Babyfur Comic: The Summer Job Page 5

Babyfur Comic: The Summer Job Page 5Now for TV commercials! Acan and Vahn are to show off their new brand of diapers to the market. Vahn seems a little camera shy, but Acan is such a playful kitten he pounces on his friend and the two wrestle about in the play area. Demonstrating how their company’s seemingly thick diapers can still allow baby furs to move about so freely without restriction. Good show, little ones!

And so by the day’s end, all the former college kids have done their jobs well and are tuckered out. They’ve earned a good rest in their company’s daycare. Eva and Harpo looks on with pride and satisfaction as they go over contracts from buyers and investors.

Eva belongs to Lil-Ronnie and Cezmera
Clovis belongs to Cezmera
Daphne belongs to Rogey

Executive Producer: Cezmera

Artwork by Tato

Story by Lil-Ron


The test subject have sure earn themselves a good night sleep after all the product testing. I hope they are having some sweet and nice dreams.

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Remi and Sammy Get Spanked

Remi and Sammy Get Spanked
Remi and Sammy Get Spanked.

“Do  you remember the “All in one machine”?

,well here we introduced the new and improved “All in one 2!”.
A very proud boss announced to a reporter, the  new company adquisicion for  sale!.

And the boss  added:”And thanks to my favorite employee named Matt and his beautiful white  rear  end, sorry I didn’t mean that!I mean, thanks for the cooperation of Matt, because  he lent me his  boys(Remi  and  Sammy) for this important demonstration!As you can see. This machine not only punishes those disobedient pups, cubs and  some  adults  too, also takes rear  ends  temperatures!. By taking the temperature, the machine will know how much punishment needs those disobedient pups!I’m sure this will sell like hotcakes!”.

The reporter said:”I will definitely buy one!”.

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by nelson88.


Look like Remi And Sammy have bean some weary bad pup to have earn this type of spanked butts. Wounder what they have don to be part of this demonstration? I think they have tacking off there diapers whiteout permission and use the potty instead of there diaper like a good boy should use. If that is the case i hope they get allot of spanking for that so they dont do it again.

It look like a weary good machine if you wont your cubs to have a weary good and a weary toasted butt like a bad cubs should have. And it is good they are strapped down good so the cubs dont can get away from the spanking. Or try to cover the toasted butt that they have if they have receive allot of spanking.

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Waterlock and Salt



Showing the absorption of water in waterlock and the effects of addition of salt on the gel.

Demonstration of what happens when baby wets the diaper. I think it work the same for the adult diaper to but i dont now that.

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