Diaper girl

Nowi Lily Fwo – Lax Experiment

Nowi Lily Fwo - Lax Experiment

Featuring OverFlo207 NowiGreen (DA) and Flandrescarlet500 (DA)

The theme being the downside of age-regression, the main downside being the inevitable moment when you gotta unload in your pamps…
And if you don’t wanna mess like a good bab, well… >:3
Drink your bottle, we promise theres no laxatives in it, heehee… mischievous Lily loves her students messy.

Draw and other stuff by OverFlo207

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32857422/

Giggles sure laxatives helps allot if someone don’t want to make a mess in there diaper.

Looks like someone finely ended up being a good girl and made a big mess in here diaper. And i bet its going to happen a couple of more times before she is finish.


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Paige in a Pen

Paige in a PenDraw for DirtyBooks by AD-SD-ChibiGirl

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32200635/

I bet someone looking forward to a diaper change here. Here diaper sure seems to be pretty heavy and well used.

But i hope that she ended up having a fun time in the playpen :)


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Diaper Crane 2

Diaper Crane 2This time, our poor stinky girl is locked, compressed and sealed in a diaper cube, or a stinky marshmallow, as I would prefer to call it….stuck within it for 18 hours.

Reward for Anonymous

Draw and above text by OverFlo207

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31309275/

Someone sure seems to have ended up in a pretty stinky place here inside this diaper pail that is loaded whit a couple of stinky messy and soggy diapers. Most feel kind of nasty and gross to be so close to them :(

But how is she going to be able to escape this nasty situation?

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Sophie Siesta

Looks like it is time for someone to have here diaper change. It sure seems to be pretty well used. But one thing that get me thinking when i watch this video is the diaper on right?

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Roger Rabbit – “Trail Mix-Up”

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Messy curse

messy curseOrder by ? furrychrome

Draw by WeirdoLibido ??

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30967579/

This two girls sure seems to have ended up whit one weary bad messy curse. Look how messy and well use there diapers are.

They really seems to be stinking up the place right now and someone needs to come and change them. But who?

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Morning diaper – LilRyga

Someone sure seems to have ended up whit a pretty well use diaper here. I wounder if the diaper have end up leaking yet? It sure looks like it is close to start leaking.

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Pan – Hypno Babble

Pan - Hypno BabbleOh dear, Pan has been hypnotized, and seems to have made a big stinky mess of things. >/////n///< Hope she knows how much of a naughty girl she is… though I think she’d rather just drink her bottle and sit the next few battles out….at least until someone changes her.

Reward for diaperedduskie

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Draw and above text by OverFlo207

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30877486/

Yes someone sure needs to find that girl and help here get in some new and clean diaper. The one she is wearing now sure seems to be pretty well use and needs to be changed before it starting to leak. I sure think something like that is going to happen very soon if she not get a clean dry diaper.

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