Tails’ wet bed

Tails' wet bedTails made a mistake on his bed. And others weren’t happy to see it. So they gave Tails spanking, and then diapered him.

Order and above text by robot8

Draw by tato


Poor Tails looks like everyone decided to give him a pretty hard time about his night times problems :(

It sure most not have been easy to receive all this spanking from everyone in this short time :( His butt sure most be hurting allot now :(

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The Firm Bare Bottom Car Spanking!

The Firm Bare Bottom Car Spanking!Hunter, Uria, and their father were all at a toy store, looking for games and toys. Hunter was off by himself looking at PS4 games while Uria and his father were over looking at some small toys for kids. His daddy was looking for some bath toys to get Uria to take a bath, but with every toy he picked, Uria didn’t like it.
He looked down at Uria and asked him if he saw anything in this aisle that he liked, but, like any child, he crossed his arms and pouted

He let out a sigh and picked him up, trying to get him to choose at least one toy, but he wasn’t having it at all. It may have been from a lack of sleep or it just being a bad day, but Uria decided to throw a fit in the middle of the store.
His dad quickly tried calming him down before becoming stern, telling him that he needed to quiet down or else. That did not work at all; instead, he grew louder and angrier!
He tried biting and kicking , but his fatherr held him out away from myself.
His dad knew what  to do, and as soon as “You’re getting a spanking” left my lips, they were off to the car. It had been a while since the last car spanking, but it wouldn’t be the last.
His father  didn’t have a paddle in the car, but he had his trusty belt around his waist, and once they were at the car, the belt was off.

Urias’s father bent him over the car seat and pulled off his shorts and diaper, holding him by his neck. Once he was in position, he raised the belt up high and brought it down on his rear end, giving it a hard smack.
The belt hit down against his rear end over and over, watching as his butt went from grey to a bright pink, and then to red. Uria’s yelps and pleas could be heard throughout the parking lot as I spanked his bottom, but no one came to stop. Instead, those who had little cubs reminded them to act nice or else they would end up like he was, getting a spanking in the car.

Once finished, his father put on a new diaper for him and held him up, walking back into the store to buy Hunter a new game while Uria got nothing of the sort-the only thing Uria got was a long spanking!

Story/idea and characters belongs to Uria7033 and

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Looks like the day in the toy store did dent turn out to good for poor Uria :(

He sure needs to learn to obey so he can avoid getting spanked :)

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Daycare sting

Daycare stingNicks smelly butt is going to ruin the mission!

Draw and other stuff by Sylph_Space


No i sure dont think that his smelly diaper is going to ruin the mission. He only lives in the role of a helpless baby.

But it sure going to attract some attention from the grownups special when they start notes that someone is in need of a diaper change. Or maybe they notes that he is crying and go and check whats the is problem. They sure going to notes when they get closer what have happen.

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Krev Little twitter

Krev Little twittertheKrevfox had his twitter account glitch on him, claiming he was MUCH younger than he actually was…

well after a slight adjustment… maybe it was right :)

The crying fox belongs to theKrevfox

Draw and above text by catmonkshiro


Poor theKrevfox looks like his twitter account have got its mind of its own now :(

Looks like he have a new life ahead of him now that involves thick diapers and using them for what they are made for..

Looks like his bladder already have starting using it and it seems from his tummy sound that his bowel is not far behind.

Soon he is going to be standing there whit a wet and messy diaper.

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Kila punish the sheep

Kila punish the sheepWicki thought he could get some of the freshly made cookies without waiting and before dinner. He wasn’t as sneaky as he thought… or did I warned the grand dane? Who knows ? Who care ?! Someone’s bottom is turning red and it’s not mine, and once his mommy get home, they’ll be a second round of spankings for the wooly butt. Wicki has swore revenge, but what revenge can a little baby sheep threaten a big daddy dog with ?

Art by Nelson and Victor, based on Kila’s idea.

Comes from Loupy


Yes someones poor butt sure going to be very very toasted :( It sure most be very painful :( and i bet the second bare bottom spanking is going to be feeling even more painful then the first one :(

(Visited 206 times, 1 visits today) good enough.. right? good enough.. right?feeling ick. nothing more to it.

Draw and everything by Charry


Awww poor thing this really make me crying to :(

This sure is very sad to see but at lest his pacifier and plush is there to give him some sort of comfort and something to hug :)

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Pikachu’s Punishment

Pikachu's PunishmentPichu has won the latest battle against pikachu, thus it’s spanking time! >:3

This is in spite of pichu being pikachu’s pre-evo and damaging himself during battle. Maybe also because pikachu steals the limelight?

Poor pikachu…

Draw and everything by pichu90


Poor Pikachu it sure seems like Pichu is giving him one massive big spanking here :(

His poor butt sure seems to be pretty toasted right now :(

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Babyfur Comic: Pandora Sensei Whyyyyyyy

Babyfur Comic: Pandora Sensei Whyyyyyyy

She stitched me up. Seriously. I’ll get my revenge….After my naptime.

Furrys in this drawing belongs to BabyStar and BabyPandora

Draw by toddlergirl


Awww poor thing looks like she accidentally forgot to mention the changing part ;)

They sure going to be surprised when they find out that here diaper is still clean and dry. Maybe then they understand that she wanted a cookie to. Or maybe they think she is tired and need a nap.

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