Diaper boys

Not as Big as I Thought

Not as Big as I ThoughtThis picture is based off real life events from my past, though in real life I was 3 years old my cousin was 5 years old. (In the picture I’m 1 year old because age regression. =P)

When I was little, me and my cousin got into a little argument about who was bigger, (When I was younger, I liked showing just how much of a big kid I was) So I told my cousin I was bigger than he was and could hold my potty longer than he could, (I was a weird little kid) He accepted and even put on a pair of his old training pants (He was potty trained, but my aunt kept them for when I came over so I could wear them and be a “Big Kid”), but I guess I wasn’t as big as I thought as I hardly lasted very long, (Mainly do to me not really even being fully potty trained at the time, I was still having trouble feeling when I needed to go.) Long story short, I ended up wetting my diaper and he remained dry, after that day, I never challenged him again. ^^;

Draw and text by BabyChrisTheFox

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18066143/

This is a weary nice thing of the bigger kid to do.

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Looks like this two diaper boys have a fun time :)

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