Diaper check


Championship“We did it!” Ash says, “With this victory over Alohla, we’ve beaten every pokemon league currently in existence!”
“I hear they’re making a new one.”
“Well then we’ll just have to beat that one too!” he laugh.
“Whatever you say ‘Champ’.”
It was quite a while ago that Ash’s life had changed forever. Once a human, he was transformed into a pikachu through the use of a strange power known only as Pokemagic. Originally he was told it would only be temporary, but the day ended and he found he was still a pikachu. The week passed as he continued to travel, nothing. He became distressed that it might be permanent, but he managed to calm down from the support of his friends, and his partner Pikachu. When they had arrived at the next town, Ash was worried that now he was a pokemon he couldn’t compete in the league anymore. His fears were alleviated however, when he found there was no ruling against it. Furthermore, he himself could join in on the battles! This was great news, as was the surprise his friends had gotten him to cheer him up, a new shirt and jacket, much like his old one, now the proper size for him to store his badges in.
“Hey now! I haven’t lost a single battle yet!” Ash defends.
“Heh, you’ve lost one! Mr. Piddle pants, you’ve lost your battle with the potty!”
It was also at this time Pikachu started acting a bit weird. He had gotten Ash’s old backpack and filled it with diapers, carrying it around with him wherever he went. Pikachu was stronger than Ash, and easily overpowered him, forcing him into the diapers. And would refuse to let Ash take them off well until after they reached the Jhoto region. It was however that by then, Ash had become so used to them he could no longer hold it in, nor make it to the toilet.
“And besides, Pichu,” a nickname Ash had been getting recently, “I know how much you like them, I see you poking and playing with them when you think I’m not watching.”
Caught red-pawed. Ash blushes, “Y-yeah… so?”
“Nothing, champ~”
“H-hey, can I ask you something?” Ash decided now was the right time. He wanted an answer to a question he’s had for so long. “Why… all this? The diapers… the onesie…” he says looking down at his newer outfit, a onesie with the design of his old jacket on it, “C-calling me Pichu… and… why did you decide to finally evolve here?”
Pikachu just laughs, “Well… what can I say champ? I always wanted a baby brother, and while I’ve yet to find a way to make you the Pichu that you know you really are at heart,” as he says this, Ash’s tail wags from hearing that, “I decided the next best thing would be to make me bigger. By becoming a Raichu.” he smiles. “Plus…” he pauses, checking Ash’s soaked diaper using telekinesis like he had done many times before, “The new powers make changing you a lot easier. Now, let’s get you cleaned up, piddlechu!”
The two of them share a tender hug, before returning to their normal routine.

Draw and everything by Agumonofalchemy

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31748975/

It sure is good that Pikachu makes sure that Ashchu stays well diapered and clean. And the only way to make sure off that is regular diaper check even if the situation can be very public ;)

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Losing Control

Losing Control Centzon being held on Showtime’s lap, relieving himself. Seems the bunny was reluctant to wear and use his diaper, so the dino had to take matters (as well as the expanding seat) in his own hands.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to Centzon and iedino

Above text by iedino

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/31747033/

Poor Centzon looks like showtime is going to make 100% sure that his victim is 100% diaper depended for life.

Poor bunny looks like he have to look forward to a new life in diapers.

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Pachi-WhimsicottA reward for PuffyPachi from ludisluteo

Source: https://inkbunny.net/s/1895040

Awww poor Pachirisu looks like it is a pretty well used diaper that is hiding inside this costume and from the sound during this diaper check it seems like it really need to be changed.

Wounder if he going to get that diaper change that he desperate is in need of? Or if he going to be force to wear this messy wet diaper a wile longer?

I sure hope that pacifier is giving him some sort of comfort :)

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Pull back

Pull backDraw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31531453/

Aww poor thing looks like someone have a little problem when his diaper is being check. But this is the way you check a toddlers diaper if you suspect that they have made a stinky.

But that face expression sure looks pretty cute :)

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A Very Soggy Cheerleader

A Very Soggy Cheerleader

Jenny really struggled with holding her bladder during practice, moreso than usual in this case!

Netto being a good friend and teasing her before a well overdue diaper change~

A gift to UK-Brony from Powhatan

Art by fetish-art / Hindy-poo

Text by UK-Brony

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31488139/

Yes someone sure seems to be in need of a new diaper here. From the look of this soggy diaper it sure seems like she have some big bladder problems here :(

And teasing in this case it sure not a nice way in this case.

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Voodoo Check

Voodoo Check
it seems someone found a pretty cute blue skunky plushie around, and decided to play with it, taking care of it as a baby, dressing him in a diaper.

It would be normal, if a real blue skunk didn’t had his undies poofed into a real diaper at the exact moment it happened.

He tryied to get some shorts over, as he couldn’t take off the diaper, but now the plushie owner wanted to check his diaper pulling his shorts down, and yeah, this is actually happening to the big skunk.

The blue skunk and above text belongs to gus-the-hedgehog

Draw by Tato

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31372162/

Yes this voodoo magic sure have put this blue skunk in some very blushing situation. I only hope that he is alone now when the surprise diaper check happen.

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The Expected Bedwetter

The Expected Bedwetter“Oh wow…” was all his date said in surprise, followed by a rapid blush of realisation of
what he could see. “So, you, uh, wear these to bed, yeah?”

Consumed by a terror he couldn’t confront, Luke sheepishly nodded and agreed; he

“Y-Yeah…” he blushed.

What was he supposed to say? That he liked to wear them, to piss in them, to jerk off in
them? They were sitting right here, in his bedroom. James would never buy that they
weren’t actually for him. A convenient lie to conceal the degrading truth.

So before he could realise what he’d done, before he could rationalise the scenario,
he’d accepted the false scenario. Like a baby deer in the beams of a hurtling truck.

“Cool,” James said nonchalantly. ”My little brother used to wet the bed when we were

Used to… Luke thought, as his fake bedwetting just inadvertently compared him to a
child. But at least James wasn’t freaked out. In fact, he was entirely unphased, breaking
out in a smirk as he lifted his shirt over his head.

If you lie about why you own diapers, you better be ready to live up to it.

Draw and everything by Gordo

You should check out his Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/26454599

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31364928/

Yes if you say that you are a bedwetting he sure expect you to have a wet diaper in the morning.

Wounder how he is going to take himself out of this mess that he have created?

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My 18th Birthday Part 3

This story is written by Les Lea

Later, when I’d calmed down, Gwyneth told me her thinking. She said that from the moment I saw the photo of me with Teddy as a baby there was an immediate change of expression on my face; wistful, thoughtful, with a touch of longing. She wasn’t sure but thought Teddy made me happy. I began to think back – certainly that time in my life, when I wasn’t regarded as anything but a toddler, when I didn’t have to prove myself and just enjoy my childhood… I was like everyone else my age… a little kid revelling in what was around him… I was happy.

She went into a great deal of detail about how I tried so hard to live up to my parent’s expectations; they were of the opinion that kids should grow up quick and had little time for games and play – ‘read and learn’ was their philosophy. Unfortunately, those were the very things Gwyneth was most happy doing but I just couldn’t get to grips with. Reading and numbers just weren’t for me and I wrestled with school work, which I found very difficult no matter how I tried. My sister went on about how, even so young, I let failure weigh heavy on my shoulder, although it wasn’t always obvious because I tried to be positive and strived to be upbeat.

Once our parents realised I wasn’t going to be a boy genius (they were most disappointed in my report cards) they more or less lost interest. They gave themselves over to their work and concentrated on their careers rather than what I did. Of course Gwyneth was way ahead in her development and they saw no problems there. Often I tried to read but once I’d open a book, if I got past the first two pages, well, my concentration level jumped to wanting to watch TV or go and play outside. Sometimes I’d curl up with Gwyneth and she’d read to me whatever it was she was interested in. I may not have understood everything but I think, without her, I’d know very little. When I thought about it, she did the job my parents should have done. It wasn’t that they ignored me, more that they tolerated me. I was their son after all…

I zoned back in to what Gwyneth was saying. “You may not have been the cleverest in school but everyone liked you.” She looked at me very concerned and stroked my arm.

She went on to tell me that even now I accept limitations but said I shouldn’t. She thought it sad that I didn’t have a girlfriend… or a boyfriend, she nudged me and smiled, but thought I needed to do something to break away from my ‘boring’ rut of a life… and do something to regain my happiness.

“The recreation of the photograph last night suddenly brought things into focus for me,” she was on a roll now. “You seemed to become a different person, a happy person, a person who, left to their own devices… and given the right stimulus…”

“You mean you thought I enjoyed being a baby?” I asked incredulously.

She pointed to the screen. “Yes, just look at yourself. Even when you’re asleep you look happy.”

A shiver ran through my body because I knew she was making some kind of sense and I had really loved last night. “But the diaper… what will people think?”

“Well,” she pondered. “You may not like it but… I think that helped release something in you – something that has been holding you back. Last night we giggled like kids and there was no one around but us two to say anything or have an opinion about what we did. No parents, no workmates, no one to hold you back, so why should you let others inhibit you? Stop thinking about what others may think… they don’t matter.”

Then she ran her hand through my hair and kissed my forehead, “And yes… even for an eighteen year-old, running around in a diaper… you looked pretty damn cute.”

“But why put it all online, couldn’t you just have said something?” I complained.

“It was just a spur of the moment decision. I wanted to let you see that the majority of people quite like to see someone enjoying themselves. People like all kinds of things to hide what they do and what they are, but you brother, were open and happy when you weren’t worrying about anyone else and I think others respond to that.” She pointed to the screen, “I think you respond to that.”


There were more opinions from my sister and, as she’s a lot brighter than me, eventually convinced me that this was a turning point in my life. She added that the comments online were almost all positive, occasionally cheeky but always interested, supportive and in some ways quite affectionate. Of course there’s going to be one or two people who hate the idea of others finding a way of having fun “Just so they can shit on you” (yep she actually said shit) but, and this is where her recent shopping trip had come in, she wanted to try and let me take that idea of happiness a little further.

She’d bought a whole load of adult disposables and wanted me to spend the next few days wearing nothing but them. She persuaded me that I needed to get back to when I was at my happiest. To relive those times hoping to give me a window into what I needed to do to make me content in the future. I baulked at her suggestion but my sister has a way of getting me to go along with her plans so, guess what?

She took me upstairs, stripped me out of my shorts and t-shirt and slipped me into a tight-fitting disposable. She took great pains to make the event something special; opening the package, unfurling the diaper, enjoying the crinkling sound as she spread it under my bottom. The wet-wipes and powder she used to clean me up (not that I was dirty or anything it was all part of a process), the silliness as I started to get a stiffy from her ministrations, which she quickly took care of by pulling the disposable tightly up between my legs and taping me snugly in. From her bag she produced a pair of plastic pants and had me climb into them after which led me to Teddy, who, during the proceedings she had found time to dress the same. How she knew I’d go along with her suggestion I do not know but, oddly enough, I was delighted to see Teddy dressed like me and it did make things easier. We spent the rest of the day playing games; me, my sister and Teddy.


Now you may think – well that was easy – getting me into diapers but I’ve spared you the long discussion we had to go through to get to that stage. She showed me loads of comments that had been posted by those who’d watched the clip or seen the images. As I’ve said, most seemed straight forward and nice but others were actually welcoming me to my ‘little’ side. I had no idea what they were referring to but Gwyneth seemed to understand and, more importantly, felt it was something I should get to know. Ever the author, she’d spent some time researching what it all meant and thought it applied to me, even if I wasn’t aware of it.

She then showed me clip after clip of other grown-ups wearing diapers and having fun. People from all over the world and all ages, I was astonished there were others at all. A couple of cute boys in Japan appeared to have a site about their daily diapered exploits, one nice young man sang a song at his piano dressed in a thick diaper. There were so many – an old guy eating whilst in a high-chair, others drinking from baby-bottles and sippy cups or charging around whilst wearing nothing but diapers and a cape pretending to be a super hero.

Meanwhile, as some played with toys several exhibited what they had just crayoned or painted. It was quite overwhelming and gave the impression that diapered and padded plastic covered bottoms were everywhere. It was a whole new world to me and one I had no idea existed but, as Gwyneth pointed out, they were all enjoying themselves and not worrying what anyone else thought. She convinced me to give it a go and promised that if I wasn’t getting any pleasure from the new ‘situation’ then we’d forget all about it.

It was late evening when I was eventually diapered and, thanks to Gwyneth, I didn’t feel guilty whilst running around dressed as I was and cheerfully including Teddy in all my escapades.

Suddenly my mind was open to fun – childish fun – fun that I hadn’t experienced, well, since I was a toddler. The truth was I was in my element. Weirdly, the wearing of a diaper and plastic pants (Gwyneth said it was my freedom uniform!) had no restricting effect on the way I behaved. In fact, she was correct, it felt wonderful to wear; snug, comfortable and the constant rustling as I moved around acted like some kind of soothing sound I found reassuring. Though it may have appeared very juvenile to anyone looking on I’d never felt happier, freer, or more content. The diapers, the plastic pants, the pacifier, indeed the entire ensemble gave me a feeling of complete reassurance. Teddy provided someone I could direct it all to, while Gwyneth was my guide and safeguard.


In the morning I woke up with Teddy and off course I’d spent the night wearing just my padded protection (another term Gwyneth used although I wasn’t sure from what it was I was being protected). My sister was standing over me and gently shaking my shoulder to rouse me from my deep and untroubled sleep and then, without asking, she felt down the front of my diaper.

“What are you doing?” I queried as I quickly clasped her hand over my bulky protection stopping her searching fingers from reaching any further.

“Just checking.”

“Just checking what?”

“Just seeing if you wet yourself in the night…”

“What?” I asked incredulously. “Why would I wet myself?”

“You might have… I was just checking so that you don’t have to be embarrassed if you had and…”

“Stop, stop.” I waved my finger at her. “I’m old enough to get up and go to the bathroom, why on earth would I wet myself?”

She smiled. “You don’t have to get all defensive. All I’m saying is… if you had wet yourself it’s OK I will…”

“That’s not OK at all,” I argued. “I’m not going to pee… or poop in a diaper… YUK!”

“Fair enough. All I’m saying is, should you do so then you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it. I’ll change and clean you up.”

I was getting slightly annoyed. Even though I enjoyed being in my diaper I didn’t actually think about using it as a toilet. However, soon after she left the room for me to get up she returned with a new disposable and some other bits and bobs and told me I needed a change anyway. As I’d sort of agreed to wearing nothing but a diaper for the next couple of days she just shrugged off my half-hearted protests and unfurled the crinkly package.


As I lay there I was wondering – Why is she behaving in this way?

We’d agreed that it was something I might like to try but wetting and stuff… in a diaper… I wasn’t keen on that at all, and then it hit me. She’d recently lost her own chance of a baby, perhaps the miscarriage was affecting her and I was now some kind of surrogate, someone she was projecting her unresolved feelings on? In that moment of comprehension my emotions welled up inside me again and I hugged my sister. After all she’d been through, still acting strong and in charge yet perhaps she needed her own way of coping with things. I was choked at the thought that if I could help, then I was there for her no matter what it took.

Without making a fuss I let her strip off my night time stuff, clean me up (just as she said she would) but this time, when she had me lay out on the newly unfurled diaper, she added some extra pads before taping me tightly into place. This was a whole new experience and with the plastic pants now firmly holding it securely she led me down to breakfast. At this point I have to admit to being more than a little confused. I wasn’t sure whether I was doing this for her or for me but the bulky, rustling diaper arrangement meant I now had a wild noisy waddle as I negotiated the stairs but even that was funny and we joked about it.

She’d cut up my pancakes and, although she’d put juice in a sippy cup, I stopped short at her suggestion of feeding me. However, I had noticed that my meal now came in a plastic bowl with cartoon animals smiling sweetly up at me and a spoon that echoed the same cheerful motif. She appeared to have gone to a lot of trouble to make me feel happy about being ‘little’ and I reluctantly began to appreciate all her efforts.


I was happy to wander around the house dressed as I was but when she suggested we go out for the day and enjoy the sunshine in the park or a walk up in the hills I was a little less sure. She told me to just pull a pair of shorts over my diaper and slip on a shirt and I’d be fine. I wasn’t sure about this at all as I was under no illusion that people would be able to tell what I was really wearing under my shorts. Her opinion was simple “Screw them” no one else mattered but me and, she whispered conspiratorially in my ear.

“Don’t you think it would be quite exciting, Little Benjy doing what he wants for a change?”

Once again, somehow, what she wanted I agreed to and before too long I’d tried on several pairs of shorts and jeans to try and hide the bulkiness, none of which fitted properly. I was beginning to see the downside to wearing padding and such thick padding at that. I was about to tell Gwyneth that I couldn’t find anything but in the end one pair of baggy shorts (I didn’t much like because they were too slack) managed to do the job and surprise, surprise, they were no longer loose.

It was a wonderful hot day and I was more than pleased to be out and about not really paying much attention to what I was wearing. Although I could feel the bulk of it all I thought that the shorts hid what was underneath pretty well. We walked up into the hills and hardly saw anyone, those that did pass by just nodded or said “Hello” and carried on their way. We found a lovely shady spot where Gwyneth decided we’d have our picnic. She’d brought sodas, sandwiches and fruit but I wondered what I’d brought in the little backpack she’d given me to carry. She told me all would be revealed eventually but for the time being we should eat and enjoy the wonderful, peaceful surroundings.


The mass between my legs had made me waddle as we walked. It felt peculiar but I was getting a feeling of pleasure knowing what I was wearing, the problem was the padding and plastic made me sweat and I could feel moisture pooling at my crotch. Once we’d sat down Gwyneth saw me trying to rearrange the diaper and suggested, as it was so hot, I take off my shorts and shirt to let some sun and air get to my diaper… as I looked like “…a sweating pig”. It was true I was soaked and it would be a bit of a relief so I furtively looked around and saw no one anywhere near so I did as she suggested. It felt great being outside in the fresh air in just a diaper. Gwyneth thought I looked particularly cute and encouraged me run around and to chase butterflies as she got the picnic ready.

I was aware that she was also taking photos with her phone and to be honest I was acting the big kid just for the camera. However, I didn’t know just how much I was enjoying myself until a little while later I noticed a couple talking with Gwyneth. I froze as I heard these two old people, both with walking sticks, making small talk about the weather and the beautiful countryside. They were looking across at me, waving and I heard them say that they liked to see a boy enjoying himself.

So engrossed in my game of ‘chase the bugs’ I hadn’t seen the couple arrive but their sudden appearance startled me and made me do something I never thought I’d do – I felt a nervous spurt of pee escape. It was if my bladder was shocked by this unexpected visitation and reacted accordingly. I stood there stunned as they continued to chat and wave a greeting. Unfortunately, I was too embarrassed to respond even if no one else appeared to be. It was too late to hide so I just stood there, like a statue, about twenty feet away completely immobile and wishing I was somewhere else.

Gwyneth called me over as the food was ready and inferred I should come and say ‘Hello’ but I was just too self-conscious. Eventually, the couple stopped talking to Gwyneth and carried on their way. As they passed by they smiled and said what a lovely day it was before disappearing down the hill. However, as they spoke, and without warning, my little spurt turned into a flow and no matter what my brain was saying to try and stop it, pee filled the diaper to complete my humiliation. The couple had obviously seen what I was wearing but there was no mention of diapers or shiny plastic pants, even though they were now an even bulkier part of my outfit having absorbed a great deal of liquid.
I waddled over to Gwyneth who looked at me strangely before I think she realized what I’d done.

With a knowing but sympathetic expression she asked. “Do you need a change?”

I wasn’t sure whether to admit it but there seemed little point in denying what had happened so I nodded. She lifted her hand examining the front of my diaper and said it wasn’t so bad and that it could wait for a while and we should eat first. Despite my embarrassment I was starving so plonked myself down on the blanket and set about the ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches (covered in mayo) with relish.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

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