Kenny Part 11

This story is written by Les Lea

“Did it hurt?”

The concern on Kenny’s face was just what I needed. I wanted everything back the way it had been and that gentle but concerned look told me we were back to being friends.

“You bet.”

I’d checked my bum that morning to see if there were any tell-tale signs of my mum’s spanking but the red had faded so I couldn’t prove anything to him.

“It certainly stopped my tantrum,” I meekly added.

Our bare knees were touching and our heads were close together as I explained just what had happened.

“I was screaming and shouting… mum said I was acting like a two year-old… but I was determined I wasn’t going to be diapered again. I was really acting up and…”

My explanation quickly came to an end when, in the middle of school, Kenny did what Kenny does best, he hugged me. The pain I had caused him was forgotten as he tried to ease my pain, and although I had been feeling OK up until that moment, this was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I can’t tell you exactly how I felt but, it was, it was, erm, it was fantastic.

I saw one or two of the other kids looking but I just closed my eyes and felt the power of my best friend holding me close in an effort to make me feel better. It did.

On several occasions in the past I’d thought I wasn’t worthy of having Kenny as a friend. I’d let him down, or at least thought that I had, and couldn’t quite understand why he still liked me. That natural understanding and desire to make things better was what set my best friend apart from just about anybody else. As our well-padded shorts rubbed up close together I realised – no one else in class was like him, no one else reacted in the same way, and, more to the point, there was no one I wanted as a friend as much as Kenny.


The memory of Buddy’s red tail was still at the forefront of both our minds (although I think his was a lot more severe than mine), however, because neither his mummy nor daddy had ever done such a thing he seemed stunned that my mum would actually put me over her knee and deliver such hard smacks to my bare bottom. I realised that this was perhaps the only thing that I had over Kenny – I had experienced a spanking and he hadn’t. I wasn’t sure if this was something to be proud of or not. I have to say that if any of the other kids at school received a spanking, no one ever talked or bragged about it so I suppose, it was no badge of honor.

Still, at lunchtime I dropped my shorts, lowered my plastic pants and pull-ups to show him I was otherwise unscathed. He touched me and seemed relieved that there were no marks but, I was enjoying his attention and that ‘tickling’ sensation in my penis was back so didn’t want to pull them back up. Satisfied, Kenny pulled them up for me and we made plans for a sleepover as soon as possible. I wanted to show him the things that auntie had made for me and I knew Kenny wanted us to wear our onesies together, so we hoped to make that happen soon.


The past few days at school had been horrid for me; my mood, my anger and my attitude had all conspired to me hating being there. Now I was enjoying the fact that Kenny and me were back together everything would be OK but, as the bell sounded for the end of the day, I remembered something that mum had said, ‘that we might be moving to the capital’. At this point, it was the last thing I wanted but I realised that what I’d said might have made her think that she was doing the right thing as I was not enjoying being at Oakland. Jake had made his thoughts perfectly clear but I’d said nothing apart from being a bit grumpy about the possibility of a new school uniform. I certainly didn’t want to leave now but what could I do?

Although the redness had disappeared I think I was still in a certain amount of shock that it had happened at all and, despite my pull-ups, plastic pants and shorts, I could still imagine mum’s hand making contact with my bare skin. As Jake and I were waiting for the bus to arrive to take us home these thoughts were bubbling around in my head and I found myself absentmindedly rubbing my bottom. I’d never seen mum so upset or angry with me before and, the fact that she could have done such a thing, left me feeling a bit insecure about what mum thought of me. I certainly didn’t want to annoy her again, and as I’d now been spanked once, I wondered if I’d crossed some kind of line that signified that spanking was now an option for mum if she needed to discipline me. However, I soon became distracted by the nice feeling that my padded bottom gave me, that mixture of my pull-ups, plastic pants and shorts having a most calming effect. However, the mental reminder of the punishment meant that when I got home I was on my best behaviour.


I’m not a nasty person, well, I don’t think I am. It was not really in my character to do what I’d done and I thought that a complete apology to everyone was needed to make things right. At the table, before we tucked into our evening meal, I nervously made a bit of noise to attract attention.

“Mum, Jake, Auntie Rose,” this was harder than I thought it would be, “I’m really sorry for being a pain…” I had no idea why but there were tears coming into my eyes. “I know I’ve been horrid to everyone… and … and…”

Jake was the first to come over to where I was sitting and gave me a cuddle. Unfortunately, this act of kindness brought on more tears and I couldn’t get the rest of my apology out as both mum and auntie joined him in a huge group hug. Mum was telling me she understood and I was not to worry. Auntie had tears in her eyes and had that look of unqualified love she often showed to both Jake and me.

Eventually my sobbing stopped and we carried on and finished the meal. I was embarrassed that I’d caused such a fuss, but it was a fuss that no one at the table appeared to mind. In fact, everyone was all smiles and in such good humor that I didn’t want to spoil it by asking mum about the move. I decided I’d talk to her when she tucked me in at bedtime.


I helped auntie with the washing up as mum had work to do so I raised the subject of the possible move with her. I spoke quietly because I didn’t want to upset Jake but I wanted to know how far mum’s plans had progressed.

“You should really be talking to your mother,” auntie said as she rinsed the plates, “I think she’d like to hear your thoughts… you weren’t very forthcoming earlier.” She looked at me as if to say ‘don’t miss the next opportunity’.

I had wanted auntie to tell me what mum was thinking; had she actually booked the removal people, had she enrolled us at a new school, had she found us a new house? Sadly, if she knew she wasn’t telling.

When bedtime came I was nervously anticipating mum coming to kiss me goodnight. I’d played with Jake on the Xbox and he hadn’t mentioned the move but then again, nor had I, and I was seeing difficulties in bringing the subject up. However, I had put on a pair of pull-ups under my boxers as a sort of security measure (don’t ask me why) and prepared myself for the moment.


“Mum,” I ventured uncertainly, “are we moving?”

“Well Si, I have been offered promotion which means we’d have to live where they want me to be… and the bank has said they want me based elsewhere.” Her voice was quiet and she seemed to understand that I might have concerns. “Do you not like the idea?”

“Erm, Jake doesn’t. Erm… I like it here… erm… now… erm…” I wasn’t making a very good case for staying but I could tell mum was listening to what I wanted to say. “I’m doing OK at school, so is Jake, we have friends… mum… I’m happy here… I thought you were too.”

“Si, I understand.” She paused and thought for a moment, “It was a big change coming here… and you two have adapted very well… which gives me confidence that you can do it again.” I think she could see I was getting a bit agitated with the way this was going. “However, I haven’t made a decision yet… so… there is no time set… no goodbyes to be made for the moment, and more importantly… you shouldn’t let it worry you.” She kissed me, tucked me in and turned off the light.

In the darkness I thought ‘how can I not worry?’ But, I turned onto my stomach and started that rubbing against the mattress that I so enjoyed. I thought about Kenny and his hug, I thought about Kenny and the kiss, I thought about Kenny… and soon I had that lovely feeling again. This time it felt like I’d done something in my pull-ups but I knew I hadn’t wet myself because there wasn’t that warmness when that happens, just a feeling of sleepiness.


At breakfast I asked mum if Kenny could come and have a sleepover that weekend but she said that she’d already agreed to Jake having one with a couple of his school friends. She said that another weekend would be fine though could I give her a few day’s notice as things were a ‘bit hectic’ for her at the moment. Jake had mentioned his sleepover a couple of days earlier but I had forgotten, probably because at the time I was more than a little self-absorbed. I suggested that the following weekend might be good, if it was alright with her, and she said that we should ‘pencil it in’.

At school I told Kenny this and he was quite excited at the prospect and we made plans for what we’d do at my house. I told him that I wasn’t sure if mum would be up for the ‘onesie’ night but he just smiled and said that he’d dreamed about us together several times now… and we’d already had our onesie nights then. He laughed and I was caught up in his total joy as we went into class. I noticed that he wasn’t wearing his usual thick diaper, and neither was I, but this was because we had a double period of gym and sometimes it can be a little mad in the locker room. I can’t tell you how often people have lost their underpants as kids pinch, hide or throw them up onto the lighting out of everyone’s reach. Diapers or pull-ups would be targeted in seconds, as both Kenny and I had experienced on a few occasions. If you were the victim it was awful but if you were the instigator (and sometimes we were) it was great fun.


Jake’s mates were Adam and Louis, both eight and both as energetic as my brother. When they arrived Friday evening with their backpacks and teddy bears I couldn’t get over how young they appeared but they were soon beating me on my Xbox and coming up with some fantastic games. Mum and auntie had their work cut out and I soon found myself immersed in their competitions/sports/stories. They jumped all over me and I found it quite difficult to beat them off. I didn’t want to hurt them but they didn’t seem to know the word ‘control’. They appeared to be pretty keen on ‘taking down’ (something that one of the characters on my Xbox game kept saying) each other as they play-fought and ran around like demented little demons. Jake was as bad as the others who, despite looking like little angels, could certainly pack a punch and be incredibly sneaky.

That night we had a tremendous thunder storm. The wind got up, the rain pounded the windows and the sound roared around the house. I could hear one of the boys crying in Jake’s room and seconds later my door burst open and three scared little boys trooped in and, following Jake’s lead, climbed into my bed. I’m not sure how I fitted them all in but Adam, who was crying jumped straight into my arms, so I hugged him and told him it was OK, I’d look after him, meanwhile, Jake and Louis both settled in behind me. I can’t pretend that the storm was easy for me but with all these little bodies to look after I thought it was my duty to keep them safe. Adam was still weary of the noise so I made up a little game for us all to play. We counted the seconds between the lightning and the thunder, we made up names for each flash, the sillier the name the less it scared the boys. Before long we couldn’t wait for the next flash just to see who could come up with the most ridiculous word.

Adam had stopped crying but was hugging me like his life depended on it and I could tell that the little fellow was wearing thick pull-ups under his shorty PJs. For some reason I liked him even more at that point and when he turned over his padded little bottom fitted snugly against my groin… it was almost like having Kenny back. Like me, Louis wore t-shirt and boxers, while Jake was in his new racing car themed PJs, but all of them, although nervous to begin with, were settling down as the storm passed.


To be honest I slept fitfully. The boys constantly kicked and turned in their sleep but I didn’t feel I could send them back to Jake’s room as it would have meant waking them up. Still, having Adam to hug was nice and I noticed that Jake was hugging Louis and I smiled at the thought that their teddy bears would be sad at missing out on all this cuddling.

At around 6.30 Jake and Louis were up and playing on my Xbox, they were trying to be considerate and quiet but the excitement of the game had them whooping in delight. Meanwhile, I had the very sleepy head of Adam lying on my chest and his arms were wrapped around my hips… he wasn’t going to let me go anytime soon.

Mum came in and said that she’d just been to Jake’s room and wondered where everyone had gone. In between scoring extra points Jake said that the storm had scared them and they’d hid from it with me. Mum nodded, “You’ve always done that. Were Louis and Ad…” She saw that Adam was clutching on to me for dear life. “Oh, I think he found somewhere safe,” she gave me an understanding smile and said that she hoped they weren’t too much trouble. What could I say, we’d all gotten through the night one way or another and the boys were happy.

Mum went off to prepare some breakfast and I tried to rouse Adam. He sleepily looked at me as I quietly tried to get him up. He seemed a little bit disorientated but slowly came around though I could now feel that the little fellow had wet himself at some point. He wasn’t sodden but I could feel his pull-up through his PJs was a little bit damp. I pulled back the bedclothes and as Jake and Louis continued their game, I led Adam to the bathroom.


Adam was looking a bit sad and ashamed as he stood feeling guilty about his wet pants but I just told him not to worry, it happens to everybody. I’m not sure he believed me as he kept staring at the floor and swaying his hips. I asked him if he wanted me to change him but he just shook his head. I asked him if he needed anything from his backpack and he nodded. So, after I’d set the shower for him and tried to reassure him that he’d done nothing wrong I went and retrieved his backpack.

When I returned he was still under the gentle warm spray I had set. I put out a towel and got his t-shirt and shorts ready. I could see he had his Thomas the Tank Engine briefs so put them out as well then, noticing his PJs and damp pull-ups were on the floor, like others had done for me in the past, I just scooped them up and took them away.

I put his damp PJs in the airing cupboard and having noticed he had no other pull-ups in his pack, decided he could have a pair of mine, if, come night time, he felt he needed them.

Saturday was even more hectic and I don’t think any of us got more than a few moments peace before we were catapulted into another game, or I was recruited into another mission. The night before mum and auntie had decided on pitching a tent out in the back garden but the storm had made everything very muddy so that idea was dropped. Mum came up with the suggestion to have a baking competition and despite a certain lack of enthusiasm to begin with, it proved a huge success once they could taste their creations. At one point, I watched Adam in deep concentration as he added the finishing flourishes to one of his cupcakes. Once he was convinced he’d made it as special as he could he brought it over and gave it to me. I was overwhelmed but he shyly said “Thank you” and ran off to join then others.


Despite having to spend most of the day playing indoors, everyone was pretty worn out by the time bedtime came around. We’d all sat and watched a Disney DVD as we ate snacks for supper and it was later than usual when mum declared it was time for bed. I went and retrieved Adams PJs and, as I’d planned, added my own pull-up to the pile just in case he wanted that extra bit of protection. While Jake and Louis were in the bathroom he quickly changed and I noticed he had slipped the gift on and was ready when the other two returned. Mum made sure he washed and brushed his teeth and I could tell he seemed happier in his padded comfort.

When I got to bed I thought about how sweet Adam had been and, in what might have been a gesture of ‘team spirit’, I also wore one of my pull-ups and plastic pants under my boxers. I briefly thought about the possibility of the boys joining me in bed again but I wasn’t worried if they knew what I was wearing. In fact, since Kenny and I had had our talk about the bully, and mum and auntie had been so supportive, I wasn’t bothered who knew about my diaper wearing exploits. That night I wished I had Kenny, or Adam, to cuddle before I turned over and gently rubbed myself against the mattress until I dropped off to a very deep sleep.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 10

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Out of touch

Out of touchThe boys decided to mimic something they heard on TV. They thought it was funny but it seems dad doesn’t find that exact phrase funny at all. Adults are so out of touch!

The furry and above text belongs to Island

Draw by marinaneira


Aww this sure make the boys learn thats everything you hear on TV is not something that you should mimic.

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My 18th Birthday Part 6

This story is written by Les Lea

Gwyneth filled me in on what mom and dad were up to. Mom was receiving a very prestigious award, which was why she looked so elegant, and as a result she had to extend her lecture tour for an extra couple of weeks. Dad was still in Seoul working with the Korean’s on the firm’s latest development and that had also been extended. Once mom’s tour was over she was going to join dad in Korea for a little while before returning home. Gwyneth thought dad would be away for even longer than anticipated as progress had been slow at the new overseas suppliers.

“Well Benjy, it looks like you’re going to be with me for some time… hope you don’t mind?” She ruffled my hair and kissed the top of my head.

Meanwhile, I sat and listened to her fill me in on all the news but just wished mom had told it all to me instead of hearing it second hand. I was a still a bit angry at mom rushing here, there and everywhere for everyone else… but not me… and every time I thought about it my chest heaved and I was on the verge of tears.

I know not being clever disappointed everyone but I often felt that I didn’t matter that much to my parents, even though I tried not to be… stupid. However, I was also very aware of my little shorts and no matter how I sat (or stood) my diaper could be seen both at the leg holes and above the waistband. I’m sure mom and dad would both have thought I was being just that… stupid… if they could see me now. Despite Gwyneth choosing this very childish set of clothes I couldn’t be angry with her because… at least she was here for me… looking after me… helping me… and giving me what I needed. I burst into tears again but this time in gratitude and hugged my sister tightly.


I truly loved the dressing up games that Gwyneth had arranged. I loved the diapers more than I ever thought I would but I knew it couldn’t go on this way, least of all because I was due back at work in the morning. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to returning to a life of stacking shelves and cleaning up the car park but that was my job. It felt really weird sitting there dressed as I was and thinking of grown up stuff like work and I wriggled in the comfort of my thick protection wondering if I could get away with wearing it under my green uniform.

Returning to work had never been mentioned but after playing with my truck for a little while I thought I’d better bring up the subject. Gwyneth was deep in thought and fervently typing into her laptop. I wasn’t sure if I should disturb her when she was in her creative zone but I needed her to know. I anxiously hung around the kitchen door waiting for a suitable break so I could ask my question. She looked up.

“God, you do look so damned adorable,” and she beckoned me over, “what does my little Benjy want?”

Oddly enough I hadn’t planned on exactly what to say so when she put her arm around my shoulders and looked into my eyes I was still looking for the right words. I could see she was waiting so I first asked if she had found her story yet.

She let me go, turned to the screen and said. “Yes, I think I’ve got some ideas.” She then patted my bum. “I think you are helping in such a terrific way.” She didn’t say in what way. “I like you being here. I like having my little brother around. I like… well… I like your innocent and uncomplicated approach to life.”

This wasn’t what I was expecting and it threw me a little. I was living a life she had seen for me, a life she controlled and directed, a life, yes, I had to admit, I was enjoying. I loved being ‘little’ and I loved the fact that my big sister wanted me to be happy and have no fears about… well… anything.


Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask her. “Will all this finish tomorrow when I have to go to work?”

Standing in front of Gwyneth, looking like a toddler, I bet she could hardly believe her little brother even had a job but I needed to know.

There was a moments silence before she answered. “Do you want it to?”

I could feel the comfort of my diaper hugging me tightly, the plastic pants gripping my legs, the sweet little shirt with the duckies on and my tiny little shorts all screaming the same answer at me.


What I really said was, “I don’t know. I have to work. I have to prove to mom and dad I’m not entirely useless I have to…”

She gently pulled me into her bosom and whilst one hand hugged and stroked my padded bottom the other the other stroked my hair. It was a lovely soft embrace and I could feel her love and understanding as she soothed my sudden and unexpected tears.

I felt unable to cope. I didn’t want to have to make decisions; I didn’t ever want to make decisions again. I liked it just where I was. I liked living with Gwyneth more than at home where I hardly had anyone to speak with and spent my time watching TV and going to work (more to break the boredom than anything else). My parents hardly ever chatted or encouraged me about anything much and was left to my own devices in that big house.


This ‘little’ me was fun; I wasn’t when at home. This ‘little’ me had imagination; I appeared to have none when my parents were around. This ‘little’ me could have friends; and that’s what I wanted more than anything else. I wanted my childhood back and the chance to find those happy times all over again. Gwyneth had given me this opportunity, had identified clearly something I desired and offered it with no strings attached.

Without saying anything, I just knew that Gwyneth understood this and in her gentle embrace I also knew that was exactly what she wanted for me. Strip me down and start again. She may have been surprised at the speed I took to it all but perhaps that was down to the desperate need I felt.

“Benjy, I think you should have what you want,” she paused as my tears turned into hiccups and she patted my back, “and what you need right now is to be ‘little’… because… you are a sweet and completely different boy when you are… and I love it… and love you.”

My tears eventually dried up but Gwyneth still held me tenderly. I didn’t want to break away but I still didn’t have an answer.

“Can I please stay in my diapers with you and Teddy?” In my head it was a strong question but it came out as a childish, unsure whisper.

Gwyneth smiled. “I think that would be for the best. Don’t you worry about anything I’ll sort it out with the store manager. Your job now is to be a little boy who’s out to have fun and be happy.”

A shiver of relief and excitement ran through my body and I hugged my wonderful big sister even more fervently.


Gwyneth called me and said we were going out. Teddy and I had been having battles with our little cartoon characters which featured imaginary dinosaurs and dragons… I wondered if Gwyneth would get me some.

“Where are we going?” I asked as I eagerly rushed to my sister’s side as she grabbed her bag and car keys.

“I don’t want you to stay inside on such a lovely day so we’re off to the park.”

Although I was keen to go out myself I realised that the nearby park may well have people I know enjoying the sunshine and wondered what they might think of the way I was dressed. I’d gotten used to it now but thought my diaper would act like a beacon to anyone who wanted to mock or generally be unkind. Again any thoughts and doubts I may have had were demolished as Gwyneth grabbed my hand and led me out to the car. I didn’t want her to think I was scared of the consequences but I was.

I should have known my sister wouldn’t have put me in a situation to embarrass me as we drove for quite some time before we ended up at a park I’d never been to before. Once she’d parked up we got out and she opened the trunk to reveal that she had brought a picnic and in amongst the basket, blanket and chairs were a few of my toys and a ball. This was a terrific surprise and I smiled and helped her carry all the stuff towards a little picnic area where another man and boy were already sitting.


As we got closer I realised that it was actually Little Pauly and his dada. Pauly was wearing a huge monkey face on his white t-shirt and his little red shorts had monkeys climbing all around, all this was set of by bright red plastic sandals, which I thought looked fantastic and wanted a pair. Gwyneth and ‘dada’ greeted each other with air kisses and I was formally introduced to him.

“This is my little brother Benjy,” I shyly nodded at the man, “This is Pauly’s dada Mr Peak.”

“Erm, er, hello sir,” was all I could say as he smiled at me and let go of Pauly’s hand.

“I think we should let the little ones go and play… don’t you?” Mr Peak said to Gwyneth who nodded in agreement.

With that Pauly grabbed my hand and led me towards a little sandpit near the swings. He’d already started building a sandcastle and his bucket, spade, flags, toys and an assortment of other colourful shapes lay around.

His little voice encouraged me to start to build my own castle and it wasn’t long before I’d got the start of a huge complex going and Pauly was organising a road between the two buildings.

Like me, every time he moved his protection could be seen. Like mine, his shorts were very short and the pink plastic protection he wore to hold up his diaper was thick and shiny and once again I thought they looked fantastic and wanted some.


We were getting on really well. We giggled a lot as the entire sandpit became our kingdom where we were building villages and stuff everywhere. He’d even brought a couple of plastic dragons (I assumed from the castle he’d bought at the toys store) and it was brilliant as we got carried away and let our imaginations run wild.

We were called to eat and I noticed that dada spoon fed Pauly all his food. In between every fifth spoonful he held up the sippy cup for him to drink but, even with his Winnie The Pooh bib in place, he was a messy eater. His dada was continually wiping his face of sauce or crumbs but Pauly was enjoying the picnic and none of this bothered him at all.

We appeared to be the only people in the park and after we’d eaten we sat in the shade under a tree. Dada hugged Pauly and gently rocked him as he fell asleep for an afternoon nap but I was wide awake. I wanted to carry on playing on the swing or in the sandpit but Gwyneth said to I had to rest and I didn’t think I could defy her so, nestling in her arms I sat quietly and before long had dozed of myself.


I woke up to see Pauly in the middle of being changed. Right in front of both Gwyneth and me his dada had pulled down his shorts, unpopped his plastic pants and removed his soggy diaper. Like me Pauly had no hair down there, but there was a little piece of plastic locked around his pee-pee. I wasn’t sure what that was for but I suppose it kept everything neat and tidy. All through the process Pauly was sucking on a red pacifier that looked like it had a huge smile on it. That looked funny and I giggled as Gwyneth checked my diaper.
I was soaked without being aware of it so Gwyneth laid me side by side with Pauly and began my change. Being naked in the sun was a nice feeling but I wasn’t sure I wanted an audience.

However, I remembered the young boy at the mall and he had no worries about being changed in public, so I tried not to let it bother me. Gwyneth popped in my paci as she wiped and powdered me and within seconds I was wrapped in a new diaper with extra padding (I had wet a lot) and once the plastic pants had been pulled into place we boys were left to play on the blanket for a bit.

However, Pauly wanted to get back to our castles and he wandered over wearing no shorts. His dada sort of shrugged and continued his conversation with Gwyneth and I was allowed to join him. Wearing just our padding was revealing but neither of the adults seemed to care. Gwyneth thought the plastic pants should be enough protection from our diapers getting full of sand, so pretty soon we were left to play on our own whilst the adults did whatever it was that adults do. We were so into our game we didn’t even notice them.


We’d played for hours; swinging on the swings, building in the sandpit, chasing each other, kicking a ball about and we were both hot, sweaty and tuckered out when told it was home time. Pauly collected all his toys then together we jumped on our creations pretending we were giants in a mad, fun rampage of destruction that had us both roaring and laughing in equal measure.

Once our castles had been reduced back to sand Pauly rushed to his dada who checked him once more before being satisfied he was dry enough to travel. He helped him back into his monkey shorts and then, hand in hand, said their goodbyes and headed for their car. Gwyneth hugged me and asked if I’d had a fun day and I had to admit it had been super, in fact it had been super fabulous. Before I put on my shorts Gwyneth checked me but I was still dry. She tried to pull up my shorts but with all the extra padding that proved difficult so I was driven home wearing just my bulky protection. Every time we passed a truck I wondered if the driver could see into our car and know what I had on… and if he did, what he thought.


Once home I hugged Teddy and apologised for not taking him with us. He was still dressed the same as me so we just slipped back into our game where we left off. Meanwhile, Gwyneth had opened her laptop and was typing furiously. I was hoping that she had been inspired by our day out. However, time just flew by and before long she said it was time to have a bath and get ready for bed.

Whilst she bathed me we talked about the day and I said how much I’d enjoyed it. I told her how much I liked Pauly’s clothes, especially his red plastic sandals… and his monkeys… and his pink plastic pants… in fact everything. She asked if I’d noticed the little plastic thing on his pee-pee. I nodded so she asked if I knew what it was. I shook my head.

“Well, er, it’s there to stop him from, er, getting over excited.” I looked blankly up at her. “It prevents him from getting…” She was finding it difficult to find the words but in the end blurted out,

“getting hard.”

I looked surprised.

“His dada doesn’t like him to be anything but a toddler and doesn’t want him to have to worry about… grown up things…” she carried on explaining.

I think this must have been all part of the deep conversations they were having whilst we went off and played.

“Is it something you’d like?” I wasn’t sure if she was hopeful or wondering and to be truthful I wasn’t sure either, so I just shrugged and went back to playing with my toy boats.


After the bath Gwyneth diapered me up and pulled on my plastic pants. She was about to fit me into my footer when I told her I was too hot and pointed to Teddy, who was back sitting on my bed, and asked if I could I sleep like he was. Gwyneth seemed happy with this arrangement and gave me a bottle of strawberry milk to drink to help me sleep. She stayed with me until I’d sucked down the lot, chatting away about this and that and just before I was left to go to sleep she told me that her latest story was coming along nicely and she’d already written the dedication at the front. She said she had two and I had to decide which I liked best.




I thought for a moment and then said, “The second.”

I fell asleep happy and proud. It was only 7.15 on my bedside clock but I was out like a light it had been such a hectic day.

This story is written by Les Lea

You can find more story’s like this one posted on My ABDL Life. The only thing you need to do is to check out this page to find them.

Chapter 5

Chapter 7

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Zootopia:Daddy,you’re here!

Zootopia:Daddy,you're here!

Every day little Nick was always looking out the window to see if his dad(Mr.Wilde) came to the house!
Nick missed him with all his heart a lot!

Daddy … when are you coming? Daddy … I love you so much!
Nick said to himself, again and again!

But during those days, in which his father came to the house … they were the happiest days of his little life!

And little Nick seeing his father, cried with happiness and ran with his little arms open, saying:

Daddy,you’re here!

Zootopia/Mr.Wilde/Nick Wilde/Disney Enterprises

Draw and everything else by fredvegerano


Awww poor Nick :( But this sure show how match he loves his daddy and want him to be home allot :)

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Crunch Used Hydropump

Crunch Used Hydropump

after a long day of playing outdoors in a nice spring day, it was time for little Crunch to go to bed. after a nice bath and a fresh diaper, Crunch was set down in his crib with Pikachu for the night. Mommy decided that it was best that Crunch wear one of his new Pokémon themed PeekABU diapers since she knew he had been well hydrated throughout the day. Crunch of course said that Pikachu needed to wear a diaper too because he didn’t want Pikachu to wet the bed. Mommy chuckled and gave Crunch a diaper to put on his Pikachu. after all was said and done, Mommy turned off the lights and kissed Crunch goodnight. ^^

as the night progressed, Crunch wet his diaper a few times due to all the water he drank, and because of the dream he was having. he dreamt he was in a Pokémon battle battling with his Blastoise. Crunch commanded his Blastoise to use hydropump on his opponent, but instead got blasted by the water. Crunch awoke suddenly and felt he was completely soaked, but sadly it wasn’t from a Blastoise’s hydropump. Crunch’s diaper leaked so badly that his crib was soaked, Crunch was soaked, and even Pikachu got soaked in the process, soaking Pikachu’s diaper.

Crunch’s eyes soon welled up with tears as he called out for Mommy and Daddy exclaiming that he soaked Pikachu. Mommy rushed in and grabbed Crunch, tore off his diaper, and threw him into the bath tub to clean him up. Daddy then grabbed Pikachu and his sheets and threw them into the wash after removing Pikachu’s diaper. thankfully Crunch has a waterproof mattress cover in his crib, and Daddy quickly cleaned off his mattress before putting on new sheets.

after Crunch was finished with his bath, Mommy decided that she would layer up her pup in 3 PeekABUs to be safe. thankfully Crunch calmed down after being cleaned up and layered up. Crunch apologized for soaking his crib, but Mommy said not to worry since he’s only a puppy and that she;s used to dealing with her puppy’s extra soggy diapers. Crunch of course blushed a little and snuggled into her as Daddy brought back a now fresh and clean Pikachu! ^^

Crunch was then put back to bed, and the rest is history! hopefully Crunch won’t soak through those 3 PeekABU’s before morning, but knowing Crunch, he most certainly will.

Crunch and above text by poochyena

Draw by marealeopard


It is newer fun when you wake up in a wet bed because your diaper have been leaking and its even more sad if your favorite plushy get wet in the process to :(

Way do diapers need to leak and make things you like wet?

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You’re back!!!

You're back!!!Characters:  betowolf and  tato

Draw by tato


Aww poor wolf it really seems like he has miss his nanny allot :(

This sure seems to be a good teeming to be back. Because it seems like someone is in need of a diaper change here.

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Enema Embarrassment

Enema EmbarrassmentOC in a onesie and filling his padding after having just received an enema.

Order by zezin

Draw and above text by liljdude


Awww looks like someone here have been force to put some good use of his diaper whit help of some enema :(

Poor thing it sure seems like he have release one heavy messy load :(

It sure most have been a couple of painful moments here.

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After Lexi’s spanking ended, her dad placed her on her bed and let her cry it out. He led Tobi out of the room and went downstairs. Caiden got Tobi a snack when they got downstairs and let him be. Tobi still felt pretty bad about the whole thing, so he grabbed his cookie and went upstairs. He knocked on his sister’s door and received a stern ‘Go away’ in response. He cracked the door to see his sister laying on her belly on her bed and pouting. He slowly entered the room and inched his way closer to his sister. She saw him but continued pouting and ignored him. He creeped up to the bed and peered over.

“Go away Tobi.” sniffled Lexi.

“I’m sowwy I bwoked and cowered your book. Pwease dun be mads a me anymore…” apologized Tobi as he slid her half of his cookie.

Order and above text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Awww this sure was a very cute and sweet move by Tobi to give here big sister a nice cookie :) At lest a piece of the cookie at lest :)

I sure hope this is going to help Lexie to forgive here little brother.

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