Diaper masturbation

Ultra Soak Page 4

Ultra Soak Page 4The dragon belongs to GibsonScratch

Draw by Blankie

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31365144

Looks like someones pee pee decided to come outside of Starbucks diaper. He sure have made a little bit of mess now. But it sure seems like have have had a fun time :)

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Ultra Soak Page 3

Ultra Soak Page 3The diaper playing dragon belongs to GibsonScratch

Draw by Blankie

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31365128/

Looks like Starbuck decided to do something more in his diaper then wetting it :)

It sure is kind of a nice feeling to play around whit a squishy diaper and masturbate whit help of it :)

It sure looks like something going to happen pretty soon :)

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ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg5

ABDL Comic: Raising Cubs Pg5

Order by Cushypen

Draw by carnival-tricks

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31195139/

Giggle looks like someone starting to get use to the diaper and start to playing whit himself :)

He sure have one good and terrible moment at the same time. And his penis sure seems to have starting to get a little exited and make a little diaper mountain on his diaper front.

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Diaperfur Comic: Ultra Soak Page 2

Diaperfur Comic: Ultra Soak Page 2

The diaper playing dragon belongs to GibsonScratch

Draw by Blankie

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30428007/

It sure seems like someone have some really fun and relaxing playtime whit his squishy diaper. And i can sure understand what a nice and wonderful time he have now.

I bet all off you out there know exactly how nice it is to be playing around whit a squishy diaper like this one. It sure is one awesome and amazing felling :)

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Subliminal Baby Part 6

This story is written by Elfy

“I’m telling you it’s fine!” Linda repeated herself for what seemed like the hundredth time.

Both Linda and Ritchie were sat on the edge of Ritchie’s bed. Ritchie was really hesitant to allow Linda to go any further, she had tried to remove Ritchie’s trousers but he had stopped her, he didn’t want to show Linda what he was wearing.

It was torture for Ritchie. He had been very excited in his diaper for quite a while but he was struggling to allow Linda to see or feel the diaper underneath. He was so ashamed that even though he knew that she knew about the diaper it was still very difficult to let her see it, especially when it was wet like it was.

“I’m sorry Linda. It’s jus-” Ritchie was cut off.

Linda suddenly leaned in and planted a kiss on Ritchie’s lips. Her tongue gently flicked inside Ritchie’s mouth and Ritchie felt his defences crumbling. He felt Linda’s hands move to his trousers and slowly pulling the zip down. He moaned slightly but for once didn’t resist the amorous advances of his girlfriend.

Whilst still kissing, Linda stuck her hand into the now loose trousers and felt the smooth plastic front of the large diaper that her boyfriend was wearing. She was fascinated by how it felt and she could certainly tell that Ritchie was very wet. She could also tell he was very erect as she could feel the front tenting out. She stopped the kiss and smiled as she rubbed the front of the smooth plastic which turned Ritchie’s reluctant moans into more erotic groans.

Ritchie laid back on the bed as his girlfriend’s hand explored the front of the diaper. He stretched out and closed his eyes as he felt his very sensitive tool being stimulated through the plastic. It actually felt incredible and Ritchie had to be careful not to get carried away.

Linda pulled off Ritchie’s trousers now leaving him naked from the waist down except for the thick diaper. Ritchie was straining against the padding so much he thought the diaper was going to split.

Linda continued to rub the diaper whilst whispering sweet nothings into her boyfriend’s ears. She could see Ritchie was finding the rubbing to be extremely erotic and she slowly teased him, at the same time she was shocked by just how heavy and wet the diaper actually was. Clearly Ritchie hadn’t been lying about his total lack of control.

Ritchie was lost in a world of pleasure. With his eyes closed he started picturing erotic images in his mind. He thought about Linda removing his diaper, he thought about Linda taking her top off, he thought about his wet diaper hugging his crotch, he remembered filling his diaper in the car…

Ritchie’s eyes shot open as his thoughts filled with diaper imagery and he was pulled out of the moment completely.

“What’s wrong?” Linda asked confused.

“Nothing… Nothing.” Ritchie repeated distracted by the unwanted imagery still in his brain, “Could we take the diaper off?”

“Of course!” Linda said excitedly.

Linda pulled on the tapes and as they came free the front of the diaper slipped down and revealed Ritchie’s fully hard dick. Linda took some wipes from the side table and gave it a quick wipe before throwing the wipes to the side and taking Ritchie in her hands.

She frowned slightly that he had shrunk a bit from what she had felt in the diaper but put it down to the slowdown in stimulation. Wanting to give Ritchie a big lift in spirits she guided her mouth down to Ritchie’s manhood. After a few moments of teasing she opened wide and engulfed Ritchie’s tool with the warm and wet confines of her mouth.

For about half a minute or so everything seemed normal. Ritchie was making all the right noises and reacting to the stimulation as expected but it seemed like something was a little wrong.

Ritchie had closed his eyes again and was thinking about erotic images again. He went through his usual fantasies and could feel himself getting close to his breaking point. Suddenly the images in his mind switched from Linda and her sexy body to diapers again. He pictured his wet diapers as they were removed by Stephen and his mom, he pictured that thickness between his legs. In his mind he knew he needed to be back in his diaper, he craved the diaper even.

“Erm, Ritchie?” Linda suddenly said as she lifted her head up from Ritchie’s crotch.

Linda had been giving her best effort to pleasure her boyfriend but despite her best efforts, and after some positive signs she found her boyfriend’s dick had shrunk right back down to a fully flaccid state.

Ritchie looked up and blushed red when he realised he had lost his hardness whilst being pleasured. He thought he knew exactly why as well but even suggesting it to his girlfriend was a humiliation for him.

“Sorry, I…” Ritchie paused as his face went red, “Could we put the diaper back on?”

“What?” Linda asked confused, “Don’t you want…”

“I do!” Ritchie cut Linda off, “I think the diaper would help…”

Linda looked very confused and was a little hurt that Ritchie had gone soft like he had but she backed up a little bit and lifted the front of the diaper that was still underneath Ritchie. Almost as soon as the wet padding encased Ritchie’s crotch she could see him getting excited again.

Ritchie let out a moan as he felt his thickening penis rubbing against the soft padding again. Linda was very confused at what was going on but she saw her boyfriend’s eyes close in ecstasy again as she touched the front of the diaper.

Pressing her hand more firmly on the front of the diaper had Ritchie moaning much more loudly and he almost immediately started bucking his hips.

Ritchie had rarely felt such pleasure as that moment and Linda’s rubbing of the front of his diaper was quickly pushing him to the edge of no return.

“Oh, mommy… Mommy.” Ritchie moaned mindlessly as Linda rubbed him through the soaked padding.

Linda was a little alarmed but kept rubbing as Ritchie continued to moan. Soon Ritchie was humping her hand as he desperately searched for more and more stimulation.

“It’s OK, baby.” Linda said. She wasn’t sure why she said it, it just seemed like the right thing to say.

“Mommy… Mommy… I’m gonna…” Ritchie felt into breathless silence as he thrust himself into Linda’s hand even harder.

Finally, it became too much for Ritchie and with a loud moan he finally started spurting into the warm confines of his diaper. He shook as he unloaded himself completely in one of the most powerful orgasms he could remember ever having.

As he slowly lowered his butt on to the bed he felt Linda’s hand still on the front of his diaper. He sighed deeply and without any warning he felt his bladder begin emptying again. He didn’t feel troubled by it, he didn’t care, he was just so content.

Linda on the other hand felt her confusion only increase and she pulled her other hand to her mouth as she felt the diaper suddenly warming. The splashing urine began to soak the already wet diaper as Ritchie laid there with a serene smile on his face. Linda was shocked at what she was seeing as her once strong boyfriend freely wet himself. She even gasped as she watched Ritchie raise his hand to his mouth and begin sucking his thumb.

Ritchie didn’t seem to be thinking for a minute or so, he seemed to be on total auto-pilot.

Despite not understanding what was happening, Linda felt motherly instincts taking over. For the first time it really hit her that her boyfriend was really regressing and that he would really need her. Perhaps if she helped out, showed him her unconditional love, perhaps it would help Ritchie recover quicker.

Ritchie didn’t feel any younger than when they had started having fun. As he started coming down from his post-orgasm high he started feeling increasingly embarrassed about what had happened. It was as if instincts took over and in the heat of passion he had said and done whatever came to his mind. He slowly pulled his thumb out of his mouth and looked at Linda’s clearly confused but caring face. He started tearing up as he realised he had just soaked his diaper with Linda right there.

“Oh, baby, it’s OK.” Linda said soothingly, “Let me change you into a nice and clean diaper.”

Ritchie wanted to stop her, wanted to tell her he was an adult and didn’t need her to do that but he remembered his complete failure to change himself earlier. He felt the tears start falling down his cheeks as he began to sob, he didn’t want to cry like a baby but he couldn’t stop himself. He just wanted Linda to change him and to be held by someone.

Linda quickly bent down next to the bed and pulled one of the thick white diapers out of the packet next to the bedside table.

“It’s OK, Ritchie. I’m here and you have nothing to worry about.” Linda cooed as she began to pull the tapes off of Ritchie’s used diaper. She was still in a bit of an emotional state herself as she came to terms with the sudden change of her relationship.

Ritchie did calm down a bit but the quiet sobbing continued. He didn’t try to help his girlfriend and resisted the increasingly strong urge he felt to put his thumb back in his mouth.

Linda pulled out the used diaper and noticed the padding around the front had fallen apart, her rubbing earlier had caused the padding to clump together and fall apart. She wiped Ritchie clean and balled the diaper up ready for disposal.

Ritchie watched as Linda unfolded a new diaper. He was watching the process and was trying to remember it for later but as soon as he looked away, even if for a second, it was like everything he had seen was immediately lost from his mind.

“It’s lucky I’ve done a lot of babysitting!” Linda said with a rather forced smile as she placed the new diaper underneath Ritchie and taped it up.

Ritchie didn’t respond, he was just happy to be clean and dry. He had to accept that if what the doctor suggested was really happening that this was something he would have to get used to. He tried to relax and treat this like any other normal activity but it wasn’t easy and he was constantly reminded by the sights and sounds that he was having his baby pants changed.

An awkward silence fell in the room as Ritchie didn’t move at the end of the diapering, he was still mortified by everything that was happening. Linda had started to feel just as awkward, she had no idea how to act in such an unusual situation.

The sound of the front door opening and closing broke the silence and both Linda and Ritchie looked towards the bedroom door way.

“I’ll go.” Linda quickly said as she hurried to the room’s exit before adding vaguely, “I’ll call you…”

It was a very hurried exit, Ritchie thought. He worried that she wasn’t going to come back but since he was becoming such a burden to his family, perhaps it wasn’t surprising if Linda wanted to get away.

Ritchie sat up on the bed and felt his head spinning slightly, maybe because he had been lying down, maybe because of the orgasm. A small voice in the back of his head wondered if it was the regression getting worse, he knew it didn’t normally affect him physically apart from his motor functions but he was at a point where every little symptom or pain made him worry.

The footsteps down the stairs were swift as Linda left. They were replaced by two slower pairs of footsteps that made their way up the stairs. Ritchie heard them walk down the hallway and all the way to Ritchie’s door. There was a soft knock followed by Karen and Steven walking into the room.

Ritchie didn’t even try to cover up. He sat on his bed with his diaper showing, if anything he was proud to show off a dry diaper even if it was only dry because it had just been changed. He sat on his bed and just looked up at the two entrants, he was very happy to see his mommy, even Steven was good to see.

“Hello Ritchie.” Karen said softly. She had a small smile on her face and crouched over slightly, she looked for all the world like a mother talking to a toddler.

“Hewwo…” Ritchie replied slowly. He realised he had lisped slightly as he spoke but that was becoming a regular occurrence at this point. He went a little red but otherwise remained unmoved.

Steven and Karen looked at each other, they both heard the infantile speech impediment. Steven raised his eyebrows and pursed his lips slightly.

“Steven and me just got back from the psychologist’s office.” Karen said, “We were talking about you an-”

“You took Steven!?” Ritchie blushed as he realised that his brother, someone whom he had made fun of for so long was so involved in his most embarrassing situation, “Why not take me?”

“Well, yes I took Steven…” Karen said slowly, “I can’t do all this alone. I used to have you to help me around the house but obviously, with recent events in mind… Well, you just can’t be the man of the house like you used to be. I don’t want to burden you with any adult things now.”

Steven was thrilled about everything that was happening. That morning, his mother had come into his room and asked for him to accompany her on this trip to the psychiatrist and Steven had been only too happy to comply.

“I can be the man of the house!” Ritchie half-shouted in annoyance. In his heart he knew that he couldn’t but he wasn’t ready to give up control. He could see Steven’s face very briefly twist into a smile before going back to normal. This wasn’t fair!

“The psychiatrist…” Karen continued ignoring Ritchie’s interjection, “Agreed with the doctor. He thinks this is something that needs to run its course.”

Ritchie put his head in his hands. He just wasn’t ready for what he knew was coming.

“He suggested we… Well, he suggested that we encourage the regression.” Karen explained, “He thinks it might help you get through this quicker.”

“What do you mean?” Ritchie asked as he lifted his head up.

“We are going to help you. Me and your brother are going to treat you just like a toddler. Honestly, not much will change.” Karen said as if her last sentence was any relief to her oldest son, “We have ordered some equipment that will help things along.”

“Equipment?” Ritchie asked with trepidation.

“A changing table, maybe some toys… A crib.” Karen said softly, “Things that will help you regress and hopefully recover quickly.”

“A crib!” Ritchie jumped to his feet in shock. His crinkling underwear rustled as a loud reminder of his status.

“Honey, please…” Karen started.

“I don’t need a crib!” Ritchie jumped up and down on the spot in frustration, “I’M NOT A BABY!”

As he stopped jumping he suddenly felt a warm and wet feeling spreading throughout his crotch. He looked down slowly in shock. He had only just wet himself, how could it be happening again!

“Oh, baby, it’s OK.” Karen said as she stepped forward to her son. She walked forward and wrapped her son in a hug as he started to sob softly.

Steven, who had remained silent and had been keeping himself from getting too happy, also walked forwards. He stood to the side of his brother and placed his hand on his older brother’s butt. He felt the warmth spread slowly as his brother finished wetting himself. A small smile appeared on his face as he realised he would have to make one final change to make sure that this regression would never be recovered from.

This story is written by Elfy

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

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Love wet and soggy diaper – myincontinentdiaperlife


Someone sure seems to have grow a a love for his diaper :)

Yes it sure is kind of nice to be playing whit a squishy soggy diaper. It sure feels kind of amazing and awesome to do :)

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Boys just wanna have fun

Boys just wanna have fun

Bluescales and Dromeda are just having some good ol’ fun! In soggy pamps :>

Characters: Bluescales and Dromed

Draw and above text by Dracky

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30369748/

Yes they sure seems to have some special fun here and release some dragon cum into there thick wet diapers. And i bet them both have a fun time right now :) It sure seems like it.


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Lysis Daydreaming

Lysis Daydreaming

I wonder who he’s thinking of?

Draw and everything by Blankie

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30051595/

Someone sure decided to have a nice and special diaper time here playing whit himself trough the diaper.

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