Good vs Evil

Good vs Evil

Seeeeee Told you Star was the good girl.

Naughty or nice, doesn’t really matter though, they both still need a change.

Order by Dashie_Love

Draw by BabyStar


Yes i sure agree them both sure needs to have a new and clean diaper instead of the messy one that they are wearing right now.

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lappy bounces are the best!!

lappy bouncies are tha best!!Draw and everything by Charry


Looks like someone have a fun bounces time here :)

This sure is one happy cub that we have here :)

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Burntout!trying to get over this burnt out feeling ive been having when it comes to art and creating it soo i drew this lazily.

Draw and everything by Charry

This sure is one sleepy furry and good thing he is already wearing his diaper. Then it will handle the accidents if he has any during his nap. Should not be fun to wake up in a wet and soggy couch. I think that piece of furniture can be hard to clean and get rid of the pee smell.

I hope that he is having some nice dreams :)

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Somepuppy just turned (22) 4

Somepuppy just turned (22) 4bestsage has just turned 4 years old! or is it? well for sure this stinky puppy is still the same stinky puppy eitherway. Sooo. yes.

and onidemondog shall be the one to take care. Such a loving daddy for a stinky messy pup. Heheh.

Furrys in the drawing onidemondog and bestsage

Draw and text by DozySlumbers


Looks like this two is in need of a new diaper. This diapers sure looks well used :) and that is good because that is what diapers is made for :)

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changies pweese?

changies pweese?not much to say played alittle with perspective i supose heheh soo skishy and poofy.

Draw and everything by Charry


Awww it looks like this litte diaper boy have ended up whit a soggy wet diaper and hope that someone can change him. So he can get some nice and dry feeling on his cute little butt again :)

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fowxy!! is huugee!

fowxy!! is huugee!X’3 oneday ill get this plushy!! oneday X’3

Draw and everything by Charry


Aww this sure is one happy diaperfur/babyfur that we have here. And yes it is super nice to have a big plushy to give allot of hugs to :)

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Damiens a little rocker!

Damiens a little rocker!Draw and everything by Charry


Looks like this cute little cub have found some music that he likes. This is one happy little boy that we have here :)

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