to hold everything, and slipped them over his hips. She found a white t-shirt from somewhere and pulled it over his head. Finally, she fished his thin white soccer shorts from the bottom of her bag and pulled them over the whole thing. He looked clean and bulky so he was happy… then it was my turn.

Mrs Morrison made me step out of all my wet and stained clothes and put them into a plastic bag… she said it was too late to wash them so it would have to be done when I got home. She also noticed that I’d not only spilled my drink I had also wet myself in all the excitement so, I also got wiped and powdered before, without asking, she put me in a disposable and pulled out some more rubber pants. I couldn’t object as I’d used all my clean clothes that mum had packed, and of course I was really quite pleased with the turn of events… I was back in diapers. Unfortunately, apart from another t-shirt she had no more dry shorts so I was hurried into the back seat, fastened in wearing just my diaper and rubber pants.


It felt strange being dressed like that but I was in no position to complain and Kenny immediately engaged me in talking about a future as the pilot of a jet. As we set off our future as scouts was temporarily forgotten as we discussed the merits of two ten year-old getting into the armed forces.

The journey was long and after about an hour we both must have fallen asleep. I only woke up as we pulled up outside my home. Mum was waiting on the porch and as I clambered from the truck I’d forgotten what I was wearing. I hugged mum and she hugged me and held me close as she got an update on what had happened over the weekend. Mrs Morrison handed her my backpack and explained why I was wearing what I was. Mum was happy with the explanation and handed them a bag saying she hoped they liked cookies. It was then I identified the smell that had greeted my homecoming, while we’d been gone mum had been indulging in her favourite past time… baking.

“Thank Mr and Mrs Morrison for looking after you so well and taking you to the lake,” mum suggested

I did as I was told, although I would have done anyway and thanked them for such a special trip I’d had a fantastic time. Kenny was still asleep in the back seat so we didn’t wake him and I waved my thanks again as they drove off.

My mum looked at my sleepy face and said she thought it was time for bed. As she guided me into the house I felt her patting my padded bottom, Kenny was right, grown-ups just can’t leave such a thing alone. I was exhausted and went to my room to change and get ready for a bath but, still in my padded bliss I just lay out on my bed and fell straight to sleep.

This story is written by Les Lea

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My 18th Birthday Part 2

This story is written by Les Lea

Though it’s a name I never really liked, Benjy just seemed appropriate at that moment. She took my hand and guided me back to Teddy who once again seemed more than happy to see me, even dressed as I was. Gwyneth was keen that we should cuddle on the floor (not me and her, me and Teddy) so she could get another photograph. He was so cosy and soft it was like falling into warm butter and, as I squeezed him tightly, his furry arms appeared to embrace me at the same time. There is something very satisfying about a soft, yielding bear that welcomes you into its arms and responds with soft fleecy tickles to your naked body. Everywhere his fur touched produced a wonderful sensation; little ripples of giggly pleasure and velvety reassurance added together with delicate caresses made me feel very safe… and very loved.

There was one thing missing and I was surprised when Gwyneth suddenly produced the finishing touch. She slipped a huge blue pacifier between my lips, which I had no idea how she got or where it came from. At that moment I didn’t question anything as Gwyneth started organising and taking her snaps.

It was no problem snuggling with Teddy and to tell you the truth I was thoroughly enjoying myself. This was the most intimate contact I’d had with anyone (or anything) since, well, since I was five and had my final cuddle with the original Teddy… and I appreciated this renewed relationship.


The room was warm and I was comfortable wearing only a made-up diaper. It fitted tightly so wasn’t falling down every few seconds and once Gwyneth had finished taking her photos, we settled down to finish our meal, well dessert actually. It was nothing special except a rather colourful ice-cream medley. We decided to have it sitting on the sofa whilst watching a late night movie. Teddy was just too big to sit with us so he sat at my bare feet, tickling them every time I brushed against him, which I did regularly, so I was smiling when my sister brought in the dessert in a bowl.

She then did something we’d never done before; she fed me spoonsful of the stuff in between taking the odd mouthful for herself. It was a lovely tender and unexpected moment. At one point we were in fits of laughter because she’d offered some to Teddy only for him to turn it down. I think she sneakily nudged his head so it looked like he was refusing the creamy delight.

“Well I suppose someone’s got to think of their figure,” she shrugged and we both sniggered like tots at that.

The movie was boring and the wine had made me very tired so I excused myself and brought my 18th birthday celebrations to a close. Gwyneth gave me a ‘goodnight’ peck and I thanked her for a great fun night (I had actually enjoyed what we’d done together it was so unlike anything we’d ever done before) as she patted my diapered bum and jokingly said I wasn’t to wet, but if I was going to, then at least I was dressed accordingly.

I laughed as I began to trundle to my room but she called me back and asked if I wasn’t forgetting somebody? Of course, Teddy. I picked him up, for such a huge animal he was incredibly light to carry, and we toddled off to bed. It felt strange having the thickness of the diaper between my legs but with Teddy by my side I wasn’t worried, I dreamily thought he’d protect me from whatever the darkness brought. He was my friend and oddly enough the diaper seemed to make everything feel as it should be. Maybe it was the memory of how comforting diapers had been after I lost Teddy the first time that made me not worry as to the way I was dressed.

We climbed on top of the sheets together and it was so nice sinking into bed with someone else, even if that someone was Teddy. He was warm and welcoming and it wasn’t long before, clutched in his paws (and him mine) we were dead to the world.


I woke up from a particularly heavy night’s sleep. I was slightly woozy but I was still clutching hold of Teddy, I smiled and thanked him for keeping me safe. I lay there for a few minutes enjoying the sensation of Teddy against my skin when I became aware of the thickness between my legs. I pulled back the thin piece of sheet partially covering us both and saw the towel hanging loosely around my hips. I was quite impressed that I’d been able to sleep with such an unusual thing wrapped around me but apparently, it had made no difference to how I slept. Then I suddenly wondered if I’d wet myself. I didn’t feel wet but… I slipped my hand across the front and thankfully that all felt dry, then, furtively, I slipped it down the front and checked around my dick.

“Dry”, I sighed with relief.

I got up, went to the bathroom and had a nice long shower. I could hear Gwyneth pottering around downstairs and was really pleased with the way we’d celebrated my birthday. As the shower grew warmer I was thinking it was a birthday I’d never forget and beamed enthusiastically at the thought of what we’d done. It had been madly childish but I now had a new Teddy and although

I was eighteen, I wasn’t going to let my parents or anyone else send him to the goodwill store.


Dressed in shorts and t-shirt I wandered downstairs. I had four days off until I was scheduled to go back into work so I was being comfortable and relaxed. The store uniform was a tight-fitting green polyester ensemble of trousers and a shirt; with my name and ‘CAN I HELP’ written across the left breast, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing to wear but no one could pretend I wasn’t staff. Anyway, it was something I was always happy to ditch the moment I got home and slip into my favourite casual clothing, which is what I now wore as I wondered into the kitchen.

Gwyneth was making coffee, smiling and humming to herself. We exchanged the usual pleasantries but I detected a grin on her face, which meant she was up to something.

“What are you smiling about,” I enquired.

“Oh, nothing much except I did something last night I’m… er… surprised at the results.” She smiled but looked down as if she had a guilty secret.

“Yes, it was pretty strange wasn’t it… oh… and that reminds me… I’ve put the diaper in the bin. It’s not wet. Well it is but I… er… just dried myself on it.” I said quickly defending myself against any thoughts to the contrary she might have.

Her face brightened up.

“No seriously. I didn’t pee my diaper, honest. I just used what was nearby when I climbed out of the shower.” I stammered.

She could see I was getting slightly agitated over nothing but that smile was still there.

“I believe you,” she tried to calm me and put her hand over mine. “Anyway, I’m talking about something else.” And she flipped open the laptop that lay in front of her.

“See,” she pointed to a Facebook page that had an image of me as a one year-old and me as an eighteen year-old, side by side hugging teddies, with pacis in our mouth and wearing diapers.

She’d put the damn image from last night online. I was mortified. Not only that but as a joke she had swapped the caption underneath so it read “Benjy at 18” under the image of me at one year-old and “Benjy at 1” under the other.

“Take it down.”

She was still smiling.

“Please, Gwyneth, take it down before anyone sees it… I… I…”

“Too late for that I’m afraid.” The smile never left her face as she pointed to the fact that there were 207 Likes and 44 Comments… all of which Gwyneth assured me were positive.

I put my head in my hands and wondered what I should do. I’ve never been any good at getting angry and I don’t think I’ve ever lost my temper with Gwyneth so I was stumped for how I should really respond. All I could think about was the guys at work seeing it and them constantly referring to it. It was a good thing I had so few friends, I wasn’t on Facebook because of that, but she told me she’d set one up just for me. Also, she informed me that I was now ‘trending’, whatever that was, and the next time I looked the Facebook page had gone up to 297 Likes and 61 comments.


I sat quietly sipping my coffee but unable to eat anything at that moment. I had filled-up and I was desperately trying to hold back my emotions. I wondered what had possessed her to do such a thing but as she was sat typing away I thought perhaps it had helped her get past her writers block. She pressed the ‘enter’ key and sat back relieved as if she’d just completed an enormous task.

“Have you unblocked yourself,” I asked rather ineptly (and weepily).

She looked at me pondering what I meant, “Can you now write… have you got over not having a story or… whatever…?”

She smiled and said that she now had an idea but that it would need my help to see where it led. She was trying to cheer me up and dig me out of my ‘emotional’ state with a bit of enthusiasm.

She speculated that it might be a terrific change of style for her but needed my involvement and hoped I’d be up for it. I was still nursing my bruised and emotional ego; I didn’t really want 297… no it was now 314… people to think of me as a baby but I suppose it did no real harm. After all, I had so few friends to worry over and in fact, my parents and my sister were the only people I really had anything to do with. I liked the guys at work but… well… it was work; it wasn’t like we socialised much. Even school mates were few and far between, I only saw them when they were back from college or university or where ever.

“I’ve just uploaded a few more images of you from last night to the page…” she spun the screen for me to see, “and already people are clicking the ‘Like’ button.”


Although I was frustrated with her attitude my sister had furnished me with something else for my birthday, something I would never even have thought about, my own Facebook page. As I watched the screen I was amazed to see the number of Likes and Comments that kept appearing. She smiled at my stunned expression and suggested that I should read some of them.

I had no idea how to go about it but she pointed out how many Likes each image was receiving and clicked on a box that let me see the comments. Most were very positive: “Oooo look at the lickle babe”, “What a sweet innocent picture”, “Lovely idea”, “What a nice boy” and similar things. However, there were one or two more intense messages.

Gwyneth tapped the screen. “I think maybe later we should take a look at these suggestions and see where they lead.”

I shook my head and told her I didn’t think so but she begged me to reconsider as she thought it would make an interesting part to a new novel she was just beginning to envisage. This, she promised, would get her back on track as she could already feel her creative juices flowing. I still doubted the wisdom of getting involved but she told me that I would be credited at the front of the book for my ‘inspiration’. OK, she got me. How could I refuse my sister and such an opportunity to be recognised as someone who had given a successful author ‘inspiration’?


As I sat at her laptop reading the various messages she told me, as she slipped on her coat, collected her car keys and headed for the door, not to reply to any comment just yet. I just shrugged but I have to admit that my curiosity was aroused by just how many people, now standing at over 400 Likes and 83 Comments, felt the need to acknowledge my photographs. I know I was looking like a happy teenager playing with a huge teddy bear and wearing just a diaper but I couldn’t get over why that should create such attention.

“Where you going?” I eventually managed to break away from the screen.

“Just to get a few things from the store, I shouldn’t be long.” She smiled. “There’s plenty of juice in the fridge if you’d rather have that than coffee… and there are some English muffin’s if you want something to eat.”

“OK, see you soon.”

I did prefer juice and poured myself a lovely long cool glass of OJ before putting the muffins in the toaster. I grabbed the butter and strawberry jelly and sat at the laptop waiting for the toaster to do its job, the screen had gone blank and wasn’t sure whether I should touch it to try and get my pages back. I was curious to see how things had developed since I’d last looked. I waited until I’d finished my breakfast before I examined the screen again and hoped that by touching one of the keys I didn’t erase all of Gwyneth’s work.


A list of recently visited sites appeared and I was distracted to see that the latest one was YouTube. This was perhaps one of my favourite sites because of all the cute animal clips that seemed to occupy most of its content. I decided I’d like to see some playful kittens to cheer myself up and pressed on the key. It went straight to a clip of a big baby rolling around the floor with a huge teddy. Oh no, it was me. The clip started on my diaper pins and slowly pulled out to reveal, well, everything. To begin with my face was hidden by the big paci and it could have been anybody but as I played with Teddy and moved around the floor hugging and kissing him I became more and more identifiable.

My mouth went dry, it was if I’d never even drunk that OJ, and I stared at the screen mesmerised by my actions. There was absolutely no doubt I was having fun, diaper or not, and from the occasional looks to the camera you could tell I was in my element. As I watched my body went clammy and I could feel those emotions of mine rising to the surface.

As I happily played my diapered bottom appeared to be the main focus of attention – just what the hell was Gwyneth thinking? There were three different clips; two of me playing with Teddy and one of me sleeping with Teddy, which I didn’t even know she’d recorded. In fact, I didn’t know she’d recorded anything I thought she was just taking photos with her phone. There I was, happily snuggling Teddy with my arms wrapped around him, paci hanging slightly out of my mouth fast asleep and my white padded bottom looking quite prominent against the dark blue of my sheets.

I wondered why so many people had commented and noticed that the clips had, even after just such a short space of time, received more than 3200 hits. There was a link to the Facebook page but now I was dreading reading the comments as I was sure they would be calling me a perv… or worse. I filled up with tears and cried because I didn’t know what I could do, I thought such notoriety would make me a laughing stock in town, perhaps lose my job and I’d never be able to look people in the eye again.


My bottom lip was still trembling when Gwyneth arrived back home. I hadn’t moved from staring at the screen because I was simply mesmerised by the images. She could see I was disturbed and dropped the bundle of packages she was carrying and came over to comfort me. The sobbing became a full blown wail as I buried my head in her bosom and kept on asking her “Why?” I assumed she hadn’t done it to hurt me but I couldn’t figure out why she would do such a thing.

After a few minutes I calmed down and I looked at my sister through tear-stained eyes. She hugged me again and asked why I was crying. I was speechless that she could ask such a question so just pointed to the screen.

“Yes, it’s you…” she asked with concern, “but why are you crying?”

“What… what… what will…” I sniffed, “what will people think?”

She just shook her head slightly.

“They’ll think that there’s something wrong with me… they’ll think I’m…” I couldn’t finish my thoughts as I was overcome once again with a huge sob that gripped my throat and left me shaking my head in disbelief.

“Tell me,” Gwyneth was now all very serious, “aren’t those really tears of happiness?”

I looked at her in disbelief.

“You’re eighteen. Eighteen,” she emphasised, “and” she pointed at the screen, “that’s the first time I’ve seen you truly happy in many-a-year.”

There was no doubt about it those images were of me genuinely happy. When I was playing with Teddy I simply didn’t have another thought in my head apart from having a fun time with him.

But I wondered, what might others think of an eighteen year-old running around in a towel… that’s a diaper?

Gwyneth hugged me once more. “You, my sweet little Benjy, needed something. I wasn’t sure what to begin with but, and I’m sorry to say this to my little brother but, you needed a kick up the arse for you to start living.”

I was stunned at what she was saying.

“You are eighteen and just coasting through life. You have a miserable job…” I interrupted her and said that at least I had a job. “Yes you do, and I’m sure it’s fine in many ways but… I’ve never seen you actually happy for so long now. You seem to have few, if any, friends and mom and dad are no real help to encourage you…”

The enormity of what she was saying suddenly gripped me and I felt that huge sob I’d been holding back in the pit of my stomach come out with force. I hung onto Gwyneth as I wailed and wailed, not this time because I was worried about what others might think but because she was correct.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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Billy’s Fault Part 11

This story is written by Les Lea

Now that first communal change was out of the way Lizzie was of the opinion, which she shared with the other girls, that all a boy needed to feel good about himself was a dry nappy. Her friends sniggered in agreement. She’d been in her element, controlling and capable and, after dealing with Aaron’s little rebellion, pleased at just how quickly the other boys came to heel.

But things were changing… again… and not just nappies.

Once the boy’s wet padding was transformed to dry, and with their obvious embarrassment behind them, they seemed a little more at ease. Whereas Billy and Dave had been fairly quick to realise they had little option, it was now dawning on Mitch and Aaron that this was how things were going to be from now on… or until their parents had a massive re-think.

Although they’d been terrified of others seeing them dressed in such a fashion, now they were all together it didn’t seem too bad. As the boys were all in the same boat, reduced to wearing protection and nothing else, it was amazing just how quickly they began to accept the situation.

Any thought of rebellion from this small group of heavily nappied boys was already fading as they saw the inevitability of what was going on around them. With their parents all of a similar mind and nowhere they’d feel safe running off to, ‘summer camp’ was all they had.

Yes, they’d hated being changed by strangers but had to swallow any pride (and modesty) because they simply had no choice. The way Lizzie had dealt with Aaron had chastened them all and the fact that these girls were a lot stronger than they appeared had come as a surprise; tantrums and acting tough were not the answer. Lizzie had certainly surrounded herself with friends who weren’t to be messed with and could hold their own in any fight – all three were quite formidable.

The feelings of awkwardness around each other was gradually disappearing and the fact that they’d all soaked their nappies whilst napping had made it a level playing field for humiliation. Even Dave’s messy one had been dealt with without so much as a scrunched up nose by the rest of the gang.

They’d all been in a similar situation over the past few days.


Dee-Dee had gone off to play more with Beth so Dave had to join in with the lads. He was still very sheepish but Billy made that extra effort to make him feel he wasn’t alone.

“I think Aaron and Mitch think there’s a way out of this…” Billy indicated his plastic pants to a nodding Dave. “I’m not so sure as I’ve never seen mum, or Lizzie for that matter, more intent on anything.”

Dave’s constantly weepy-looking eyes and submissive shrug meant he understood. He should do as he and Billy had definitely suffered the worst retribution for their misdemeanours. With very powerful and unyielding females taking the lead they really had little alternative but to do as directed if worse wasn’t to follow.

Once all the boys had been changed and were back together in their small group it was Dave who quietly suggested that to get through this punishment without too much aggravation, perhaps it would be best to cooperate. Although there were murmurs of discontent he pointed out that whilst all their parents were ardently supportive of what was happening, without making matters worse, they were in no position to defy anyone.

“But it’s just fucking ridiculous.” Mitch hissed through his teeth, aware he didn’t want the girls to hear him cussing. “I’m not going to let them do this to me… it’s not right… it’s illegal… I’m….”

He saw Nancy looking suspiciously over at him so immediately stopped his quiet, if intense tirade.

The heat from Aaron’s spanked bottom was just beginning to ease so although he agreed with his friend, he didn’t want to take up the fight.

Dave countered the argument saying that someone else changing their nappies was better than wondering around in a messy one and, after what had happened to Aaron, his contention was: did they really want to continually get spanked?

He was of the opinion they should just suck it up and try to get through the ordeal as quickly as possible and, more importantly, with the least amount of physical abuse.

Although there was no bright side to their situation he did also advance that it could be worse – at least they were together in private and not out where anyone could see them. So, perhaps for the sake of just getting through it all, they should knuckle down and do just that. A nappy wasn’t so bad, was it?

However, sniggering and baby talk from the girls had set them on edge so they wanted to put as much distance between them as possible.


This wasn’t going to be that easy because, almost immediately, the girls were enjoying their incredible power so were constantly checking for wet nappies. According to the timetable they had no intention of changing them (unless they’d messed) but were happy to make the boys feel uncomfortable, which they succeeded in so doing.

Despite this attention soon the boys were playing a game of Shilpha’s suggestion and the girls were joining in. Even Beth and Dee-Dee abandoned their dolls so they could be involved.

What they were all unaware of was the pharmacist’s contribution and just how keen he was in spreading this new punishment inspired ideology. The drink they’d had at lunchtime had released a chemical which was still in their system; it hadn’t all been peed out during naptime.

It was Dee-Dee who wet her knickers first. Without any warning she suddenly found pee streaming down her legs. She had no control and was extremely embarrassed by what was happening.

She stood, horrified to the spot as her socks, as well as her knickers became completely sodden by the sudden flow.

Beth looked on in astonishment as her friend lost control and burst into tears. Dee-Dee had no idea why she wet but it was one of the reasons she’d been wearing her own protection in the past, to prevent such a calamity. She’d seen it happen to Billy in those early days and it had scared her into believing the best prevention was protection. Now, and for no reason, it had happened, in front of her friend and this group of well-padded boys. She rushed off red-faced back to her own room with Lizzie in pursuit.


The pharmacist, Edward Swinton had big ideas. He’d loved Sandra’s suggestion of the ‘Summer Camp’ for naughty or rebellious children and was letting this idea percolate amongst some of his new customers. He realised that the long break meant many arguments and disruption in families with parents and children at odds.

Determined to make as much money out of this idea as possible he launched an online chat group discussing such things as – disruptive children, punishment, regressive behaviour and a host of other thoughts. He added a ‘What If’ feature, where he set out, without naming any such programme existed, the very things Sandra was doing with her unruly son and his friends.

It was soon obvious that had Sandra launched her idea citywide she would have been swamped by the response, many of the respondents to the feature begging for such a ‘Summer Camp’ to exist. Some desperate for a place to unload their troublesome offspring, even if that meant them spending the entire break in nappies.

If Sandra wasn’t going to take up this golden opportunity Edward was of the opinion that where there was a market, a fortune could be made so had every intention, one way or another, to make this ‘rehabilitating’ concept available to all.


Meanwhile, the mad summer break that all of them, in some form or other, had hoped for only a short time ago was now a different prospect. Lizzie had been grateful for what had happened. It was her scheme to have her brother and sister in nappies after all, but, even she was surprised at how intense it had gotten and so soon. She was actually indebted that on this first day, her friends had arrived to help (take the piss?) only to find they had so quickly got involved.

The girls were part of a little clique at school which had Lizzie at its head; an already highly intelligent group who knew how to control situations way above their age definition. They had succeeded in doing so both at home and at school, often without the target being any the wiser after the event. Smart, informed, enthusiastic, adaptable but ultra-confident in their abilities to manipulate most situations to their own ends… they were more than a little intimidating.

Lizzie was confident that her friends would enjoy the process of taking a group of pubescent boys back to babyhood if for no other reason it would help alleviate the boring bits of a long summer holiday.

Perceptions were changing almost by the minute. What was fun and humiliating one moment was something to be cherished and protected the next. All those involved were amazed at how Sandra’s idea, and the execution of that idea, affected each of them. For some it would be the beginning of a completely new way of life, whilst for others it would point to a different direction to the one they were planning.

All the girls were growing up and with that came a change in their hormonal make-up so, it might not have been as drastic a change as it appeared. Surprisingly, none of the girls realised the changes that were going on with each other and, not dissimilar to the boy’s attitude, kept these minor personal revelations to themselves.


Within twenty minutes of each other all the boys had wet their nappies again. None knew it was their ‘special’ lunchtime drink to blame but all could now feel that same drink sloshing warmly around their genitals. As if a pact had been drawn up, none of them said a word, although each had suddenly felt a slight pang in their bladder before the deluge.

As they were embarrassed about wetting themselves so soon after being changed the boys kept quiet and carried on as if nothing had happened. Stupidly, they didn’t realise their plastic protection tightened around the expanding mass underneath so when Lizzie returned, with her well-padded sister, she took one look and ordered them to line up in front of her.

Dee-Dee felt a lot better now she was dry and well protected. Beth, who could now see with her own eyes, the amount of padding her friend was wearing thought she looked like a big toddler.

Dee-Dee didn’t mind the comment; she was just grateful that Lizzie had given in and let her wear her insurance in case it happened again.

Beth stroked the slippery plastic cover and marvelled at the thickness underneath but other than that, they simply got on playing together. Although, at the back of the visiting six year-old’s mind she wondered if she might need similar treatment. She didn’t want it, she was a big girl, but her friend looked so happy so it was inevitable her mind should ponder the prospect.

Meanwhile, the boys didn’t want to go through the embarrassment again. Lizzie was quite happy to leave them until their nappies were even more soaked but Shilpha argued that it was ‘unkind’ to leave them like that, especially as nappy rash was a real possibility. She explained how her younger brother and sister had problems because of being left for too long.

Off course none of this was true she just wanted to make her case so that they could change the boys again and watch them squirm in humiliation as they got to work. She got her way.

There was a mumble of discontent from some whilst others, Dave and Billy, just went ahead and let themselves be changed. This time it was a different girl who saw to their needs.


Over the last few days there had been a definite change in Billy’s attitude to what he was being subjected to. Whether this was some mental appreciation of his involvement in it all, or he had simply been beaten down??? Now there was no argument, just simple acquiescence.

It was no longer purely Billy’s fault.

His lifetime’s rejection of any female authority and his fight to prove his own predominance had, in such a short time, been crushed. The bugs in the stomach, the sodden nappies and his childish outbursts had proved he needed his mummy, Lizzie and to a certain extent Dee-Dee, more than he would ever have previously acknowledged.

When he was at his lowest, it was they who had tended keeping him clean and dry and now, well now, he just thought it was the way it ought to be. He was no longer the leader of his little band of eleven year-old tough guys, he’d become what his mother and sisters had intended, their little, cooperative, baby boy.

The humiliation just wasn’t there anymore.

It wasn’t so much he liked it or approved of it; it was just the way things had turned out. It was what it was and his thick nappy and sheer plastic pants merely emphasised that simple fact.

Rebellion, anger and frustration had got him nowhere but now, as he slid his hands over the bulky shiny protection, he had to admit – he didn’t have to fight any more.

Dave of course had been beaten into submission so he wasn’t going to fight what course of action others decided. He knew conflict was a bad and very painful cause to pursue.

Both were changed efficiently but had to bear the childish baby talk the girls inflicted on them (and between themselves) as the jobs were undertaken.

“Whose little pee-pee needs a good wash?” “Who needs his plastic panties then… mmm?” “Who’s a good boy? Yes he is, yes he is.” “Where’s that sweet little Davey? There he is.”

Plus an assortment of other such infantile comments directed at them didn’t raise so much as a frown. In fact, it has to be said that both Dave and Billy had nervously giggled throughout and seemed not to care any more about whom did what, why, when or how.


Nancy had taken to Billy and admired his thick protection. She, like Shilpha, thought he looked adorable. With him being so much smaller than the others, his babyish style of dress only emphasised just how cute he looked.

She reflected on how much it suited him and wondered why Lizzie had complained about her noisy and annoying brother in the past. He was a little sweetie and looked every inch as if he should be wrapped in protection on a permanent basis. She enjoyed the process of fitting a clean and dry, but well-padded, nappy in place, tickling his tummy and repeating her puerile cooing as she did so. She only wished she had a dummy or a teddy to give him to play with. Perhaps on her next visit she’d bring a few extra things that might keep her… him amused.

Shilpha had taken to Davey. Out of the four boys he had the aura and façade of a mistreated street urchin. Not that he was dirty or anything, it was just his big brown eyes and worried expression made him a particularly sensitive looking character.

Shilpha loved having complete authority over this eleven year old; to be able to wipe his naked body clean, smear in the various protecting creams and lotions and apply powder to his badly striped bottom (the painful process of how he got to be so subservient was still pretty obvious) made her feel sorry for him. She paid attention to his well-disciplined bottom, making sure the correct rejuvenating and antiseptic cream was applied to those tender looking bruises.

Not that she would ever admit it because despite the girls having all the power, and loving that power, she was more sympathetic than she thought she’d be. Now the reality of them being treated as babies and the work that involved, the actual embarrassment quotient was not quite as important. Perhaps it was their total vulnerability, and now she was charged with care of that vulnerability, it had somehow changed her perceptions.


“Mitch, Aaron,” Lizzie said in a very authoritative voice. “I don’t want to put any more black marks against your names today but, if you don’t come over here immediately I shall have no alternative.”

She peered over at Aaron with a concerned look.

“I’m sure your daddy… and mummy,” she made it sound very childish, “will not be happy to see that you were the only one of the group to get so may black marks. I’d hate to think what they’ll do…”

She left that threat hanging there just long enough for Aaron to move over and lay out on the changing mat in front of her.

“That’s better. Just do as you are told and everything will go well.” She swept her hand over the boys. “I don’t want to have to remind anyone again.”

Whatever comments were going through the boy’s minds at that moment can only be guessed because no one said a word.

“Unless of course you prefer a soggy nappy and enjoy walking around in your own wee.”

As the boys wriggled uncertainly, she seemed satisfied at her comments.

“We’re here to help keep you clean and dry so it’s in your best interest to cooperate fully. Do you understand?”

They may have been reluctant to reply but she wanted them to admit who was in charge. Eventually she got a “Yes Lizzie” from all of them.


The rest of the afternoon of this first day passed off without any further disruptions. In fact, Summer Camp was all going relatively brilliantly so when the first parent arrived, Aaron’s mum Julia, to take her boy home, she was intrigued to watch for a few moments as her son was smiling and having a pretend tea party with the rest of the group.

It had been a little game that Beth had suggested and so as to keep on Lizzie (and the black marks) good side, all of them had indulged the six year-old. The problem was the older girls were enjoying the silliness of the situation. They all adopted snooty accents pretending they were aristocracy and looking down on the riff-raff before them. The thing was, despite everything, it was all very funny and some of the comments were hilarious and had the boys rolling around in hysterics. It was a great game, which everyone was having fun with.

The thick padding and rustling plastic pants had all but been forgotten as laughter filled the air. It was strange because, the humiliation the older girls had wanted to instil in the boys had also taken a place on the back-burner. Although they were definitely in charge, they were enjoying the occasion as much as the boys were doing. Even their constant inspection didn’t seem to be an intrusion any more. In fact, the boys appeared to like the girls running their hands over the smooth plastic and slipping fingers inside to check. Well, that is except for Mitch who was still a little apprehensive about the entire thing.

As soon as Aaron saw his mother watching he froze. He didn’t want his parents to think he was enjoying the situation and was holding secret thoughts that perhaps, on the drive home, he could convince them to exact another, different punishment.

“Don’t stop sweetie,” she called out to her suddenly sullen looking boy. “I have to speak to Lizzie so you finish your game first.”

She smiled and waved him on as Lizzie and her broke away from the others for a chat.

Aaron looked scared. He’d been disciplined by Lizzie and he knew what that meant, he’d been told enough times.

He saw his mother look over as she spoke to Lizzie and her expression change from one of happiness to one of disappointment.


“I’m afraid Mrs Carter that to begin with Aaron didn’t settle in very well. He accrued several black marks for his attitude and swearing and I had to take action. I spanked him.”

Mrs Carter just nodded and looked over at her son.

“I have to say that after that incident he, and the rest of the boys, calmed down and although he wet at nap time, which was expected, he’s been as good as gold since.”

Lizzie finished her update with a reassuring smile but it was obvious that Aaron’s mother had other thoughts in her head.

“He calmed down once he’d been disciplined you say?”

“Yes ma’am. He was very well behaved.”

“OK, his father and I will see that he is no further trouble to you, erm, girls… er… I didn’t know others would be involved…”

“Oh yes. The Summer Camp has a few of my friends volunteering to help and it seems that the boys have reacted well to them.”

“Ohh I see.”

Lizzie wasn’t exactly lying but it also wasn’t quite the truth.

“Yes, we’re all excited about the weeks ahead.”

Julia nodded and gave her a weak smile.

“OK Aaron, time to go. Say good bye to your friends and thank the girls for looking out for you.”

Nervously he got up and made his way over to his mother. His nappy was soaked and the plastic covering bloated out. Oddly, he’d peed in his nappy the moment she had arrived and he could tell from her current expression she was not happy with him. Perhaps he wouldn’t mention a different punishment until he was home and his dad was around.

In silence they set off.

As Aaron wriggled uncertainly in his squishy nappy his mother was glad she had pinned up the timetable on the fridge and his bedroom door. She was determined that he would obey each and every bit of what was set down and, after his 7pm bath, his bottom would be that teaching pad.


Lizzie saw her mother arrive and greeted her with a hug.

“How’s it all gone sweetheart?”

Lizzie smiled.

“Not bad for a first day…”

They walked over to where the rest of the group were still playing and Sandra looked down on the array of swollen rubber pants. The three remaining boys looking in a much better mood than when she left them and marvelled at how Shilpha and Nancy had got involved.

The smiles on everyone’s face told her it was a job well executed and as she thought this, Billy ran over to give her a huge loving hug.


Dee-Dee followed and said, almost mimicking her brother.


Sandra patted both their padded, silky bottoms and kissed the top of their heads.

Mitch and Davey looked up and nervously grinned.

“Hello Mrs Southall.” They chorused.

They were obviously still a little embarrassed by their predicament but appeared to be simply getting on with making the most out of their situation. Besides that, the girls were keeping them occupied and they didn’t want to disappoint them.

Sandra nodded to her eldest. “Well you seem to have everything under control, well done sweetheart.”

Lizzie shared the secret of her success with her mother as she whispered. “All a baby really needs to be happy is a dry nappy”.

Sandra raised her eyebrows.

“Ohh, and a strict routine… just so they know there are limits.” Lizzie added.

Sandra patted her son’s and daughter’s padded bottoms once more and sent them back to play with the others.

Billy’s thick plastic pants identifying his ‘little boy’ status and even the bigger boys appeared to have accepted much of their punishment, crawling around on hands and knees wearing just their thick protection. The entire scene of grown up girls and juvenile boys playing together filled her full of pride.

She sighed in satisfaction.

She hoped it wouldn’t be too long before the girls, Lizzie’s team (she smiled at the thought), would soon be leading the small group of contrite boys on outings into town and beyond. She didn’t want them cooped up in the house and garden for the rest of the school break, that wouldn’t be fair. She also had an idea that they might not be too keen on being out and about wearing their nappies. However, the way things were going, it wouldn’t be too long before the boys realised they didn’t get a say in proceedings and conceded their eleven year-old lives were a thing of the past.

A feeling of accomplishment swept through her body.

She had been right to do what she’d done and, with the continued help of Lizzie and her friends, knew the boys were in firm but understanding hands. Nappies and plastic pants had been the solution to reining in unsocial behaviour and it didn’t hurt that they looked so innocent and sweet as a result.

She looked across at the washing line and saw Billy’s nappies and plastic pants flapping in the late afternoon breeze and couldn’t help but think it was a price that had been worth paying. She’d got her little boy back.

She didn’t get the opportunity to question for how long when her phone rang.

Edward the chemist informed her that a fresh batch of innovative protection had arrived and… wanted to meet up as he had some exciting new proposals.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 10


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A special diaper check – furrynappycub

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Auntie Joan Part 4

This story is written by Les Lea

Monday morning and I was nervous. It was to be my first day at Rainbow Rooms and, as Auntie had pointed out the day before; I would be treated just like all the other kids. I would dress the same, I would eat the same, I’d play the same and I would nap when told to. I was not going to get any special privileges except, at the end of the day, I’d be returning home with auntie.


We’d spent an awful lot of Sunday chatting and I discovered a great deal about my parents that I never knew. Like, for instance, they had met at university and both had been Math Majors, apparently, they fell for each other over a discussion on Calculous. This meant nothing to me accept auntie informed me that they married early and tried, as soon as Uni finished, having a family. Alas, they were thwarted in their efforts and ended up immersing themselves in their careers, which were both spiralling to greatness in their chosen fields.
As it turned out, dad became a government analyst, whilst mother was headhunted for her code-breaking research, so both ended up working in the same ‘state’ department in the capital. Both mom and dad stopped discussing their work with family and were often away on special assignments around the globe. Then, as an unexpected career-ender, I came on the scene. I was such a surprise that mom never even knew she was expecting until two months before I arrived.

To say I was a shock to my parents system was a bit of an understatement and although they appeared on the surface to be incredibly happy at this ‘wonderful’ event, I arrived at the wrong time in their lives. According to auntie both of them tried to be good parents but such were the demands on them and their specialised knowledge, they shoved me off for others to look after.
“Your parents were both incredibly clever,” she said this as if, in some way, she was proud of their achievements.
“Alas, I’m afraid their parenting skills had left them completely by the time you were almost out of diapers. However, they wanted what they thought was best for you, even if they couldn’t actually be there to make it happen, so… you were handed over to people they thought could bring you up better.”
I wanted to interrupt. I wanted desperately to ask why she hadn’t taken me in; I never gave it any thought that perhaps she had her own ambitions that didn’t include me.
“Education, learning, achieving… these were your father’s edicts on life in general.”

She looked a bit sorrowful at me and to be honest I was feeling more than a bit sorry for myself as she continued.
“What it was like to be a parent completely passed them by… and to be honest, from the little we could glean from their hectic lives, the government needed their abilities more and more. So, they sent you off to where they thought you’d be best educated and I presume, because of their increasingly important work, safe.”
I know auntie wasn’t trying to be unkind but I felt like I was a burden to my parents and found that upsetting. Knowing I was the problem and not my illustrious parents was not what a thirteen year-old boy can quite grasp and I was feeling very sick in my stomach at the thought. I felt hopeless, useless and I wept not knowing what or who the tears were for, my head found it hard to cope.
That Sunday was a complete and utter revelation. However, as I listened (and sobbed) at least I gained more info about my parents in those few hours than I had in the rest of my life.


She also showed me photographs of her and my Uncle Bill, who I didn’t remember at all, and the glass trophy they had won for their dancing. Apparently they had met twenty years ago just as auntie was building The Rainbow Rooms Nursery. He had been an odd-job man and there to put the finishing touches to the building; painting, plastering, doing any of the little bits of carpentry that were left. She had been entranced by his easy going and affable nature, the fact that he looked great in his overalls also had a big say in her pursuing him.
They had struck up a conversation, found they both enjoyed dancing and in what appeared to have been a whirlwind romance, were married within six-months. He continued his odd-job work, she saw her nursery flourish, which he thought was amazing as he loved children as much as his wife, and they lived happily ever after. Well not quite.
It was strange as I looked in her album and saw all the happy photos of this rather handsome man I felt I’d missed out on so much again. What would it have been like to have a family, a family who loved me, a family who was there? My eyes filled up and I began to softly weep, which set auntie off and between us we hugged each other in comfort.
However, every time auntie patted my padded bottom I knew all was now well and I was secure; the soft rustling of my plastic pants a gentle reminder of that rather basic fact.


At around 6.30am auntie had come into the nursery to wake me up for my first real Rainbow day. My night had been filled with confusing dreams of my parents, except Auntie Joan and Uncle Bill were them, my real mom and dad were just passing people who appeared to have very little to do with me… apart from wave from a distance. I know at one point I got pretty anxious and shrieked out because I noted that in the morning I was hugging a teddy bear, which hadn’t been with me at the start of the night.
It was extraordinary, after I’d screamed, although I can’t remember if it was in fear for something to do with me or terror about someone else, a voice calmed me, telling me everything was going to alright, not to worry and go back to sleep. In my dream a teddy was placed in my outstretched arms and I loved the feel of his soft fur against my skin. The effect was instant. Everything was just as the disembodied voice had said, I was snuggly and relaxed and had my teddy for security.
“How is my best little boy this morning?”

She beamed as she moved around, dropped down the rails and pulled back my duvet.
I was grinning in happiness at being called her ‘best little boy’. All this sweet talk and cheeriness was having an impact on the way I woke up; excited and in high spirits.
“I see my little boy had a fright in the night,” she felt down my diaper, “let’s get you washed and changed as you have a big new day today.”


The fact that my thick night time fabric diaper was absolutely sodden was taken for granted – no big deal because the rest of the bed was bone dry. Although when at school I had wet the bed only occasionally, since the funeral it had become a nightly thing. I was grateful for the nappy, I didn’t like waking up to a soaked bed and it made me feel better knowing I hadn’t wet anything other than myself. She popped the studs on the onesie, pulled off my plastic protection and unpinned the diaper, helped me out of bed and patted my bottom towards the bathroom.
“Everything thoroughly washed and dried,” she said ruffling my short hair and gently slapping my bum once more in fun.
I was naked and toddled off to shower myself for what promised to be the start of an exhilarating day.

Showering appeared to be the only grown up act that I was allowed to do for myself because when I returned, everything was laid out and ready for the day ahead. Auntie inspected that I was dry and wiped any areas that I’d missed. She oiled and lotioned my entire body making sure that no rash or roughness had appeared on my delicate, newly exfoliated skin.
Once again my penis began to get engorged but auntie quickly powdered and applied a very thick soaker pad to my fresh clean disposable and taped it into place. This made access to my genitals almost impossible so I wouldn’t be seeking relief anytime soon. This time the diaper was covered in a pair of white rubber pants that gripped the top of my legs and waist tightly but added a slick, shiny look to my outfit. I had loved the nursery print pants I’d worn previously, and when we were alone I hoped to do so again, but I was glad that auntie had gone with a more neutral, if bulkier, look for my first day.

She’d found a loose fitting blue and green striped t-shirt from one of my unopened crates in the other bedroom and a pair of elasticated shorts, which hung loosely around my hips, from somewhere else. They didn’t hide my protection but at least they didn’t emphasise it either. I slipped into a pair of blue trainers to complete the first day in my ‘Rainbow Rooms Nursery Collection’.


I knew that Rainbow operated from 7.30am to 4.00pm and as it was now 7.35 realised that she was letting a few more of the usual kids get there first before I was introduced to them all. She had called Julie, her No. 2, the day before to explain that I’d be attending and that we’d be in about 8am. She also told her my age but said that owing to the tragedy that had recently befallen me, I was really not able to deal with any situation a boy my age would normally be expected to be able to cope with. This gave her the perfect excuse to introduce me to the other children as someone who was just like them, the staff already being pre-informed of my ‘problem’.
As I finished my breakfast cereal auntie was on the phone making arrangements for later that day.
“Hello Gordon.”
She listened for the reply.
“Yes it is… pause… Yes I’m back… pause… I have some jobs for you and Colin if you are available?”
She walked through to the den to finish her call and I could no longer hear what was being said.
However, I’d found a new thing to occupy myself with; my slippery bottom and loose fitting shorts made an ideal padded, rustling sound as I slid against the chair. It felt funny, and sounded funny, and I was really quite absorbed in the strange sensations it created as I wriggled more and more in my seat. I was enjoying the completely silly experience of being silly and making a noise just because I found it entertaining. I didn’t realise that auntie had finished her call and was smiling as I bounced around making strange noises thanks to my padded bottom, rubber pants and slippery chair.


As we walked the short distance from the house to the nursery (auntie had told me she liked that term better than kindergarten or crèche) I was nervous. Nervous of being out where people could see me dressed as I was, happy that I was dressed as I was, loving the warm morning air as it swirled around my bare legs and incredibly happy that I was holding auntie’s hand as she led me into the reception area of her business.

All the small faces looked up for a few seconds and then got back to whatever they were doing. Obviously, seeing a taller toddler around the place was nothing new but the staff was quick to welcome me and feel part of the session.

Auntie had advised me to take my time to get involved. She pointed out that as a thirteen year-old my language skills were way ahead of the toddlers so, to listen and get their speech patterns, listen to how they describe or ask for things and then do things at their level, otherwise she said laughing, “They’ll think you’re just another member of staff.”
As usual, auntie made sense and I watched for a while. All the staff were engrossed with the children; there were four under 12 months, babies really, but the rest were from two and a half up to five years old.

It was fascinating watching what they did and how they went about it but Molly and William came and grabbed me and wanted to play – they were sort of the toddler welcoming committee.


I got down on all-fours and followed them to a play area which had huge cubes and shapes made out of colourful plastic backed foam. We set about creating a building of some description (and to Molly’s design) and had a great deal of fun watching the towers we built fall on top of us. There was a lot of laughter and squealing with delight involved.
My shorts rode up over the glossy white cushioned diaper so it could be clearly seen by anyone who might be interested I was just as padded as some of the other kids. Actually, there were about half who looked protected and others who’d made the grade to potty training, so wore normal underwear. However, Molly and William and a couple more of their friends were definitely like me because at one point I had two of them sitting on my tummy, another balancing on my knees and Molly’s little padded bottom wriggling on my head.
I’m not sure how to describe the sensation of having a plastic clad, damp and diapered little bum rubbing itself, with not a care in the world, into your face but it was quite overwhelming. The other diapered kids were equally unrestrained as they bound around and bounced up and down on my own well-protected and padded groin.
Occasionally one of the staff might ask if one of the boy’s or girl’s particularly droopy nappy (that’s my English education coming out again – ‘nappy’?) might need changing and if so, they were whisked over to the diaper station and quickly attended to.


Well into the morning and I was having fun. We stopped and sat around in a circle having milk and cookies whilst one of the interns, a pretty girl of about seventeen, read us all a story. Some of the kids drank their milk from Sippy cups or a baby’s bottle; although some were more than keen to show off they were grown up and didn’t need such childish things. I was given a Sippy cup like Molly and William for my milk and I couldn’t have been happier. The cookies were sweet, crumbly and definitely yummy.
My nappy was damp but I didn’t know if it was from sweating with all the running about or, if in my excitement, I’d let loose a flow. However, when a hand pulled at my shorts and felt down the front, I was led off by one of the main staff to be changed. I wondered if auntie would come and sort me out but it was left to the hand-owner to strip me down, wipe me clean, spread some cream around, powder and eventually slip me into a fresh clean disposable then back into my white rubber pants.
She then smiled, patted my dry padded bottom and said I could go back to play with my friends.


It was amazing! I wasn’t treated any differently to the other diaper wearing pre-schoolers. I was worried that my ‘emotions’ would mean I’d have a difficult time containing my excitement and that my de-pubed genitals might react. However, they were ignored, pushed to one side and the job of making sure I was sanitary and tidy was the obvious priority… it was almost as if I didn’t have a penis at all.

When diapered, and the bulge in my shorts seemed to accentuate my groin, I loved the fact that it didn’t allow access. Despite the fact that all this protection had become a major influence on my moment to moment existence, the potty was definitely out of the question and all my instinctive actions were that I could and should use my nappy. The urges that normally lingered ‘down below’, were of little to no importance.


Screaming in delight as we ran around the garden (I on all fours), flitting from one shaded area to the next, all of us in bare feet enjoying the tickle of grass between our toes, we spoke in very childish terms. They asked how old I was but I said I didn’t know though hoped I was the same age as them as they were my new friends. They liked that answer because both William and Thomas cuddled me. These little padded kiddies, with no ulterior motive, hugged and patted me as if I was a new found pet and that was simply wonderful. I felt accepted, so when Molly, Elizabeth and Corey, with whom I’d also been playing did the same… I was in my element.
Most of the nappy wearers smelled slightly of pee and poo and I wondered how long before I did… or did I already?


After lunch, ‘quiet time’ was announced so we all toddled to a little mat and lay out. It was too hot to need a blanket but I thought no one would be able to fall asleep after such an exciting morning. I was wrong. Not only did the blinds at the windows make the room nice and dark, there was a lilting piece of atmospheric music gently playing in the background, which appeared to push all other thoughts from the mind and let you quickly settle down. To my complete surprise I woke up with all the others about 45 minutes later. My other surprise, I was completely soaked and joined the queue to be changed. This time it was one of the interns, a nice, softly spoken Irish girl called Gwen who had the honour of cleaning me up.
She, like the rest of the staff, was quick and efficient and I was soon back, lying on my tummy crayoning with a few other kids. Normally I’m reasonably OK with art projects but on this occasion I let Molly and another quietly spoken and nervous-looking girl called Beatrice help me choose each colour I should use. Beatrice was wearing a cute little tutu style dress with her thick padding in matching pink plastic heavily on show. She decided to sit on my padded bottom to watch what I did and make noises of approval; well I hoped that’s what they were. Eventually she got up and wondered round to my head and I could see her diaper was hanging even more heavily than before and she had more than a faint odour of poo. Two seconds later and Doreen, one of the main staff, saw he sagging diaper and whisked her off with a smile and jolly words about being a lovely princess who should meet the ‘diaper fairy’.


Four pm came around far too quickly. Parents started to arrive and collect their offspring and there was a lot of chatting and discussion about… well… what do parents talk about? For once, I wasn’t really all that interested. It could have been about the cost of living, some political furore or me, I just did not care. I’d spent the best part of the day in nothing but play and I felt brilliant. I was only saddened that it had come to an end so soon but that feeling of despair soon was turned into one of elation as I realised that I’d be doing it all over again the following day. Being a tot was certainly a lot of highs and lows in pretty quick succession but I loved it.

I’d played, made new friends, been changed, made more new friends, screamed, squealed, charged around, napped, ate and wet myself and I wanted more of it all. As a thirteen (almost fourteen) year-old this was absolutely the most fun I’d ever had and it topped my computer games as a way of entertainment, like a million to one.
Other than at the start of the morning I hadn’t seen much of auntie. I suppose she was busy organising, arranging and doing what principals do but I know she kept an eye on everything that was happening. When a little later, after all the other kids had been picked up and she offered me her hand saying, “Let’s go”, I felt like I’d just had the best day of my life and I couldn’t stop squeezing her hand and thanking her for giving me so much.


Once we arrived back at 46 Glendew Lane I could see a young man just packing up a truck, it had GorCol Services written on the side and in script underneath, No job too small.
“Good afternoon Mrs Marsden, hope your day was fine?”
“Yes, thank you Gordon, hope all the little jobs weren’t too much for you and Colin?” She asked with a smile.
“No ma-am, we can come back tomorrow to give it all another coat of paint… if that’s OK with you… meanwhile, I think Colin is just finishing off upstairs. He’ll be down in a minute.”
“Fantastic, you boys certainly work hard… and fast, tomorrow will be fine but…” and she pushed me forward to meet this tall, blond-haired twenty something man, “this is Dean my nephew, and the reason for all the changes, he’ll be living here from now on.”
He reached out his large firm hand.

“Pleased to meet you Dean, your aunt is a fine lady…”
Whilst holding on to my rather juvenile handshake he looked me up and down, obviously taking in my bulky diaper and childish clothes. For the first time that day I felt uneasy under his gaze and wanted to hide just what I was wearing.
“…seems like you’ll fit in just fine around here.”
The smile was one of shear friendliness and my initial reserves disappeared as an equally good-looking young man joined him in his greeting.
Gordon introduced him.
“Dean, this is my brother Colin.”

He also shook my hand and nodded an acknowledgement but I could see he was as reticent as I was on this first meeting.
They climbed into the cab of their truck and, waving to us both, said they would be back in the morning to finish things off.
“Come inside,” auntie said, “I’ll tell you who they are over some food … you must be famished… you’ve never stopped all day.


“Gordon and Colin Hudson were two boys your Uncle Bill took under his wing when they were kids.”
I munched down on the pie auntie had supplied, fresh from the oven, together with mashed potatoes and veg. I don’t know how she knew it but had also made thick onion gravy, which I got a taste for back in the UK. I was half expecting to be eating baby food but this was wonderful and in between mouthfuls, she continued with whom these men were and what they did.
“They were just ten and eleven year-old, Gordon being the eldest, when they came to Bill’s attention as a couple of hooligans. Their parents had split up, dad was a drunk and they were left to fend for themselves.”

I continued tucking into my meal as she smiled at the memory.
“Somewhere in the course of their loutish behaviour they smashed down some doors at a property where Bill was working but he caught them.”
She could tell I was engrossed.

“He gave them the option of him calling the police, after which they would no doubt be spending time in a kid’s detention home, where they might possibly be split up, or they could help him repair the damage they’d done. Colin, the youngest started to cry at the very thought of not having his brother around so they reluctantly agreed to help.”
She looked at me as if revealing a huge secret.
“Bill discovered, that even at that young age, they had incredible carpentry skills. They fixed the damage and continued to help Bill on a few of his projects. Colin had problems when alone but as long as his brother was around he’d be fine. So, we ended up occasionally giving them refuge if their father was on one of his benders but all-in-all encouraged them to develop their talents.”
She went into slightly more detail but was smiling all the way through remembering the impact that Bill had on all their lives. How easy going, non-judgemental and positive he was. Gordon and Colin were his legacy.

“They have become one of the most reliable little firms in the area, and, are my number one guys to go to if I ever need anything doing.”
I was smiling because she was smiling but it did make me wish that I’d known Uncle Bill, he seemed a genuinely nice guy.
I wriggled in my damp diaper as she finished what she was saying and I swallowed the last piece of pie. I knew I was wet but seemed to just let it flow at the table without even thinking about it. I wasn’t sure if I should feel guilty or not but, well, it happened.
She looked over at me as I thanked her for the lovely meal and put her head to one side.
“Sweetie… are you messy… or just wet?”
It was as if I had no secrets or maybe the pleasure of a soaked diaper was just so apparent. However I nodded.
“Just, er, a little, erm, wet.”
So auntie held out her hand and led me upstairs.


My bedroom door was closed and had a sign that proclaimed WET PAINT. Meanwhile, the nursery door was open and I noticed there’d been a few changes in there as well.
“I’ve had the crib taken into my room.” Auntie confirmed. “Meanwhile, as you can see the bed you’ve been sleeping in has been moved over… I’m not sure it is all that comfortable for you as you are growing all the time…”

“No it’s perfect. I really like it.” I interrupted suddenly panicking in case I was going to be forced into the other room now.
“As you can see, I’ve had another bed installed, with your choice of covers and the fleece you wanted, which I hope will be slightly more comfortable for you.”
The room looked terrific. The dresser had been made higher, the shelves of all the diapers and stuff were also raised. Everything looked tidier and the two beds looked fit for a couple of sweet toddlers to have a great night’s sleep in. There was even a rubber mat with play areas and characters marked out all over it, any kid would enjoy. It looked ideal for where a toddler, or someone like me, could have a really good time. At the side of that was a huge box with the word TOYS stencilled across it and hanging off the rails above the diaper station were a selection of colourful plastic and rubber pants. I checked in the closet and a whole new bunch of onesies, sleep suits and toddler clothes were all hanging ready for… me.
“Ohh auntie.” I cried “It looks wonderful.”
I hugged her and she hugged me back.

“This is now your room, although, should you have a sleepover, or I have to babysit, you will be sharing this with any guest… understand?”
I nodded enthusiastically taking in the simple wonders that auntie had produced, well, Gordon and Colin I presumed had produced. The entire nursery just felt even more special and I could feel myself shaking in happiness that I had somewhere like this.
“What’s happening in the other room?” I innocently asked.

“Well, this is something we have to think about. You see, eventually you will have to go to school.”
I could feel the tears building desperately not wanting that to happen after my first day at Rainbow.
“Dean, I have to face facts. At some point the Education Department is going to start asking questions about why you’re not in school. Don’t worry, I shall keep them wondering for as long as I can but, it is inevitable that it will happen.”

My eyes misted over thinking about all I currently had, gone.

She took me by the shoulders so I was facing her as she explained further.
“This other room is going to be for a boy of your real age; your clothes, computer, everything that a boy your age needs will be there as you grow. There will be times when you are at the next stage in your education that you won’t want to be a toddler, you’ll want to be a teenager, you’ll want other things and they’ll become important to you.”
I didn’t want responsibilities but I knew that, unfortunately, as always, auntie was probably correct.
I’d just gotten used to my diaper and all the other stuff that made me feel, well, protected and like a child again. I’d loved these feelings of unabashed childishness – the liberty to act like a little kid and love every minute of it. To discover such simple and basic pleasures of having no stress because others took charge and made the decisions. My entire body left to enjoy the fun of play and not have to compete or meet anybody else’s expectations.
As I sadly thought all this I felt the slow, warming at the front of my diaper.

This story is written by Les Lea

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