Zootopia:Daddy,you’re here!

Zootopia:Daddy,you're here!

Every day little Nick was always looking out the window to see if his dad(Mr.Wilde) came to the house!
Nick missed him with all his heart a lot!

Daddy … when are you coming? Daddy … I love you so much!
Nick said to himself, again and again!

But during those days, in which his father came to the house … they were the happiest days of his little life!

And little Nick seeing his father, cried with happiness and ran with his little arms open, saying:

Daddy,you’re here!

Zootopia/Mr.Wilde/Nick Wilde/Disney Enterprises

Draw and everything else by fredvegerano


Awww poor Nick :( But this sure show how match he loves his daddy and want him to be home allot :)

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Crunch Used Hydropump

Crunch Used Hydropump

after a long day of playing outdoors in a nice spring day, it was time for little Crunch to go to bed. after a nice bath and a fresh diaper, Crunch was set down in his crib with Pikachu for the night. Mommy decided that it was best that Crunch wear one of his new Pokémon themed PeekABU diapers since she knew he had been well hydrated throughout the day. Crunch of course said that Pikachu needed to wear a diaper too because he didn’t want Pikachu to wet the bed. Mommy chuckled and gave Crunch a diaper to put on his Pikachu. after all was said and done, Mommy turned off the lights and kissed Crunch goodnight. ^^

as the night progressed, Crunch wet his diaper a few times due to all the water he drank, and because of the dream he was having. he dreamt he was in a Pokémon battle battling with his Blastoise. Crunch commanded his Blastoise to use hydropump on his opponent, but instead got blasted by the water. Crunch awoke suddenly and felt he was completely soaked, but sadly it wasn’t from a Blastoise’s hydropump. Crunch’s diaper leaked so badly that his crib was soaked, Crunch was soaked, and even Pikachu got soaked in the process, soaking Pikachu’s diaper.

Crunch’s eyes soon welled up with tears as he called out for Mommy and Daddy exclaiming that he soaked Pikachu. Mommy rushed in and grabbed Crunch, tore off his diaper, and threw him into the bath tub to clean him up. Daddy then grabbed Pikachu and his sheets and threw them into the wash after removing Pikachu’s diaper. thankfully Crunch has a waterproof mattress cover in his crib, and Daddy quickly cleaned off his mattress before putting on new sheets.

after Crunch was finished with his bath, Mommy decided that she would layer up her pup in 3 PeekABUs to be safe. thankfully Crunch calmed down after being cleaned up and layered up. Crunch apologized for soaking his crib, but Mommy said not to worry since he’s only a puppy and that she;s used to dealing with her puppy’s extra soggy diapers. Crunch of course blushed a little and snuggled into her as Daddy brought back a now fresh and clean Pikachu! ^^

Crunch was then put back to bed, and the rest is history! hopefully Crunch won’t soak through those 3 PeekABU’s before morning, but knowing Crunch, he most certainly will.

Crunch and above text by poochyena

Draw by marealeopard


It is newer fun when you wake up in a wet bed because your diaper have been leaking and its even more sad if your favorite plushy get wet in the process to :(

Way do diapers need to leak and make things you like wet?

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You’re back!!!

You're back!!!Characters:  betowolf and  tato

Draw by tato


Aww poor wolf it really seems like he has miss his nanny allot :(

This sure seems to be a good teeming to be back. Because it seems like someone is in need of a diaper change here.

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Enema Embarrassment

Enema EmbarrassmentOC in a onesie and filling his padding after having just received an enema.

Order by zezin

Draw and above text by liljdude


Awww looks like someone here have been force to put some good use of his diaper whit help of some enema :(

Poor thing it sure seems like he have release one heavy messy load :(

It sure most have been a couple of painful moments here.

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After Lexi’s spanking ended, her dad placed her on her bed and let her cry it out. He led Tobi out of the room and went downstairs. Caiden got Tobi a snack when they got downstairs and let him be. Tobi still felt pretty bad about the whole thing, so he grabbed his cookie and went upstairs. He knocked on his sister’s door and received a stern ‘Go away’ in response. He cracked the door to see his sister laying on her belly on her bed and pouting. He slowly entered the room and inched his way closer to his sister. She saw him but continued pouting and ignored him. He creeped up to the bed and peered over.

“Go away Tobi.” sniffled Lexi.

“I’m sowwy I bwoked and cowered your book. Pwease dun be mads a me anymore…” apologized Tobi as he slid her half of his cookie.

Order and above text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Awww this sure was a very cute and sweet move by Tobi to give here big sister a nice cookie :) At lest a piece of the cookie at lest :)

I sure hope this is going to help Lexie to forgive here little brother.

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Spanked for Spanking

 Spanked for Spanking
After Cadien sorted the situation and lectured his daughter he felt there should consequences for their actions. He felt that Tobi already got his due from his sister. Lexi, on the other hand, still needed some correction. He placed his daughter over his knee, pulled her underwear down, and popped her bottom seven times (One for each year she’s been alive). Tobi watched on and started to feel that this was his fault.

Order and above text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Looks like Lexi got the taste off here own medication here :(

Poor thing and i bet here father spanks harder then she did on Tobi.

Someone sure seems to start getting a kind of red butt here :( This sure going to hurt allot when she sit down :(

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Look What He Did!

Look What He Did!Caiden separated the two and started asking what was going on. Tobi was too blubbery to understand so Lexi explained. She showed her father what her brother had done and said that she ruined her diary. Her father saw and apologized on Tobi’s behalf. He then asked her if it was her job to dish out punishment in the family. Lexi replied no but still said that he deserved it. Caiden got down to her level and explained that it was ok to be angry, but it’s not ok to spank your brother or call him names. Next time, she just needs to find mommy or daddy and let them handle it.

Order and above text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Yes i sure agree whit Caiden it is not Lexi that is in charge of disinclination in the family. I sure think she is in some trouble now to but she dont seems to understand it yet.

But i can sure understand that she is very angry on Tobi for what he did.

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Don’t. Touch. My. Stuff!

Don't. Touch. My. Stuff!

Lexi interrogated her little brother on why he was destroying her diary. He replied that he didn’t know that was her diary. Lexi replied by stating that he knew that he wasn’t supposed to be in her room without her and that he wasn’t supposed to touch her stuff. Tobi apologized, but Lexi thought that he needed to be taught a lesson. She turned her brother around, pulled his diaper back, and swatted his bare bottom.

“Don’t. Touch. My. Stuff. You. Big. Butthead!” spanked Lexi as her brother yelped and jumped at every swat.

It wasn’t too long after Tobi’s spanking began, that their father walked in and broke them up.

Order and above text by tugscarebear

Draw by Tato


Poor Lexi i can sure understand way Lexi is angry at here little brother for destroying here diary. But giving him a spanking by herself maybe not the right way to go here. I think that she should have told here parents what Tobi have done whit here diary.

Poor Tobi most be kind of hard to get a spanking bye his big sister.



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