Diaper package

The Nurse’s office

The Nurse's officePoor little BandaidRoo was sent to the Nurse’s office again with another soaking wet diaper. It’s a good thing it’s always stocked with all different sizes.

Order by BandaidRoo

Draw and above text by Wen

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32128279/

Awww but it sure is a good thing that the school nurse seems to be well prepared when it comes to diaper in all kind of sizes. Looks like BandaidRoo is not the only one wearing diapers in this school.

So i bet the nurse is a expert in diaper changing routines :)

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Taking a Whiff

Taking a WhiffWell, they do smell good, at least when they’re fresh out of the package.

The drawing and above text belongs to ominousfurry210

Draw by Dracky

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31756079/

Someone sure is in love whit his diaper here :) It pretty hard to miss and i am not talking about the diaper sniffing. Someones Pee Pee sure seems to be excited inside that diaper.

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Tranquility TopLiner Contour Booster Pad (XL-6XL) – ABDLFactory

Tranquility TopLiner Contour Booster Pad (XL-6XL)

Tranquility Topliner™ Super Booster Pads can be used in combination with a disposable diapers. The Topliner™ Booster Pad has a moisture-permeable design and adhesive strip to hold the liner in place exactly. The incontinence pad will absorb until it reaches its maximum capacity and allow any additional liquid into the disposable underwear below.

The Topliner ™ Booster Pads can absorb approximately 813ml (27,5 oz.).

Dimensions are as follows: 81.3 x 35.5cm (32″ x 14″)

Content pack: 12 boosters

The price for one package of booster is €9.95 and they can be order here.

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Bambino Cloudee – ABDLFactory

The Cloudee diaper is built on the Bellissimo chassis which means incredible absorbency and comfort. This paired with a fantasy, dreamlike landscape of unicorns, smiling moons, balloons and more will surely reserve a space for itself in your diaper stash!


Bambinos first ever full color diaper!

Thick, soft and comfortable

Bellissimo absorbency

Front and back stretch waistband

Strong and wide refastenable tape tabs


M = 81-101.5 cm (32-40 inch) €20.95

L =  96.5-127 cm (38-50 inch) €21.95

XL= 101-147 cm  (40-58 inch) €22.95

You can place your order on the diaper here.


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Shopping Trip

Shopping TripJust picking new clothes…

A gift for legandaryhon from yurika400

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31564829/

Looks to me more that they are picking up some more diapers then cloths. Looks like this otter have allot of more diaper wearing days to looking forward to. But from the look of it its going to be allot of blushing and humiliations.

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Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.6

Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.6Wile E decides to try and escape via window by means of a makeshift slingshot created out of diapers. After prepping one side to the doorknob and the other side to the crib, the small genius backs up on his slingshot to ready his launch. However, both sides of the slingshot snap off leaving the poor coyote covered in padding and failure.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros.

Order by YoshiokaidaMasayoshi.

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31093080/

Poor Wile E looks like his master escape plan did not work :( Diapers sure is not design to work as a slingshot :(

I Sure wounder what his new mother is going to say when she found out what he has been up to? I dont think she is going to be so happy about that he has try to escape from the nursery. Maybe she is going to give him a spanking?

Maybe we are going to find that out on the next page on this comic.

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THINGS WONT CHANGEOrder by ashurah

Draw by LilChu

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30865698/

Poor boy looks like someone still have some trouble accepting things that is related to diaper change :(

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They’re not for me

They’re not for meNo matter where you buy your diapers, there will always be that one b#tch with the look. lol :D

Oh yes and us bunnies require special diapers designed for bunnies. For anatomical reasons the hole for the tail is smaller and the absorbent core is positioned lower down with regard to the generally smaller willie size.

Draw and everything by Skelbely

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30756153/

Yes buying diapers in the supermarket sure can be one blushing situation here.

I dont think the girl in the counter believe him when he say that they are for someone else.

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