Diaper flooding

My 18th Birthday Part 8

This story is written by Les Lea

I was still only wearing the disposable and popper rubber pants that Dada Peak had put me in as I wondered down to the kitchen. As usual, Gwyneth was typing away at her laptop with a huge mug of coffee not far from her grasp. My bowl was set out with a choice of cereal boxes arranged for my selection. The biggest surprise was that I was dry, I hadn’t woken up dry for what seemed like ages but, well, wonders will never cease.

“Morning sweetie,” She said with a smile in her voice but without really looking up from the screen, “What would you like for breakfast?”

“Morning, er, it’s OK I’ll just have some of these,” I replied as I emptied some Crunchy Nuts into my animal bowl.

“Did you have a good time at Pauly’s… I bet you had a great time…?”

I swallowed a huge mouthful and made an enthusiastic “Mmmming” sound that I hoped indicated it had been fun.

She looked up then and said “Well, you can tell me all about it and then I’ll tell you all my news.” She smiled and then added, as if it was an afterthought, “Oh… and we need to go into town today to see Mr Benson.”

I nodded but wondered why we had to go and see the family lawyer but, as it would not really concern me (nothing to do with Mr Benson ever did), I assumed dad or mom must need some legal document or advice.


I was quite animated as I told Gwyneth about my day. About the fabulous home that was like an adventure playground. Every toy, every plushie, every, well everything a boy could possibly want, he had and we had a great time playing together. I had been a bit disappointed that there had been no ‘others’ there but because we had loads to play with, and Dada Peak was full of games and ideas, the lack of any more boys charging around wasn’t an issue. Out in the garden was a little pool that we played in for most of the hot afternoon, having fun using his WaterBlaster and Supersoaker guns to do just that… soak each other. We were running around in our diapers quite freely to begin with but by the end our thick diapers had proved themselves to be Superabsorbers and had swelled to such an extent that running became impossible.

Lying next to each other Dada Peak changed us both and I couldn’t help seeing the little thing Pauly wore over his pee-pee (yes I’d started calling it that as well). Dada Peak saw me looking and said that it was just a little plastic protector to keep his boy safe but I could see there was a small lock keeping it in place. He even asked if I wanted to try one but I nervously shook my head and no more was said. Once we were all dry and dressed (my clothes had all got a real soaking so I was only wearing a thick diaper) we had a fantastic meal , which was more like a party, all his stuffed animals were sat at the table and we chatted with them as we ate everything that Dada Peak had prepared.

After that we were too stuffed to run around so after a bit of TV, and as it was getting late, were both given a bottle and put into separate cribs. I thought I wasn’t tired so was provided with some toys but pretty soon I fell asleep and had that awful dream.


I was worried about telling Gwyneth anything regarding my nightmare in case she was angry with me for using her laptop without permission but I thought Dada Peak might say something so I’d better mention it. As I began to tell her she said that Dada Peak had said something about me crying in my sleep but hadn’t told her what had caused it. He didn’t know but I explained it the best I could and where I’d seen the images. After I’d told her everything she had a frown on her face and was shaking her head in disapproval.

“Well, perhaps that will teach a little boy for snooping around in things he shouldn’t.”

“I’m sorry,” I said in a quiet chastened voice. I couldn’t face her reprimand just then so I looked at my empty bowl and hoped she wouldn’t be too angry at me.

“I suppose that’s taught you a lesson…” I just nodded still not daring to look up. “Perhaps you’ll talk to me first before you go exploring?”

Again I just nodded and wriggled uncomfortably in my rapidly flooding diaper.

“OK,” she said getting up from the table, “I suppose no harm is done just a bit of a fright but,” and she was being quite intense, “there are people out there who are not nice to little boys like you and we have to look out for them.”

My body trembled at the thought and I messed as well as wet myself.

Just as she was about to launch into further warnings I think the smell hit her and she just grabbed my hand and led me upstairs.

“C’mon you stinky little tyke, I think we’d better get you changed.” She didn’t seem so mad now so I eagerly ran (quickly waddled) up the bathroom, un-popped the rubber pants, slipped down the diaper and rushed into the shower.


Back in my room Gwyneth had all the things ready except this time it was a pair of briefs, long pants, and a shirt and tie all of which I hadn’t worn for what seemed like ages.

“We’re going to see Mr Benson so I don’t think your cartoon t-shirt and shorts are appropriate,” she said matter-of-factly.

My bottom lip quivered a little as I didn’t want to wear big boys clothes, I liked my stuff, I even suggested the shortalls as they were fairly grown-up but she wouldn’t have it. I pleaded with her to let me wear a diaper at least and after some thought she agreed. She powdered and slipped me into a disposable then pulled it tightly into place. I asked her if I could wear the pink plastic pants as they would go with the tie she’d picked out for me to wear. A smile spread across her face as she reluctantly agreed. Soon I was a big boy on the outside but nice and little on the inside where my slightly padded and crinkly bottom meant I was at my happiest.


As we drove into town Gwyneth told me all the latest news… the main fact being that mom had been offered a position at a University in Korea and, as dad looked like he’d be almost permanently working there, she accepted the job. This meant that, for the near future, and possibly years, they would be living over there. In the meantime, my sister had agreed to house me because our big family house was going to be put up for sale. I was shocked and wondered how all this could happen without any reference to me but then I wiggled about in my thick diaper and realized the reason why. So, this was why we were going to see Mr Benson, to sort out all the legalities of the sale in my parent’s absence.

Although I was in shock I was also pleased that I was at least going to be able to stay with Gwyneth, the last few weeks had been the best and I loved being with her. The trouble now was that I never wanted to be a big boy again, even for a couple of hours it was a strain and for some strange reason I began to sniffle, which quite unexpectedly turned into a huge tearful outburst. I couldn’t explain to her why I was in such a state although I suspect she thought the idea of not living at home, surrounded by my things was proving to be too traumatic.

I’d just about cried myself out when we arrived at Mr Benson’s office. He was a very officious man and reminded me so much of dad that he quiet scared me.

“Good morning Gwyneth,” and shook her hand. “Morning Benjamin,” and shook mine.

I was very apprehensive about meeting him as I felt way out of my depth to form any sort of conversation so I just nodded as he offered us both a seat.


Gwyneth and he talked about the sale of the house and agreed that all the furniture was to be put into storage until they returned home. There was quite a bit more legal chatter but I’d tuned out and was counting the diplomas on the wall and then the number of people in the photographs that surrounded us. I wasn’t listening and would much rather have been with Teddy enjoying a roll around the rug in my bedroom. That’s what I was thinking about when I suddenly realized I was being spoken to.

“Benjamin. Benjamin.” Mr Benson was looking at me.

“Sorry,” I said as I came out of my happy revelry to see a very serious face.

“Benjamin, your mother and father had wanted to be here for this but, well, it seems that’s impossible now.” He waved a sheet of paper in my direction.

“You have reached the age of eighteen and… you are now legally entitled to a trust fund that was set up by your grandfather when you were born.”

He waited until this news sunk in but it didn’t. I had no idea about a trust fund, no one had ever spoken about it and, more to the point, never knew my grandfather as he died when I was just a few months old… so why would he leave me such a thing?

I think he could see that this news had come out of the blue and no one had prepared me to receive such information. I looked at Gwyneth for guidance.

“Sorry Benjy… er Benjamin I’d forgotten all about it until mom reminded me last night. Whilst you were asleep mom called and told me about the job, dad, house and… well… your trust fund.”I still didn’t grasp what was going on but I knew I was anxious because I felt a spurt of pee fill the front of my diaper.

Mr Benson took up the story. “Your paternal grandfather put money into a trust fund for both you and your sister; Gwyneth received hers on her eighteenth so now you also get yours.” He smiled, which looked strange on such a serious face. “You are now, thanks to some clever investments that he also tied in with the fund, worth approximately one point one million,” I think he was expecting some kind of reaction and when one didn’t come he persisted with the news. “Which makes you a very rich teenager.”

Both he and Gwyneth were all smiles but all I did was fill my diaper even more. I couldn’t control the flow and I was so glad I’d asked for my pink protecting plastic pants. I still wasn’t completely aware of what all this meant other than they both appeared very happy with the news. Mr Benson pushed some papers my way for me to sign and before too long, and after another shake of hands, we were out in the street and on our way home.


As we aimed for the car Gwyneth could tell from my walk that I was probably wet but, as she hadn’t brought her normal changing bag, told me I’d have to wait until we got home.

I didn’t mind although it did feel funny having an expanded diaper under my smart trousers and I began to giggle at the sensation. Back in the car and sitting in a squishy diaper I had to ask.

“What just happened?” I was trying to weigh things up but it wasn’t making any sense.

“You have inherited a fortune.” She was being serious.

“But… erm… I don’t know… erm… but why… I haven’t done anything?” I was unsure how to react and it still seemed stupid that I should suddenly have money.

“Because little bro… thankfully… someone thought ahead.”

“But I don’t want all that money. What would I do with it?” I mumbled to myself. “I’m not clever like you so, maybe, you should have it.”

She could see I was in turmoil and smiled and patted my leg. “Don’t worry about it for the time being, we can sort it out later. The only thing you need to think about is… you can be little for as long as you like now.”

Despite the fact that I was dressed in big boy clothes it hadn’t occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to return to being little. In such a relatively short time I’d got so used to the way things were and that I regarded being little as… well… me. It was normal and dressed as I was now was the strange thing. I was desperate to get back home, get out of my long pants and get changed. Maybe Gwyneth would let me wear that nice green and pink onesie with the rocket on the front.


Once home I was in a hurry to race upstairs and change but Gwyneth called me back and made me sit at the table as she wanted to discuss things with me whilst I was still a ‘big boy’.

“Sweetie, I need you to concentrate just for a little while, OK?” Despite my soggy diaper reminding me what I’d done in Mr Benson’s office I nodded as I could see she was serious.

“You now have lots of money. Money you can do anything with but perhaps, thinking ahead, you can leave where it is and take some income from it.”

She looked to see if I was clear about what she was saying but all I could think about was getting an electric train set and some more toys. I wanted to have some of the things Pauly had… and he had loads of stuff. I knew a million was a lot but the number simply didn’t mean anything to me. Although Gwyneth wanted me to think about the future, all I wanted to do was play and live right now. In the end I think Gwyneth knew she was making very little sense to me as I kept asking if I could now get this or that or something else, which she said I could if I wanted.

The previous ‘happy’ look on her face changed to one of concern. She looked into my eyes and asked in a low voice.

“Oh baby, you might not want to be little for ever. You might meet someone…”

She was having problems and I didn’t understand why. We were going to be living together; she would take care of me, she would use the money as she saw fit, she would keep me…

“Sweetheart, things might change…” I wriggled uncomfortable now in my soaked diaper thinking I needed that changing. “I want you to be happy but there are so many things I can see that might get in the way.”

“The movie is going ahead and they want me around to advise but, as production doesn’t start for a few of months…”

She sighed deeply and then held out her hand. “But, for the time being at least, let’s get you cleaned up and changed.”

We walked to the stairs.

“My baby brother is all that matters for the moment and he needs a new outfit.”

I scrambled the last few stairs and ran to my room. I picked out the onesie as I was pulling down my long pants and shucking off my tie.

“My… you are keen.” She un-popped my plastic pants and opened up my wet diaper.

I giggled as I lay there naked. Seconds later I was smeared in lotion, powdered, diapered and in my brand new onesie. We looked in the mirror. Gwyneth held my hand and I felt the years roll away. I was safe and happy and I loved the reflection of the little boy who was looking so cute.

I looked up at her and said: “Thank You Mommy”.

This story is written by Les Lea

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Chapter 7

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Vlue – Out for a Walk 2

Vlue - Out for a Walk 2This was a complimentary art reward for a patron on my Patreon page.

Vlue’s walk ended with a very big need to go potty. Thankfully her master prepared her for just such a situation.

Draw and above text by ChocolateKitsune

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1878962

Yes it sure like that diaper really had a hard work here keep up whit here wetting here. Looks how match she is wetting here diaper.

Here diaper butt really seems to start looking kind of wet. She is really flooding here diaper big times here :) Good thing it seems to be able to keep up whit here :)

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Piss your pants as a joke

Piss your pants as a jokeThey are real diapers, they’re just not made to handle a sudden full force blast from a full grown water type.

Draw and everything by tehcutepyro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31289708/

Poor Buizel looks like his friend should have make the joke whit him whit a thicker diaper.

The diaper sure could not handle the massive flood that he decide to release into it :(

He sure have put himself in one special situation right now.

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High speed loading in progress! – rindwolf

Looks like someone really flooding his diaper :)

Someone sure seems to have been holding back a wile here. I bet it felt nice to finely release the pressure.

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Oops, Not Today

Oops, Not Today

She tried her best, but Aphrodite’s going to have to try to make it to the potty again tomorrow if she wants that sticker.

Order by darmon

Draw and above text by Blankie

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30939114/

Poor girl looks like its going to be a wet sticker on that potty training chart :(

It sure seems like she flooded the diaper pretty good this time or is it a bad diaper? It sure is leaking like crazy :(

Maybe she manage to reach her goal next time :) 

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One soggy Tykables Diaper – diapertx


Yes it sure seems like it was a good thing he decide to be wearing some good and thick diapers on his walk. He sure seems to be have flooding it allot for the diaper to be able to be that soggy and well used in only two hours. He sure know how to use his Tykables diaper.

[amazon_link asins=’B07CMFTDSX,B07CMCZSSS,B07CMBH9Q5,B07CMHTPVY’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’abdl86-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’704ca954-6e63-11e8-a9ff-fb8d5b4acfe4′]

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Soaking a diaper – snugglydiapers



Awww poor diaper boy it looks like he did dent manage to fight his potty training any more and start wetting his ABU PreSchool. You can sure here his pee flooding his diaper and see the wet spot on his diaper front growing and growing. Good thing his diaper could keep up whit the flooding. At least he is standing in the shower if his diaper do decide to start leaking.

At least he is a good baby boy and using his diaper :)

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Vickbys Bally’s new formula

 Vickbys Bally's new formula Vikbys has been helping Bally with his “babying” formulas… he seems to have made a potent batch that works with/against a persons emotional state…

keeping calm is not usually possible in these situations…

Order by Vikbys ??

Draw and text by catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/25950226/

Yes it sure seems like this special baby formula is working very well. It seems like that thick diaper dont can keep up whit the flooding so it have start leaking. Poor girl it seems like she have something to get use to now.

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