Diaperfur Comic: Big Kid Pants page 16

Big Kid Pants page 16So the precise circumstances of Darcy’s arrival in the house a few months ago weren’t really known to the roomies and its an adjustment that he’s still making.

Draw and everything by cargoweasel

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28850121/

Yes it still think Darcy is thinking about that girl that he lost because of his fetish. Poor thing i really hope he decide to talk whit his friends about this soon.

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Feeding the bunny

Feeding the bunny

Draw and everything by The-Padded-Room

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/the-padded-room/art/Feeding-the-bunny-755980087

Awww this sure is one super cute bottle feeding drawing we have here and that bunny sure look to be pretty relax and happy to get bottle feeding.

This is one amazing drawing. Do you wont to see more cute drawing from The-Padded-Room ? Be sure to check out the persons Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/thepaddedroom/

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Tewi Sits and Reisen Takes it

Tewi Sits and Reisen Takes itHehe…Tewi really gave it to her this time XD
Smell dat bunny-ass! ^/////////w////////^

Reisen and Tewi (c) Touhou

Order by Superdude-G

Draw and text by OverFlo207

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Touhou-Tewi-Sits-and-Reisen-Takes-it-Clean-Gas-712154688

Poor girl it sure seems like she get the front line to smell some diaper farting.

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Recommended ABDL audio story’s from ageplayaudio.com


I have found some weary good ABDL audio story’s on ageplayaudio.com that i would like to recommend.

The first one is Losing Control by LittleTrip

It is a story about James that get turn into a little baby boy by his girlfriend and get force to use his diaper and sucking on his pacifier. And this is not going to change for a wile James girlfriend wont him to learn to behave.

The other story i wont to recommend is The British Nanny by Belle Newton

It is a story about a British Nanny that have learn over the years that the only things that work when it comes to handle misbehaving young men is to threat them as baby. That means spanking them when they are naughty and force them to wear diapers again.

This is some weary good story’s and you can find some samples of this audio story’s on ageplayaudio.com.

Now have a real good time while listening to the audio files and dont forget to put on a diaper before you start.

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Ageplay Audio | Diaper Stories, ABDL Stories, Spanking Stories

Ageplay AudioWhat type of site is Ageplay Audio?

We produce high-quality audio recordings of ABDL Stories, Spanking Stories, Age Regression Stories, DD/LG  Stories and Diaper Stories. We work with the most talented ageplay story writers and professional voice artists to provide you with the best narrated tales covering many different ageplay themes. We update the site each week with new and exclusive content for you to enjoy.

What type of storys can you find on Ageplay Audio?

This is some off the story that you can find on the site:

Losing Control – James awakes, confused and disoriented, wearing a diaper and locked into an adult sized crib. He begins to piece together the events from the night before, and recalls the evening spent with his drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend, Liz, with whom he has been trying to sleep for a considerable length of time. Is Liz at the root of this bizarre morning?

Dating and the Modern Adult Baby -It’s been a few months since your last relationship and you’ve decided to step back into the big bad world of dating. Your post on a fetish website is answered and you begin to get to know a new mommy. You’re really cautious, but so is she and here you describe how your first date went.

This is only two off the story’s that you can find on Ageplay Audio.

What do it cost to join there site?

Yes you need to pay 19.95 USD monthly. But right now they have a discount that they call: 3 months for the price of 2!

So if you wont to sign up you can click on the Ageplay Audio banner on the top at this blog post and i hope that you going to have a nice time.

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Order new ABDL books from Madeline De Hywis

Now when i have finish the first 6 book about Peteys New Life In Diapers is it time to order some more abdl books that i can read. This was the book that i order this time from Amazon kindle store.

Book Description

Petey is back at it again. He can’t seem to stop finding himself in the company of dominant women wherever he goes. His dominant motherly wife Stephanie is taking him on the trip of his life, to her mothers for 2 weeks! Unknown to Petey, a couple dominant friends will be there… And of course, Steph still has Petey in diapers and she makes him use them in the most humiliating ways! A several part story begins here, with a very humiliating trip through the supermarket, a long drive in diapers, a very embarrassing introduction to the mother in law and her friends, and a steamy scene with Steph. Can Petey avoid falling deeper into the pit of diaper humiliation?

Not light hearted adult baby/infantile play. This is for those who enjoy a strong dose of humiliation with their adult baby play. No minors involved.

forced adult diaper wearing (and using)
sexual themes
consenting adult baby/infantilism play (NO MINORS INVOLVED)

Book Description

Three tales of male submission. The first and longest story, “It’s So Easy to Get you Back into Diapers” is a first hand account of a dominant woman’s methods of slowly breaking down your defenses, bringing you to the point of finally allowing her to first panty and then ultimately diaper you. Many humiliations follow. The second story “Stinky Pants”, Tracy makes Marty do very humiliating things in his diapers as a “fun” dominating game. The last story “My Story of Total Humiliation” involves a main character (male) who meets a beautiful woman in a bar and tries to give up his diaper fetish. Can he do it?
It should be nice to read the last book and see what that is all about.

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My New Life in Diapers Book 4 to 6

The diapered adventures of Petey continue! And the humiliations deepen! The weekend is here and just as Petey thinks he is going to get changed out of his very wet diapers after a long day at work, he finds out that his wife has left town! And to make matters worse, she has arranged for him to have a sitter over the weekend! Caroline, a young dominatrix, is more than ready for the job. Deep humiliations ensue, as Petey is tormented by Caroline in various devious ways, culminating in very messy diapers and a powerful release scene at the end!

Not cuddly ABDL fiction. This tale involves serious humiliation and female domination of the male.
This story is about consenting adults and does not involve minors.

adult diaper fetish, forced adult baby play
one scene of foot worship
teasing by male co-workers
implied cuckolding (very mild)

Adult baby Petey’s weekend with the dominant babysitter Caroline isn’t over yet. He wakes up Saturday morning with very dirty diapers and is led into a day of blackmail, public humiliation, and other torments by his wicked sitter. Petey has never had a day quite like this one, with an adult baby photo shoot led by two dominant ladies, an embarrassing trip to the toy corner at an upscale boutique and then having to listen to his best friend make the moves on Caroline while he lies in his crib diapered!

Petey’s worst humiliations yet!!!

This is an adult story and contains no descriptions of children.
ABDL play is only for consenting adults.
Contains scenes of :
adult baby play
adult diaper play
intense humiliation (this story is NOT for those who want cuddly abdl fiction)
female domination
public humiliation with dominant women
forced messing scenes
mild cuckolding (through implication, no direct scenes)

Petey thinks he has what it takes to be a big boy, a man even. Can he follow Steph’s humiliating rules for potty training, learning to have sex like a man, and more? Can he keep his pants dry? One of the longest My New Life in Diapers yet, this story introduces new characters, contains blistering spankings, strap on scenes, plenty of femdom humiliations, and yes, even diapering…
Brenda and Caroline have some wicked plans for Pete when he comes back to work…

Not for the weak. Or perhaps for the weak…

This books is Not recommended for those who only like fluffy, cute ABDL stories without humiliation and female domination. This book contain allot of female domination and humiliations. But it is some weary nice reading and it is hard to stop reading it even if it is scary because you wont to know what happen next.

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